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WARNING: A little angst maybe. Reading Phoenix and Phoenix's Ashes will help to better understand part three. I was still depressed when I wrote this, so it didn't turn out how I wanted it.
Again, thanks to DeeJay for the kind words

Phoenix Reborn
By Hayseven

Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise and on taking flight will find the tallest treetops to sing out it's joy. It's cycle renewed.


"Breathe baby, please Bangwi. You need to breathe." B'Elanna lay on the bed, pain racking her body. She didn't think she could keep it up much longer. It was too hard, the fight seemed to take too much out of her.

Seven stood by her side, holding her hand. Begging her to breathe, willing her to be strong. She wished she could take all the pain away.

Panting now, trying to catch her breath, B'Elanna managed to ride out the last wave of pain that overtook her small body.

Seven helped my wife to sit up, urging her to hold on, relax and to drink some fluids.

Crying out as the next wave of pain hit her, B'Elanna bore down and started to push.

Slowly counting Seven could feel her beloved wife almost crush her hand. Lucky for her it was her enhanced one.

Giving one final push, and using most of her depleted energy, B'Elanna cried out and collapsed onto the bed

Seven was crying now, and she didn't care.

"Bangwi, my beautiful loved one, come open your eyes and greet our daughter."

She's so like Nikita, yet so different. B'Elanna wondered how something so beautiful could be so tiny. The moment B'Elanna saw her, her heart sang out in ecstasy.

Lying on their bed Seven and B'Elanna shared a kiss. In between them laid their two children, Chase and Alex. Chase was only a week old and already she looked so like her tall Nordic looking mother. Strong features, blonde hair, with eyes brown as a falling leaf in Autumn.

Alex looked like his other mother, a mix of Klingon, Asian and Human. Brown hair, little ridges, with eyes as blue as a clear summer's sky. His little hands already mastering the musical instruments his father excels at. At only 2 he already seemed to have a skill to fix equipment like his two mothers.

Seven held onto her family and thought back to the day when her wife came to her. She had been in the Cargo Bay when her wife entered and poured out her heart.

At one stage B'Elanna had said "Without you I cease to function. The world loses it's colour, and everything dims. Come back to me, only together are we as one." That day they cried like never before, neither one holding back or bothering to care.

Afterwards they slept for hours and when they woke up, they cried some more. It was later in the evening when both were calmer and they talked of the present, the past, and the future. Neither one wanted to break up.

Life without each other was not a life lived.

So time eased their wounds and a year later Alex was born. Now they were complete with the latest edition. Chase was so diminutive, yet so strong. Seven looked at her children and felt a sense of pain. Her intense love for her children was like a physical pain, it whelmed her and kept her warm. It was a pain she proudly wore. She never knew her capacity to love was this potent. Seven would do whatever it took to keep them protected, as well as their mother and father.

Harry was the perfect father, always there, never losing his patience and most important of all he loved them with all his heart. When Alex was born he presented the mother's with four rings. Each ring had three intersecting rings of different colour.

Very similar to an old Russian wedding ring, the difference being their meaning. One was made from Titanium and was bronze, the second one was made from a Borg implant and was silver. The third one was from gold. The bronze one represented the ship and B'Elanna heritage, it was tough, durable and kept them protected. The silver one represented Seven's Borg past, and what she had gone though. The third one was gold and symbolized love, Harry and little Nikita.

This way the four people, Harry included, would have a reminder of Nikita and the union that bounded them. The bond, like the rings, could never break. It was strong and when kept together nothing could destroy them. When Chase was born a fifth one was made. Alex wore his around his neck, the gold necklace and ring never leaving his body.

Harry looked at the scene of his family and felt untold elation. He was home. Giving each person a kiss on the cheek, he smiled to himself. There was a door that connected the two quarters, and he quietly went through it to his bedroom feeling at peace with the world.

Seven was nearing sleep when her enhanced hearing picked up the familiar phrase from Harry.

Smiling she drifted off to sleep with the words of "Night my family" in her mind.

"Yes Indeed. Night my family."

The End

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