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Pleasant Dreams
By Geekgrrllurking


Nora Delaney's lips fascinate me. Always have, always will. For the longest time they were a guilty pleasure, as I would watch them from afar, quirking up at one of Dan's bad jokes or curling into a snarl interrogating a perp. And then one day, I was suddenly watching them move across my skin with tender reverence. I never thought I even stood a chance with my sexy, and very straight, partner. Hell, if you had told me a year ago that I'd be lying in her bed watching her sleep, I'd have laughed in your face. And yet, here we are.

Nora sleeps so soundly these days, as if she can finally rest, let her guard down and just be. For the longest time it was as if I was sleeping next to someone in perpetual motion, reacting in her sleep as if someone, or something, was chasing her. Now though, she's settled down, and I often wake up with her wrapped around me like a second blanket. I like to think this new found peace is because of me, of us, of the comfort she finds in what we're becoming to each other. I know for myself, that it just seems right, like we were meant to be. That I've found home.

Tonight, sleep eludes me. So once again I indulge in my favourite pastime, Nora watching. What I want to do is wake her up with kisses and ravish her sweet body, but she needs her sleep. Her lips are parting slightly now and she sighs, like a soft moan, just a little. My heart does somersaults at the sound.

God Beaumont, you've got it bad for this one.

And honestly, I don't care who knows, who says what about it all, how it might affect my career, none of it. In fact, I'm so happy I want to shout it from the roof tops. However, Nora's life is a little more…complicated. And I get that, and I respect that as frustrating as it can be at. Sometimes it bugs me, being introduced to family members as Nora's partner "on the force" but not in life. But I'm patient and I know she'll get there someday. I'm in it for the long haul and I know it. I think Nora's starting to realize that too.

I slowly run my fingers through her shaggy blonde hair, tucking tendrils behind her cute little ear. She turns to me in her sleep and a soft smile ghosts across those full lips I adore. I desperately want to kiss those tempting lips.

"What are you waiting for?" Nora whispers, rough and gravely, as her eyes slowly blink open. I love it when she speaks like this, with her morning voice. It always does things to me, and my body simply reacts to the unspoken promises hidden there, clenching and yearning for her touch.

She knows me so well and yet she doesn't know me at all. It's all so new, yet incredibly comfortable and right, like sliding on an expertly tailored suit. I smile at her as I slowly run the pad of my thumb across her mouth. Nora sucks it in, her tongue swirling around seductively, the languid heat beckoning me. Releasing it with a moist pop, she sits up slightly and rolls towards me, wide awake and ready to play.

I am more than ready for her.

"Hmm, looks like somebody is having trouble falling asleep?" Nora's voice rumbles in my ear, followed by butterfly kisses along my temple, across my flushed cheek to hover tantalizingly over my lips, her breath warm against my skin. All I can do is slowly nod and wait for her. I'm rewarded with a lopsided grin and twinkling eyes, before my mouth is claimed.

I moan into Nora's mouth, our tongues finally meeting and tangling, dancing together. I feel her slowly lowering her weight onto me, leaving me needy and wanting more. I can't help moving beneath her, writhing against her sure touch, silently encouraging her as she leisurely trails her hand down my curves, slipping into my sleep shorts and through the damp curls below.

I gasp as I'm suddenly filled, taken fast and hard, as Nora thrusts deep, making me hers. I barely recognize the needy moans coming from my mouth, still hotly pressed against her lips. I feel her smirk as I buck against her, wanting more, needing her to increase our tempo. She chuckles softly and ignores me, taking her sweet time building the pressure, taking me higher, angling deeper. And just when I think I'm dancing on the brink, she slows the pace. My eyes snap open and I groan with frustration.

I watch her mouth descend again, and then capture mine. Demanding, deep kisses and I'm lost again, suddenly distracted by her thumb slowly circling my clit. With a slightly desperate whimper I break our kiss, and Nora nuzzles along my cheek as I try to catch my breath.

"Oh, baby, I know." Nora whispers, dipping to tease my lips with gentle kisses once more. She takes pity on me, picking up our pace, moving her hand faster. "Just let go, I've got you now. Come for me, Nikki." Her low, husky demand is all I need to hear, as I can't stop the feelings, the rush of pleasure building to a fine point, until finally I shatter into a million pieces, safe in her arms…

When I can move again, my body finally relaxing, I can't help the happy sigh, sated and exhausted, into Nora's long blonde hair, my breath starting to even out. I feel her shift, feeling the loss of her intimate touch keenly as she slides to my side, before pulling me into a tight embrace, our arms and legs tangling together. Slow lazy kisses follow, and I struggle to stay awake, as she just nuzzles closer, warm and gentle, as she runs a soothing hand through my sweat damp hair.

"Shh, just sleep now sweetheart. I'm not going anywhere." Nora's voice is far away, calming me. I feel a soft kiss to my temple as her fingers continue to stroke through my hair. And as I drift to sleep, her voice is the last thing I hear, sending me off to my pleasant dreams.

"I love you."

The End

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