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Larkhall Online
By Sarah


H : I’m away for the weekend so I won’t be online till Monday night, but if you want you can reach me via my email address, I’ll be checking it often.

M : I was just about to say the same thing, I’m away too. I’m going to miss our little chats of a night time.

H : Me too. I’ll mail you.

M : I’d like that.

H : I’ve got to go, need my beauty sleep. Speak soon.

M : Of course. G’night sweetheart, M xx

H : Night xx

Helen logged off Yahoo and checked the emails she had received while talking to Mystery. She deleted 5 spam mails and read and replied to two from friends she only kept in contact with through email now a days. By the time she had finished the last one another mail had arrived. Helen smiled as she noticed it was from Mystery saying that she hoped she had a good weekend. Helen’s smile broadened as she returned the compliment, before logging off and shutting down.

Helen smiled thinking how comfortable she was talking to Mystery about all sorts of things, she supposed it was because she didn’t really know Mystery, she could be anyone. But that didn’t stop her feeling so comfortable in her “presence”. She felt that she could tell her absolutely everything, even things she wouldn’t tell Yvonne. It was the same feeling she felt when she was with Nikki.

Thinking about Nikki opened up a whole new floodgate of feelings. What was it about Nikki that just made her want to seek her out and spend every minute that she could with her. It took all her energy not to go round her house just to be in her company. She supposed it was the fear that she had never felt this compelling need to be in someone else’s company that got her to come home every night this week to spend time talking to Mystery and keeping herself out of mischief. But then what had started out as talking to someone new was progressing into a friendship that Helen valued.

Helen was so engrossed in thinking that she nearly jumped out of her skin when the telephone rang.


“So what time should we meet tonight?” Yvonne asked Helen down the phone not bothering with pleasantries, it was after all 2.30am.

“Tonight?” Helen yawned and stretched, she had been sat down for way too long.

“Yeah you know. Manchester. Conference. Drinking. Shopping. Any of this ring a bell?” Yvonne said in exasperation down the phone. “And why the hell haven’t I been able to get you on the phone the last couple of nights?”

“Ummm sorry Yvonne, I’ve been on the internet a lot lately.” Helen evaded, smiling at the thought of her new friend Mystery and how she had spent every night this week “talking” to her.

“So what time then?” Yvonne asked again.

“Well I’m working till 2.00pm, thought we could take the 4.30pm train, that’ll get us there for 6.30pm and give us an hour, once we’re checked in, to get ready for dinner at 8.00pm” Helen yawned. “Is that alright for you?”

“Yeah sounds good mate, I’ll be at yours in a taxi at 4.00pm OK”

“Alright, see you tomorrow” after saying her goodbyes and goodnights, Helen hung up and went up to bed, smiling all the way.

“So you all set for tonight?” Karen asked around her coffee mug of her two lunch mates.

“Yeah Yvonne’s going to meet me at my place this afternoon and we’re taking the 4.30pm train.” Helen said around her sandwich.

Nikki smiled at the thought of a weekend in Manchester with Helen and Yvonne, it would certainly make for a fun weekend.

“Nikki?” Karen asked.

“Bag in the office, I’m all set.” Nikki munched.

“Might of known you would be going straight from work!” Karen stated.

“What about you Karen?” Helen asked

“Dominic and I are driving to Manchester after lunch. He should be here soon” Karen answered looking at her watch.

“Here he comes” Nikki spied Dominic rushing through the quad towards them. “You know Karen I think you should drive, Dominic looks like he’s about to collapse.” she added

“He’s been so nervous, I hope everything goes well this weekend” Karen relayed with a touch of nerves in her voice.

“Don’t worry Karen” Helen assured with a pat on her friends hand.

“Yeah it’ll be fine.” Nikki added. “Hello Dom”.

Hellos were said to the young man who joined them long enough to finish Karen’s sandwich and coffee and then they made their goodbyes before Karen and Dom left the table to make their way to Manchester.

Both women watched their friends leave before turning to each other and laughing.

“He’ll be alright” Nikki asserted.

“Yeah, he’ll wonder what all the fuss was about this time Monday morning, when he’s reaping the praises”

“Yeah but it’s going to be a long weekend for him”

“And Karen” Helen smiled.

“Yeah. God I’m glad I’m not sharing a room with her this weekend”

“How are you getting to Manchester?”

“I’m going to be getting the train, there’s an express at 6.00, that’s get me in at 7.30,”

“Why don’t you get the 4.30pm with Yvonne and me. You could come home with me about 2.00pm or do you have that much work to do?” Helen offered.

“No I was just planning on catching up on some filing but it’s nothing that can’t wait till next week. You sure?” Nikki asked

“Of course I’m sure.” Helen smiled. When Nikki smiled back Helen’s heart skipped.

“OK I’d like that” Nikki said standing up to leave.

Helen stood also “Well come and get me when your ready” Helen stated before walking away, leaving Nikki stood routed to her spot, ‘I’m ready’ she thought.

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