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The POV Series:
Two: Tom Muses
By Michael


I hope this worked Seven; we almost lost you three times whilst you were under…

But you couldn't keep living like that, the suppression circuit built into your cortical implant would have killed you eventually. Even Tuvok's deep mediation and natural emotional control regimes wouldn't have worked.

And do you know why my dear Borg?

It is because you are emotional, whether you like it or not, you are a very emotional person.

Oh you don't show it, but if you know where to look, you can see that you share your emotions with the world.

But it's like the rest of us. Me and B'Elanna, I mean. We all have those pseudo walls which we think we are hiding behind.

With B'Elanna it's anger and bluster, with me it's my easy-come image, and with you, it's emotional coolness.

I wonder if that's why we can't 'but' out of each other's lives, for good or bad. The bond of knowing that we are emotionally crippled, and have fucked up families…

There is an old Earth expression, don't laugh Soch, it's from the C20th!

Anyway it goes something like, 'A family does maketh the man!'

It basically means that you are moulded by your family.

Many people would say this is crap, but I am not so sure. Humans are very impressionable whilst in childhood, and adolescence, for that matter. Lanna and I were lucky, we only had parents who abandoned us, whilst you had two parents who dragged you to the Delta quadrant, ignored you, and then abandoned you to the Borg!

But after all that happened, all the shit I gave B'Elanna, becoming like my father, something I promised I never would be. You were still there for me, even when my so called best friend had enough. You and your fantastic family were still there for both of us and Miral.

When we treated you like shit, you stood obstinately by our sides knowing that we didn't mean it.

It must have hurt Soch, we said some awful things. But I think it made us more in awe of you, because you are just you!

And that's why you need to get better Sev. I need my sparring partner, my practical joke partner and baby sister who looks after me. Naomi needs her aunt, godmother, and best friend. Mazoti and the boys need their mother, and B'Elanna needs her soul mate and par'Mach'kai!

She loves you Seven, and I know that you love her.

So I am going to make this promise to you. I can never make up for all the shit I have caused, but I do hope getting you two together will be a thank you for putting up with me.

I only ever wanted Lanna to be happy, and I certainly didn't do that, but I know you can.

So please wake up Seven, we need you, and you need B'Elanna.

The End

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