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Larkhall Online
By Sarah


“Karen!” Nikki shouted the moment the door closed behind her, hoping like hell that she woke her up or better disturbed her in the middle of something, “Karen!”

“All right, all right” she heard being muttered as a dishevelled Karen came grudgingly down the stairs. “What are you doing home? Didn’t think I’d see you before work tomorrow.”

Nikki didn’t say anything just turned and walked into the lounge and lit herself a cigarette. Karen followed, an air of defeat hanging around her shoulders.

“Things didn’t go so well then?” she asked after a few moments of silence and brooding stares.

Nikki just tilted her head to one side and continued to drag on her cigarette.

“Damn I had such high hopes for Bob”

“Karen do you remember anything about what we discussed the other day?” Nikki asked rigidly, keeping her eyes on her friend. “Do you remember promising to butt out of my love life or was I just talking to myself?”

“I just wanted to nudge you in the right direction Nikki, I hate seeing you like this you used to be so ... so .... alive” Karen beseeched.

Relenting Nikki went and sat down next to Karen and silently held her hand for a few moments quietly thinking. “Look I know you mean well Karen but I have to do this on my own. Bob’s a nice person but she’s not for me and that was apparent before you and Dom even left, which if you had asked before high tailing it you would of found out, instead I had to hide in the toilets thinking about what I was going to do. I was just lucky that Helen found me and came to my rescue...”

“Rescue?” Karen asked intrigued.

“Never mind” Nikki sighed thinking back on how the evening had started out disastrously, but ended really well.

Karen watched the smile blossom on Nikki face and smiled in return. “You like this woman don’t you Nikki Wade?”

“Don’t be ridiculous Karen.” she denied straight away. “Oh no!! you have to promise me that you will stay out of it Karen, this is none of you business. Besides it wouldn’t work, Helen’s straight.” Seeing the look in her eyes and knowing she was thinking up something that she wasn’t going to like.

“So was Trish?” Karen pointed out to her friend while thinking up ways of getting the two together.

“Yeah and look where that got me” Nikki moaned.

“Nine happy years as I remember ... well eight and a half. Nikki if you don’t try you’ll never know besides she might be the one.” Karen added as she got up from the sofa. “Now I have to go Dom’s waiting. I’ll see you in the morning”

“Yeah night Karen” Nikki said almost absent mindedly thinking about what her friend had said. “Aaaah I hate it when your right Karen Betts” she said as she slumped back defeated and punched the side of the chair,

Getting up from the sofa a few minutes later Nikki made her way over to her computer and booted it up. For some overwhelming reason she had the urge to go online and spill her guts to her mystery friend H. Thinking how to compose the email she was in a world of her own till she heard the immortal words “You have email”.

Opening up her emails she discarded most till she came to the last one.

Dear Mystery,

I know exactly what you mean, Yvonne’s the same, always there when I need her.

So how was your evening? What did you see at the movies?. I went out for some drinks with some friends, had a great time gossiping, laughing and joking. Drank way too much though and it’s started to go to my head so I’m going to call it a night now.

Speak to you again soon,

Regards H.

Smiling Nikki read the email again. It was funny to think that H and she had been doing virtually the same things that evening sitting with friends having drinks, but it was a common activity she supposed as she pressed the button to reply.

Dear H,

Yeah I had a great evening too, although it could have so easily been disastrous. Turned out Karen was playing matchmaker with me and someone we know, didn’t work out but I think she has the message now.

Movie was fine, we saw The Importance Of Being Earnest and although I at first moaned that it was a period drama and therefore boring I was pleasantly surprised that I found myself enjoying it. Afterwards we went for a few drinks and I met someone I know from work, had a great time with her and her friends after Karen and her boy-toy went home.

So over all a great time was had. Oh well work tomorrow so I had best go and try to sleep.



P.S. Would you like to chat sometime, I have MSN or YAHOO. Might be nice to have a conversation. Up to you, just let me know. Goodnight :)

And Nikki pressed the send button before she could erase the final addition to her mail. Breathing deeply she turned the computer off and went to bed, worrying a little over the response she was going to get from her question.

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