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A Play, in One Act
By zennie


The curtain opens on our two heroines, Helen Stewart, Wing Governor of Wing G, Larkhall Women's Penitentiary. Standing immediately behind her is Nicola Wade, inmate at said prison. They are bent over Miss Stewart's desk, appearing to be looking at the papers spread out.

[HS]: Nikki…

[NW]: Yes, Miss?

[HS]: Nikki…

[NW, trying to hide a grin]: You said that already, Miss.

[HS, her Scottish accent deepening]: Please, Nikki.

[NW]: I'm sorry, Miss, but please what? [No verbal response from the diminutive Scot, just the sound of crumpling paper under her hands] Would you like me to stop, Miss?

[HS] NO!

[NW, smiling now] Then you need to be a bit more communicative. Now would you like me to keep doing this? [A pause] Or this?

[HS] Yes…

[NW] Yes to which, Miss?

[HS, sharply] Nikki!

[NW, warmly, with a bit of a laugh] I'll take that as a yes to both, then.

[A few moments of quietly crumpling papers and soft sighs, and then]

[NW] Enjoying yourself, are you, Miss?

[HS, mumbling]

[NW] A cheeky bitch, am I? Well, I don't have to stay here and be insulted, now do I? [Makes no attempt to move]

[HS, breathing hard, like she's been running] Nikki, please… don't go.

[NW] I love it when you beg, Miss. [A pause, Helen's head drops forward, her eyes closed, moaning] Now say my name…

[HS] Nikki, oh god, Nikki…

The End

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