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Pon Far
By T.J

B'Elanna looked across the deck to the sight of Seven of Nine working at a nearby console. They were alone on the second deck of engineering, and the sight of the beautiful young drone's icy cold features suddenly enraged B'Elanna. Kahless what she wouldn't like to do to that woman.

In several quick steps B'Elanna was across the room. She grabbed Seven, shoving her up against the wall. She heard the young woman's head crack against the wall with great force and she growled her pleasure at the sound. Seven began to struggle against the attack, but was no match for the enraged Klingon.

Kicking her legs apart, B'Elanna moved her hip between Seven's legs, feeling the heat radiating from the former Borg's core. She brought her face close to that milky white neck and inhaled deeply. A feral grin spread over her face as she tore the biosuit down the front, exposing two perfect white breasts. Seven struggled harder as B'Elanna began to ravage her breasts with lips and tongue. Sensing that Seven was not struggling as hard any longer B'Elanna moved one hand down and pressed her fingers hard against Seven's sex. Hearing a moan emanating from the drone's lips she smiled in triumph, looking deeply into Seven's frightened eyes she growled "Mine," and bit savagely into the perfect alabaster cheek.

B'Elanna shook her head, clearing her mind of the images that had risen unbidden there. She was leaning against her console with sweat poring down her face. She could barely manage to stand, her legs were trembling so hard. She looked over to where Seven was working, completely oblivious to the struggle the young engineer was having to maintain control over her emotions.

As if feeling the Klingon's eyes on her Seven looked up and saw B'Elanna's condition. It alarmed her to see the younger woman looking so weak. She crossed the room and grabbed the engineer, looking into her eyes she saw they were almost black, there was something very disturbing about them, it was like looking into madness and torment.

"Lieutenant Torres, you must get to sickbay. I believe there is something wrong with you."

"Get the hell away from me Borg," B'Elanna cried, pushing Seven roughly away. She tried to run for the lift to take her to the main floor, but in her condition she stumbled, falling to her knees, unable to rise.

Seven came over and assisted the young Klingon to her feet, steadying her she helped her to the lift and guided her to the sickbay. As they walked in silence Seven could feel the heat and tension radiating of the older woman's body. The Lieutenant had not stopped shaking since Seven had picked her up off the floor.

Once they entered sickbay Seven activated the EMH and helped B'Elanna get up onto a biobed. The doctor began his examination, but as soon as he saw B'Elanna's physical condition he feared he knew what was wrong. He had treated Lieutenant Vorik for similar symptoms only two days earlier. His scans only confirmed what he already suspected; B'Elanna was entering into a sympathetic Pon Far as a result of the mating ritual Vorik had initiated with her seven years earlier.

"Lieutenant Torres, I am afraid that you are exhibiting early signs of Pon Far," the Doctor informed the trembling young Klingon.

"Doctor I believe your program is malfunctioning. Lieutenant Torres is a Klingon, they do not suffer from Pon Far," Seven interrupted.

The doctor began to regal the young drone with the tale of Vorik's attempt to mate with B'Elanna seven years ago on an alien planet. The young Klingon could only sit in humiliation, feeling sick with lust and fear as the doctor reduced her struggle with the blood fever to an anecdote to amuse the beautiful drone.

Finally the doctor turned his attention back to B'Elanna, informing her that he had developed a serum for Vorik, which appeared to be working, and he proceeded to administer it to her. He told her that a series of strenuous workouts along with the meditation techniques she learned from Tuvok should be sufficient in conjunction with the serum to alleviate her symptoms.

She did feel somewhat better after the shot, so she left sickbay having been informed that she was to remain off duty until medical clearance to return to work was given. She returned to her quarters and attempted to meditate as she had promised, but her mind was a maelstrom of fury, lust and anger. She couldn't concentrate. She leapt to her feet, pacing her darkened quarters like a caged animal. Finally, unable to take it any longer she headed for the holodeck.

Seven returned to work, but couldn't seem to get her mind off the story the doctor had told her about B'Elanna's Pon Far. She knew that if the treatment of the condition wasn't successful that B'Elanna would die or go mad. Remembering the madness she had seen in the depths of the young Klingon's eyes she was gripped with fear on behalf of the young woman. She logged off from her station and made her way to B'Elanna's quarters only to find the young woman was not inside. Upon determining from the computer that the Lieutenant was in the holodeck she headed in that direction, fear lending wings to her feet.

The holodeck was locked with one of B'Elanna's Maquis encryption codes, but Seven had little difficulty breaking it; that alone worried her, if B'Elanna was in her right mind Seven would have had to spend hours trying to decipher the code. Once inside Seven was completely surrounded by carnage. She saw B'Elanna surrounded by as many as 6 enemies and the young Lieutenant was bleeding from many wounds. Seven knew the safety protocols were disabled, and she also knew that in another few minutes B'Elanna was going to be overwhelmed and killed by the hordes that surrounded her.

"Computer end program."

The battlefield disappeared, as did the weapon in B'Elanna's hand. She turned in fury toward the sound of the voice that had interrupted her program.

"You Borg bitch," she cried and launched herself at Seven.

Seven easily sidestepped B'Elanna's attack and grabbing her arm she threw her against the wall face first, twisting the arm behind her and using her body to hold B'Elanna captive against the bulkhead.

B'Elanna struggled furiously, but could gain no leverage to dislodge the drone from her position. Gradually she felt her body begin to relax, she rested her head against the wall and let her exhaustion take over.

When Seven was convinced that B'Elanna was truly calm she stepped away and allowed the Klingon to move.

"I'm sorry Seven, I don't know…..I'm not…." B'Elanna could think of no way to account for her actions so she lapsed into silence.

"It is all right Lieutenant. You are ill, but I believe that you should go to sickbay for observation. If this condition is not treated you will be killed. Please, allow me to escort you to sickbay."

B'Elanna wanted to argue but the last bits of logic her mind could muster knew that the young drone was right. She needed help, and soon. She once again allowed herself to be taken to sickbay by Seven of Nine.

Once in sickbay the doctor examined her again, and administered another shot of the treatment he had engineered for Vorik, although he was beginning to suspect that the Klingon and Vulcan physiologies were different enough that the treatment that was so successful for Vorik was not going to work for B'Elanna. In the end he settled for sedating her until he could come up with a better solution.

Seven left sickbay after B'Elanna was asleep and returned to Astrometrics to continue working on her scans of the Class M planet they were currently orbiting. She was looking for deposits of minerals and any other material that Voyager could harvest to aid in their journey back to the Alpha quadrant. There were several areas of the planet that couldn't be scanned sufficiently however due to the large deposits of magnecite in the area that foiled the scanners. Once she determined that the planet was safe, away teams would map those areas on foot.

In sick bay B'Elanna awoke in a fever. The doctor was offline for the night and she took the opportunity to leave sickbay unescorted. She was feeling overwhelmed by the sense of anger and lust that had continued unabated all day. The parts of her mind that remained under her control were worried that she was going to harm someone. She knew she had come dangerously close to raping Seven earlier this morning, and she was afraid she would do serious physical damage to the first person she encountered. She knew she was descending into madness and made the only decision that seemed logical to her now.

Seven was still working on the scans of the planet when she noticed an unauthorized transport to the planet's surface. The computer told her that B'Elanna was still in sickbay, but she had a terrible premonition that something was wrong. She hurried to sickbay and was not surprised to find that only B'Elanna's uniform jacket and comm badge were still aboard the ship. She ran to the transporter room, stopping only to arm herself with a hypospray, tricorder, and a phaser before she beamed down to the same coordinates that B'Elanna had used previously.

The surface of the planet was being lashed by a severe wind and rainstorm and Seven had to fight to stay on her feet in the face of the gale force winds. She saw B'Elanna's boot prints in the mud and began to follow them worried the rain would wash them away before she could locate the Lieutenant. Her tricorder was registering the life signs of the Klingon and Seven rushed with all possible speed in pursuit of her quarry.

The tricorder readings began to fluctuate and Seven's heart fell as she realized that even in her madness B'Elanna had thought to head directly for the magnecite deposits, knowing they would make it impossible for Voyager to locate her with scans.

As the ground hardened the footprints she was following began to fade, and Seven was gripped with fear. She stopped and visually scanned the immediate area. There was a cave entrance several meters in front of her and Seven gambled that B'Elanna might have taken shelter within the caves. She put the now useless tricorder away and pulled out the phaser as she entered the cave.

Once inside the cave she realized her guess had been correct, as B'Elanna's bootprints were readily apparent on the sandy floor. She quietly began to track the Lieutenant, aware that she was in some danger if B'Elanna ambushed her down here. Her concern for the young Klingon kept her moving forward.

She followed the footprints deep into the cavern, and as she approached the Lieutenant's position she heard the sound of sobs in close proximity. She carefully peered around a rock outcropping and saw B'Elanna, soaked and sobbing, huddled in a dark corner of the cave.

She paused for a moment to gather her wits and her courage, and then, holding the phaser at the ready she stepped slowly around the corner.

B'Elanna heard the sound of Seven's approach and looked up to see the tall drone approaching, her phaser pointing straight at B'Elanna's chest.

"Seven, you need to get out of here now. You aren't safe down here with me." It took all of B'Elanna's control to keep herself still while she pleaded with Seven to leave her to die in peace.

"I will not leave you B'Elanna," Seven stated calmly.

"You don't understand, unless I resolve the Pon Far I'm going to die or go insane. I can't be around anyone right now, it isn't safe."

"You cannot resolve the Pon Far alone."

"I will not fight you."

"There is another way," Seven said quietly.

"NO," B'Elanna screamed as images of herself ravaging Seven flooded through her mind.

"I am Borg, I will be able to withstand the blood lust," Seven argued logically.

"You don't understand, I'm not in control. I could kill you anyway," B'Elanna was shaking furiously now as the last of her strength deserted her.

Seven slowly put the phaser on the ground along with the other supplies she had brought with her, and she approached B'Elanna carefully, her entire body on alert.

B'Elanna began to growl as her Klingon senses picked up Seven's scent. She gathered herself and sprang at the beautiful blonde.

Seven sidestepped the attack and thrust a leg out, sending B'Elanna sprawling. She had worked out a plan as she tracked B'Elanna and hoped that by struggling with B'Elanna for some time she would be able to wear the Klingon out sufficiently to allow the love making that would follow to be less dangerous to her.

B'Elanna was on her feet in an instant, her senses inflamed with desire and battle lust. She moved toward Seven again and this time managed to get her hands on the drone. Seven used a Tsunkatse move to flip the engineer to the ground; she found that she was becoming aroused herself as she smelled B'Elanna's lust filling the cave. She bared her teeth in a feral grin as she and B'Elanna began to slowly stalk one another, each moving cautiously, slowly circling, looking for an advantage.

Seeing an opportunity when Seven stumbled slightly, B'Elanna leapt at the drone. They clinched tightly and B'Elanna began to tear at Seven's clothing. She growled fiercely as she realized that Seven seemed almost as desperate to remove B'Elanna's own clothes as well. Their hands seemed to move of their own volition and they quickly found themselves naked and sprawled on the floor of the cave.

B'Elanna was straddling Seven, who was running her hands over B'Elanna's spine, digging her nails deeply into the soft skin of the engineer's back. A deep rolling purr began to emanate from B'Elanna's chest as she felt the fingers of the beautiful drone draw blood.

Seven reached up and pulled B'Elanna down to her in a fierce kiss. Tongues fought for dominance as they deepened the searing kiss. Seven continued to rake her hands over B'Elanna's back, moving ever lower, until she gripped the firm behind of the young Klingon, moving her fingers deeper toward sensitive flesh.

B'Elanna rained a trail of fiery kisses down Seven's neck and began to massage her luscious breasts with hands and mouth. Seven was on fire and she arched up into the touch of her Klingon warrior. She wrapped her legs around B'Elanna's waist, pulled her into closer contact, gasping as her sensitive flesh came into contact with B'Elanna's own.

B'Elanna rolled them onto their sides so they could both be free to explore and touch at will. She gasped as she felt Seven's enhanced hand find its way unerringly to her throbbing core. She was already wet with desire.

"Yes, Kahless, yes, please…. I need you inside me now Seven," she cried as she felt Seven's fingers slip between the silky folds of her sex. Seven complied immediately and B'Elanna cried in triumph as she felt the soft ridges of the metal implant slide completely inside of her. Seven began to move her hand in and out in rhythm to the thrusting of B'Elanna's hips. It was over quickly as B'Elanna had been on the edge for some time now. Without removing her hand she allowed the engineer to regain her breath and then she slowly began again, this time using her thumb to caress the sensitive bundle of nerves at the apex of B'Elanna's sex. She allowed her mouth to find its way to B'Elanna's beautiful breasts, tracing her tongue around the areola, flicking the nipple gently before drawing it completely into her mouth. She caught the sensitive tip in her teeth and rubbed her tongue firmly over it while B'Elanna squirmed beneath her ministrations. As she felt B'Elanna near her peak again she increased the speed of her hand, and when she knew B'Elanna was on the edge she bit down firmly on the nipple she still held captive in her mouth. B'Elanna's cries of passion echoed throughout the cave.

Once the aftershocks of her orgasm finished ravaging her body, B'Elanna slumped against Seven and began to sob uncontrollably. The younger woman held her tightly, rocking her gently in her arms.

"Its all right B'Elanna. I have you. I'm here. Everything is going to be all right now my love."

Slowly B'Elanna began to calm down, the blood lust was still strong within her, but she was more in control now. She rolled Seven onto her back and began to kiss her slowly, allowing her tongue to explore the other woman's mouth and lips. She began to caress one of Seven's firm beautiful breasts, kissing it gently, while she massaged the other one with her hand. She placed her knee between Seven's legs and began to rock gently into her flesh until Seven's moans told her it was time for a more direct approach. She moved her mouth down to that precious flesh, tasting Seven's arousal before she thrust her tongue inside the hot tight core of the younger woman. She felt the rising tide of passion in the young woman and soon her tongue was replaced with her fingers as she thrust deeply inside her lover. Her mouth took possession of Seven's clit and soon Seven was crying out in release.

They lay quietly together after several more hours of lovemaking. When B'Elanna realized that the Pon Far was fading she suggested that they make their way back to the ship. Dressing in their tattered clothes they made their way out of the magnecite deposits to the place where Seven had beamed down. She had rigged the transport to be activated from the surface and soon they were back on board the ship. They went to sick bay where they healed the wounds they had given and received and changed into clean clothes.

Seven departed for the Cargo Bay while B'Elanna lay down to sleep on a biobed.

In the morning the doctor was surprised to find that B'Elanna's Pon Far was resolved. He assumed in his arrogance that his serum had simply taken longer to work for B'Elanna than it had for Vorik, and he quickly cleared B'Elanna for active duty.


B'Elanna entered Cargo Bay 2 carrying a large bouquet of flowers. She had not seen Seven since the night on the planet's surface, and her breath caught as she saw the beautiful woman now.

Seven looked up to see B'Elanna and her bouquet of roses entering the Cargo Bay. She smiled as she caught sight of the young engineer's shy smile.

"Hey Seven," B'Elanna began shyly, handing the roses to the young drone. "I don't know how to thank you for what you did for me on the planet the other night. You saved my life and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am."

"I am only happy to see that you are well again B'Elanna," said Seven, reaching out a hand to caress the face of the woman she now knew she loved.

"I was hoping that we…. I mean, I wanted you to know that it wouldn't always have to be like that, between us I mean…. If there ever was an us that is," B'Elanna stammered. "I'm trying to say that I'm capable of being gentle when I make love too."

Seven smiled at B'Elanna's distress. "I hope that this means that I will not have to wait another seven years to be with you again."

B'Elanna's only answer was the passionate kiss she gave her new love.

The End

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