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By giantessmess


"Oh, God….Oh shit, oh god."

Nikki opened her eyes to see Helen with her head between her legs – no, knees, Helen's knees. Helen was sitting at the edge of the bed, hyperventilating with her head between her knees, taking deep breaths. Deeply, deeply, in and out.

"Oh God…"


"God, I'm gunna be sick."

Nikki sighed to herself, "Well, that's what happens when a woman consumes the amount of alcohol you did last night. Jesus, Helen."

"A little sympathy, please."

"No, you've been drinking like a fish since Trish and I set you that limitless bar tab."

Helen let out a slow breath, as if steadying herself. "Well, it's clearly your fault then."

"God, this again."

"You barely talked to me…"

Nikki got up, "Hang on, I thought you were too hung over to talk right now."

"Never said that…uh… ok. Maybe I am."

Nikki crossed her arms and stood opposite her.

"It was a busy night, I can't help that-"

"It's always a busy…uh. Oh, Jesus…"

"Just relax." Nikki sighed. "Breath in deeply again. That's good. Good." She shook her head. "Ok, can you keep at it, or do I have to remind you to breathe as well?"

"Oh, sod ya to hell," Helen jolted upwards, then regretted it. She took another deep breath. "I think my drink was spiked…or somethin'."

"That was the vodka."

"No," Helen winced. "This isn't from vodka, for Pete's sake!"

Nikki tilted her head, "Perhaps the whisky? Or the Bourbon?"

"I'm serious," Helen stood up, ignoring the immediate churning in her stomach.

"Ya weren't there, ok," she struggled towards the bathroom. Nikki rolled her eyes and followed.

"Fine, I wasn't there. I'm sorry for actually working when I'm on the clock and…" she sighed when Helen shut the door, before she reached it. "You can't shower yourself in this condition - just look at you!"

She could hear Helen making an irritated noise from behind the bathroom door. "I can do whatever I bloody well please."

Nikki shook her head and sat at the base of the door, waiting for the inevitable cry for help. When it didn't come she snorted, "You're paying next time. Bleedin' alco."

"I heard that!"

"Well you bloody are!"

Helen emerged from the shower fifteen minutes later, finding Nikki lying in bed with the paper, a hot coffee on the nightstand. Helen winced at the smell. Nikki resisted the urge to tease her for it.

"Good shower?"

"Decent enough."

Nikki shot her a look, and went back to the paper.

"Miss me in there?"

Helen snickered, "Terribly."

Nikki read the paper, watching Helen getting dressed from the corner of her eye.

"You're looking better, considering you were acting like you were about to-"

"Well," Helen smiled, sticking her tongue through her teeth a little. "It appears you've underestimated my outstanding metabolism."

Nikki rolled her eyes, watching Helen do up her bra.

"It appears that I have."

Helen paused when she'd finished on her underwear, "I really can hold my drink, despite what you think."

Nikki snorted, but didn't say anything. Helen raised an eyebrow.

"I could just keep getting dressed, ya know."

"Oh no, come on."

"Well…." Helen tilted her head, watching Nikki beam when she kicked her clothes out of the way. "Doesn't the fact that I was poisoned last night ruin the mood?"

Nikki sighed, "You weren't poisoned, you stupid twat. You drank too much."

Helen reached for her skirt.

"Alright, alright. You were poisoned."

Helen smiled, "There, was that hard?"

Nikki sighed and threw her paper down, "Unbelievable."

Helen nodded, her voice teasing, "My recovery was miraculous."

"Indeed." Nikki laughed and tilted her head back. She opened her eyes to Helen sitting on the edge of the bed. Then her head was between her legs. Nikki's legs.

The End

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