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Phantom Feelings
By ralst


I try to imagine her touch. The whisper cool feeling of those delicate hands against my flesh. I close my eyes and call on phantom memories. The ache in my thighs, the weakness in my knees, the heat between my legs.

I watch, as she touches me. Her concentration absolute. Her desire almost palpable. I look at her and try with all that I am to feel her touch.


I cannot form a sentence. The words stick in my throat and leave my intentions unclear. I want to beg her to stop. I want to beg God to let me feel. I want to travel back in time and not open that door.


She laughs against my skin, the warmth reaching beyond her lips to the edge of my sensation. I shudder at the first touch. The simplicity of her breath quickens my heart and brings life to my forgotten yearnings.

I reach for her. Fill my hands with the richness of her hair. Force her eyes to search out mine.

"Kiss me."

Her lips are no longer phantoms. Their touch sets my limbs on fire and momentarily convinces my body that it is whole.

I close my eyes and let the feelings consume me. Pleasure builds out of thin air. The impossibility of my response does nothing to stop the feelings that rip through my body.


Imagination and reality merge and I am complete.

The End

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