Title: One Night Stand
Author: Ann

Email: darandkerry@yahoo.com

Pairing: Catherine/Sara

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I have no ownership of CSI or these wonderful ladies.
Summary: A disoriented Sara wakes up in a strange bed.

I open my eyes and immediately slam them shut as the bright light filtering in from the window nearly blinds me. My head is pounding, and it tastes like something crawled in my mouth and died. How I made it home from the bar last night is a mystery to me. I was three sheets to the wind before the bartender finally cut me off.

I slowly roll over to look at the clock only to find it missing. I don't understand; it's always on the left side nightstand. Hey, wait a minute, there's no nightstand there either. Somebody stole my clock and nightstand! What kind of burglar takes crappy furniture and cheap clocks?

It takes several minutes for me to finally realize I'm not in my bed which means I must be in someone else's. I close my eyes and try to remember the events from last night through the searing pain in my head. Everything is a blur, and I can only recall pieces of the night's events. A midnight blue shirt on a sexy redhead, dirty dancing and hot opened mouthed kisses with said redhead, and, oh shit, a quickie in the bathroom stall with the same redhead.

I haven't had sex in a bar bathroom since college. Of course, I haven't been that horny in a very long time either. Man, that redhead was flexible. It was like having sex with Gumby only she was much better looking. At least, I'm pretty sure she was.

Okay, all that took place in the bar. What happened after? I'm fairly certain we had more sex. I vaguely recall hands and mouths and teeth everywhere. Teeth? I quickly look down at my naked body to find bite marks in some very strategic places. Now, if I can only find the girl, I will have something to match her bite impression to.

I close my eyes and smile at my few memories of our encounter. Damn, she was some kind of hot and did I mention flexible? We barely made it through the door. I took her against the door, on top of the dresser, over the back of the footboard, against the window, and finally in the bed. I remember wishing I had a strap-on with me several times during the night.

Curious as to how those pieces of furniture were immediately available, I strain to open my eyes once again. This time I pay closer attention to my surroundings and realize I'm in a hotel room apparently alone. I guess Red wasn't quite as drunk as me if she was able to sneak away. I'm going to need a crowbar to get me out of this bed.

Squinting, I look toward the window once more. I can just make out the sign of the establishment across the street through the opening in the curtain, The Watering Trough. Crap, I sure didn't get very far from the bar. I vaguely remember Red pulling me across the street, but I thought we were going to her car.

I sure don't remember checking in, but probably because I was checking out her delicious ass. I do recall placing a bite mark on her perfect 'asset.' I grin smugly as I also begin to recall the number of times I made her scream. I couldn't get enough of her. Usually, I could care less whom I'm bedding on a one night stand, but I wouldn't mind knowing her name. Maybe we could have gotten together again.

I cautiously sit up and am pleased when the room stays in one place. I reach for my shirt lying on the floor as I start the scavenger hunt for the rest of my clothes. Noticing my bra over by the window, I gingerly stand and make my way toward it when I am almost struck blind by a very vivid memory of a naked Red with her front mashed against the glass as I took her from behind. Shaking my head, I pick up my bra and put in on.

As I look around the room, all my memories come back in Technicolor, and I find myself in another very horny state. I am definitely wishing Red had stayed around for an encore performance. Frowning, I become frustrated when I can recall everything about my dream girl except for her face. Oh well, maybe that will come later.

I laugh when I see my underwear on the doorknob, and I begin to walk over to retrieve them when I am stopped half-way to the door by a sound coming from behind me. I slowly turn to see a light streaming out from under the bathroom door. My one night stand is still here. I wonder if she'll be interested in another round or two or three.

Smiling, I take off my bra and throw it back over toward the window. I make my way to the closed door as it begins to open. I stand still waiting for my first glimpse of the redhead as she flips off the light and moves into the room.

She raises her eyes to mine, and we both stumble back as recognition sets in.

"Catherine?" . . . "Sara?"