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Post Woman's Knock
By Lynne

The incessant ringing of the doorbell finally broke through to Helen's unconscious mind. Slowly lifting her head from her desk she looked around, she felt slightly disorientated and a bit more than hung over - shit! She'd fallen asleep whilst working again, she shouldn't try to work after drinking she again chastised herself.

The doorbell rang again, it seemed longer and louder this time.

Keep your knickers on she thought as she hurried towards the front door. She didn't bother to check her appearance. She wasn't expecting anyone, probably another double glazing salesman - annoying bastards!

She pulled open the door, ready to hurl a mouthful of abuse at the man stood there, but her angry look was met by one of amusement from a pair of brown eyes, a pair of gorgeous dark brown eyes Helen felt herself thinking. Self consciously she ran her hand through her hair, dismayed at the feel of the tangled mess, she knew she must look a bloody state and she cared about that now that she saw who was standing in front of her.

'Parcel for you, you have to sign for it' the post woman said, trying in vain to suppress the grin on her face.

Helen felt her cheeks getting hotter 'err thanks' she said taking the pen and clip board, she hurriedly scribbled her name and signature and as she handed the pen back her finger touched the other woman's hand.

They both heard a loud crack and jumped back.

'Shit!' the post woman remarked.

'Fuck! .. Talk about an electric personality' Helen quipped and they both grinned, each rubbing the sore spot on their hands were the electric shock had hit them.

'Right then' said the post woman, 'that's me done for the day.. sorry to err wake you and .. err' she reached her hand towards Helen's face, Helen shrunk back slightly but the woman continued, she pulled a yellow post it note from the side of Helen's hair, '.. there you go' she handed it to Helen still grinning.

Helen grimaced, how embarrassing! Mumbling a hasty 'thanks' she retreated inside the house, she leant her back against the front door, her heart was racing! She had noticed the new postie a couple of times in the street (when she had been up early enough) and had managed to get a couple of HI's and the odd wave from her, but she hadn't actually got that close to her before, she was even better looking up close.

Their encounter had kind of knocked the wind out of Helen, she'd been trying to think of a way to get a conversation going with her since she first saw her. She turned towards the mirror in the hall.

Fucking hell! She looked worse than she thought. Her mascara had run and her hair resembled Ken Dodd on a good day, she had the imprint of a large paper clip on her cheek ..mm how to win friends and influence people she muttered to herself as she headed off for a shower.

Whilst taking her shower her mind drifted back to the mystery woman. She would dearly love to find out her name but couldn't think how to go about it. Today was the first time they'd actually spoken - but not the last if Helen had anything to do with it. She struck upon an idea, the more serious side of her put a dampener on itshe couldn't ...could she? she shouldn't , should she? The passionate and horny side of her took over, damn bloody right she should, all's fair in love and war she thought and although she wasn't looking for war, she was looking for well we'll see she thought to herself.

She took a trip into town that morning and made the necessary arrangements that would set her plan into action.

The following morning she was up early, showered and dressed, ready and waiting.

At 8:30 the doorbell rang, she was up out of her seat and rushing to the door. Then she stopped herself. Christ she was acting like a hormonal teenager, she slowed her pace and tried to act casual as she opened the front door. Her smile faded when a jovial looking middle aged male postman greeted her.

'Morning love! Parcel for you, sign here please' he handed Helen the clipboard.

Shit! She thought, she was totally gutted. 'You're new aren't you?' she asked in a vain attempt to find out where her mystery woman was.

'New? Nah, Nikki the girl that normally does this round rang in sick this morning'

So it was Nikki eh! Her plan hadn't been a complete waste of timeout after all.

'Between you and me I think she had one too many last night. She's been going on about this new nightclub opening in town, one of her friends owns it or something, anyway seems she overindulged. Mum's the word though' he said patting his finger against the side of his nose, as if Helen was about to dive into the house and ring the sorting office reporting the woman of her dreams for taking a sickie!

She was disappointed though. She hadn't realised exactly how disappointed until 3 hours later when she looked at her note book, the notes she'd been making were covered in various attempts at the word Nikki! Was she becoming obsessed? Being a doctor in psychology she could probably answer that question, but did she want to? She shook her head answering her own silent question.

What should she do now? She couldn't do it again, could she?

It took about 5 minutes for her to be ready and out of the door, again heading into town, once the job was done she headed home, should she feel guilty? Nope!

Again the next morning she was up early, dressed and ready for any 'unexpected visitors' by 8 O clock. Time passed so slowly, she pretended to herself that she was just up early to get some work done, it was true wasn't it? ..Bollocks! and she knew it.

She jumped when the doorbell rang, it was 8:50 and she had been day dreaming. She could feel the adrenaline as it started to pump around her body. She got up and walked towards the door, she was feeling nervous, her stomach churned. It probably wont even be her she tried to tell herself, that thought made her frown, she may be nervous but that didn't mean she didn't want it to be her. There was only one way to find out.

She pulled open the door and her eyes locked onto those now familiar brown eyes.

'Good morning' she said, she realised that she'd tried to sound different, sexy even! Christ this ridiculous she thought, be yourself woman!

'Hi, another parcel for you' Nikki smiled.

'Thanks. You feeling better?' she asked casually as she signed the form.

'What?' Nikki was confused

'Yesterday.. I err had a parcel yesterday too..and the postman said that you were ill' why oh why did she speak without thinking.

'Oh right' she grinned, ' Yeah much better, a 24 hour thing I think' Helen laughed and Nikki looked at her suspiciously. 'What's so funny?'

'Nothing really, it's just that your colleague kind of mentioned that perhaps you'd been out and had one too many'

Nikki blushed, revealing the truth. 'Well ' she knew she'd been rumbled and there was no point denying it, ' I was at that new club in town and I had a couple too many and couldn't come to work as I'd have to drive the van and I'd still be over the limit ..so'

'So you rang in sick'

'Yeah' she shrugged, looking mischievous and gorgeous at the same time.

Helen's pulse was running double time. 'Well I'm impressed' Helen admitted.


'Yeah, a lot of people would turn up and drive and I thinks that's really irresponsible'

'Thanks .. I don't do that kind of thing often, I generally don't go out if I'm working the next day, it was kind of a special occasion', why was she explaining herself to this complete stranger she wondered?

'So what's the club like then?' Helen desperately tried to keep the conversation going.

'I think it's really good, should keep the competition on their toes' she told her.

'I'll have to check it out' Helen said..'sorry I'm rambling on here, am I keeping you from work?

'No you're my last delivery this morning'

'Oh nice, so you've finished for the day'

'Yeahso.. I guess I'll see you' neither of them wanted to end the conversation but now that the parcel had been delivered and signed for there wasn't really an excuse to continue it

'Oh..right.. yeah. Thanks' Helen held up the parcel.

'Bye then' Nikki turned and walked off towards the van.

'Bye Nikki' Helen said. The word was out before she realised it. She saw Nikki's footstep falter and realised that she had heard her use her name, did it matter really?

Nikki got into the van, she felt.. how could she describe it?tingly. She'd fancied the woman at number 24 since she'd first seen her, was she getting the signals she hoped she was getting, or was her over active imagination at work again? It had happened before with friendly customers, she'd got the wrong end of the stick, fortunately for her she'd never let on to them but always came away disappointed when no one made the moves she'd hoped for.

This was undoubtedly the same. Sure they'd had brief conversations and waved to each other now and again, but was that really anything to get excited about? In all reality she knew that she couldn't help it, it was the kind of person she was, she'd get an idea into her head and nothing short of dynamite (or a swift hard put down) would shift it.

She drove down the road, H Stewart (she'd spent days trying to guess what the H was for, but still hadn't confirmed it), the woman at 24 was still stood at the door when she drove past she waved and Nikki waved back and they both settled down for a day of wishful thinking.

Later that afternoon Helen's thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing

'Hello?' she answered.

'Hi Helen, it's me'

'Hi me' Helen responded in the same way as she always did when her sister Sarah rang.

'You're getting predictable in your old age' Sarah laughed.

'Less of the old age you, besides I'm only a couple of minutes older than you'

'Yes but those few minutes make all the difference' her twin retorted.

'What can I do for you Hon?' Helen asked, moving the conversation on.

'I'm just ringing about the arrangements for my hen night' apart from their identical appearance Helen and Sarah were like chalk and cheese, even down to their sexual preferences. They had been like that growing up. They weren't going to be your run of the mill twins their mother had soon discovered, from an early age they refused to wear the same clothes, share the same hobbies, each accusing the other of having seriously bad taste. They got on in the way that identical twins did though and had a very close relationship.

'Oh yeah! Don't worry it's all in hand' Helen crossed her fingers, it was only a small white lie! She had been thinking about it, she just hadn't got around to arranging anything specific yet.

'So..?' Sarah persisted.

'So what?' Helen asked.

'Christ it's like getting blood out of a stone!' Sarah groaned, 'Where are we going?'

Helen searched her head desperately for an idea, she'd been thinking so much about Nikki that she hadn't honestly given much thought to the hen night. The thought of Nikki put an idea into her head.

'I thought we could try that club that opened this week' she offered.

'Oh..I've heard about that place, it's supposed to be good. Excellent choice Sis..much as I hate to admit it' she laughed, 'booked tickets yet?'

'Err .. no I was going to do that today' Helen muttered.

'Mmm why don't I believe you?' Sarah added, 'Right well let me know when you do, preferably some time today okay?'

'Okay!' Helen replied.

They swapped gossip for a few more minutes and said their good byes with Helen promising to make the arrangements today.

She didn't have a great deal of luck, she tried ringing the club for most of the afternoon, it was permanently engaged. She had to pop into town late that afternoon so she decided to call into the club while she was there, after doing the few jobs she had, she headed to the club.

She pressed the buzzer and the intercom crackled into life. She explained why she was there and heard the door unlock automatically.

She headed up the stairs and was greeted by a blonde woman who she gathered was the woman who answered the intercom. 'Hi I'm Trish, I own and run the club. You want to book some tickets for a hen night is that right?'

'Um yes that's right' Helen told her, she cast a quick eye around the room, she was impressed, they'd obviously gone to a lot of trouble to get the place looking just right.

'Follow me' Trish gestured.

They walked into her office, Helen's heart missed a beat when she saw who was sat on one of the comfy chairs in the office. Nikki!

'Hello again' came the voice she loved to hear.

'Hi' Helen was lost for words.

'Come to check the place out for yourself?'

'What? Oh yeah, actually I'm supposed to be arranging my sister's hen night, well if I'm honest I'm supposed to have arranged it by now!'

Nikki laughed, Trish eyed them both quizzically?

'Miss Stewart's house is on my delivery round'

'Oh right, so you've met' Trish added, somewhat stating the obvious.

'We've met, but never been introduced' Nikki added, realising this was her chance to find out what the 'H' was for, she stood up and walked towards Helen. 'Nikki Wade' she said holding out her hand

'Helen Stewart' Helen replied taking hold of Nikki's hand.

Helen! So that was it! 'Pleased to meet you Helen, properly that is' she grinned.

'Likewise' their hands were still locked together and they stared at each other for a few seconds too long. Trish interrupted them, much to their annoyance. Helen snapped her mind back to why she was here.

'When are you thinking of?'

'It's supposed to be a week Friday' she admitted.

'So soon!' Trish was surprised.

Nikki wasn't. Judging by Helen's appearance the other morning she was not always as organised as her outward appearance might suggest.

'I don't know if I can help. We only give out so many advance tickets..'

'Trish' Nikki said.

'What?' Trish asked.

'Make the arrangements' she stated firmly.

'..but Nik..' for some reason the exchange she had witnessed had irked Trish and she was being deliberately pissy.

'No buts. They can come as my guests.. no charge' she smiled at Helen. Helen looked at Nikki with some degree of confusion. 'I own half the club' She admitted.

'Oh right' Nikki saw the look that signified 'then why are you a postie?' come across Helen's face.

She tried to explain, 'I love my job, getting out and about - the early start I could do without - but The truth is I came into some money recently. Trish and I are old friends and we decided to open this place. I get free drinks and get to choose the music they play! It's bliss' she laughed, 'but I still enjoy the old job too' - mainly because I get to see the woman standing in front of me quite often she thought, as a means to an end it wasn't perfect but for now.

'Oh I see' Helen was more than a little surprised but the main concern she had at the moment was that Nikki and Trish were ..how had she put it ..'old friends' what did that mean?

'So that's sorted then' Nikki walked over to the desk and took out a piece of plastic resembling a credit card, she scribbled onto the back of it and handed it to Helen '.. just bring your party to the door, don't bother queuing and show the guy on the door this pass.. and the guy at the bar' she added making sure she was out of Trish's earshot, she winked at Helen.

'Thanks..if you're sure it's not a problem' Helen directed her question at Trish.

'If that's what Nikki wants..' Trish grumbled.

'It is' Nikki shot a warning glance to Trish, she wasn't going to stand for her making trouble, they'd had a relationship but that was all in the past, done and dusted.

'Great, thanks you're a lifesaver. I'm supposed to be phoning Sarah tonight with the details and she doesn't believe I've got anything sorted I know I didn't but she doesn't have to know that' the more she talked the deeper Nikki was falling, she could sit and listen to her talk for hours.

'I'm glad I could help, besides I owe you one for not grassing me up about my 'sickie'' she laughed.

'Oh I wouldn't do that, we all need to have a sickie now and then, problem is I work from home at the moment so taking a sickie is not nearly as much fun' she laughed, 'you can't really skive when you're supposed to be at home anyway'

'Ah what you need to do is take a day out or something, get away from the place' .. with me Nikki thought, I'd help you have some fun !

Steering her mind back onto the subject at hand she walked Helen to the door. 'Nice to see you again' she said.

'You too, see you tomorrow' Helen said confidently.

'Well maybe, if you're up early enough' Nikki laughed.

Helen grinned, knowing that with her plans now in full swing she would be definitely be seeing her tomorrow, and she could not wait.

She went home and phoned Sarah, telling her that not only had she booked tickets but she had got them al free entry and drinks. Her sister was delighted and spent the next twenty minutes going on and on about her wedding plans, when she'd finished Helen went to the kitchen and poured herself a large vodka. She loved her sister dearly but she could talk the hind leg off a donkey.

One drink led to another and she settled down in front of the TV, not really concentrating on what was going on as her mind was still full of Nikki Wade, wishing she were here with her now.

Helen was pulled harshly back to reality .. she could hear the alarm going off but couldn't get it to switch off .. she kept pressing the button but to no avail.. eventually she became aware that she had been pressing the TV remote control and that it was not her alarm clock that she could hear but the front door.

Shit! It was probably Nikki, she was still wearing the clothes she had on yesterday. She couldn't open the door looking like this she ran upstairs, wincing as the pain in her head made itself known, how much had she drunk?

The doorbell had stopped ringing when she got upstairs and she peered cautiously out of her bedroom window, sure enough it was Nikki, carrying a rather familiar parcel, she had started walking up the street making the rest of her deliveries. She had glanced back towards the house once or twice but Helen stayed out of sight.

Helen figured if she rushed she could get herself looking half-decent and still catch Nikki before she left the street. She broke her own record for getting donning a pair of old jeans and a T-shirt. Running a brush through her hair she glanced in the mirror, not bad, considering the time of day. She raced back down the stairs to the front door, she opened it and looked down the street, Nikki was on the opposite side o f the road. As she came to cross back over she looked up and caught sight of Helen, she waved. Helen's heart pounded, she waved back.

Nikki stopped what she was doing and walked back up to her. 'Good morning' she said smiling.

'Hiya Nikki'

Nikki's heart skipped a beat, she looked so sexy, snug fitting jeans and T-shirt no bra! If Helen only knew what she was doing to her insides! 'I did ring the bell but there was no answer'

'Sorry I was on the phone.. work.. they wouldn't let me hang up!' she lied.

'Oh, no problem I'd have tried again on my way past' she admitted.

'Thanks' Helen took the parcel and signed the dotted line, this was getting a bit out of hand she thought to herself.

Nikki's voice interrupted her thoughts, 'So was your sister happy with what you'd arranged' Helen grinned,

'Delighted, especially when I told her she didn't have to pay, tight as a duck's well let's just say she doesn't like spending money' she chuckled.

'Well I hope she enjoys herself and you of course'

'Thanks. Will you be there?' the question was out before Helen had chance to consider whether she should ask or not.

'Doubtful I'm afraid. I'm working the following morning' she shrugged, 'not many people want to swap for the Saturday morning shift, too many party animals working there!'

'That's a shame' Helen said sincerely.

'Yeah, another time maybe' Nikki offered. Take it easy she thought to herself, she might just be being friendly.

'I hope so' said Helen. Right now Nikki wished she was better at reading signals. Trish was forever telling her that some woman she had been talking to had been trying to pick her up. She rarely noticed because she was usually just being friendly. 'Well like I said have fun. I'd best be off or your neighbours will be complaining about you getting special treatment. See you' she said and started to walk back down the street.

'Bye Nikki. See you soon' Helen said, wishing at the same time that the gorgeous postie would give her some 'special treatment'.

She thought that 4 parcels in 4 days was a bit excessive so she decided to put her plan on hold for a bit. Why she didn't just ask Nikki out she didn't know, it just didn't seem right, not yet anyway.

The following week she didn't have any parcels but on a couple of mornings she got up just so that she could see Nikki, be it from her upstairs window or when she just 'happened to be bringing the milk in from her front doorstep'. She was missing her. Could that be true she wondered? She'd only spoken to the woman a few times.

Friday morning came and she'd had enough. She had planned to try and catch Nikki to speak to her but Sarah had rung and had kept her on the phone for over half an hour, going over the details for that night once again. By the time she'd got off the phone she opened her front door and was greeted with the rear view of Nikki's van as it turned out of the street.

'Shit, bugger! Fuck!' she said, not that she was disappointed or anything but she wanted to wring her sisters neck!!

There was only one thing for it, walking to her desk she picked up her telephone directory and put it in a jiffy bag, sealing the top she addressed it, got her car keys, coat and purse and headed out the door.

Helen had agreed to meet Sarah and her mates at their parent's house.

After about twenty minutes of searching through her wardrobe she decided to wear a short summer dress which showed off the slight tan she'd already got, when she was finally happy with her appearance she set off arriving at the house at 7:15. By that time the party appeared to be in full swing. Sarah was running around the living room, in addition to her party clothes she was now wearing a veil with inflated condoms various of colours and textures stitched to it and was currently waving a rather large illuminous vibrator in the air.

Helen silently prayed that she wasn't planning on taking it with her to the club!

They arrived at the club just after 9 and walked up to the main door where the bouncer took one look at Helen's pass and waved them in, radioing ahead that they had arrived. When they entered the actual club they were greeted by Trish who proceeded to herd them over to a couple of reserved tables, each with a complimentary bottle of chilled champagne.

'Compliments of Nikki' Trish said to Helen.

'Oh thank you both so much, this is amazing' Helen was genuinely delighted.

'Have a good time' Trish said and she meant it. Much as she wanted to dislike Helen she found she couldn't. Though she was jealous, it was clear to her exactly how strong Nikki's feelings for this woman were. Helen Stewart was a very lucky lady.

The girls cracked open the champagne and all toasted Sarah. Then they all toasted Helen for managing to get them the free entry to the Club and the free booze.

An hour or so later they were all well on their way to being completely plastered and were having the time of their lives. Sarah was taking over the dance floor, people were trying to avoid her arms which were Helen tried to figure out what she had in her hand. Her eyes couldn't quite work it out (she knew she should get contact lenses but was always putting it off, the thought of putting things in her eyes made her stomach churn), Oh My God! she realised what Sarah was waving around, the bloody vibrator, the woman was shameless! Helen started laughing to herself.

A pair of eyes that had been firmly fixed on Helen followed her gaze. Nikki could see 'the bride', they were undoubtedly identical, yet so different. Nikki laughed as she watched Sarah's antics for a few minutes.

When she turned her attention back to Helen, she was disappointed to find that she had gone. Her eyes darted around the room, she saw Helen at the bar chatting to an attractive blonde. Nikki's jaw clenched, Christ! She was jealous. She needed a drink but couldn't have one.

Helen was talking to an old school friend of Sarah's who was currently filling her in on how many kids she had, she'd already given her the low down on her job, her own wedding and house purchase. Helen listened politely as the woman bored the pants off her. She and Sarah hadn't shared the same friends at school and during the time spent talking to this woman Helen had remembered why!

Movement out of the corner of her eye drew her attention, she only got a glance from the back, but could have sworn it had been Nikki, but she said she wouldn't be here.. didn't she?

For the next half-hour Helen spent her time wandering around the club, looking for Nikki.

After she had covered the entire place she gave up and went to the bar, suddenly depressed and needing a drink, one led to another as she drowned her sorrows.

Some time later she looked across the room, she could make out a tall, dark haired figure looking at her. Nikki! She got excited and waved. The figure waved back and Helen gestured for her to come over. As she neared Helen realised that it wasn't Nikki after all! Shit! How should she deal with this she wondered. She had to be nice because she'd called the woman over. Oh fucking hell! She thought she was definitely going to buy some contact lenses -Tomorrow!

'Hi' said the stranger.

'Hi' Helen replied politely and they struck up a conversation. She didn't turn out to be as bad as Helen had feared. The woman was flirting but Helen was not having any of it and kept the conversation light.

Nikki left the office, she'd had enough. She'd decided to go and find Helen, what was the point in her being there if she didn't even talk to the woman? She walked towards the bar and saw Helen deeply engrossed in conversation.. with someone else!! Bloody Hell! She was just about to turn around when someone grabbed her arm.

'Nik, have you met Sarah?' it was Trish clearly hoping to get rid of Helen's sister by dumping her onto Nikki.

'Err .. no. Hi Sarah' Nikki said in a distracted way.

'So you're Nikki!' Sarah said her speech was slurred and she was swaying.

'In the flesh' Nikki added without much enthusiasm.

'Helen will be delighted, she was hoping you'd be here. She's been moping around all night coz you didn't show, but' she raised her hand in a very exaggerated motion 'Ssh! Don't tell her I told you, she hates me meddling. But - it's my party and I want every body to be HAPPY!' she drew attention to herself by flinging her arms in the air and twirling around. It wasn't the best of ideas, she'd had way too much to drink and had found standing still difficult enough, she wobbled and was about to fall on her arse when Nikki grabbed her and held her steady.

Helen heard and saw the commotion. Her interest in her sister's antics soon increased when she saw who she was with. Using Sarah's state as an escape route she managed to leave the woman that she'd been talking with at the bar. She was glad of the excuse as the conversation had started to get a bit too deep and she wanted to have a good time.. and now that Nikki was here she knew tha t she would.

'Sarah.. Look at the state of you!' she tutted, 'is she giving you any trouble Nikki'

'No.. she's fine' Nikki said, ' I think she could do with a sit down'

'HELEN!' Sarah wrapped her arms around Helen's neck and kissed her, 'I wash jusht tellin' Nik how glad you'd be that she was here now, washn't I' she turned to Nikki.

The heat rose to Nikki's cheeks, she didn't want Helen to think she'd been talking about her. 'Err yeah that's right' she muttered.

'And you were right. Anything to get away from these nutters!' Helen laughed, trying to sway her sister away from match making mode, 'come on Sarah, let's sit you down'

'Righty ho! See ya Nikki!' she waved as Helen dragged her away.

Nikki ambled across to the bar and sat down, she turned and watched in amusement as Helen tried to manhandle her sister back to the table, she was having a hard time as Sarah was insisting that she wanted to dance.

In the end it appeared that Helen had lost her rag and presumably given in. She turned around and saw Nikki watching her, this was all the encouragement she needed. As Helen walked closer Nikki could feel the butterflies starting to flutter pit of her stomach

'I didn't think you were coming tonight' Helen said frankly.

'Well I had nothing better to do so'

'Still working tomorrow?' Helen asked.

'Yeah, why?'

'Well maybe I was planning on getting you drunk and seducing you' she teased.

'Damn, my loss then!' Nikki pouted.

'Can you be persuaded' Helen asked.

'To do what?'

Nikki sounded worried Helen laughed, seeing the confusion in her face 'Not go to work? To stay and have a drink or two or three and keep me company?' and come home with me and shag me senseless .. Helen's mind began to wander again.

'Don't you think my boss might get a tad pissed off if I skive off again?' she replied.

'To be honest what your boss thinks is the last thing on my mind' Helen told her.

'I'm driving' Nikki tried.

'You can leave your car here.There are taxis available to take you home' Helen persisted .. 'Go on.. you know you want to really' she was really pushing her luck now, the alcohol had given her that little bit of extra courage that she needed.

Nikki pretended to consider the proposition for a moment 'I could lose my job and that would mean no more early morning wake up calls' she joked

'Oh give me a break!' Helen said 'that's an even bigger incentive, not that I don't enjoy our early morning meetings of course!' she added.


'Go on, please' Helen almost begged.

'You're going to have trouble with my inflated ego if you keep on like that' Nikki laughed.

'So will you stay?' she got excited.

'I'll stay' Nikki grinned.

'Yay! Drinks on me' Helen said holding up the card Nikki had given her and laughing at the fact that really Nikki was getting the drinks - in a round about fashion.

They spent the next couple of hours partying, Nikki soon caught up on the alcohol consumption and by the time they were ready to leave was as drunk as the rest of them. (She had already called work - from the office- once again feigning illness, they had been alright about it and put it down to the fact that she had returned to work too soon after being ill last week! She'd felt a slight pang of guilt at that, but that was soon washed away in the tide of Helen's enthusiasm).

They ordered the taxis from inside the club. Helen had taken on the responsibility for getting Sarah home safely in one piece, in fact their mother had made her swear that she would and she was not a woman to cross! So Helen grabbed Sarah and dragged her towards the first cab, as she did she turned to Nikki.

'You coming?' she asked.

'What.. oh yeah.. okay' Nikki hadn't wanted to presume anything, they had been having a good time but she was not sure if the playful flirting had been just that.. playful, not serious.

They got into the cab, Sarah was leaning out of the window, still singing to her friends and still, much to Helen's utter embarrassment and Nikki's amusement, waving the bloody vibrator in the air. Helen could not wait to get her home and into the care of their mother.

The trip home would last about ten minutes. Helen spent the entire journey telling Sarah to shut up .. at least it had started at 'shut up' and was now at the 'for fuck's sake do you have to keep singing that fucking song' stage.

Sarah's reaction was to fall silent stare at Helen and Nikki with her arms to her side, then slowly doing the Tragedy actions moving her hands up to her head.

'Duh! Duh! Duh! Tragedy!' Sarah started again.

Nikki was in hysterics!

'I don't know what you find so bloody funny ' Helen sneered.

That just made Nikki worse, she started to move her hands, mimicking Sarah.

'Don't you fucking dare!' Helen warned.

It was all too much for her and she started to laugh too.

Helen almost threw Sarah out of the taxi, she stomped up to the front door and opened it. Sarah was still singing as Helen pulled her inside. She came out alone a few minutes later.

'Everything okay?' Nikki laughed.

'Everything is fine, now' Helen replied, 'she is such hard work'.

'Well she certainly went out with a bang. That's how you're supposed to be on a hen night isn't it?' Nikki offered.

'I suppose so, but she's always like that' she laughed.

'Where to ladies?' the cabbie interrupted their conversation.

They exchanged questioning looks.

'Want to come back to mine ... for a coffee' Helen asked.

'I'd love a coffee' Nikki replied.

Helen gave the Cabbie her address and they settled back for the trip home.

Nikki took the plunge and took hold of Helen's hand. She didn't push her away, she moved closer. They stayed that way for the trip, slight hand caresses every now and then, just for reassurance. Nikki hadn't realised that such a simple gesture could be so sexy. When Helen's hand slowly caressed the inside of her wrist she felt her body twitching in anticipation.

The taxi pulled up outside Helen's house. They got out, paid for the cab and walked up to the front door.

Nikki felt an overwhelming urge to ring the doorbell, so she did, Helen looked puzzled. She grinned, 'Habit I suppose. How many parcels do you get every week anyway?' she asked.

Helen panicked slightly, 'err .. not that many usually', she frantically searched her head for a change of subject, she pushed open the front door and led Nikki into the lounge.

Nikki glanced around, she was impressed, everything looked so tidy. For some reason she had imagined Helen's house to be less organised? She turned and looked into the adjoining room. Helen was clearly using it as an office, she'd found the mess she'd been looking for! The desk was covered in books, magazines and various other bits and pieces of paper.

'Excuse the state of my desk, it's what I like to call organised chaos' she admitted, 'I know where everything is and if I start putting stuff into any order I lose it!'

'Oh right, that makes sense' Nikki said with a hint of sarcasm.


'Yeah, that'd be great..although not an alcoholic one, I think I've had ore than my share tonight'

'Coffee then?' Helen asked


Helen wandered into the kitchen leaving Nikki in her 'office', she felt a bit awkward and started to look around again. As her eyes swept across the desk they noticed something familiar. She moved closer, sure enough there was a small bundle of 'Recorded Delivery' receipts, all from the past week or so, all addressed to Helen, Nikki grinned as realisation slowly dawned.

'Helen' she was going to play Helen at her own game, 'I hope you don't mind me asking and you don't have to answer if I'm being too nosey, but what exactly have I been delivering to you these past few weeks?'

She heard Helen dropped a teaspoon on the worktop.

'Err books' came the quiet reply.

'Any particular books?' Nikki persisted.

'No not really. Just stuff that I need for a project I'm doing' she stammered as she walked back into the room, she hoped she wasn't digging herself into a hole. 'Coffee won't be long' she said trying to change the subject.

'So these books must be heavy going. Judging by their size I mean' Nikki continued undaunted.

'Yeah. Psychology textbooks are usually quite thick' as are telephone directories she thought to herself. She had her back to her desk and still had no idea that Nikki had cottoned on to her scheme.

Nikki walked slowly towards her, their eyes were locked, Helen's heart turned over, was she going to kiss her?

'So' Nikki spoke softly, Helen could feel her breath on her face.

'So?' Helen whispered back, tilting her face up towards Nikki's.

Nikki leant forward, but she didn't kiss her, instead she reached behind her and picked up the Recorded Delivery tickets. 'So you haven't been sending stuff to yourself for any r eason then?' she smirked waving the tickets in front of Helen's nose.

'Oh My God!' she exclaimed.

'Quite' Nikki laughed, 'the game's up Miss Stewart. Now I have to choose a suitable punishment for making me carry round those bloody parcels. Anything to offer in your defence?' Nikki stepped closer, making Helen take a step backwards, towards the desk.

Helen grinned, 'Well I had to figure out some way to get talking to you and that seemed like the best way'

'Not good enough. Anything else?' Nikki's eyes mocked her.

'Err How about I fancied you and wanted you to see what I looked like first thing in the morning.. you know to warn you' she started to laugh as Nikki got even closer.

'You know, you could have just asked me in. for.a coffee' there was no mistaking what she meant.

'Well I have.. now ..' Helen offered weakly.

'mmm and like I said .. I'd love ..a coffee' Nikki told her, as her lips closed over Helen's.

The overwhelming surge of emotions rocked Helen to the core. She felt so turned on by the game they had been playing. She put her hand back onto the desk to steady her self. Nikki leant closer, Helen had little choice but to sit on the edge of the desk papers fell to the floor but Helen didn't care.

Nikki edged her legs apart and placed herself firmly between them, resting her hand slightly on top of Helen's thighs. Their kiss deepened, when Nikki's tongue entered her mouth and brushed against her own t Helen felt the muscles between her legs start to contract.

She felt dizzy, she put her arms around Nikki's neck in an attempt to keep some grip on reality it didn't help. Her hands moved lower, finding their way under Nikki's shirt. She stroked the soft skin on Nikki's back. Her hands sought the clasp on her bra and swiftly undid it, she slowly dragged her nails around Nikki's rib cage and moved up to cup Nikki's breasts, slowly caressing them until she found each nipple. When she did she applied gentle pressure slowly increasing it until they became hard and erect, the whole thing made Nikki's body shiver, she opened her eyes and met Helen's gaze.

'You're amazing' was all she could say.

Helen closed the distance between them, as her tongue played with Nikki's, her hands caressed and teased Nikki almost to the point of no return.

Wanting Helen to experience the same level of pleasure Nikki slowly slid her hands up the length of her thighs dragging the light material of her dress in their wake, pausing as they reached the soft fabric of her underwear.

Helen could not bear it, the waiting was agony!!. She wanted her to touch her, now. She edged her body closer to Nikki, silently urging her on. She wanted Nikki so much.

Nikki needed no further encouragement, she slipped her hand inside Helen's knickers gently caressing as they moved closer to her goal. She was thrilled to discover the extent of Helen's arousal and as she glided her fingers inside her Helen's eyes flicked open. She smiled, her eyes seemed bore into Nikki they seemed darker now because her pupils were so dilated.

Nikki groaned, and moved her hand further her thumb joined in the assault, teasing and stroking. This was taking Helen higher and higher, closer and closer to her release, she was completely lost in the sensations flowing through her body, never before had she felt anything like this, when Nikki's hand stilled she opened her eyes.

'Don't stop' the words were a whisper, a plea but one that she need not have bothered with.

Nikki had absolutely no intention of stopping, as she kissed Helen her free arm swept the remaining paperwork off the desk, she pushed Helen backwards until she was laid across the desk. The kiss deepened and Helen was once again taken back to the place she'd been, Nikki's kisses moved down her neck lower and lower until her mouth replaced her hand.

If Helen had thought things could not have got any better, Nikki was about to prove her wrong. As her mouth nipped and sucked Helen's body writhed and thrust against her, when Nikki's tongue finally entered her Helen's body felt ready to explode, her breath had become shallow and ragged, her hips moving instinctively with the thrust of Nikki's mouth, when her final climax came Helen had lost all control and it took a while for her to bring herself back to reality.

When she did she realised that she had firm grip on a handful of Nikki's hair, shit! that must've hurt!

Nikki started to kiss the inside of her legs. Helen's skin was still so tingly that even this slight touch was making her body jump and quiver, she tried to push Nikki away slightly, that was just too much right now.

'You're going to have to help me up. I can't move' she admitted, she was completely spent, her muscles felt like marshmallow.

Nikki grinned, she stood up and pulled Helen into a sitting position.

'I'm never going to be able to concentrate at this desk again' Helen admitted.

Their mouths met. Helen kissed her like never before, she wanted her to know just how much that had affected her, Nikki was more than willing to find out, they stayed that way for some minutes. Nikki pulled away first.

'How about that coffee?' she said, still teasing.

'Fuck the coffee! This is my house and I am in charge and you madam are coming with me!' she got up and took Nikki's hand, partly to lead her to her bedroom but also partly for support, as her legs still felt as though she was wading through custard.

She gently lay Nikki down on the bed. 'Now it's your turn' she said seductively and she proceeded to show Nikki exactly what she meant.

They spent the night making love, each amazed at the seemingly insatiable desire in themselves and each other.

Finally they slept.

Helen woke the next morning and stretched. Ooh her body ached! That brought all the memories of the night before flooding back to her. She felt the muscles between her legs quiver at the mere thought of last night.

She turned expecting to see Nikki asleep next to her, but she wasn't.

Oh God, fear crept into her, please don't let that be a one-off, it seemed to have meant so much to the both of them last night.

Her fears were swept aside by Nikki. She was stood in the doorway, wearing Helen's toweling bathrobe, her hair was dripping. Helen sighed with relief and, if she was honest, desire!

'You're in trouble' Nikki said, she sounded serious and there didn't appear to be any amusement in her eyes.

Helen panicked..what had she done? 'What did I do?' she asked.

Nikki held up a familiar parcel. Helen had to suppress her laughter.

'It's not funny, I had to get out of the shower because you couldn't hear the doorbell. Which I might add most of your neighbours probably couldand I had to open the door to the man who is covering for me today because I am 'sick' ..'

'Oh shit! Sorry Nik' Helen became serious, she didn't want to get her in trouble.

'but most importantly ' Nikki grinned '..What the fucking hell have you got in herewere you planning on doing me an injury getting me to deliver this?' she walked to the side of the bed and sat next to Helen. 'Sowhat is it?' Nikki asked.

Helen could see that she was not really angry wit her, thank God! 'Open it and see' she told her.

Nikki unwrapped the parcel. 'You've got to be bloody well joking' she looked at Helen, 'the phone book!!!'

'Well I had to make it look important' Helen tried to argue.

'Not good enough Miss Stewart, anything else to say for yourself?' Nikki joked.

Helen paused ..'Only have I told you how sexy you look in my bathrobe and that I would quite happily make love to you all day long if you'll for give me'

'Only all day?' Nikki pouted.

'However long you want me' Helen offered.

'Apology accepted' Nikki said.

A smile broke across her face, and she kissed Helen once again, dropping the phone book onto the floor without a second thought.

The End

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