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By allie


Torres' reaction to that statement was to turn away growling and let loose a string of invective which would have made Kahless himself proud.

"Holy Mother of all fucking godless races in this god's forsaken quadrant could someone please get the useless fucking p'taq out of my department before I string him up while he is still fucking alive? By Kahless' right ass cheek if he is still here when I turn around I will gut the lot of you with my Bat'leth!"

Seven coolly walked up to Paris and lifted him by the front of his loud Hawaiian shirt and propelled him towards the exit from engineering to the corridor outside.

"I believe it would be prudent for you to refrain from entering Engineering whilst they are performing essential maintenance on the warp core which was caused by you 'hot-dogging' it as you proudly admitted to."

Seven shoved with her mesh-encased hand and sent him firmly away from her propelling him almost eleven feet along the corridor to land in a crumpled heap.

"I also believe that next time you think it wise to call B'Elanna a mediocre engineer and useless in bed, in front of witnesses, it would be prudent of you to first check the veracity of your statements then Put Your Mind in Gear before Opening Mouth!"

The End

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