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Larkhall Online
By Sarah


What the hell was going on Nikki thought as she closed the door on a sigh. First Karen and now some stranger in a bar ... in the toilets no less. Damn ... it was time she got herself a girlfriend. Walking through to the kitchen she dropped her keys and mobile on the hall table and rubbed a hand through her hair ruffling it up. Opening the fridge she pulled a beer out and decided it was still early enough to go on the net for a while, check her emails, play a few games of crib and read what had been happening on the board this week. With any luck she would have a few hours peace before Karen came back pissed up from her celebration drinks. Deciding to read her emails last Nikki spent an hour catching up with her online friends and playing a couple of rounds of crib before going to get a fresh beer and then checking her emails.

Deleting the usual crap left just three emails worthy of her time. The first two Nikki read and replied to straight away. The third email left her confused. Looking at the senders address she noted that she didn’t recognise who had sent it , but they had definitely sent it to her address. Maybe it was just a mistake, or maybe a friend of hers had sent it from someone else’s computer and that was why she didn’t recognise it. Justifying it made it easier for Nikki to read it without feeling guilty. It seemed to be a basic “getting to know you” note and was quite benign really until Nikki read the P.S. at the bottom and nearly choked on her beer.

Never knew what people saw in the Teletubbies, always preferred Bob The Builder, but I’m sure you can fix it!”

Cleaning herself up Nikki wandered what the hell that was all about. Bob The Builder? Teletubbies? Maybe it was just as well she wasn’t supposed to be the recipient of this email. People were weird.

Deciding enough was enough Nikki logged off and went to bed, forgetting all about the email.

Nikki sat up in bed. ‘Whoa that was a weird one’ she thought thinking back to the dream she had just had of the woman from the toilet singing “Bob The Builder” to her while in a Teletubbies suit. She really had to stop eating cheese before she went to bed, she thought while making her way downstairs to the kitchen and a much needed mug of caffeine. The last thing she expected to find was Karen up munching on a piece of toast dancing round the kitchen singing to the radio.

“Urgh” she moaned while scrapping a kitchen chair across the floor and sitting down. “How can you be so cheerful at this time of the morning?” she asked while burying her head in her arms.

Before Karen had a chance to answer a voice from behind Nikki greeted her with a cheerful “Morning”. A very male voice.

Looking up Nikki gazed from Karen to Dominic and back again. “Never mind” she uttered before putting her head back into the cradle of her arms, the last thing she needed was to see the sappy happiness radiated of her best friend and Dominic but it looked like she wasn’t going to get a choice.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you go and take a shower upstairs now that Nikki is up” Karen said swatting Dom on his butt as he walked past her. Craning her neck she watched him walk out. “God he’s so cute”

“Sure if you like that sort of thing” Nikki said getting up to pour herself a mug of coffee and pinch a piece of Karen’s toast. “What time did you two get in last night?”

“About three. We had a great time didn’t we, although I don’t remember you leaving?” Karen half asked, half accused.

Not knowing how to answer that really Nikki just shrugged her shoulders. “I have to go and get ready for work, long day a head of me.”

“Oh Nikki wait” Karen called just as Nikki was about to leave. “You haven’t forgotten that Bob is coming tonight have you.”

“Bob?” Nikki was confused

“The Builder” Karen clarified.

“The Builder?” Nikki was still confused not sure she had heard Karen right. “Bob the Builder?” she asked again.

“Oh Nikki you have forgotten. We’re having that wall knocked down remember to make it a through room. Please tell me you remember that you are supposed to be here as I have a H.O.D meeting tonight.” Karen said a little exasperated that Nikki could of forgotten this.

Nikki was still confused, this conversation was beginning to sound just like her dream - confusing. “Bob the Builder?” she asked one last time. Karen just raised one of her blonde eyebrows in answer. “Yes .... yes of course I’ll be here. What time is he due?”

“4.30pm. now you are sure about this, once that wall is down it’s going to be a lot of trouble putting it back up.”

“Yes, Yes I’m sure. Now I have to get ready for work, see you later.” Nikki turned to walk away then remembered the email from last night. “Speaking of Bob the Builder I had the weirdest email last night” she said and told Karen all about it.

“Oh ...that’s ..... nice” Karen said trying to keep out of Nikki’s line of sight, but it was to late.

“Oh no Karen what have you done this time?”

“I had your best intentions at heart Nikki just remember that.” Nikki didn’t say anything she just turned, leant against the door jamb and folded her arms over her chest and waited till Karen couldn’t take it anymore and ‘confessed’ about sending Nikki’s personal off to the internet site.

Cursing Nikki walked into the study and turned the computer on. “What are you doing?” asked Karen who had followed her.

“What does it look like I’m going to take it off”

“But why? It’s about time you got yourself back out and about Nikki instead of cooped up here all the time on that bloody computer”

Nikki looked a little hurt for a second but realising that Karen had only spoken the truth went over to her and hugged her. “Thank you for caring Karen, and your right I do need to start meeting people again and I will, but not this way. If I promise that I will start going out more will you promise not to interfere again?” Nikki finished looking her best friend in the eye.

“Promise?” Karen asked smiling.

“Promise” Nikki said crossing her heart the way they had as children when they had promised each other something.

“Then yes I will keep out of it” Karen said before leaving the room to get her self ready for work.

Nikki turned to the computer and decided to just turn the thing off again, she would deal with the personal later, for now she had to get ready for work.

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