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The Party
By Hayseven

"No, no, no. I won't stay here any longer." shouted B'Elanna. B'Elanna took the fingers out of her ears, and stopped pacing the room. She knew she was being unreasonable, but surely they didn't expect her to suffer through this lightly.

"But you must." Seven insisted. Seven sighed in frustration.

"I don't care if it is for our benefit. I won't do this. I would rather endure an hour of the Doc singing Klingon operas." She was wearing a pout that was unbecoming of a Klingon and a Starfleet officer.

"Please, they may hear you." Seven knew the group in the other room couldn't hear them, but she needed B'Elanna to listen to what she deemed clear logic. Seven wore a pained expression on her alabaster face, she herself wanted to find the nearest Jefferies tube and crawl into till it was all over. But duty overrode her needs, and besides Kathryn was so happy to see her.

"Seven, if I have to suffer another hour of those females out there making noises and giggling over little presents, I will personally take my bat'leth to the gifts." B'Elanna gagged at the memory of a few crewmembers ohh-ing and ahh-ing. It was just too much for this hybrid.

'B'Elanna, you are acting like the Captain before her ritual first coffee of the day." Seven and B'Elanna both shuddered at the memory. "Do behave and face this like a true Klingon."

B'Elanna continued to pace the bedroom, and all the while wore a scowl that would have made Janeway's force ten glare seem like a welcome invitation. She felt like a trapped animal and she was reaching the end of her proverbial rope. After over a hour of inane dribble B'Elanna was ready to gnaw on her arm to get out of this hell.

"Lanna honey, please come out. I promise after another half-hour I will excuse the guests and we can be alone."

"Promise?" B'Elanna couldn't disguise the hope she was feeling.

"Yes. Perhaps we can enjoy some sweet treats minus the bowls." Seven quirked her eyebrow, and used a trademark smile that had won her wife's twin hearts. She then did a little suggestive dance with her said eyebrows and gave B'Elanna a knowing smirk.

B'Elanna's eyes glazed over in lust, and wiping the puddle of drool that had collected on her chin, gave Seven a toothy grin.

"Deal. But no more than a half hour."


"What do I do to deserve this hell?"

Taking her wife in her strong arms, she kissed B'Elanna passionately, a prelude to the coming attraction.

"You my beloved got pregnant and the crew wanted their Chief to have a Baby Shower."

"Hmm. Oh yes, that." B'Elanna wrapped her arms around her beloved and giggled a little. How she loved being held in her wife's strong arms.

Changing thoughts B'Elanna enquired "Do I look fat now?"

A silence fell upon the couple. There was no way in Grethor Seven was going to walk that minefield and answer that. She had fallen for that question once, and being the truthful woman that she was, answered 'You have gained a little weight, but you are still beautiful.

After B'Elanna had gone running and crying into her room, she locked Seven out and it took her two days before she was even allowed back into their quarters. Seven literally had to grovel at B'Elanna's feet, and spent quite a few rations in an effort to show her wife she deemed her just as sexy as before, which she did. Her be'nal was as beautiful now as she was on her wedding night. The fact she was with child and had gained a few kilos only made Seven love her more so.

Swallowing nervously Seven considered her next course of action. Tell the truth and face a rampaging hormonal pregnant Klingon. Or pretend she never heard the question, despite Borg hearing. Choosing the logical and clearly sane route she wrapped her lean arms tighter around her wife and tilting her head downwards, resolutely kissed her senseless. Finally the couple broke apart both dizzy from their kissing.

B'Elanna took her wife's hand and wearing a goofy grin, led her to the bedroom door. She knew Seven never answered her question, and wanting to make her wife squirm a little for suggesting the idea of a baby shower to Janeway decided to have some fun. "You know Seven, you have to stay too. After all, we are going to need someone to help with the party games, like Name the Starfleet Baby." Seven turned a whiter shade of pale, and gripped her wife's hand involuntary.

Yes it was true Seven realised. Baby showers were indeed their own little hells.

The End

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