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Parents Bite

Computer: record personal log Miral Torres.

My God, I think they are trying to scare me, or make me want to be blind! Either way, right about now I wish I was!

I came home again today, after my duty shift, thinking I could sit and chill for a few hours before I get mad about my weekly visit to see my 'BUM' of a father!  God, he's an asshole; I mean, what the hell any woman ever saw in him is totally beyond me.

Anyway, I was totally expecting my mum to be out when I got home, but no; I come in to 'my' home and what do I find?!?

My Mother and Seven sitting on the couch, making out again!!!  My God, this is the third time this week!

They were both totally embarrassed, and they had a damn good right to be.  I mean come on, it's so sick it's unreal.  Yuk!   Old people kissing - not something I ever wanted to see.

I swear I told them not to do such things in the living room unless they really wanted me to need the services of a Ship's Counsellor. I mean, the one time they found me in there, kissing Naomi, they both went nuts!  And hell, it's not like that was even a 'thing'.  I told them, "Hey, I'm 18, I can do what I want," but as usual they never listen to me, do they?

I mean, it's not like they found me kissing The Captain, but oh I wish I had been: she's so sweet, so cute and sexy, and when she smiles she gets this…

Well none of that really matters 'cause, as Icheb has told me a million and one times, she's far to old for me and would never 'get with' someone of my age. That, and mum would kill someone or something if it ever happened anywhere else but in my dreams.

…what in God's name was I on about, anyway? ...Oh yes, mum and Seven were kissing again.  My God, they've been together for like 6 months now and they're still acting like teenagers.

Its not that I'm not happy they're together, 'cause I am.  I think they make a great couple, I really do.  I love Seven to bits as well, always have done.  It's just that I'd rather not open the door to my home and find them (yuk) getting mushy on the couch.

I mean, it's not like they don't get enough time alone as it is: Seven's been staying here every night for the past 5 months, and if she's not here it's 'cause mum wants to spend quality 'mother time' with me.

Come to think of it, the last time she wanted 'mother time' with me was when she found out that Naomi had stayed over while she was on an away mission, so that didn't go down too well.  We had to have the whole, "you better not be having sex in this house under my roof, young lady."  My God, once again – I'm 18 year's old and I can do whatever I want, plus it's not like her and Seven don't have sex in 'my' house.

God, I hate adults sometimes.  They think they know everything and really they know nothing.

Anyway they're out there, not even trying to act normal.  My God, they are so sad.  I know the minute I go out they'll be back at each other again, and they say I'm the hormonal teenager.  If Naomi and me were as bad as them… oh, wait, we are as bad as them, but at least we have the good sense to do these things in private and not in front of impressionable teenagers.

Well, I'd better go, before they start getting all yukky again.  Plus Naomi is still mad at me 'cause she saw me eyeing up The Captain in the mess hall.  I mean, God, it's not like I jumped the woman - she was bending over to pick up something and I just happened to be looking her way at the time, I swear.

Well, better go sort out that mess, then go see dad and listen to him talk about total crap.

OK, I'm off.  Computer: end personal log Miral Torres.


God, I swear parents bite.

The End

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