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By allie


"Seven, for the last fucking time will you get outa my face and leave Engineering before I say something we BOTH regret!" B'Elanna's bellow could be heard the length and breadth of engineering as well as out in the corridor where a perplexed Captain Janeway stood stock still gaping at the language used by her Chief of Engineering.

Grumbling, to herself, at the conduct unbecoming an officer and just exactly what she would do to her when she reprimanded her Janeway suddenly found herself nose to breast with her Astrometrics Officer. "Oh, Seven I didn't see you there!"

"Indeed Captain. I surmise that your inability to see is hampered by your face being pushed into my mammary glands and your reluctance to withdraw!" Seven growled in perfect imitation of her girlfriend.

"Oh, you mean, MY face, here?" Janeway stammered as she removed her face from Seven's ample bosom and indicated with a careless gesture which swiped the protruding nipples.

Scowling Seven strode from the Captain's presence without waiting to be dismissed and lengthened her stride until she reached the quarters she now shared with her love.

Dropping the PADD onto the workstation she glared at the offending piece of machinery until she thought it would melt under the glare. Janeway's force ten was nothing compared to the cold Borgness of icy blue eyes.

Allowing herself the small satisfaction of success Seven made her way to the en-suite for a shower before B'Elanna returned home from her shift.

When her love entered the quarters there was silence. Nothing; Not a sound. It was like someone or something had flicked a switch and not even the ever present hum of the warp core permeated the room.

Glancing around warily she spied her lover lying on the bed, her face tucked into the softness of the pillow. Walking over to her she carefully edged herself onto the bed and whispered.

"Seven, I know this has been a bit of a game between us recently but in front of the engineering crew you can't say something like that and not expect me to react to it. PADD doesn't stand for Properly Apportioned Dual Dildo."

The End

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