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By allie


Seven of Nine glanced around the Cargo Bay as she hurriedly entered to escape the scene of her crime and wondered just exactly she was going to do now. How could she explain her suddenly out of control behaviour?

She'd told Commander Chakotay that he almost had all of the personality of a wooden totem pole but that it would be insulting to totems.

She'd glared at Tom Paris and advised him that if she was still Borg she wouldn't waste her time assimilating him, he would be used for waste reclamation duties on the Dungari Peninsula where it was permanently 90 degrees in the shade and stunk worse than a sewer.

She'd called Harry Kim a child who needed to grow a backbone.

She had informed Lt. Torres, who was on the bridge repairing Harry's console, that she had a damned fine ass which she would take great pleasure in spanking during foreplay next time they made love before ravishing her Klingon self senseless.

She had called the Captain a dried up old coffee bean that hadn't had a decent shag in years.

When the Captain objected she replied as she sauntered off the bridge, "Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me for Someone Who Gives a Damn."

The End

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