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Once Bitten
By Cirroco DeSade


"That is the most illogical thing you have ever said, Lieutenant Paris," Seven stated with some expertise. She was in attendance as required, yet again, to the latest holiday party the Captain had allowed the juvenile helmsman to put together.

"Vhat? Ids true!" Tom said past his fake teeth and bad accent.

Even B'Elanna snorted at her ex-boyfriend. She had looked at the clock ealier to see if she had stayed long enough and was on her way out of the messhall when she passed Tom and Seven and the odd conversation caught her interest.

"You expect me to believe that at some point in Human history, another species, vampires, lived on the planet with humans and futhermore that when these vampires bit a human on the neck the human would transform into a vampire also?" Seven said, her eyebrow scaling up into her hairline.

"Unh, yesh?" Tom answered.

"Why would a human allow themselves to be bitten on the neck?" Seven asked.

"Because vampires had zee power to seduce deir prey," Tom responded, however it sounded almost like a question. He didn't know when he got behind in this conversation, but he really wished he hadn't tried to convince Seven to let him bite her. She was a real bummer and those around him were starting to laugh. "Besides, being bitten on zee neck can be vun, iv done properly." He tried to leer but with the makeup he was wearing, it just looked ludicrous.

Seven's facial expression told everyone around her what she thought of his theory. A few people giggled. Luckily for Tom his blush was hidden under the makeup.

"I believe I need to regenerate. Enjoy your evening," she said to those around her. The rest of the crowd laughed and one of Tom's buddies slapped him on the back and began to rib him for striking out again.

B'Elanna followed the tall blonde out of the party since her entertainment was leaving. As they got into the turbolift Seven turned to engineer before she could call out for her floor.

"Is being bitten on the neck truly a fun activity, Lieutenant?" she asked.

Stunned, B'Elanna stammered a moment. Finally when she regained some of her wits she decided to go with honesty. She wasn't sober enough to be evasive with Seven at that point and she knew it. "Yeah, the right kind of bite by the right person can be real fun. But that vampire crap he's talking about is utter nonsense."

"Is it not true that Klingons draw blood at times during intercourse?" the blonde added.

B'Elanna hadn't even noticed that the lift wasn't moving since she was so distracted by the sound of blood rushing to her face for the mother of all blushes. "Um, we can get a little, enthusiastic," she answered and peeked at the blonde. "But most of the time we don't draw blood."

"Demonstrate, please," Seven stated and leaned her head to the side, exposing her neck to the smaller woman.

"But," B'Elanna started to point out that those activities were usually restricted to lovers, when her baser self kicked in with the instructions to take advantage of the offer. After all, it had been a very long time, Seven was the most wanted woman on the ship and damn if that milky white neck didn't just beg to be licked and nibbled on. "Okay."

Stepping up to oblige, she embraced the blonde, pulling her further down so she had easier access. B'Elanna also began pushing Seven over to lean on the wall of the lift. She nuzzled the soft skin first, drawing in the unique scent of the blonde and let an unconscious growl escape.

Seven was aware that her heart rate was increasing rapidly and that the heat of the brunette was an exquisite sensation against her body. The smaller woman's strong hands were like two small heaters where they were grasping her gluteus muscles. When the engineer's lips started painting a trail along the side of her neck to a spot below her ear, she involuntarily whimpered.

Then B'Elanna began licking that spot, gently at first, then with more pressure, following up with another kiss. The hybrid found herself quite enthused by the way Seven was responding, not to even mention how good the woman tasted. Finally, she began taking small nibbles of skin into her mouth, first using only her lips, then nipping different areas gently.

Seven groaned loudly and her legs seemed to malfunction. The brunette just pressed her harder up against the wall behind her and held on tight. The next thing the blonde knew, the engineer's hot mouth was covering a large area near where her shoulder and neck met, above her carotid, and she was greedily sucking the flesh into her mouth. The feeling of the smaller woman's growls reverberating all along her body caused her to shiver. She also noticed a strong aching sensation building in her pubic area and a tightening along her entire abdominal wall. She couldn't control her respiration any longer and wondered if she was ill.

The brunette continued her loving treatment of the taller woman's neck for quite some time, not noticing that she was leaving quite a few marks in entirely visible locations. She only knew that the taste, smell, sound and feel of the woman in her arms were all suddenly driving her wild. Never in a million years would she have imagined this scenario, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy it.

Just then the doors to the turbolift slid open. The sound reminded B'Elanna where they were, but considering how deep into a lust she had fallen and the fact that somebody had just interrupted her fun, she became quite angry. Turning to face the unwanted intruder and seeing the diminutive and shy Tal Celes standing there with a look of shock plastered across her face she shouted at the young woman, "Out! Now!"

The Bajoran squeaked, turned around, and ran back to the messhall as if chased by demons.

The interruption did not entirely clear Seven's mind of its sudden fog, but it was enough to give her pause. "Perhaps we have occupied this turbolift for too long, Lieutenant," she said on a whisper. "However, I am now quite convinced that you are correct. Neck biting is a very worthy endeavor if carried out by the correct person."

B'Elanna didn't want to let go of the blonde yet. Her entire body was vibrating with the desire to possess every inch of her. She knew the proper thing to do would be to step away, let the Borg go home and to go home herself, but she never could make herself act properly. Leaning back onto the taller woman's body and nuzzling the neck in front of her she said, "Call me B'Elanna. And, I know a couple of other activities that might interest you if you're enjoying this one."

She looked up into the blonde's eyes, finding pupils dilated and seeing a flushed face. Inhaling deeply, she smelled the blonde's desire in the air, mixing with her own. She pushed her leg between the blonde's legs and leaned against her, which caused them both to groan.

"I will not have fangs in the morning, I assume?" Seven asked, trying for a bit of humor. She had begun to understand what was happening between the two of them and to her surprise, she found it quite logical.

"No," B'Elanna answered with a grin. "But I can make pancakes."

Seven grinned as well and nodded. The brunette called for her floor and the turbolift began its journey. The Borg still doubted there were ever vampires. Yet, she now began to see that there was indeed a reason to desire having somebody as skillful as B'Elanna Torres biting on your neck.

The End

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