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Larkhall Online
By Sarah


"Arghhhhhhhhhhhh" Nikki moaned as the telephone beside the bed rang, groping a hand towards it she picked it up to hear an automated voice say "This is your wake up call. The time is now 06.30am." and then the line went dead. "Arghhhhhhh" Nikki moaned one more time before falling back on the pillows, throwing one arm over her eyes.

Nikki moaned again when the phone rang for a second time, lifting the receiver she heard the same tinny voice, "The time is now 06:45am" "It's too eeeaaarlyyyyyyyyy" she moaned, turning back over and closing her eyes, just ten more minutes she thought.

Nikki was once again awoken by the ringing of the telephone, turning over and groping for the receiver, she reached and reached and reached until she overbalanced and fell out of the bed with a great big "ooooopppphhhh", into a tangle of bedclothes, arms and legs.

Once the overall shock of falling out of bed left her she became aware of two things, one was that the telephone was no longer ringing and the other was that someone in the room was giggling and it sure as hell wasn't her.

Opening her eyes slowly and straightening out her limbs, Nikki looked over towards where the laughing was coming from. Starting at the feet she slowly lifted her eyes up the black trouser encased legs, to the red blouse tightly tucked into the trousers and open at the neck where a small silver cross lay, to the smiling lips of Helen Stewart. A smiling Helen who held the telephone from the side table in both hands in front of her, a mercifully silent telephone in front of her.

"Morning sleepyhead" Helen grinned.

"Arghhh please not so loud" Nikki whimpered, reaching to cover her eyes and head with her hands.

Replacing the telephone on the side Helen knelt beside Nikki. Using one finger she swept a strand of Nikki's fringe aside. "Nikki you need to get up, it's 8.30am. The seminars are due to start at 9.00am. I've got coffee." she smiled, taking a hold of one hand and pulling them away from Nikki's eyes.

"Oh God, I think I drank too much. Help me up." Nikki asked. Struggling to her feet with the aid of Helen. "Thanks, if I get in the shower now I'll be ready" she said walking towards the bathroom stripping off her clothes as she went. Helen watched avidly as she went and felt disappointed when the door to the bathroom closed.

Sighing Helen got up and reached for her coffee and waited.

".... and lets call that lunch" the speaker said glancing at his watch.

"Oh thank God." Nikki said to no one in particular, as she leant forward onto the table and rested her head on her arms.

"Och poor baby" Helen laughed, running a hand along Nikki's shoulders. "Let's get some food in your stomach, that may help."

"Yeah I could really go for a juicy cheese burger right about now." Karen said as she came up to the table and heard Helen's suggestion.

"mmmm sounds great" Helen concurred "How about it Nikki?"

Nikki moaned and Helen thought she heard her say "I'll just have a piece of bread and a glass of water".

The trio made their way to the restaurant where they joined Yvonne, who had just come down for breakfast.

"You only just getting up?" Helen asked her friend with a smile.

"Yeah that bed was sooooo comfortable" Yvonne smiled as she sipped her coffee.

Helen smiled at her friend before perusing the menu to see what she would have for lunch, when she heard a moan come from across the table.

"Ohhhh noooooo!" Nikki moaned, looking across the restaurant to the doorway before glancing at Karen.

Karen looked over to where Nikki had been gazing and saw Trish standing in the doorway. "I'll deal with this" Karen said moving to stand up.

"No" Nikki said covering Karen's hand with her own. "I will" Nikki added walking towards the blonde.

Helen looked around curiously to where Nikki was walking before turning back to Karen. "Wasn't she here last night? Who is she?"

"That's Trish, Nikki's ex" Karen said leaning back in her chair with a note of derision in her voice.

"Oh" Helen muttered wondering at the anger she could hear.

"Trish what are you doing here?" Nikki said herding the blonde out of the restaurant and into a quiet corner of the lounge.

"Awww sweetie please don't be like that" Trish cajoled running a hand up Nikki's arm.

"Don't Trish" Nikki said snatching her arm away and crossing them in front of her, "You lost your right to touch me a long time ago."

Nikki could tell from experience that the harshness of her words had got to Trish and she softened a little. "Look I'm sorry Trish. But you hurt me when you left, it took me a long time to get over you and to be honest I'm not totally there yet, but I know that we are over. We're over Trish." Nikki reiterated.

Both women were silent for a moment then Trish smiled slowly. "I hurt you Nikki I know that but I also know that you still feel something for me and that given time you'll forgive me."

"Your not listening to me Trish, We're over!"

"We'll see" Trish said a little coyly

"No we won't Trish because we are over, how many more times do I have to say it." Nikki was getting angrier

"Come now Nikki, you know what I'm saying is true." Trish said smiling.

Throwing her hands up in despair, Nikki turned and marched away from her ex.

Helen's seat at the table afforded her the perfect view of Nikki while she talked to the mysterious blonde. She could see that Nikki looked really upset and that her anger was simmering closely to the edge, where as the blonde was calmly taking what ever Nikki dished out in her stride.

She had just taken the first bite out of her cheese burger when she saw Nikki turn away and storm out of the lounge.

Getting up from the table, Helen ran after her.


Nikki stormed out of the hotel lobby straight to a black cab. Yanking the door open she moved over to the far side.

She was so angry at Trish that she didn't notice the door open and Helen get in. She was damned if she was going to stay one minute longer while that woman was here. Karen didn't need her here, she had loverboy, and Helen ... well Helen had Yvonne although Nikki would of gone anywhere to stay with Helen, but she had already been to hell with Trish and she wasn't going back there.

Settling back into the seat she became aware of someone sitting besides her. Turning slowly she came face to face with Helen.

The taxi driver looked into his rear view mirror at his latest pickup. Two of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen were sat in the back seat. "Where to love?" he asked but it was no use the two women just kept looking at each other. Sighing he flipped on his metre and sat back in his seat to wait for the two women to make up their minds.

Nikki stared, a little shocked in to Helen's eyes, while Helen gazed back. She didn't know which of them moved first, but soon their lips touched, gently at first but growing in passion and heat as the moment went on until each whimpered with the need to continue this somewhere more privately than the back of a black cab.

Breaking contact with Helen's lips, Nikki looked deeply into Helen's eyes. The passion, want and need she saw there was enough for her to find her voice. "Take us back to the hotel please" she asked the driver. Helen confirmed her agreement of this by leaning into Nikki and claiming her lips once more. They didn't notice the drivers small smile as he clicked off the metre and gave a why bother shrug.

They barely made it back to Nikki's room. Walking across the lobby they had tried to be circumspect - after all it was a public place - but it seemed like everyone had noticed their entry and walk to the lifts. They had been alone in the lift and after pressing the floor number they had waited only long enough for the doors to close before they were back in each others arms. They were still kissing when the doors started to reclose after arriving on Nikki's floor, but Nikki just managed to shove an arm between the closing doors before leading Helen down the corridors to her room.

Now they were lying in a tangle of limbs on the floor of a hotel suite mere metres away from a perfectly good and comfortable bed.

Helen sighed and laid her head on Nikki's bare breast, smiling. All she could think was "WOW!!" As first times with someone new went that was great! As the first time with a woman .... well it was beyond words. Helen laughed as she remembered how Nikki had barely got through the door before Helen had pinned her to the door and kissed her deeply, letting her hands wander under Nikki's shirt. Her laughter turned to a grimace as she felt cramp shoot up her legs from her position on the floor. All she wanted now was to get Nikki into that bed and to make love to her all over again..

Nikki felt the movement against her breasts and felt a smile tug at her lips as she remembered what had happened from the argument with Trish to kissing Helen in the back of a black cab on one of Manchester's busiest streets, from Helen pinning her against the back of the door to when Helen had joyously shouted out her name during their lovemaking. It was something she had been dreaming about for weeks, only until now she hadn't been able to put a face to the woman in her dreams but she knew without a doubt that that woman was Helen, always had been, always would be. Only this was so much better than her dreams had ever been. Helen had been amazing.

Nikki heard Helen give a small laugh and turned to just catch the grimace that followed. It was time to get off this floor she decided. Carefully raising herself she stretched her limbs slowly then reached down one hand to help Helen up. Keeping hold of her hand, Nikki gently grazed her lips against Helens then smiling led Helen over to the bed.

Karen sat at a table in the bar with Yvonne sipping on her mineral water when she noticed Nikki once more enter the hotel lobby, walking very quickly and very closely to Helen. They went straight to the lifts not bothering to come into the bar looking for their colleagues.

"Looks like we're on our own this afternoon Yvonne. I don't think Nikki and Helen are going to make the afternoon session or our planned shopping trip" Karen smiled happy that something had finally happened between her friends.

"You may be right there Karen" Yvonne said noticing also her friends entrance into the lift. "Do you think they'll make it for dinner?"

"I hope not" Karen answered smiling.


"Mmmmm" Helen moaned as she stretched her legs. Her toes floated past Nikki's knees, smiling she lifted the sheet to see Nikki's head resting on her breast, her right arm thrown low over her belly. Just the thought of what Nikki's hands had done through the night sent tingles rushing through her and she found herself grinning like the village idiot. Resting her left hand on Nikki's hair she slowly ran her fingers through the silky tresses. She lay there for a few minutes, recalling the way Nikki kissed her, the way Nikki touched her with her fingers, the way Nikki touched her using just her tongue. She was thinking of the pleasure she had felt when she realised that it was more than just a memory and as her eyes drifted shut she closed her thighs around Nikki's fingers as they moved slowly into the wetness that was there.

"Oh God Nikki" she moaned, reaching down and pulling Nikki's lips up to meet her own, kissing her quickly and roughly.

An hour later Helen and Nikki untangled from each other. Nikki moved from the bed and made her way naked to the bathroom, Helen reclined on the bed enjoying the view. Rolling over she buried her head in Nikki's pillow and breathed in her essence. 'WOW last night had been amazing' she thought. She heard the shower turn on in the bathroom and decided that she would join Nikki in there.

Getting out of bed she padded over the carpet and was nearly at the door when she caught her toe on something and jolted to a stop. The pain in her toe was excruciating. Cursing she looked around the floor to find out what it was that she had hit and found the strap of Nikki's laptop wrapped around her ankle. The sight of the computer reminded her of her email friend and the fact that she had yet to contact her this weekend. It also reminded her of the mixed feelings she had for Mystery.

She was still looking at the laptop when Nikki came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her tightly. "Hi" she whispered coming up to Helen and wrapping her arms around her waist, "I was hoping you might of joined me" she said leaning down to kiss Helen's shoulder.

Helen tensed slightly at the Nikki's touch "Sorry something came up. Um … um I need to be going, I should be going. Yvonne and I ….." Helen mumbled and kept mumbling as she walked away from Nikki and got dressed and eventually left the room, leaving Nikki stood where she had left her in her towel with an uncomprehending look on her face.

Helen ran to her room, opened her door and went into the bathroom, where she stripped of all her clothes and went into the shower. Turning the taps onto full power she felt the calming water pour over her. Closing her eyes she let it pound onto her skull, remembering all that she and Nikki had done the night before.

She was towelling herself dry when there was a knock on the door. Her heart leapt as she first thought that it was Nikki but then she also felt a little dread that it could be her. Waiting for a second knock she got up and peaked through the spy hole to see Yvonne standing on the other side of the door.

Helen twisted the handle and walked away letting the door swing inwards, silently inviting Yvonne inside.

"Yvonne I am so sorry about last night, something … uh … came up" Helen mumbled while quickly dressing in jeans and a T-shirt.

Yvonne chuckled and muttered something that sounded to Helen like 'I sincerely hope not' before coming over to where Helen stood and stilling her hands as Helen tried to tie the shoe laces on her trainers for a fourth time. "Helen relax will ya doll, you didn't do anything wrong" Yvonne soothed to her friend.

"Wrong? Oh no Yvonne it was so right" Helen smiled for a second before the smile dimmed slightly "but there are … complications" Helen added.

"What kind of complications. The way I see it your free, she's free." Yvonne smiled "So what's so complicated?" Yvonne answered not understanding.

Helen finished doing her laces turned around and sat on the bed giving her friend her full attention. "Things are complicated because." Helen stopped and thought of another way of starting this conversation. "You remember that personal we saw on the website a few weeks ago. The one that you answered pretending to be me. Well she answered your email and we got chatting and well the reason you find it hard to get me on the phone some nights is because I'm on the net talking to her. We talk about everything. I've told her things I've never told anyone else before. Things I haven't even told you. And well I've become very attracted to her … and I don't even know her … I don't even know her name I only know her as Mystery. But also I don't think I would have been so attracted to and been able to sleep with Nikki if I hadn't known her." She admitted quietly. "Does this make sense?"

"Sure it does darling, but I think you should tell Nikki this." Yvonne said as she sat down next to Helen and put her arm around Helen's shoulder.

Helen was shaking her head before Yvonne finished what she was saying. "No … no … no I can't. If I was to tell her this she would think that I had used her last night, thinking of her as someone else and it wasn't like that. It was the best night of my life … I've never felt that way before. But then this morning I thought of Mystery, that's the woman I've been talking to, and I felt guilty. Oh I don't know what to do" Helen moaned hanging her head in her hands.

Yvonne sat down next to Helen and soothingly ran her hands up and down Helen's back. "I tell you what we're going to do. We're going to go out and do that shopping that you promised me" Yvonne said getting up and pulling Helen to a stand. Walking over to get her handbag she opened the door and held it for Helen to precede her.

Nikki stood in front of the hotel bedroom and raised her knuckles to knock on the door and waited patiently.

"Nikki … hi, I wasn't expecting to see you this early" Karen said opening the door wider for her friend to enter.

Nikki just smiled at her friend. "The concierge just delivered this note from Yvonne to my room. Her and Helen have gone out for some retail therapy and have invited us to join them when we are ready." Nikki said adding "she put her mobile number on the note" she said holding the note up. "So do you fancy a bit of shopping?"

"Sure Nikki just let me grab my bag and tell Dom that we're going out" Karen said moving towards the bedroom of the suite.

"I'll wait for you downstairs, and ring Yvonne while I'm waiting." Nikki said making her way to the door. "See ya later lover-boy" she shouted towards the bedroom with a smirk, knowing that Dom would hear her.

When Karen and Dominic joined Nikki downstairs 15 minutes later, Nikki had phoned Yvonne and found out that she and Helen were at The Trafford Centre, a short taxi ride away.

"I've got some things here to sort out so have a great time girls" Dominic said, kissing Karen on the lips and walking away, as Nikki and Karen got in the taxi.

When they arrived Nikki once again rang Yvonne to find out which of the shops they were in.

"We're in Selfridges doll, just sitting down for coffee. You can't miss it, the shop's in the middle of the centre."

"Alright we'll be there in a few minutes." Nikki said before ringing off. Turning round she saw that Karen was behind her looking in a shop window. "Karen come on, their at Selfridges having a coffee."

"So Helen will you take Nikki away for a while and do a bit of shopping, there's something I need to get" Karen said with a cheeky smile.

"What she means is she needs to get my birthday present" Nikki laughed to the other two.

"It's true … it's true" Karen laughed "will you help me Yvonne?" she asked, slyly throwing Yvonne a wink so the other two couldn't see.

"Of course" she smiled knowing that Karen wanted to leave the other two together for a while.

Helen smiled serenely, torn between wanting to be alone with Nikki and feeling just a little bit like she was betraying her mystery friend.

Helen and Nikki watched their two friends walk out of Selfridges before turning to each other.

"Nikki …"

"Helen …"

They both started, then stopped each awaiting the other to continue. In the end Nikki began to talk again.

"About last night." She began slowly.

"It was amazing" Helen said shyly, flicking her hair back behind one ear.

"It was amazing" Nikki agreed, smiling and reaching for Helen's hands. "I will always remember last night as one of the best of my life, but …." Nikki stopped looking for the right words to say to Helen who just sat quietly with her hands limply in Nikki's. "But if it isn't what you want Helen then I won't force you to lo… to be with me." Nikki finished looking at their joined hands rather than at Helen.

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