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The Potting Shed Incident
By Outsidethebx


From Nikki's perspective:

To finally touch her, to have her fingertips on my breasts…I lose all sense of time. My heart beats faster, I barely breathe, and I stare deep into her eyes. I see anger, fear…is that longing? I feel her jerk away, yet I know I'm stronger. I hold her gaze, her grip, her body. She can't ignore these feelings. I won't let her this time. I force her to look at me, to view herself, to feel. It's raw, uninhibited. She opens her mouth to protest and I let go. She's gone. Oh god, have I finally pushed too far?

From Helen's perspective:

I try to pull away, she's holding on, cupping my hand around her breasts. How dare she purposely make me uncomfortable, force her lesbianism on me—I'm a heterosexual for god's sake. She won't get away with this blatant breach of personal space. I'm marrying Sean; I love him, I…why am I not enraged? She's staring at me, searching. No one gets this close; no one has control but me. She finally lets go, her eyes silently plead for validation. No. I look away. She can't see hesitation; she can't know I'm weak. She can't know I actually like this.

The End

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