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One Measly Date
By Erin Kait


Cindy flung the covers off of her, surprising Lindsay, who was kissing the unused shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Lindsay asked as her left hand moved over Cindy's stomach, right hand in her hair.

"What are we doing, Linds?" she asked, pulling her head away from Lindsay's grasp.

"Having sex, what does it look like?" Lindsay used both her hands to rub up and down Cindy's chest and stomach.

"No, what are we doing with each other?" Cindy was trying hard not to pay attention to the hands roaming her body.

"If this isn't foreplay, then I don't know what is..." Lindsay kissed along Cindy's collarbone.

"Linds, stop, I'm serious." She smacked Lindsay's hand as it flicked her nipple, "Please, I'm trying to talk to you."

"And I'm trying to make love to you," Lindsay said, then replaced her finger with her tongue.

"You can say 'make love' but we haven't left the apartment since we started... THIS."

"What's your problem, Cindy?" Lindsay asked, sitting up suddenly.

"Actually, I think it's the other way around. What's YOUR problem, Inspector Boxer?" She paused and looked at Lindsay, who suddenly looked embarrassed.

Shit... I'm in trouble.

"Are you ashamed of me? Are you trying to hide me so people don't know? Cause you haven't mentioned anything to Jill or Claire at work or even at the diner..." Cindy made a frustrated grunt and dropped her head back onto the pillow.

"So you want me to tell them that we're dating?" Lindsay laid back down and cuddled up to Cindy.

"Dating? Dating! Don't we have to be going out on dates to be dating? Where's my date!?"

"Baby, come on. This is all still new, I'm just trying to keep you for myself. I don't want to share you, yet."

"Well, you're going to have to," Cindy said, sliding out of bed. She scoped out the room, looking for her clothes. "Because you're not getting any of this," she fanned her hands all over her body, "until I get a date."

Lindsay's jaw dropped. "So after weeks of having non-stop sex, you're just going to cut me off?"

"Good, I'm glad you understood. I'd hate to have to explain it again." She found her underwear hidden in her jeans and put them both back on.

"Come on, baby." Lindsay watched as Cindy walked out of the bedroom towards the living room. "Come back to bed!"

Cindy found her bra and her shirt on different ends of the couch and finished dressing. "Call me about that date."

Lindsay came running out into her living room, still naked, and grabbed Cindy. "Come back to bed. We'll go out tomorrow night, okay? Wherever you want to go."

"No, you have to pick the place and it has to mean something to you." Cindy's eyes bored straight through Lindsay.

"Cindy, I haven't dated in years. I don't even remember if I'm supposed to open the door for you or if that went out in the nineties? Help me out, here."

"No, Lindsay. You started this." She paused, taking a breath. "You flirted with ME. YOU KISSED ME. You invited me back to your place. This was all YOU."

"And you didn't want to do any of that?"

"Of course I did. Why do you think I'm still here talking to you?"

"I guess dinner and a movie doesn't quite work anymore, huh?"

"No. Dinner yes, but no movie. I've already had sex in a movie theatre. It's not my kind of fun."


"Oh please."

"With a woman?"

"I'm going back to bed, shut up."

"A guy?"

"Lindsay Boxer!"

"Both?" Lindsay grinned and flopped back into the bed and squirmed under the covers, watching Cindy strip back down.

The End

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