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The POV Series:
One: My Home
By Michael


I always thought my home was Voyager.

After leaving Qo'noS, I never felt comfortable; I left the Academy, and joined the Marquis. Even then, I had a feeling that I had to watch my back.

Voyager was different, even mixed with all those Starfleet types, I felt more comfortable, more at ease. I think that was mostly to do with Kathryn and Tom, but things changed.

I got into a relationship with Tom, and he tried to change me, attempted to make me more human and Kathryn never tried to stop him.

Oh she tried to change me before, but that was good. She showed me that the 'angry Klingon' stereotype was wrong and, in fact, though fierce, warriors were also noble and composed in their everyday life.

Tom couldn't accept that, he tried to make me more of a devoted human female.

Things changed when Soch came aboard, and at first I hated her, because truthfully, I saw too much of myself in her, but Chakotay and Harry showed me the real Seven of Nine, and we became friends.

She was there for me when I became pregnant. She was there for me when Tom left me after discovering our daughter's destiny, (too Klingon for his taste). She was there for me when I went into premature labour.

She and her family were there for me as the months passed slowly whilst Miral recovered in a maturation chamber, and that's where I fell in love.

Now I am helping my daughter celebrate her 5th birthday, with my family…

My home can be anywhere, as long as I have my Be'nal, and my children Ichab, Mazoti and Miral by me, and I have never been happier.

The End

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