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By Demeter


It took her awhile to acknowledge the changes for what they are, but she can see it clearly now.

It's amazing how she's come to have this with a woman who will most likely go when she tells her to stop, preferably right into a dangerous situation she's not equipped for. Unless you count killer smarts, eidetic memory and being cute as hell. They will continue to clash doing their respective jobs; they will argue and disagree.

They will go home together and make love.

In the darkness, Lindsay smiles as she listens to Cindy's deep, steady breathing. Lindsay had assumed that she'd be a restless sleeper and a bed hog considering all that energy, but she had to realize she'd been wrong. Once she had fitted herself into the curve of her body, whispering 'good night' softly, Cindy was asleep within a few minutes, not even stirring in Lindsay's arms.

Lindsay herself doesn't toss and turn like she used to do it for years when she let the nightmares that weren't her own follow her. Into her home. Into her bed.

If she's awake now, it's because she wants to, cherish the moment and knowing she's no longer alone.

The End

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