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By H.W.


Chapter 6

"Can I help you?" A voice asked from the back of the little leather shop that Seven had just entered.

"Would you mind if I only looked around? I am not here to buy something. I merely wish to learn more about your village, and what kind of crafts you have here."

"I don't mind at all," A slightly older woman said while she came from the back of the store to meet Seven. "I see that you're one of the space travelers that have come to visit us. Welcome. My name is Fawza; I'm the leather craftswoman in this village."

"I am Seven of Nine, Chief Science Officer on Voyager, our starship."

"Pleased to meet you, Seven. As I said, welcome. Do take your time and have a good look around."

Seven spent almost fifteen minutes walking through the small shop that was really nothing more than a hut a little bigger than the private huts in the village, that had racks on the walls to hold all kinds of different leather items. Mostly clothing and boots, but other items made of leather were also there. Rope woven from thin leather strips, and full hides could be found there as well. There were also some saddles to be found, needed to ride the planet's equivalent of horses. Seven had to admit that Fawza was a very talented craftswoman because the items couldn't have been of a better quality if they had come from a replicator. But Seven did feel a certain remorse for the animals that certainly hadn't given up their hide willingly.

"Do you kill the animals needed for these hides yourself, or do you get the hides from the hunters?" Seven wondered.

"Oh, my goodness no!" Fawza exclaimed. "We haven't killed animals for their hide for centuries. No, we leather craftswomen are actually allowed to use the replicator to create the hide. But let me assure you, we only create the hide with the replicator, all you see here is my handy work."

"You do have a replicator?" Seven asked surprised. With the whole setup of living a simple life in huts that these women had, Seven had almost forgotten that these people also had space ships capable of warp 9.2. "Who else has access to replicators?"

"Well, basically everyone with a good reason. It is just that replicator use is very limited. Bottom line is, if the thing you need originates from an animal, the replicator is used to create it. My craft is a good example. Leather is needed to make these items, so the replicator is used to create the hides. But all other things have to be done by hand. The tools I use to create my works were made by hand, the material for them was mined out of the mountains up north. Oh, at one point we used wood to feed the fires, but we found that we were destroying too much of the forests. So now the fuel for the fires is created by the replicator as well. Every village has one replicator. It's used to create the things that we can't take from nature, because if we did, we would destroy nature and not live with it."

"But I saw people eating meat earlier," Seven pointed out. "There were no animals hunted for that?"

"No, not at all. The cooks are also allowed to use the replicator. They create the raw meat, and then they prepare it like it would be done if the meat had come from hunted animals. The only hunting we still do is the hunting of dangerous animals that attack our villages. But since we don't go out hunting as many of them as we can, simply because we can, their numbers don't decline, just that the ones that attack our villages are taken out to stop the attacks."

"Very interesting," Seven had to admit. "But if you no longer hunt, and if the Zamonan rule the entire world, why do you still have warriors? Are they not... useless?"

Fawza laughed at the question. "Don't let them hear that. True, we do rule the world, but I sincerely doubt that anyone of us ever told you that we have no problems at all. There are always going to be people that prey on the weak. The fact that we live in villages enhances that. Yes, the villages and a certain area around them are safe, thanks to the guards on patrol. But the thing is that there are distances between the villages that take you days to travel, unless you use a transporter. But the use of the transporter is very limited as well. Just like the use of the replicators. So you are bound to get people that live off robbing people that travel between villages."

"But why did you never take care of that problem?" Seven asked, surprised that these warriors would allow a situation like this to continue.

"You have to understand, our whole society is focused on supporting our warriors. This way of life has served us well for millennia, and we don't wish to see it go. Warriors need a purpose in life, a reason to be warriors. We need a certain level of danger in our world."

"But what about people that are not warriors? How can they ever leave the village?"

"Well, as I said, there's a certain area around the villages that's still safe. That area is guarded by the warriors of the village, and bad elements know to stay clear of those areas. So non-warriors can leave the village to spend some time in the woods. But if they really want to go to another village they can state their reason for leaving to the Regent of the village. If the Regent thinks that the trip is warranted, then she'll send a warrior detail with the person to protect her. The people who's trip is not considered warranted and never the less leave on the trip, those are the ones that might suffer from robbing and maybe more."

Fawza could see that Seven was going to argue the system, and stopped her by raising her hand. "I know, I know, you aren't the first person to find the situation strange. Most space travelers that we meet find it strange. But you have to take into account that we've lived like that for our entire history. We are used to this system, we like it. To us, this is nothing more than normal. If it were to change, then we would no longer feel comfortable."

"Humans have a saying, 'To each their own,'" Seven said while dipping her head slightly. "Until now I never fully understood this saying. Though I question certain aspects of it, you are comfortable living like this. I have to, and will, believe you on that. Thank you for your explanation."

Fawza smiled and returned Seven's head gesture. "It was my pleasure. It's always refreshing to see other people's view on things. Now, you said that you were only here to look, but did you see something that was of interest to you?"

"Several things," Seven assured. "Unfortunately I have little use for them on our space ship."

"Really? Why?"

"For one thing, we usually do not wear the kind of clothing you do. Even if we are not in uniform, we wear long pants that cover the entire legs and shirts that cover the entire upper body, except for the arms sometimes."

"I see. Well, if you are going to stay on our planet for a couple of days, I could maybe make something for you. I don't only make the things you just looked at; I can make things to your description, made to fit perfectly."

Seven's mind went back to a conversation she and B'Elanna once had while discussing a book they had both read. In it there had been a rather lengthy description of clothing that a woman had worn. Seven had found it quite a boring part, but B'Elanna had assured her that the whole point was to get you to 'see' the clothing on the woman in your mind. B'Elanna had admitted that she had liked the description because she had always liked the way a woman looked in leather.

"Actually, if our meeting with your Queen goes well tomorrow, we will stay another ten days. There is a set of clothing I would like, but the description of it is very precise. Would you object to me telling you so exactly how you should make the items?"

"Not at all," Fawza assured, before adding with a grin, "You'll be the one wearing it. So if it looks terrible, you only have yourself to blame. But I can promise you; no matter how you describe them, they will fit you perfectly."

"The clothing was described as 'fitting like a second skin,'" Seven pointed out.

"Then so they will. Personally, I think that it's a good choice. If I may say so, you have a nicely proportioned body; you definitely should show that off. Now, let me grab some paper so that I can write down what you want."

While Fawza was gone for a moment, Seven took another look around the hut, only now realizing that the two tables which she first thought were work tables, were actually displays as well. Just that there was a lid over them. Curious, Seven walked over and opened one of the lids a little, mostly to see if her guess was right and that they really were displays.

"You can open them if you want," Fawza said when she came back and saw Seven at the closed displays. "I just have that closed so that the kids that come in here don't see that. Some mothers take objection to me putting those on display for everyone to see."

Curious, Seven opened the two lids and looked at the items in the display. It took her a moment to realize just what they were. "You make these as well?" Seven asked surprised.

"Well, can you think of a better material than leather to make them?" Fawza asked reasonably. "Working with leather is my job, so yes I also make them. I actually take great pride in it. I'm proud of the fact that I haven't had a real complaint yet. The only complaints I get are from people that don't treat them right. They don't seem to understand that leather is leather, and just as you take care of your skirt, you should take care of your toy after use."

"Do you have ones that you have to attach to the body with straps?" Seven asked, thinking back to the conversation she had had with B'Elanna just hours before. If she found the right one, these toys would be perfect. It would have the size and shape that B'Elanna wanted, yet very clearly be a toy.

Fawza pulled back the bottom of one of the displays, only to reveal that even more could be found lying beneath what was actually a shelf, and not a bottom. "As you can see, I have several. The biggest difference is that some have one extension, and others have two."

"What is the difference?" Seven asked, hoping she could find something she would like.

"You've never had one before?" Fawza asked, surprised that such a beautiful woman like the blonde had not yet used toys. But then again, she didn't know how the rules were in the society this woman came from. For all Fawza knew, the blonde could only just have reached her legal age.

"The big difference is that with one extension, you, if you are the one using it, will only feel the rubbing of the base against your center while your Mate will enjoy the feeling of being filled. Some women don't like to be filled, or only like to be filled by small toys. For them, I suggest the toys with one extension. But if you have the toy with two extensions, you slip one part into yourself and both you and your Mate will have the feeling of being filled. Of course, since it will be strapped to your body, you'll only feel that feeling and the sensation of the base rubbing against you while you use it. Your Mate will have the added feeling of it sliding in and out of her."

"Why are the two extensions offset from each other?"

Fawza lifted her eyebrows at the question. "Well, um, because of position."

"Position?" Seven asked, clearly not seeing what seemed obvious to Fawza.

"Well, yeah. Since you asked for these, I assumed that your... sexual organ is in the same place as ours; between your legs. If you insert one part into yourself and it would simply be a straight line to the second part... Can you imagine inserting the second part into your partner, also between her legs?"

"Oh. I see," Seven said, finally understanding what had been so obvious. "Which version would you suggest, one extension, or two?"

Seven had a feeling that not many other people on Voyager would have such a casual conversation on the qualities of sex toys like she was having now. She was glad that she could. She wanted information. That way she would get the thing that was just right.

"Well, it really depends. Who will be strapping on the toy and using it? You or your Mate?"

"We both will, in turn of course."

Fawza nodded her head slightly in understanding. "So that means that you both like the feeling of being filled?"

"Not every time, but yes, we both do enjoy that." Seven decided not to add that she only knew this from talking about what she and B'Elanna liked, and not through experience.

"Then I would definitely suggest going for the toy with two extensions." Fawza took one of the toys with only one extension and set it down on another table so that the extension was pointing to the ceiling.

"See, the thing is with these, because they're only strapped to your body, they can move a little. When you pull back, they will move away from your body because... well, because your Mate's inner walls are gripping it, right? So basically you lose some of the length of the shaft moving in and out because the toy is moving away from your body instead of out of your partner. To prevent this you have to have the straps set just right. That can be a problem. The difference between too loose and so tight that they dig into your skin is often only a matter of a finger width in strap length. Add to this that you have two people with different body builds wanting to use it... adjusting the straps just right in the heat of the moment can then be something you don't want to bother with."

Fawza sighed before admitting, "Some people never get the hang of using toys with one extension I'm afraid. They end up holding onto the toy with one hand because the straps are set wrong and there's way too much slack. Well, if you're going to hold on to it like that, then you are better off simply using a handheld one; it gives you better control. The whole point of using straps is that it frees up your hands, right?"

"Indeed," Seven agreed. Then she thought about it and added, "And enables you to enjoy certain positions, or enjoy them better because your body lines up differently."

Fawza nodded. "Right. For those reasons I normally suggest that if both partners do enjoy being filled, that they go for the toys with two extensions. With the second part inside you, your walls will also be gripping onto the toy. You already counteract much of the potential slack of straps. This makes it possible to use the toy without giving that much focus to the settings of the straps. Because you're gripping it, so to say, it doesn't pull away from your body as much; using more of the length of the extension that's in your Mate to actually please her. Which, I might add also improves the smoothness of the rhythm of your stroke. And the small amount that the toy is pulled away from your body is not lost because the extension inside you moves out a little and this also gives you the feeling of something moving in and out."

"I see," Seven said, indeed seeing what Fawza meant. "I definitely want one of those as well as the clothing."

Fawza smiled at her. "I can promise you that you won't be sorry. What sizes do you want the extensions to be?"

"Size?" Seven asked confused.

"Well, yeah. After all, you have to be comfortable with the size that goes into you, and if your Mate is using it on you, you have to be comfortable with the size of that extension as well. I've found out that in most cases, the perfect size lies between the two that the two Mates prefer."

Fawza pushed the shelf back that she had pulled out before and waved her hand over the toys that had no straps attached to them. "Just show me the size you are most comfortable with, and the one your Mate is most comfortable with."

"I... I do not know what size she would like," Seven had to admit. "We have not yet actually made love. But we did discuss toys that we might want to use, and I know for certain that we would both like a toy like the one we were just discussing."

"You do realize that most Mates normally have made love for some time before I see them in my shop asking for these?" Fawza asked with a chuckle.

"I realize," Seven agreed. "It is simply that I know that I and my Mate are very close to making love for the first time, and now that I saw the toys you make it seemed like the perfect opportunity to acquire one."

"You don't have toys on that spaceship of yours?" Fawza asked.

"We do. But the problem is that both my Mate and I would like a toy that feels good, but still feels like a toy. The toys we have on the ship are highly advanced, created to feel as real as possible. We do not want that. I want to know that it is my Mate that is making love to me when she is using it. Not some automated semi-intelligent device. We want a toy that will last us many years..." At least Seven hoped that once she and B'Elanna became lovers, it would be for many, many years "...Something that will be personal... dear... to us, yet something that we know is simply a very good toy. But, as I said, I do not know the size my Mate prefers, so I am afraid I cannot buy one of your toys after all. I am sorry for taking up your time. I would however still like those clothes we talked about. Shall I describe them to you now?"

"In a moment," Fawza said thoughtfully. "Maybe I can be of assistance to you and your Mate yet. Let me go back here for a moment."

A few seconds later Fawza returned with a bag in her hand. "I made this a few years ago, but I was never able to sell it. So I stopped keeping it up here. I could ask less for it of course, but then I would be cheapening my own work, and people would soon be asking me for deals all the time. I don't want that."

Fawza closed the lid of one of the displays and emptied the contents of the bag onto it. "Personally, I think this is the second best I've ever made."

"Second best?" Seven interrupted.

Fawza chuckled. "You don't think that I'm stupid enough to actually sell the best toy I ever made, do you?"

Seven merely dipped her head in understanding, before smiling.

Then Fawza continued, "This is the base and straps, as you just saw with the other ones. But see these extensions?"

"I do. They are thin and I would assume very uncomfortable." Seven noted after looking at the wooden extensions for a moment. They were about as thick as her pinky finger, and a little longer as her middle finger.

Fawza laughed for a moment. "That's wood from the Zap tree. It's as strong as iron. I can't break that with bare hands, and I have very strong fingers from working with leather all day."

She bent one on of the extensions a little. "But see, it's very flexible. Now, see these leather sheaths here? This small one goes over the wood, see? That is the smallest size possible."

Seven looked intrigued at the extension. Now it was about as thick as her thumb, and still not much longer as her middle finger.

"Then these other sheaths go over the first one, see? Making the size wider and longer with every sheath." Fawza continued to put sheath over sheath until she had reached eight layers. "This is the biggest size possible."

Seven took the toy from Fawza and hesitantly felt it. It was flexible, but it definitely was firm as well. The diameter of the toy was now as much as three of Seven's fingers held beside each other; a little more then five centimeters, and it had a length of twenty-two centimeters. Seven knew that the dimensions were still within the range that could physically fit an aroused Human woman. She sincerely doubted however that it could ever fit inside her comfortably and still feel good. But while Fawza had been putting the different sheaths on, Seven had seen a size that she had liked very much. She was also certain that one of the sizes would appeal to B'Elanna as well.

While Seven was examining the toy, Fawza continued. "As you can see, there are four sets of sheaths. That way both extensions can be built up to the size you want."

"That would require two sets, why the other two sets?" Seven wondered.

"Hygiene," Fawza answered simply.

"Hygiene?" Seven repeated.

"Well, yes. I don't know how your body works, but it looks very similar to ours. And with us, we have two openings where such a toy can be used. However, it is very unhygienic to use a toy for the second opening, and then for the first. So, to make sure that the love game is not interrupted by having to clean the toy, I have made two sets for each partner; one for both openings. See the difference in color? That is how you tell them apart."

"Oh," Seven merely said. She now fully understood what Fawza was talking about; she had just never given any thought as to whether she would like something like that. She had hoped to find out what she liked while doing it. Harry however had never indicated that he wanted anything like that, so it had never really come up. Seven bent the shaft a little, surprised to find that it was a very good mix of firm, yet flexible.

"That's the Zap wood," Fawza explained when she saw Seven bend the shaft. Go on; you won't break it." She waited until Seven had bent the shaft some more before explaining, "I love how perfect the Zap wood is as a core. Very flexible so that you don't have to worry about having angles just right when using it, but at the same time it's incredibly strong and the leather around it gives it the perfect stiffness."

She squeezed the shaft a little to show Seven that the leather dented under pressure. "And the best part is that the leather layers give it just that bit of softness needed to comfortable while having that stiffness to be a very effective tool, so to speak. I also put short pieces of the Zap wood in the tips of the sheaths. That way the hard but firm core gets longer with the added layers and you don't get a strong base that starts flapping about and looses stiffness along the way up."

"I think that this is exactly what my Mate and I need. How much do you ask for it?"

"As I said, it's not cheap. That's why it hasn't been sold yet. Couples that normally find out the price prefer to simply buy several of the other toys, which is still a lot cheaper. A lot of work went into making this. The price I'm asking is six hundred Koli."

Seven once again saw her hopes dashed. She knew that since these people knew about replicators, the Voyager crew couldn't use the replicators to create the currency the Zamonan used; Voyager would have to trade for it. And having seen some of the leather clothes with price tags of only fifty Koli, made it clear to Seven that she could never hope to buy this toy. She could hardly go to Captain Janeway to ask her to part with Voyager goods because she wanted to buy a sex toy. "I am sorry. I cannot,"

"Let me guess, you don't have the money?" Fawza interrupted.

"Not an amount like that."

"Your Mate, who is she? The dark one who broke my cousin's jaw?"

"That woman was your cousin?" Seven asked, now sure that she wouldn't even get the leather clothing she wanted, let alone the expensive toy. "Yes, that is B'Elanna, my Mate."

"Well, I sure hope she knocked some sense into that girl, goddess knows she had it coming to her. Tell me, can you pay for the clothing you want to have? They will be about the prices you see around you."

"I can. My captain will understand me wanting to buy some clothing from you; she will even encourage it because trade is exactly the thing we are here for. But I know for certain that she will never part with the goods needed to pay for the toy. Especially since Voyager can reproduce the toys I spoke of before, for only a small fraction of that price."

"Alright. Well, as I said, I have had this thing lying around here for several years now. So I'll make you a deal."

"A deal?"

"Yes, a deal. I'll give it to you and your Mate, as a gift, if you promise me two things."

"What?" Seven knew that she would do a lot to get this toy, as long as it didn't hurt B'Elanna or Voyager.

"The first promise is that you will always take good care of it, treat it like it should be treated. I'll explain later to you how to keep it in perfect condition. I would hate for my work to go to waste because of sloppy maintenance. The second promise is that you tell nobody on this planet that you have it. And if by some miracle it was found out that you have it, you tell them that you bought it for seven hundred Koli. Later, once you have left this part of space, I'll be able to brag about the fact that I sold the toy to you for that price."

"Those are easy promises to make, I agree," Seven said immediately.

"Why? What kind of promise did you think I would ask? That you promise to sleep with me?" Fawza asked laughingly.

"You would not be the first to try a trick like that to have intercourse with me," Seven agreed, a small smile tugging on her lips. She really liked this woman.

"Honey, with all respect to you, you look great, but you don't hold a candle to my Mate. And she can do things to me in bed that I can't even describe to you. Besides, she's also one of our best warriors, and is sitting in the back of this hut as we speak. Sharpening her weapons and probably heard every word we said. Believe me, you're not worth it."

Now Seven gave Fawza a full smile. "In that case, let me thank you. I really appreciate this. I cannot thank you enough for it."

Fawza waved her off. "Forget about it. This way I'm finally rid of it with a good conscience. As I said, I couldn't sell it any cheaper to someone in this village. Until now I've never haggled or negotiated about my prices; all of them are take it or leave it. If I lowered my price on that, then soon everyone would think that I would lower my prices on other things as well. If I hadn't put so much of my time in to making it and the sheaths, I would have thrown it away a long time ago. Now I know that my work goes to someone who appreciates it, and who is very happy with it. That's enough for me. Now, let me safely change the subject; tell me what clothing you would like."

And so, Seven did.

Telling the Zamonan that she and B'Elanna were Mates, had one added and very nice side effect, Seven decided.

The Zamonan were now treating them as a couple. Three huts had been readied for the five member away team. Janeway, being the 'ruler' had received one for herself. The second one had gone to B'Elanna and Seven since they were Mates and should be in one hut. And the two security members had gotten the third one.

Even though they would only spend one night in them, Seven really liked the hut she and B'Elanna had gotten. Unlike the other two huts, which had been almost in the center of the village, the one they were staying in was located on the very edge of the village. About twenty meters away from the next hut, and just as far away from the shore of a lake on the other side.

The hut itself was made just like the other ones in the village. Walls built of sturdy logs, with the crevices between the logs securely packed with dried mud to keep the draft out.

Seven had asked Fawza about the huts, and the leather craftswoman had told her that, yes, now the weather was nice and hot, but for about one month out of the year the planet moved far enough away from their star that frost reached their village. At that time you definitely wanted the thicker walls. Besides, in the warm weather that they had most of the time, the buildings provided a nice relatively cool and shady place... if you opened the windows in all four walls and let a nice breeze in.

Seven had been a little surprised to find out that the wooden logs had indeed simply been cut from the surrounding forest, and not replicated. Fawza had explained that the normal village replicators could not replicate something as big as an entire log. Besides, if well taken care of, one of the log huts could last for several generations. The forest could easily sustain the little wood that was needed for the occasional repair, and for the one or two new buildings that were erected every year.

In the day that she had now spent in the village, Seven had come to like these women, and she knew that B'Elanna felt the same way. A few hours ago, the woman whose jaw B'Elanna had broken had even come to them during their walk through the village to apologize, as much as she could with her broken and swollen face. Seven had found it most interesting that the woman had apologized more to B'Elanna for making a pass at her Mate, than to Seven for touching her in more than a friendly manner. Seven had also been impressed that she, certainly not one of the shortest women around, had needed to look up quite a bit to look the extremely muscled Zamonan in the eyes. Apparently B'Elanna Torres was capable of quite some physical power when enraged. It had made Seven look forward to a time where she and B'Elanna were intimate and she could drive the Klingon wild until her Mate reacted in all kinds of fun ways.

A casual question from B'Elanna to one of the women in the food hut had given them the explanation as to why the woman named Katzi had apologized more to B'Elanna than to Seven. Apparently with these women it was considered normal to touch the other woman like that if one was starting a mating ritual, it was considered a show of interest. But one of the big rules was that one could only court women that where not Mated, and by touching Seven without finding out if she was Mated, the tall woman had disgraced the honor of the Mate; B'Elanna.

Apparently, if B'Elanna had been part of this society, she would have been entitled to do a lot more than just break the woman's jaw.

No, Seven liked the village. And she was sad that the next day, after the meeting with the Queen and if all went well, they would be leaving this village behind and go to the place where Voyager would touch down.


Seven looked to the door where B'Elanna had just walked into the hut. Apparently the Klingon had seen the one thing that Seven liked the most about this hut; there was only one bed in it. Easily big enough for two, but still only one bed.

"Um?" Seven repeated, trying hard not to smile.

"Um, as in, um there's only one bed in here," B'Elanna stated the obvious.

"I noticed," Seven agreed, stepping a little closer to B'Elanna. "And when I noticed, the appeal of this hut rose considerably for me."

B'Elanna looked from the bed to Seven, and saw that hint of a smile. Showing her that the blonde was trying very hard not to smile, but wasn't really quite succeeding. Of course, B'Elanna had to admit, you would have to know the blonde as well as she did to see that little upturn of the lip corners and know what it meant. To most, Seven's expression still had that indifferent cool look. But to B'Elanna, she saw a smile on those lips.

"Um," B'Elanna said once more.

Now Seven did actually form her lips into a smile. "B'Elanna, we were able to sleep in one bed last night without something other than conversation happening. Why would this be different today? I believe we both need sleep, but I also believe that I would really like sleeping while feeling your body against mine."

B'Elanna walked further into the hut and sat down on the surprisingly soft bed. "Damn, and here I hoped I would get lucky today," B'Elanna joked.

In reality, she was hoping that she could create some romantic setting for the first time they made love. She knew that both she and the blonde were ready to make that step. Just that neither of them had wanted it to be as casual as their sex games were.

Seven set down beside B'Elanna. She knew that she really did want to make love to the beautiful Klingon, so she simply said, "Soon," In a promising voice.

B'Elanna looked at how Seven reached up and freed her hair from its tight bun. Ever since Seven started to live in B'Elanna's quarters, the Klingon had been thoroughly fascinated by that small move. Fascinated at how much it changed how Seven looked. With her hair down, Seven didn't look as superior as she normally did. Oh, she could still act that way, just that the look wasn't as superior. But Seven's behavior also changed slightly. She slouched a little more... well actually she slouched a little, compared to her normal ramrod straight posture. It was as if letting her hair down was a sign for Seven; a sign that she was now truly off duty.

Of course, B'Elanna had no idea that she was the sole reason why Seven had started to do this. She had no idea that Seven had discovered just how freeing it could feel to be simply and totally at ease in someone's presence. Seven had started to behave as a person would do when they are at home because, thanks to B'Elanna, Seven finally had a home to relax in.

"So, do you want to hear some good news?" B'Elanna asked, after a moment of silence.


"Remember how you told me a few hours ago how you liked it here, and that you wished that you could spend some more time in this village?"

Seven merely raised her eyebrow.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course you remember. A question like that is a rhetorical question, Seven, it's called an opener so that you know what I'm going to talk about next. Anyway, seems that our good Regent Dasia likes us here as well. She had a little talk with Janeway, and the captain informed me of the outcome a few minutes ago. Dasia suggested that the five of us could stay in the village if the visit with the Queen went well."

"But how would that work with the repairs to Voyager?" Seven asked, knowing that the Captain would never agree to B'Elanna and Seven being away from the ship while repairs are made.

"True, normally the distance would be a problem," B'Elanna agreed, "But Dasia has informed Janeway of a little loophole in the rules. You see, the Zamonan need specific permission to use the transporter technology that they have. But that doesn't mean that we can't use our own transporters to beam us, the Voyager crew, around. Dasia assured Janeway that the dampening field that makes beaming to the planet impossible is only active in the upper atmosphere. We can safely use the transporters once Voyager has landed, or use the transporter of the shuttle we arrived in."

"What was the Captain's reaction to this?" Seven asked eagerly.

"Well, she decided that she, as the captain, had to be with the ship all the time. So she declined. And Jonson and Trapal also preferred to go back to the ship and spent their free time with the rest of the crew. But Janeway left us free in making the decision. Since the reason for landing is not only repairs but also shore leave, Janeway said that we could stay here if we wanted. We could use the transporters and go to Voyager every day for a four hour shift to oversee and check the repairs made."

Seven looked B'Elanna straight in the eyes, showing a softness in those blue eyes that she only showed to B'Elanna. "I would like to stay here, if you stay here as well."

"I would like to stay," B'Elanna agreed, "And I took the liberty of already telling the Captain that we would be staying."

"Thank you," Seven said and then surrendered to an urge that she had been having for the last couple of days when ever B'Elanna was as near as she was now. She leaned in until her lips brushed softly over B'Elanna's. She placed another soft kiss on those lips and was just about to pull away again when she felt a hand at the back of her head, holding her in place.

B'Elanna saw Seven leaning in every so slowly, and her heartbeat doubled. There was no mistaking what the blonde was about to do. She felt those soft lips touching her own, and it was like they ignited a fire within her. She felt Seven slowly start to move back, but she knew that she couldn't let the blonde go, not now, not anymore. B'Elanna quickly put her hand on the back of Seven's head and was encouraged when she noticed that Seven had only too willingly stopped moving away.

B'Elanna returned the kiss, opening her mouth slightly to softly move her tongue over Seven's lips.

Seven felt B'Elanna's tongue begging for entrance and the blonde was only too happy to give it. She opened her mouth slightly and felt B'Elanna slip her tongue into her mouth. When she felt B'Elanna's tongue slide slowly over her own, it was as if a flame of burning desire went straight to her groin. She could feel herself grow wetter with every move B'Elanna made.

Not wanting to be outdone, Seven started to circle B'Elanna's tongue with her own before demanding her own entrance into B'Elanna's mouth, an entrance that was eagerly given.

As her tongue dueled with Seven's, B'Elanna's hands seemed to have a will of their own. She moved her hand from Seven's head to her back, where it was quickly followed by her second hand as she took the blonde into a loose embrace that would allow for her hands to roam, and the heated kissing to continue. As she let her hands roam over Seven's back, she felt Seven do the same to her.

This, B'Elanna decided, was heaven.


Chapter 7

Slowly but surely B'Elanna felt Seven's hands sliding lower until they moved between the bed the Klingon was sitting on, and B'Elanna's behind. A light squeeze of those long fingers into the flesh of her ass made B'Elanna moan loudly into Seven's mouth and made her even wetter than she already was.

B'Elanna couldn't restrain herself anymore, and wondered why she actually had been. She moved her hands from Seven's back to her front and lightly cupped those full breasts. She smiled when she felt Seven break the kiss so that she could let out a rush of air.

As they looked at each other, Seven let go of B'Elanna's behind and put her own hands over those of B'Elanna, making B'Elanna put more pressure on her breasts, changing what B'Elanna had been doing from merely cupping her to kneading her with a firm, but still soft, touch.

B'Elanna continued to massage Seven's breasts as the blonde had shown her, hoping that Seven would bring her own hands back to B'Elanna's behind. But instead she felt Seven pushing her back softly until her back was on the bed. Seven was now hovering above her, holding herself up on one arm, making sure that B'Elanna could continue to pay homage to the blonde's sensitive breasts.

B'Elanna was only too happy to oblige. What she really wanted to do even more though, was to be touching the soft flesh that was Seven without it being confined in that damn biosuit. She wanted to ask Seven to get naked, or at least strip her upper body bare. But she was afraid to speak up, afraid that her voice would break this beautiful moment and would make them both realize that right there, on an away mission, was not the place to give in to their primal urges.

Seven moaned softly when B'Elanna started to knead her breasts just the way she liked it. It was amazing what a difference it could make if the right person did this. Harry had done the very same thing to her naked breasts, and it had felt nice. But now that B'Elanna was doing it, it felt perfect, even through the fabric of the biosuit. She couldn't wait to feel B'Elanna's warm hands moving over her naked skin. But she knew that this had to wait a little longer, there were things she wanted to do first.

She moved her free hand to B'Elanna's breasts, squeezing one softly, hoping that the Klingon would get the message; she did. Just as Seven had done, B'Elanna put her own hand over Seven's and showed her how much pressure she could apply. Once Seven had the information she needed, she brought the Klingon's hand back to her own breasts so that B'Elanna could continue to massage them.

They had been looking in each other's eyes from the moment that Seven had pushed them back onto the bad, but now the blonde wanted to taste the Klingon once more. She leaned in and started a heated series of deep and long kisses. All the while, Seven let her hand roam over B'Elanna's body. Massaging her breasts for a moment, then slowly moving her hand over the Klingon's belly, and down on the outside of her leg as far as she could reach. Only to come back up again on the inside of the leg, taking her time to caress the inside of the Klingon's thigh, coming closer and closer to B'Elanna's center on every round over her body. Until finally Seven was moving ever so softly over B'Elanna's center with every pass, making sure not to spend too much time there, even though she wanted to.

But soon only feeling B'Elanna through her clothing was no longer enough for Seven. Moments after she had once more moved her hand up to B'Elanna's breasts, she moved her hand back down, and this time into the Klingon's uniform. Finally, for the first time, her fingers trailed over the heated caramel skin she had wanted to touch for so long now.

B'Elanna felt those soft fingers sliding over her skin and arched her back in pure reaction, "Oh please yes."

It had been the first words spoken, and except for their moans the first sound made. They looked at each other for a moment, wondering, fearing, that the words had pulled the other back to reality. But after a moment they both realized that they really wanted this, really needed this. Now.

"Touch me, Seven. Kahless please don't stop touching me now. I need you, I need to feel you. Take me, love me."

Seven was only too happy to oblige and moved her hand up and under the shirt until she was cupping one of B'Elanna's breasts. Now only the Material of the bra was between her and B'Elanna, but it still wasn't enough. She wanted to feel B'Elanna, to hold her flesh in her hand, to see her nude, to be able to see those nipples that she only had felt until now. But she knew that this had to wait a little longer too. But that was alright, Janeway had given them time off until two hours before they would meet with the Queen. Checking her internal chronometer, Seven decided that she and B'Elanna had several hours yet before they needed to go to sleep to get the minimal amount of rest they needed. Seven decided that they would use every second of that free time.

Reluctantly, Seven let go of B'Elanna's breast, making sure to caress that proud standing nipple once more. She moved her hand lower until she reached B'Elanna's pants. There she waited for a moment, teasing the Klingon a little, knowing that B'Elanna had stopped breathing as the hand had come closer to the pants, wondering what Seven would do.

Seven slowly moved her hand inside the pants and the underwear beneath, hearing B'Elanna let out the air that she had been holding. "Do you really think that I would pass up the opportunity to feel your wet pussy for the first time?" Seven asked softly, huskily.

"Oh Gods," B'Elanna moaned while she dug her hands into the bedcover and took hold. Ever since she had taught Seven the word, the Klingon got a kick out of hearing the blonde say 'pussy.' But she had never realized how much it would affect her to hear the blonde say it in a situation like the one they were in now.

Seven slowly brought her hand lower until she reached the triangle of wet curls. She stopped and looked at B'Elanna with a smile on her face. "Hairs? I thought you preferred bald?"

For a moment B'Elanna could not believe that Seven had stopped to ask her that, but opening her eyes and seeing the blonde smile down at her, made it clear that the blonde was teasing her. From the look on the blonde's face B'Elanna guessed that Seven liked to tease, a little. And so the proud Klingon that never before liked to be teased like that, decided right there and right then that it was okay and that she liked it... when Seven did it.

"I do like bald, I get turned on every time I think of the fact that you are bald. But for myself, I like to have a little hair."

Seven moved her fingers through the curls, seeing the Klingon's eyes flutter closed; apparently B'Elanna liked to feel her play with the curls. Good, because Seven decided that she liked to do it. "They feel short; you must be taking care of them?"

"I am," B'Elanna panted. She'd never known just how good it could feel to simply have someone play with her hairs like that.

"I have seen several naked women in files while I was doing research on the human body. Some were shaven the way I can feel that you are. I like the way it looks, better than bald actually. I will make you a deal. If you promise to continue to take good care of it, trim it like you have now, than I will promise you that I will not stimulate hair growth on mine. Deal?"

"Deal, definitely a deal. Please Seven."

"A pleading Klingon. I think I like it," Seven said while she finally started to lower her hand some more. "I think that you can make me do many things, simply by asking a question and adding a please."

"In that case, please touch me."

For a moment, Seven was thinking of teasing some more by pointing out that she was already touching the Klingon, but one look at that face told her that the teasing had gone on long enough. She wouldn't, couldn't, tease B'Elanna anymore, not at the moment at least.

She lowered her hand that little bit further and finally her fingers touched B'Elanna's throbbing clit for the first time.

"Gods, Seven, yes!" B'Elanna said loudly while she slammed her head back onto the bed.

For a moment Seven merely rubbed the clit softly and slowly, relishing the feel of finally touching B'Elanna. She had wished many times, as B'Elanna was taking her shower, that it had been her fingers that had been rubbing the Klingon, not B'Elanna's own. But she had known that she and B'Elanna hadn't been ready yet. Now they were.

Seven moved her hand lower until she was cupping B'Elanna's entire sex. "You feel good. So soft, so hot, so wet. Does it feel good to have me finally touching you?" Seven asked, slowly moving her hand up and down B'Elanna's sex, making sure to keep a slight pressure with her palm on the Klingon's clit.

Seven leaned closer and whispered softly into B'Elanna's ear. "Do you like what I am doing to you? You are so slick; my entire hand is already coated with your essence. Do you like it?"

"Yes, gods yes Seven," B'Elanna said between taking shallow breaths. Having Seven finally touch her had brought B'Elanna to the edge of release.

"Are you close? I know how you breathe when you are close. I have heard that sweet sound so many times now. I know you are. You want to come. You want to come all over my hand. Tell me, B'Elanna, do you want to come for me?"

"Gods yes. I want to come so bad, I'm so close. Please let me come."

"No, B'Elanna," Seven started to move her hand a little faster, putting a little more pressure on B'Elanna's clit at the same time. "I am the one that makes you come, not the one that decides if you may come. You do not have to ask me that. When you want to come, then come. Make my hand so slick that it will drip when I bring it to my mouth to taste you."

Those were the words that did it for B'Elanna. Just imagining Seven licking her fingers clean was enough for her. Her body went rigid and she let out a scream that must easily have been heard by their closest neighbors.

As she had promised she would do, Seven removed her hand from B'Elanna's pants and drought it to her lips, smiling when indeed two drops of B'Elanna's essence dripped onto the bedcover before Seven could lick her hand clean. "Mmmm. Do you know that you taste delicious, B'Elanna?" Seven asked while she slowly licked her hand clean, finger by finger.

"I know," B'Elanna said while she tried to calm her breathing. "I really like the way I taste."

"Understandingly so," Seven said while licking her palm clean with a few long strokes of her tongue. "Tell me, do you always get this wet? You really did drip."

"It depends, the more turned on I am, the wetter I get. But honey, that wasn't only my normal wetness. As you said, I came all over your hand; that was also my cum you had there. Now, why don't you take off that biosuit so that I can return the favor?"

"I like that proposal," Seven agreed as she made quick work of removing the biosuit.

"You'll have to show me how to do that. It's much more fun if I take it off for you," B'Elanna noted as she let her eyes drift over Seven's nude body.

"I will," Seven promised as she moved onto the bed once more and willingly into B'Elanna's embrace.

They kissed while B'Elanna made good use of the fact that she was the one at the bottom to let both her hands drift over Seven's wonderful body.

"Your touches make me feel like my skin is on fire," Seven admitted, moving to increase the body to body contact even more.

Knowing that their positions prevented her from giving Seven's breasts the homage they deserved, B'Elanna decided to lower one hand to a certain place she most definitely could reach. She didn't mind the fact that she couldn't play with her lover's breasts though; there was always the next time.

"Hmm, I see. Or actually, I feel," B'Elanna said, using her fingers to explore Seven's sex. "Nice and wet; just how I like you." She slid one of her fingers into Seven and had to moan herself from the feeling. "Gods baby you feel so good around my finger. And you're so tight."

"One more," Seven begged while she opened her legs a little wider. "I am used to two fingers."

B'Elanna slowly moved her finger in and out, not adding a second finger despite Seven's please. "Are you sure? You are very tight baby. I don't want to hurt you."

"You will not hurt me," Seven assured. Please, B'Elanna I need this." She saw the small smile on the Klingon's face and added, "Do not tease me."

"My, my," B'Elanna said as she continued to move her one finger slowly in and out. "Sounds to me that a certain someone can dish it out, but can't take it in. You teased me, but I can't tease you? You want me to simply fuck you?"

"Yes. Comply. Now."

B'Elanna grinned. "I don't think so baby. There's no way that I'm simply letting you get off like that." Finally, to Seven's great satisfaction, B'Elanna added a second finger and slowly pushed them inside. "Honey, if you don't like to be teased, I won't. But I can promise you, you are going to be made love to. It's going to take longer than when you do it yourself. But baby, I also promise you that it will feel better than it ever did before. Remember what I told you when you said that you normally masturbated in the cargo bay? It shouldn't be a fast affair. Making love is the same. Yes you can have a quickie to get rid of tension, but making love lasts longer than when you simply masturbate. But it feels a damn lot better."

"I agree," Seven said while she closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of B'Elanna sliding her fingers slowly in and out of her sex. "This already feels better. I apologize for trying to rush you. Please, B'Elanna, make love to me as you would like to."

"Definitely," B'Elanna said while removing her fingers from their warm and comfortable place. "Don't worry; I'll be back there soon."

Suddenly she moved them both over until they were on their sides. "I need room to move now," She explained before closing in and slowly kissing Seven. She could still taste herself on the blonde's lips from when Seven had licked her fingers clean. "You know something? I really do taste good."

Before Seven could reply, B'Elanna brought her hand to her mouth and licked the fingers clean that had been inside Seven. "Mmmmm, but you know baby, you taste even better. Did you ever taste yourself?"

"Y... Yes I did. I like it, but I think that you taste better than me."

"I have a feeling that that, my dear, is something we'll disagree upon for a long time." B'Elanna kissed Seven one last time before moving a little lower and kissing Seven's very exposed neck, a convenience of them both lying on their sides. She moved her hand up and cupped Seven's hanging breast. B'Elanna smiled as she lifted the breast slightly. "I see that the laws of physics even apply to these babies," B'Elanna joked.

"B'Elanna, with my breast size, I would be extremely worried if they did not hang to the side as well if I lay on my side."

B'Elanna laughed at that. "True. And it would also mean that they couldn't be as soft as they are now. Gods, Seven, I love touching your breasts."

B'Elanna wiggled a little lower until she could take Seven's nipple into her mouth, sucking it lovingly for a moment before taking it between her teeth and biting down softly.

"Oh, yes," Seven could only say as she pushed her chest forward and pulled B'Elanna closer, all in an effort to deepen the contact. The sensation of B'Elanna softly biting her nipple had sent sparks of lightning straight to her center.

"Like that?" B'Elanna asked before once more closing her mouth around Seven's flesh, this time swirling her tongue around the hard bud.

"Yes, very much so. Please do it again."

"Your wish is my command," B'Elanna said before biting down softly once more, making sure to not actually hurt the blonde. B'Elanna continued to caress Seven's breasts, making love to the supple flesh. Finally, after long minutes of loving Seven's breasts, B'Elanna lowered herself a little further until she was at Seven's belly. She could feel Seven starting to turn onto her back. "No, stay. I never made love to someone like this. I like doing something with you that I never did before."

Seven did as B'Elanna had asked and soon felt the Klingon placing soft kisses all over her belly.

B'Elanna took a moment to kiss Seven's tummy. She didn't know if Seven had noticed, but she did place several kisses on the thin, hardly visible, scars. Finally she moved to Seven's bellybutton and dipped her tongue in it, feeling a slight shudder go through the blonde. It was amazing just how sensitive this woman was. A woman who she thought only a few months ago was a person incapable of having any feelings at all.

Moving down a little more, B'Elanna reached Seven's mound. "I really do like bald," B'Elanna said before kissing the hairless mound. "Open your legs for me, baby."

Seven was only too happy to oblige, pulling up her leg further and putting her foot at the level of the knee of her still stretched leg.

B'Elanna took a moment to take in Seven's inviting sex, before moving closer and placing soft kisses on Seven's mound and clit. But soon she noticed that she really didn't have the access she needed. "Don't move," She ordered while getting up and moving to a better position on the bed.

Once B'Elanna was lying at a ninety degree angle with Seven, she once more moved her head between the blonde's legs. "Oh, yeah. This is a lot better. So tell me Seven, are your ready to get thoroughly fucked?"

"Yes, B'Elanna. Please, I need you."

"You got me," B'Elanna assured while she sucked Seven into her mouth. Remembering what she had promised Seven, B'Elanna once more entered Seven with two of her long fingers.

"Oh, yes," Seven moaned while moving her own hands to her breasts, pinching her own nipples softly in rhythm with the pace that B'Elanna was setting.

B'Elanna continued to suck and lick Seven's clit while sliding her fingers in and out of the blonde in a steady rhythm. B'Elanna was amazed at how wonderful Seven felt around her fingers. So wet, so warm, so tight.

"More. Please, B'Elanna, I need more."

B'Elanna started to lick Seven's clit a little faster at the plea she heard coming from the blonde, but the next words surprised her.

"No. I want more inside me."

"Baby, you're really tight. If I add another finger, I might hurt you," B'Elanna warned. The last thing she wanted was to hurt Seven.

"Trust me, you will not hurt me. Please, B'Elanna, the reason why I am so tight is because I can control the muscles in my entire body, a side-effect of being Borg. Believe me, I can take more."

"As I said, your wish is my command," B'Elanna said before sucking Seven once more deep into her mouth. Keeping Seven firmly in her mouth, B'Elanna slowly eased a third finger into the blonde, finding indeed that while Seven was tight, she had no trouble adding the third finger. "Is this what you want?" B'Elanna asked while letting go of Seven's clit with a wet plop and starting to move her fingers in and out in a faster pace.

"Yes! Please suck me, I'm about to come."

B'Elanna smiled, hearing Seven for the first time ever shorten her words. She captured Seven's clit firmly between two fingers of her free hand and started to swirl her tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves.

"Yes! B'Elanna!!" Seven shouted out, feeling what it was to have a true orgasm rip through her that was caused by someone she loved. It was ten times better than anything she had ever felt before; including the sex she had with Harry.

Even without the verbal notice, B'Elanna would have clearly noticed Seven's release. Seven's sex was clinging at B'Elanna's fingers in an irregular rhythm of waves of pleasure that shot through the blonde.

She changed her movements to sooth and calm the blonde down from her peak. After a few minutes she was just about to speak up when
Seven suddenly smiled.

"Now it is my turn again."

"This is going to be a long night, isn't it?" B'Elanna asked with a grin.

"Very long," Seven could only agree.


Chapter 8

B'Elanna stretched and slowly opened her eyes, only to see blue ones looking back at her. "Morning," She said sleepy before asking with a smile, "How are you this morning?"

Seven smiled. "I believe the proper reply is, 'I am well.' Having said that, though this is a proper description of how I feel physically, I do feel that this does injustice to how I feel emotionally. Physically I feel this interesting mix of being very relaxed, a little tired, and yet at the same time full of energy. But emotionally I only feel one thing."

"Which is?" B'Elanna asked, fearing that this one feeling might be regret.

"I feel loved," Seven said softly.

B'Elanna smiled before admitting, "For a moment I thought that you were going to tell me that you felt that we made a mistake last night."

Seven softly caressed B'Elanna's face. "You are my Mate. Nothing about last night was a mistake. And just for the record, in case you are wondering, you are an excellent lover."

Seeing that Seven was just as glad as B'Elanna herself about what had happened between them, the Klingon came closer and treated her Mate to a passionate kiss. "Believe me, my most wonderful ice Princess, you're an excellent lover as well."

Then she smirked. "In fact, as of this moment I officially declare that the ice part is outdated. There's nothing ice about you. You're hot as Hell." Then she hesitated for a moment, wanting it to be very clear to her Mate that she was fully sincere in her next words. "I love you, Seven."

They kissed again before B'Elanna added, "Thank you for giving me a second chance. Thank you for not holding what I did in the past against me now. Thank you for loving me."

"You are welcome," Seven assured with a smile. "Though technically it is you that gave us a second chance. In fact, you gave us a lot of second chances. I merely took them. You were the one that finally started to talk to me in a real conversation in the brig. You were the one that invited me into your quarters to live there. You were the one... the one that showed me that love is the most important thing in a relationship."

"How about we compromise by saying that we're both glad that we were finally smart enough to see what we could have if only we tried a little?"

"I like that compromise," Seven said with a smile.

They spent long minutes kissing and holding each other; simply basking in their love for each other. Finally Seven asked thoughtfully, "B'Elanna, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," B'Elanna said while she wondered, for a moment, if they should get up. Then she decided against it. Her sense of time told her that it was early yet. So why get up when she could stay in bed and kiss Seven, and not to forget, move her hands leisurely over the blonde's nude body.

"You normally always say 'Kahless' if referring to a higher power. Yet last night you have hardly mentioned him. Instead you kept referring to 'Gods.' Why?"

"Well," B'Elanna answered thoughtfully. "Because Kahless is great if you are cursing or emphasizing something, but if you use his name all the time... I think you wear it out, for lack of better words. So I prefer to say Gods in situations where I'm doing more than just throwing a curse around. Not that I actually believe in any, but it does give added meaning to a statement."

"I see. Thank you for the explanation."

"No problem," B'Elanna assured. Silence settled over them once more. B'Elanna thought back to their wonderful night and then something that had felt wonderful came back to her.

"Hey Seven," B'Elanna lost her train of thought for a moment when those wonderful blue eyes focused on hers. Then she smiled and continued. "Last night, I can't even start to describe how incredibly good it felt, what you did to me. You also have an incredibly talented tongue. There's one thing I noticed. It felt as if your tongue was deeper inside of me than any tongue had ever been. Could you do me a favor? Can you stick your tongue out for me, as far as you can?"

Seven did so and B'Elanna was surprised, but very glad, to see that the tip of Seven's tongue actually reached passed the end of her chin. "Figures. Tell me, is there something that isn't perfect about you?"

For a moment Seven looked confused. Then a smile came across her face when she understood that B'Elanna was very pleased with how far she could extend her tongue. "Yes, there is one thing that is not perfect."

"What?" B'Elanna asked, wondering what Seven would consider not perfect.

"No matter how much you excite me, B'Elanna, my cranial implant regulates my hormones to the point where I am excited, but do not reach the stage where I need release 'now.' I have to give my implant a command to stop regulating my hormones to reach a stage where I need you so bad that I feel like dying if you do not touch me."

"Really?" B'Elanna asked surprised, looking into those blue eyes to see if Seven was joking. Seeing only sincerity she asked, "But you can turn that off? You can fully enjoy? Last night you seem to enjoy yourself, a lot. You were experiencing that fully and not like there was some kind of... filter dampening your feelings?"

"Yes. As I said, I can be excited. Just hearing you say that you were going to fuck me again excited me. I really wanted, needed, you to make love to me last night. It is just that I will not feel this need until I stop controlling my hormone levels. If I do not 'switch off' the implant that regulates my hormone levels I will still enjoy what I am doing to you. I will even enjoy what you are doing to me. I can reach an orgasm while my cranial implant is regulating my hormone levels, but,"

"But as long as that implant is controlling your hormones I will never be able to drive you wild to the point where you stop whatever you are doing and just jump me," B'Elanna said in understanding. "Even if I would be doing to you what I was doing to you last night when I made you come that last time... if that implant is on, you will enjoy it and eventually come. But with the implant off, like last night, you feel so much more that you have to scream out your release, like you did."

"Indeed," Seven affirmed.

"Honey," B'Elanna said with a smile, "I hate to tell you, but that doesn't make you less perfect. It only means that more likely than not our love making will follow a pattern of you first taking care of me because you can wait while I can't. And only after that I then concentrate on loving you until you can't see straight anymore."

"But will this not make our lovemaking predictable?" Seven asked, brushing strands of hair out of her lover's face.

B'Elanna thought about that for a moment. "Honey, love making is bound to become predictable. Yes, you can use other positions and do it in other places than the bed. But that really doesn't change much. Soon you will discover exactly what I like, how I like it and how much of it I like. And the same goes for me with you. Predictable is alright, as long as it continues to be fun. For instance, how often have you eaten your favorite food? Don't give me the real number; that was a rhetorical question."

"Very often," Seven merely said.

"So now that you have eaten it so often, do you like it less than you did the first time?"

"I actually like it more now, since I did need to get used to the taste in the beginning."

"You love it, even though you know exactly what it tastes like. Lovemaking is just like that. It'll become predictable, but that doesn't mean that it'll lose its appeal. Predictable can actually be damn good. I'll know that it will be great, I'll know that you know exactly how to make me come so hard that I'll swear every damn time that it was the best orgasm ever. Predictable is not as bad as it sounds. The way you touch me right now while we are talking, the way you are trailing your hand along my side. I love that. And now that I have told you that, you will more than likely do that every time when we are lying in bed and talking. Just because you are doing it now, doesn't mean that I'm going to like it less the next time you do it, or the next time after that."

"I can see the logic in that," Seven said with a smile.

B'Elanna returned the smile. "And just so that you don't get worried later on, let me explain something else as well. In the beginning, the first weeks, months, maybe even the entire first year, we will be making love a lot. Knowing how often we both like to masturbate and just translating that to us making love instead, I can certainly see us making love a lot in the beginning; probably every day, if we have the chance and time. But over time we will start making love less often. That doesn't mean that there is a problem between us. It is simply that over time, lovemaking and orgasms become less important. We will reach a point where simply cuddling for a while feels better than an orgasm ever could."

"I will NOT stop making love to you, now that I can!" Seven said resolutely.

"Gods, I hope not," B'Elanna agreed. "But it will become less. It's just numbers, Seven. We both have a healthy libido, so let's say that in the beginning we make love seven times a week. Over a year that might have dropped to only three times a week. Over two years it might only be once a week. Who knows, maybe then it is only once a month. But that doesn't mean that we won't be touching each other those other days. As I said, those other nights, we might simply sit on the couch and cuddle. Or lay in the bed just holding each other."

Seven shook her head slightly. "I sincerely doubt that I will ever be able to only make love to you once a month."

"Who really knows what will happen, Seven? Just three months ago we were fighting like cats and dogs."

"Which we still do now," Seven interrupted.

"Yes, but even though we both liked those fights, we weren't friends then. Be honest, Seven. Did you really think back then that only three months later you would be lying here naked beside me after a wonderful night of loving?"

"I had fantasies with you in them, but I never thought that they would actually come true," Seven admitted.

"Really?" B'Elanna asked with a grin. "Did you think of me while you masturbated?"

Seven placed a soft kiss on B'Elanna's lips. "Of course. But that is not what I was thinking about. B'Elanna, I told you that while I was with Harry, I was thinking of being with a woman; you were that woman."

"Really?" B'Elanna asked surprised. "Didn't you still dislike me back then?"

"I did," Seven agreed. "But regardless of the fact that I disliked you, you are a very attractive woman. In fact you are beautiful."

Seven smiled before asking, "However, is not a big part of fantasizing the thinking that what is out of reach can actually be touched? I disliked you, you irritated me, frustrated me. There have been several occasions where I pictured us having an argument and me ending it by initiating sex with you."

B'Elanna chuckled. "Well, just for the record, I'm all open for makeup sex. So the next time we fight, and you want to end it that way... I'm all for it."

"Good to know." Then Seven asked, "And what about other situations? Would you be open to us taking unscheduled breaks without first fighting? Working with you is an experience. When I worked with other women, they normally sit or stand behind a console. But you, B'Elanna, you. When we are making repairs, you move. I have seen you working bent over, sticking your ass out at me for fifteen minutes; I have seen you lying on the floor while loosening bolts on one of the shuttles. That gave me ample time to admire the swell of your breasts beneath your uniform. You..."

"Are you telling me that working with me made you hot?" B'Elanna asked with a sexy grin.

Seven softly caressed B'Elanna's face. "Beloved, you still make me hot while we work."

"Good to know. It'll be fun to tease you while at work now that I know that seeing me makes you hot. Pity though that it'll never make you hot to the point where you'll jump me. I think that could be a lot of fun."

"You, B'Elanna Torres, are evil."

B'Elanna grinned before saying seriously, "Seven, don't worry about the fact that you have to switch off that implant to enjoy fully, and that because of that our sex life will probably have a predictable sequence. Because frankly, I like it. Baby, as you noticed last night I get damn horny. Now I know that I don't have to feel guilty about going first most of the time. I can go to bed and not have to worry about once again denying the person that is making me feel so wonderful. Instead I can look forward to taking my time once I'm sated and ready to repay that person that made me feel so wonderful. To me it sounds like a pretty damn good deal. You can take your time concentrating on me because you haven't switched that implant off yet. And then I can concentrate on you because you already took care of that Klingon 'gimme some now' urge."

"I like that 'gimme some now' urge," Seven noted.

"You do huh?" B'Elanna asked with a smile.

"Yes, as I said, I like the way you taste and you are at your wettest during this 'gimme some now' stage. All the more for me to clean up when I lick you."

"Oh gods, Seven, now, and also last night... where did you learn to talk like that?"

"I... Once it became clear that there might be a chance that we might become lovers, I ran a holodeck simulation. It was an adult program called 'girls having fun,' the phrases I use were used in that program."

B'Elanna looked up at the blonde with round eyes. "I know that program, that isn't an educational program, that's a porn program."

"So I found out about five minutes into the program. But I found it very informative, and... stimulating. I ran the entire program, I was sure I could learn something from it, and I did."

"Did you participate?" B'Elanna asked, she knew that every program in the holodeck could be run in two ways. Either as an observer that is not seen/ignored by the characters, or with you as a participant, in which the characters would focus on you.

"I only watched," Seven said. "Even though it is a mere simulation, I felt that if I had participated, I would have been cheating on you, regardless of the fact that we were not intimate."

B'Elanna let out a relieved breath of air. "Thank you."

"Now, how do you know that this program was a 'porn' program? I merely said its title."

"I... Um, well, Tom once thought that it would be fun to watch an all girl porn program, he thought that it would make me hot and willing to go all night."

"Was he right?" Seven asked intrigued.

"He was right about the fact that it got me hot. The problem was that he got hot too and wanted to have sex, while I wanted to continue to look at the women. He never suggested another program like that. Though I'm willing to bet that he 'looked' at some of them without me. It is after all very easy to program an extra character into this all girl program, an extra character who wants to have sex with a man."

"That is not logical. If you do that, it is no longer 'all girl.'"

"Hey, we are talking about Tom, since when is he logical?"

Seven hesitated before agreeing, "Good point."

"And talking about Tom," B'Elanna said, knowing that now was as good a time as any. "Are you comfortable with his... new found interests?"

"New found interests?" Seven repeated.

"Yeah, you know, how he's now stopped trying to get me into bed and is more interested in our relationship."

"Ah, those interests. You know him better than I do. What do you think about those... interests? Is he serious about what he hopes to see?" Seven asked.

B'Elanna thought about that for a moment. "Well, first of all I have to give him bonus points for being honest and making no secret of what he hopes to see. Having said that, I would say that this is just it; he is very serious about what he hopes to see. The real question is what he expects to see. I mean hope is a very broad term. Janeway hopes that we will be home tomorrow and all of us know that that won't happen. You can hope, knowing damn well that your hope is in vain. Let there be no mistake about it, if we were to say 'hey Tom, do you want to watch,' then you can bet your pretty ass that he would say yes and would indeed stay to watch. But as I said, what you hope will happen is not what you expect will happen. I don't think that he really thinks that he will ever see us making love. He knows how private lovemaking is; he would never have wanted someone to watch while he and I made love... no real life person that is. He also knows that our life isn't a holodeck episode. I think that it's more that he would like to hear some juicy details."

"Juicy details?" Seven asked.

"Yeah, you know. Like mentioning to him that you can suck harder than the vacuum of space," B'Elanna grinned. "Or hearing me admit that I love to eat you."

"Or the fact that I can regulate my hormonal levels and therefore can concentrate on you first while making love," Seven added.

"Or that," B'Elanna agreed.

"I am still surprised that he would much rather hear from us that we enjoyed making love, instead of simply going to the holodeck and looking at two female characters making love."

B'Elanna thought about that for a moment. "Truthfully, I can understand where he's coming from. The thing is that we're real. When we tell him about something, then it really did happen. Remember my 'sound shows?' You listened to me while you couldn't see me; only hear me. Yet you didn't go to the holodeck to see a woman touch herself, or maybe even do more. Why didn't you?"

"Because characters from the holodeck would not be you," Seven said, understanding what B'Elanna meant. "Hearing you was much more exciting than watching a creation of light and force fields emulating sexual behavior could ever be."

"And hearing us talk is much more interesting than playing on the holodeck," B'Elanna explained. "Even for a holodeck junkie like him."

"I understand. So how much detail would you feel comfortable with Tom knowing?"

"Well," B'Elanna said, thinking about it for a moment. "I'm not about to give him a show, that's for sure. But I think that it would be alright if when we're around him, we don't have to watch our words."

"I believe I would like that level as well," Seven agreed. "It would be fun to have a person besides you that I can play with, in a vocabulary way of course."

"It damn well better be in a vocabulary way only," B'Elanna said with a fake growl.

"And what if I want to make you jealous? Play around. Flirt with someone?"

"Seven, may I remind you, that I'm part Klingon and happen to have a very sharp bat'leth at home?"

Seven smiled. "You do not have to worry, beloved, you are my Mate and the only person that I will touch sexually from now on."

"Same here, Seven, same here." B'Elanna hesitated and then asked with a frown, "You called me beloved. It's not the first time you said that."

"Do you object to that endearment? Seven asked softly. "You have called me several things already; honey, baby, and others. I would like to call you something else besides B'Elanna. But using the endearments you use does not quite... fit me. Calling you beloved fits me."

"I don't mind it at all," B'Elanna was quick to assure. "I can certainly understand you wanting to have an intimate thing to call me. Endearments have always come easy to me. That's why I started to call you baby and honey so easily. But I know that this is not you."

"Have you used those endearments before?" Seven wondered.

B'Elanna lowered her eyes a little. "Yes, with every person I've slept with. I'm sorry, Seven, but when I make love, I prefer to use endearments instead of names."

Seven smiled a little, she had a feeling that the Klingon now thought that hearing B'Elanna say those words had lost their appeal to Seven. "But I am sure that you never meant those words as much as you mean them when you say them to me."

B'Elanna looked Seven in the eyes and saw that small twinkle there. "Of course, baby, I never meant them as much as I do when I talk to you. Thank you."

Both of them knew that the 'thank you' was because Seven didn't mind B'Elanna using names that she had also used with other lovers.

A comfortable silence settled over them; neither of them really wanting to get up because they liked where they were way too much.

It was Seven who finally spoke up again. Looking at B'Elanna lovingly she admitted, "I did not plan for us to make love last night, but I am not sorry that we did."

"Tell me about it," B'Elanna agreed with a laugh. "I was hoping to have our first time be somewhere romantic, special. And I... What are you smiling at?"

"B'Elanna, we are on a planet, in the middle of nature, real animals around us. A real lake just a few paces away. No holodeck illusion could be better than this."

B'Elanna grinned. "I guess you've got a point. There's one small thing though."

"Which is?" Seven wondered.

"If this was a holodeck creation then we would walk out of the door and all would be over. But now we have to face those women, knowing that the whole damn village must have heard us last night."

Seven smiled in agreement. "Then there is that. But going on how important the bond between Mates is to these women, I have a feeling that the fact that we made passionate love will be something that will heighten the respect these women have for us."

"Gods I hope you're right," B'Elanna groaned. "And talking about them... how about we get up and face the music?"

They reluctantly got out of bed and moved to the table where they put, or more to the point threw, their clothing the night before.

Seeing Seven pick up her biosuit, B'Elanna asked, "A bit late to ask, but I thought you had to wear that thing as much as possible? So how come you wearing leather and other clothing is suddenly an option?"

"Because I do not have to wear my biosuits as much as possible," Seven disagreed while moving closer to B'Elanna so that she could steal a kiss from her more than willing victim.

"It is simply that I have always worn them since being severed from the Collective. They do have the advantage of regulating my body temperature, and the electronics do interact with my implants, but I certainly can wear other clothing. It is just that until a few days ago I never thought of a reason to suddenly change my wardrobe."

"So what reason do you have now? Besides hearing me talk about how much I like leather clothing of course," B'Elanna asked as she let her hands drift down Seven's sides until they were resting on the blonde's shapely behind.

"For one, if I start wearing shirts like you do, you could at any time move your hands under the shirt and pinch my nipples like you did so excellently last night."

"Like this?" B'Elanna asked as she moved one of her hands to pinch one of the blonde's nipples before moving her hand to play with the entire breast instead.

"Yes," Seven agreed. "But that is more the ulterior motive. The main reason is that I have watched you since I moved in with you. Having biosuits is convenient in the fact that you do not have to spend a lot of time thinking about what you should wear that day. But I like what you have much more. Not counting on duty time, you dress to how you feel at that time, or according to the occasion if you leave the quarters for some reason. I like that and I would like to have that freedom myself."

"Well, I am all for it," B'Elanna assured. "I think I would love to see you in different clothing all the time. But Seven, with that chest you have, if you start wearing only T-shirts without also wearing a bra, you would have every set of eyes on Voyager glued to your breasts."

"And this would be different from normal... how?" Seven asked amused. "Rest assured, B'Elanna. I will mostly still be wearing my biosuits, certainly while on duty. And I do realize that my breasts will move too much if I do any kind of activity other than reading if I do not wear a bra. But at home, why not? But I do know that I will have to wear a bra when I leave the quarters and I am wearing the type of clothing you prefer to wear. For some reason most people find seeing breasts in general pleasing, but if they can see the nipples through the fabric, they find this very erotic. So I have to wear a bra for that reason alone already."

"I find you very erotic," B'Elanna said, moving her thumbs over the nipples of Seven's breasts. "You know, I really like the fact more and more that you have to consciously stop regulating your hormone levels to get fully turned on. I can touch you like this now and you enjoy it enough for you nipples to get hard, but it won't drive you to needing to jump into bed again. I like it. I love that I can touch you for a moment simply to touch you."

"And I find you very erotic as well, B'Elanna Torres. And I truly enjoy your touch. As for clothing, since living with you I have discovered that things are different when you have a set of quarters. People do not come in unannounced. Therefore, I would be comfortable wearing a shirt without a bra at home. Maybe even, if you are good, let you feel my breasts and massage them every once in a while."

"Really?" B'Elanna asked, getting excited just by the idea of simply having a comfortably clothed Seven around the home, not even about being able to touch her whenever she wanted, but simply from the idea of seeing those big breasts hidden behind nothing but a thin layer of T-shirt material, her nipples almost as visible as they were now.

"Really," Seven assured. "Within the borders of reasonability, be assured that I welcome your touch whenever you feel like touching me."

B'Elanna reluctantly stepped away from her lover. As she put on her panties she asked with a grin, "So no suddenly grabbing your boobs?"

"No, however I would welcome you softly touching my breasts as we cuddle," Seven countered with a raised eyebrow.

"I look forward to that," B'Elanna assured. Then she sighed. "Alright, enough fun and games for now. Let's go out there and pretend that we don't know why they're smirking when we see all of those smirking faces."

"Good morning. Did you have a good night of... rest?" Dasia asked innocently as they met close by the food hut.

B'Elanna didn't know how to react to the question, but luckily Seven came to the rescue.

"Thank you. Yes, once we fell asleep we had a very good rest period. How was your night?"

Dasia smiled. "Once I was able to fall asleep I slept very well. It's just that until past midnight some wild animals were keeping the entire village awake. I've sent out the hunters today to see if they can find these animals. They must be ferocious beasts, for all the noise that they were making."

"Well, I hope that you're lucky in your hunt," B'Elanna said.

"Yes, getting lucky seems to be the theme in this village as of late."

B'Elanna was about to react again, but held her tongue when she saw Janeway coming in their direction.

"Ladies," Janeway said, looking at B'Elanna and Seven for a moment, but not mentioning what was clearly on her mind. "Dasia, since we are to meet your Queen in two hours time, is there anything else we should talk about? Anything else we should know?"

"Not really, Kathryn. We already negotiated most. The meeting with our Queen will mostly be to go over the deals that we've made. There might be some slight changes made, but as long as you don't anger the Queen the deals we've made should be able to stand."

"Very well. In that case, would you excuse us while I have a little conversation with my crew members?"

Dasia had a feeling what Janeway was going to talk about. From what she had learned from these people from space, they weren't as casual as the Zamonan were with certain things. "Certainly. B'Elanna, Seven, since I don't know how long the meeting with the Queen will be, I'll ask you this now that I know I have the time. As you already know, I've invited you to stay here in this village if the meeting with my Queen goes well. I've been told that you have to be at your ship for several hours every day. I would like to ask you if you could make it back to the village before nightfall the day after tomorrow."

"Sure, that shouldn't be a problem," B'Elanna said, giving the matter some thought. "We plan to do our half shifts relatively early in the day, Seven and I should be free around two in the afternoon. But, um, why?"

"Because the day after tomorrow we celebrate the rebirth of our goddess. It is considered good luck for the village to have a new couple at that time. Especially a new couple who doesn't hide their love, and lust, for each other. I would consider it a great honor if you would share this celebration with us."

"Um, sure, we'd love to," B'Elanna said while tugging at her hair a little. She was becoming uncomfortable with the fact that her lovemaking with Seven seemed to be such a big point. But when she saw that Janeway now had a different look on her face, it became clear to B'Elanna that Dasia had spoken for her benefit; making it clear that the Zamonan had no problem with the fact that they'd heard the sounds coming from B'Elanna and Seven's hut. Clearly Dasia had seen that Janeway had assumed that the Zamonan had a problem with it.

Dasia turned to Janeway. "Kathryn, do you prefer to use your shuttle to go meet our Queen, or would you prefer to use our transporters?"

"Can we transport from here?" Janeway asked, still not knowing just what kind of transporter capabilities these women had.

"Yes we can."

"Then your transporters would be fine."

"Very well, please meet me at my hut in two hours." With those words, Dasia turned and walked away.

"Ladies," Janeway said once Dasia was gone.

"Captain," B'Elanna and Seven said at the same time.

"Is there any chance that you can tone the volume down a little the next time you... um, spend the night. It was quite disturbing."

"We apologize, Captain," Seven said. "We will try to 'tone it down' next time. It is simply that last night was... our first. I must admit that we did not think about anyone but ourselves."

"Do try next time. Anyway, let's go over some more details before our meeting."


Chapter 9

{3 of 3, tactical drone 8,778; your new designation is now 563 of 10,833, tertiary adjunct to Triplex 1,443. You will...}

{The transwarp schematics of species 6,534 have proven to be extremely reliable. The new design will be implemented on every Borg vessel...}

{Drone 563 of 10,833, you will oversee the assimilation of species 1,093. We have found a way to add their biological distinctiveness to our own...}

{The Federation starship USS Enterprise has deactivated cube 342. It has...}

{We need to adapt. We need a voice that is one of many, yet is able to work individually. Only that way will we be able to...}

{One of Many has been created. Her new designation is now One of Many, Queen of Borg...}

{The power flux weapon of species 5,736 is affecting the structural integrity of cube 5433 on decks number 5, 6, 8, 9, 34, 56, 57...}

{Sector 34,786 is unremarkable. No life-forms worthy of assimilation were found...}

{Shielding has been adapted; the power flux weapon is no longer affecting structural integrity...}

--bleep. Regeneration cycle complete.

Seven stepped out of the alcove and wondered once more what was going on. By now it had been three months since her first 'dream.' She had never reported them. First because she didn't want people to once more look at the Borg systems as a potential danger, and later because she had noticed that the 'dreams' didn't influence her negatively. She actually liked the fact that she was now 'living' her life as a drone. True, sometimes the memories weren't at all nice, but over all she felt a certain sense of home whenever she 'dreamed' about her life as a drone. A feeling she never had before; Drones didn't have feelings.

"Oh look, the Princess has awakened."

Seven turned to the voice and saw B'Elanna sitting on the floor a short distance away, with her back against one of the racks in the Cargo bay. She had a box standing between her legs, and on it stood a computer unit that she obviously had been working on.

"B'Elanna, why are you here?"

"Gee, hello to you too, baby," B'Elanna said while she got up.

"Good morning, B'Elanna. Why are you here?"

"You mean why am I here sitting on the hard floor instead of in our quarters lying in a very comfy bed?"

"Yes," Seven said before taking a long moment to properly kiss B'Elanna hello. Seven knew that B'Elanna would stay on Voyager while she had to regenerate; the Klingon had told her that she didn't feel like going to the village without Seven. But Seven was still surprised to see her in the Cargo bay.

"Well, one good reason is that by being here I could kiss you earlier."

Seven smiled at B'Elanna's words.

"But the real reason is that I went to bed, but... it felt weird."

"Weird?" Seven repeated.

"Yeah. I mean, look, remember how you slept in my bed because you missed me? Well, all it took was for you to sleep in that bed with me only one night before our away mission started. I went to bed and you weren't there, and... I like having you around when I sleep, alright?"

"But you slept in your bed before while I regenerated, why is now different?"

"Because then you were still sleeping on the couch. Then I had not yet woken up in the middle of the night to go pee and saw you lying beside me, and even better, could crawl into bed with you after I went to the bathroom. Besides, I, um, also kinda had trouble sleeping every time you regenerated in the last couple of weeks. Even though you were sleeping on the couch and I really shouldn't be able to notice a difference, I still kinda miss your presence in the quarters when you aren't there. It's just that since you weren't there you didn't notice. But now that I've slept with you beside me for two nights now, I'm hooked. I need you beside me to be able to sleep. I don't even want to think about one of us having to go on an away mission while the other stays on Voyager. Anyway, I decided I might as well come down here and do some work here while you regenerate."

Seven took hold of B'Elanna's hand and brought it to her lips to place a soft kiss on her knuckles. "You are a wonderful person, B'Elanna."

"Is that a polite way of calling me mushy?" B'Elanna joked.

"Klingons do not do mushy," Seven disagreed before tilting her head slightly and adding, "But yes, you are being mushy."

"Well then, let me be really mushy. Would you like to share a picnic with me?"

"I would love to," Seven said right away. "I am glad that the meeting with the Zamonan Queen went so well yesterday. I am looking forward to spending our shore leave with Dasia and her people."

"Me too," B'Elanna agreed. "I'm also looking forward to that party tomorrow night. I wonder how a society that's based on warriors parties; should be wild. Anyway, how about we go do our half shift, then we beam to the village and have our picnic at the lake."

"That sounds very acceptable. But since we are here on the ship anyway, I would like to go to the Captain for a moment before we start our half shift."

"Sure, what about?" B'Elanna asked while she started to walk to the door with Seven.

"About the fact that her Chief Engineer is extremely nosy."

B'Elanna stopped walking and looked at Seven. "What?!" Then she saw the small smile that was so Seven. That little smile that was really nothing more than the upturning of her mouth corners. "Oh, very funny. Fine, forget I asked."

Seven waited until they were in the turbolift before speaking up again. "I told you that if we could stay for the shore leave, I soon would start wearing different clothing than just my bio suit. Fawza, the leather craftswoman in the village, is making a set of clothing for me. It should be ready for me to wear to the party tomorrow. I want to ask the Captain if Fawza could make several more sets of clothing for me."

"Why do you have to ask the Captain this? Simply tell Fawza to make it. Or why not forget about that and simply replicate different clothing?"

"To answer your first question, you are making the same mistake I made in the beginning. You assume that I could simply replicate the local currency. But this is not the case. Since they themselves have replicators they would immediately know that we replicated their currency if we started to pay with it. We truly have to trade."

B'Elanna slapped herself against her forehead. "Of course. I always forget that. I see how they live and I forget that their level of technology equals our own."

"Indeed. And as for why I do not merely replicate clothing... do you agree that no matter how good the holodeck creations are, you still notice a difference between a forest in a holodeck and a real forest?"

"Sure, it's not blatantly obvious, but yeah, there is just something missing on the holodeck."

"It is the same with the clothing. Federation replicators do not replicate the skins of animals as well as the replicators of the Zamonan do. The Federation mindset is to make something almost the same, but not fully. If you replicate meat then it looks, tastes, smells, and feels like real meat, but on a molecular level it is different enough from meat to not be considered actual meat. This difference is normally very small, but if one pays close attention one can still notice a difference."

"Sure, everyone knows that," B'Elanna said while they stepped out of the turbolift. "It's Federation rules. It's simply to make sure that replicators aren't used to create life, or parts from animals. It's kinda the same as the rule that the transporters are built in such a way that they can't be used to create a second you... unless the transporter is malfunctioning of course."

"The Zamonan do not have such rules about the things they replicate. The skins they replicate are truly animal skins, just that they never actually covered an animal. Therefore the leather feels different than leather produced from a Federation replicator."

"You know this, how?" B'Elanna asked.

"I have tried it," Seven stated the obvious.

They stepped out of the turbolift and onto the empty bridge. With the ship landed and the main computer powered down for the duration, there was no need for a whole crew to be on the bridge. Only one person covered the bridge in situations like that. Clearly Janeway had opted to spend the duration of her shift in the ready room. No doubt having the sensors set to notify her if someone entered the bridge.

Knowing that their conversation wasn't over yet, B'Elanna leaned against the station where Harry normally stood instead of walking on to the ready room.

"When I was fitting some clothing yesterday I liked the feel of my leather clothing, I would like more real leather clothing," Seven said while taking her 'at ease' position with her hands behind her back. Seven tilted her head slightly to the side when she saw the expression that came over the Klingon's face.

"B'Elanna?" Seven finally asked after a moment of silence.

"Um, I think I just fried my brain. You just told me that you'll be wearing leather clothing."

"Yes, we have been talking about that for a while now. You also know that I went to see Fawza several times and she is the leather craftswoman of the village. Why is it such a surprise for you that she is making leather clothing for me?"

"Um, I guess I really didn't add up two and two. I'm so used to seeing you wearing that biosuit."

"Ah. By the way, you were correct; the tight pants do feel like a second skin. At first I thought that the clothing was too tight, but after having worn it for a few minutes, I must admit that it fit more comfortably than my biosuits normally do."

"You are going to have leather clothing that fits you like that?" B'Elanna repeated the obvious. She had to close her eyes for a moment while just thinking of Seven in leather, just walking around, or even bending over. "Oh gods, baby, you have no idea what it does to me to think of you wearing leather."

"Then you will be a very happy person when you see me in my new clothing," Seven assured. "When I was fitting my trousers Fawza told me that if her Mate had not been standing beside her, she would have jumped me right there."

"What?!" B'Elanna asked loudly.

"A joke," Seven assured. "Fawza enjoys joking with me, especially when her Mate is around."

"I... see," B'Elanna said slowly.

"Of course, her Mate agreed with her statement. She added that my leather top... you prefer to call that kind of clothing a 'tank-top'... looked really great since my.... assets filled the top out very well."

B'Elanna closed her eyes once more and now actually groaned slightly. "Seven, unless you want 'me' to jump you right here on the bridge, you better stop talking like that."

"Why?" Seven asked too innocent. "Do you have a problem with leather clothing?"

"Far from it," B'Elanna disagreed. "I actually have a little bit of a leather fetish. Seeing a woman in leather makes me so hot that I could start fires just by touching stuff."

"Ah, in that case I better not tell you that I also gave Fawza patterns for short leather trousers."

"Short?" B'Elanna merely asked, but with a slightly higher pitch to her voice.

"Yes. Fawza suggested I should have a couple of 'shorts.' I personally thought that they were a little too short, but Fawza assured me that they would be 'great.'"

"How... how short are we talking about?"

As an answer, Seven put a hand to her side, indicating the length, or better said, shortness of the pants. Indicating to B'Elanna that they would cut off right under Seven's behind.

"Oh, gods. And you are going to wear them around the ship?"



"But I will mostly wear them in our quarters when I am off duty. However, when I am off duty and the situation allows for it, I will also wear any leather clothing I see fit outside of the quarters. There might be a time where I will wear my shorts, and there definitely will be a time where I will be wearing the long leather clothing."

"But only if the situation allows?" B'Elanna asked. No matter how much she wanted to see Seven like that, she also didn't want the blonde sex bomb to walk around like a... well, sex bomb, all the time.

"Yes. For instance, I certainly would not wear my shorts to one of the normal parties we have on Voyager, but I would wear them if this party was set on the holodeck and a warm vacation location was simulated. Do not worry, B'Elanna. I have no intention of shocking the ship. Leather will also not be the only kind of clothing I will wear from now on. I will also replicate normal fabric garments to wear off duty. Besides, I do not want you to spend time in the brig for punching all the people that would make remarks to me that they think are funny."

"I'm glad to hear that," B'Elanna said relieved. No matter how much she would love to see Seven walk around in leather, she really didn't feel like killing Tom, or Harry, or Chakotay, or the Doctor, or Samantha, or... anyone.

"However," Seven said while she came closer and whispered in B'Elanna's ear. "I remember how you told me about liking the look of a woman in leather, so I also have some patterns that will be solely for you to see me wear."

"Really?" B'Elanna asked, noticing that her voice had gotten a little higher again. She was amazed how this woman could affect her like that with mere words.

"Yes, while there are also some vests to wear over normal shirts to complete my normal clothing sets, I will also have some clothing especially for you. How would you like to see me in nothing more than some leather briefs and a halter top? Or maybe if you are really lucky I will walk around the quarters wearing nothing more than a leather bra and a leather thong."

"Please baby, don't do this to me," B'Elanna finally said softly, she really didn't trust her voice anymore at that moment.

"You would not like that?" Seven asked with a smile.

"Seven, we are about to go meet the Captain, I can't go in there with those mental images in my mind. How... how do you think you will get Kathryn to agree to sponsor this entire new wardrobe?"

"I am lucky as far as that is concerned. Fawza likes me, as does her Mate. Fawza made me a deal. She would make any clothing I want for me at cost only. There were only four conditions. First, the amount of clothing would have to be reasonable, but apparently her idea of reasonable is different to mine since she was encouraging me to choose more and more. Second, I would not tell anyone else of the crew that I would be getting clothes at that price, she does not want half of Voyager there asking her to make something for them."

"You just told me," B'Elanna pointed out, glad that Seven had moved away from producing images that were making B'Elanna's mouth dry, and a different place wet.

"You do not count. You are my Mate; they expect me to tell you. Besides, Fawza is also making two sets of clothing for you. My choice. And I chose something that I think will look very good on you. The third condition was that I, we, would take good care of the clothing. Cleaning it in the normal way, without using the replicators, which is something I would have done anyway. After all, if I use the replicator to clean the clothing than they would be taken apart on a molecular level, and then put back together again without the dirt, but also according to Federation rules. So it would change the real leather to a Federation imitation of leather. Fawza has shown me what cleaning materials to use, and how to use them. And the fourth condition was that once we leave this planet, Fawza has the right to boast about how much more I paid than the asking price because I was so impressed with her work."

"But, how does she want to do this? I mean, a full wardrobe for you, two sets of clothing for me, and I assume that the normal work for the village continues as well."

"True," Seven agreed. "But because Dasia likes us as well, Fawza has received the permission for limited replicator use. She is allowed to replicate the actual clothing in a standard size that is the closest to my precise measurement, but Fawza herself must do the final fit, turning good, but standard size, clothing into perfectly tailored clothing. You are scheduled for a fitting three days from now."

B'Elanna looked at Seven thoughtfully for a moment. "Honey, despite this being done at cost, this must still cost a lot."

"It does," Seven agreed. "The final costs are one thousand three hundred Koli. However, since coming onboard Voyager, I have not used any of my replicator rations... except for the last couple of months of course. I am hoping that the captain will agree to part with goods to that value in exchange for those replicator rations."

Seven didn't add that she was glad that Fawza hadn't taken her up on the offer to pay for the 'toy' after all. Seven had only thought about offering her replicator rations after her first meeting with Fawza, but luckily the woman had told her that a gift is, and stays, a gift.

B'Elanna grinned at Seven's clear enthusiasm. "You suddenly are into leather a lot."

"Not entirely. You merely opened me up to that possibility, and once I tried it, I liked it. However, you must take into account that I am merely using this opportunity. Right now I have the chance to get an entire wardrobe fitted exactly for me. Because of my implants I know that my clothing size will never change again. Therefore it is safe to have a lot of clothing made now. I do not know when the next time will be that we will come across such a talented leather crafts person. I do not intend to wear only leather from now on, in fact, I think that sixty percent of the time that I am off duty I will be wearing either my biosuits, or standard Federation clothing."

"Glad to hear that," B'Elanna had to admit. "Because not wearing it all the time, makes the times that you do wear it all the more special."

Seven stepped closer to B'Elanna again and softly whispered into her ear. "And talking about my biosuit. You admitted to me that you like the way I look in the form-fitting suit. Just for you, and only for me to wear in our quarters, Fawza will make me a leather cat-suit. Can you imagine, B'Elanna? Me wearing a cat-suit made of thin leather, closing around my body like a second skin? The neckline cut in such a way that my breasts are covered, but a very nice cleavage is still seen. How do you think my breasts will look, covered in shiny black leather? Can you imagine running your hands across my body, squeezing your hand between the tight suit, and my soft, warm, breast. What do you think; will you see my nipples through the leather? No, I do not know why I am asking you this, for I know for sure that you just looking at me in that suit will affect me. I am willing to bet that my nipples will become rock hard, so easy to see through the leather then."

Seven's monologue was stopped by B'Elanna suddenly coming closer and kissing her roughly. "Seven, if you don't stop it right now, I swear I'm going to take you right here. I've seen you take off that suit several times now, I'm sure I know how to do it."

Seven laughed and softly nipped B'Elanna's neck. "I was just joking about the leather cat-suit. While it would be interesting, it would also be a waste since I could use that money to buy other clothing I can use more often. Do not worry; I will be good, for now. But you must help me convince Kathryn."

Suddenly they heard a throat being cleared behind them. "Convince me of what?"

Seven and B'Elanna stiffened, neither of them moving for several seconds. Finally it was B'Elanna who spoke up. "Please don't tell me that we were just caught necking by the Captain."

"B'Elanna, I think we were just caught necking by the captain," Seven said amused.

"I told you NOT to tell me that," B'Elanna said while she slipped from between Seven and the console she was standing against. "Um, Captain," B'Elanna finally said, trying to muster up some decency.

"I assume that you actually came to see me?" Janeway asked, using all her command training to keep a straight face. "Or did you decide to live out some fantasy now that nobody is on the bridge?"

"No, Captain," Seven said, standing straight, looking as if nothing had happened. "I would like to see you to talk about clothing for me."

"Why don't we go into the ready room and talk about it?"

"This is incredible."

B'Elanna and Seven turned around to look behind them at the man who had just spoken.

"It is," B'Elanna agreed as she looked out over the water once more. "It has something for everybody."

They were not far from the place where Voyager had landed. In fact, with a little effort one could still see some of Voyager's gray hull through the palm trees. The ship had been landed in a large clearing and people were busy with setting up temporary habitats between the palm trees so that the Voyager crew could live there while Voyager went through some much-needed repairs. A little further away the ground started to slope down to the warm water of an ocean. There were waves of just the right height for several water sports crashing onto the white sand of the beach. While a little to the right there was a small cove that resulted in an area free of waves.

Knowing that B'Elanna and Seven had been in Engineering when Voyager had landed, Tom informed them, "We already did a level two scan of the water. It shows that we can set up the security barrier in the water without disturbing normal marine life. No predator that we have to worry about is currently calling these waters home."

"Great, that means we can splash around without having to worry about sharks or something nibbling on our feet," B'Elanna said with a grin.

They walked to the water's edge and started to follow the beach to where the cove was. "So, how are things between you?" Tom asked.

"Great, why are you asking?" B'Elanna countered.

"Because you're acting different than the last time I saw you. Then you never touched; as if you were afraid to get burned. Now you're touching all the time. Hell, you've been holding hands for at least five minutes now. So, I'm curious. Honest curiosity, nothing else."

B'Elanna brought the linked hands to her lips and placed a kiss on Seven's knuckles. "That's because we realized that we'd much rather feel the heat than stay in the cold."

"Or in other words, Mr. Paris, now that B'Elanna and I are lovers we like to touch simply because we can," Seven added.

"So you finally stopped dancing around each other?" Tom asked with a grin.

"Actually, it is more accurate to say that B'Elanna and I have started to dance with each other. The most wonderful kind of dance; preferably done horizontally. Though other positions were most definitely tested as well."

Tom winked. "Care to describe that dance to me?"

Before Seven could reply, B'Elanna pushed Tom into the water, hooking a foot behind his legs to make sure that he would fall and get fully drenched.

"Hey!" Tom sputtered while wiping the water from his face.

"It sounded to me like you needed some cooling off," B'Elanna said between laughs.

Tom opened his mouth to reply but then hesitated and changed what he was going to say. "Actually, there isn't much cooling off in this water. It's nice and warm. Here, try it." He splashed enough water at B'Elanna to drench the front of her uniform.

Now it was B'Elanna who had to wipe the water from her face, giving Tom enough time to get up and start running. And with that, the chase was on.

Seven looked at them taking off and sighed. Then, realizing that there was no reason anymore to hold back, she smiled. B'Elanna wanted her just the way she truly was, which meant that what others thought of how she behaved suddenly became a lot less important. The smile never leaving her face, Seven started to jog after her lover and their friend.


Chapter 10

B'Elanna felt strangely nervous. The night before things had just happened and they went from there. But now was the first time they went to bed knowing up front they would make love before going to sleep.

Seven smiled at her. "Remember, we promised to be more quiet tonight."

Finally B'Elanna grinned. "Believe it or not, but I can do quiet if need be. It's just that last night that sure wasn't my focus."

"So you are normally not as loud as last night?"

"No. Mind you, I'm not saying that I'm always quiet. Sometimes, if the situation is right I can be damn loud, like last night. But normally I'm as loud as I am on a normal talking level, maybe a little bit louder, tops."

"I could see that as a challenge," Seven said with a smile as she moved onto the bed.

B'Elanna removed the last of her uniform, leaving her in her underwear. She decided to leave that on so that Seven could remove them for her; much more fun. She joined her already naked lover on the bed. "How about we make a fun volume test out of it for when we are back on Voyager to see if others can hear us? Let's concentrate on loving tonight and not on volume?"

"Very well," Seven agreed. Then she asked. "Would it be considered bad manners if I kissed you now so that we can stop talking and start making love?"

"That actually sounds like a damn good idea," B'Elanna assured before kissing her lover. "You know, you should really work on how you take off that biosuit. You just undo that fastening and peel it off. It's a bit... I don't know, anticlimactic. I've worked so hard to get into that suit and now you just... take it off. It's not fair," B'Elanna said with a fake pout while enjoying the view of an almost naked ex-drone. "At least you could have stripped a little slower."

"B'Elanna, believe me, there is no slow or sensual way to take off a biosuit. If there was, I would gladly disrobe slowly for you and make it part of my effort to arouse you even more."

Seven thought of the leather clothing that was being made and added, "Just remember, some very interesting clothing is being made for me. Just wait until I have that and then disrobe for you. I promise that then I will make up for the fact that you have always seen me in a biosuit, even when we are off duty and at home. Or maybe I will do the same as you and leave my underwear on so that you can remove it for me. Do you think you would be interested in liberating me from some leather briefs and leather bra?"

B'Elanna answered by moving one of her hands behind Seven's neck and pulling her closer to spend a long moment exchanging kisses.

"Black is definitely your color," Seven said while she looked at the Klingon. B'Elanna was wearing a black bra and Seven liked how the color looked on the Klingon's light caramel skin.

B'Elanna wanted to open the bra so that Seven could help her take it off, but was stopped by the blonde's soft voice.

"No, let me." Seven kneeled on the bed, straddling the Klingon's legs. She slowly brought her hands to B'Elanna's breasts. Having never worn a bra herself, Seven had a little trouble with opening the clasp between the two cups, but after a second try the bra finally cooperated.

B'Elanna sat up so that Seven could slide the bra down her arms. Since their lips were so close, they spent a moment to enjoy some soft kisses. Finally Seven concentrated once more on what she wanted to do. She threw the bra onto the table where the rest of the clothing was lying and then Seven took her time enjoying the view of B'Elanna's perfect breasts.

Of course she knew that B'Elanna's breasts were not really perfect. But then again, weren't they? Perfection was in the eye of the beholder, and in Seven's eyes B'Elanna's breasts were perfect. The Klingon's breasts were obviously not as big as Seven's, but Seven actually liked that. She liked breasts that were smaller than hers, and B'Elanna's seemed to have the perfect size. She cupped them and found that they fitted perfectly into her hands.

"Not really a match for yours huh?" B'Elanna asked as she arched her back a little to push herself more into Seven's hands.

"They are perfect, you are perfect," Seven said while she moved her thumbs over the erect nipples. Where Seven's nipples where a nice shade of light pink, B'Elanna's were dark brown.

"Your panties," Seven finally said.

B'Elanna merely let herself drop back onto the bed so that she could lift her hips, once Seven had moved off them, and let Seven take hold of her panties and move them down her caramel colored legs. They were also thrown onto the table. "Now I finally have you naked."

"You sure do," B'Elanna agreed. "So what are you going to do with me now that you have me at you mercy?"

"Please you." Seven didn't give B'Elanna a chance to reply, but leaned forward to take one of those dark nipples into her mouth, sucking it softly before swirling her tongue around it.

"Oh, yeah. Suck it again. Suck them harder, I like my nipples to be sucked hard."

Seven moved her mouth to the other breast while taking the first one into her hand. Squeezing it like B'Elanna had shown her before, only now she sometimes let go to take the nipple between her thumb and index finger, rolling, pinching, and tugging it in an unpredictable manner.

Suck harder, B'Elanna had said. Well, Seven could do that. She sucked the nipple once more into her mouth. Sucking so had that it actually hurt the Klingon a little. But it was the good kind of hurt, and exactly what B'Elanna wanted, needed.

While taking good care of B'Elanna's breasts, Seven lowered her second hand to B'Elanna's center, playing softly with the wet curls.

"Gods baby, you have no idea what you're doing to me," B'Elanna said while she sat up a little, leaning on one hand while laying her other hand softly on Seven's head.

Seven lowered her hand, getting some of B'Elanna's essence on her fingers. She pulled back a little and showed her hand to B'Elanna. "Maybe I have no idea what I am doing to you." She stuck one of the fingers into her mouth and slowly sucked it clean. "But this shows me that what I am doing to you is the right thing." She licked her second and third finger clean. "You really do taste good, B'Elanna. Lay back and let me taste you."

B'Elanna didn't need to be asked twice. She let herself drop back onto the bed, and moved forward a little when she felt Seven softly, but firmly, pull her off the bed slightly.

Seven moved B'Elanna so that her behind and upper body were on the bed, with the behind only just being on the bed. This way Seven had all the room and access she wanted, yet B'Elanna would not be uncomfortable. She spread B'Elanna's legs a little more, opening the Klingon up for her. She took a moment to look at B'Elanna's sex. She really did like the way B'Elanna had shaved. Still having a triangle of hair, but it was short with neatly kept lines. Starting just above the clit and leaving her sex as bare as Seven's was. B'Elanna's lips were open, begging to be touched while her clit was peeking from under its hood.

Seven slowly brought her hand to B'Elanna's sex and started to trail its lines with her index finger. First the outer lips, smiling when B'Elanna shuddered slightly as she touched her, then she moved to the inner lips. Seven loved how soft and silky B'Elanna felt. She knew from feeling her own body just how soft a woman could be, but somehow B'Elanna felt softer than that. It was probably, her rational mind explained, simply because now she was only feeling the soft flesh under her fingers, while when she touched herself, she also felt that touch.

Finally she moved her finger to B'Elanna's clit, circling it a few times. Coaxing it further from under its hood until it was as hard as it could be; clearly throbbing with every pulse of B'Elanna's boiling blood.

Seven moved her fingers a little lower until she was slowly circling B'Elanna's opening. "Tell me, B'Elanna. You said that you liked the feeling of being filled, does that mean that I can enter you whenever I want, or do you prefer certain moments for that?"

"Whenever you want, please Seven."

"Whenever I want?" Seven asked while she continued to slowly circle B'Elanna's opening. "So you would also like it if when we are at home, you sitting beside me, just reading, if I then suddenly pushed my hand into your pants deep enough so that I can push my finger all the way in?"

"Whenever... as long as I'm wet enough so that it won't hurt."

Seven looked at the wetness on B'Elanna's sex for a moment before moving her finger back up to B'Elanna's clit and stroking it softly, once more hearing B'Elanna's breathing getting shallower as a result. She loved the effect that she was having on this woman.

"I do not think that this will be a problem. The way that you seem to react to me, all I have to do when I push my hand into your pants is to simply rub your clit a few times like this, and you get wet enough so that I can easily do this."

Without any warning, Seven suddenly pushed her index and middle finger all the way into B'Elanna, as far as they could go.

B'Elanna couldn't control herself; this was what her body needed. Her strong muscles pulled at Seven's fingers while a strong orgasm washed over her. She threw her head back onto the bed as far as it could go, lifting her body off the bed with only her feet on the floor and her head and shoulders on the bed. A howl tried to escape and B'Elanna clamped her mouth shut, trapping the sound and turning it into a strange mix between a howl and a moan.

"Do not hold back. You are part Klingon. Next time, howl for me B'Elanna. Let everyone who can hear know that your Mate is fucking you. You are part Klingon; let everyone who can hear know what your Mate can do to you."

Seven didn't give B'Elanna a chance to reply. She gently pulled her fingers out of the Klingon and brought her mouth to B'Elanna's sex.

B'Elanna felt the last waves of ecstasy settle down when she felt Seven's breath on her pussy. "Seven, what are you trying to do to me; kill me?"

Seven brought her tongue to B'Elanna's entrance, circled it once before flattening her tongue and cleaning B'Elanna with one long stroke from hole to clit. "Do you want me to stop?" Seven asked before she brought her tongue back to B'Elanna's entrance and waited there.

"I didn't say that," B'Elanna said while lifting her head and looking down at the blonde with a grin.

"Then stop complaining, you are half Klingon, you can take it." Seven smiled at the Klingon, taking the sting out of the words.

"What makes you think that?" B'Elanna grinned.

Seven looked at B'Elanna for a moment, her head tilted slightly, before she finally said, "Because there is no way that you will allow yourself to be worn out by some ex-Borg bitch. You will be damned if you are not going to be the one to wear her out."

B'Elanna sat up laughing and curled her finger at Seven. "Honey you are really too much. Come here bitch, and kiss me."

Seven only reluctantly moved away from B'Elanna's center, but she knew that she would be back soon.

B'Elanna's eyes fluttered closed when they kissed. "Gods," She said after they finally broke apart. "I always liked the way I taste, but it doesn't compare to tasting me on your lips."

Once they had stopped kissing, Seven moved back to B'Elanna's center. "I promise you that we will both feast on the taste that is us before the night is through. But right now, lay back and let me eat you. You are going to come for me. You are going to come right into my mouth. Resistance is futile."

B'Elanna let herself drop back onto the bed and laughed. "Gods honey, I never knew just how much of a turn on a Borg doctrine could be."

"And I am certain that you also never knew how much Borg drones like the taste of a Klingon, especially if the Klingon is hers."

"That I am," B'Elanna agreed wholeheartedly while she once more felt Seven's tongue on her sex. "This Klingon is all yours baby. Every square millimeter of me belongs to you. Just as you are all mine."

Seven didn't answer, but instead decided to show her agreement with her tongue. She spent a moment licking all traces of B'Elanna's orgasm away, before once more bringing her tongue to the Klingon's opening. She pushed her tongue inside slowly, wanting to see how B'Elanna reacted.

B'Elanna felt Seven's tongue at her opening once more and thought that Seven was going to circle as she had done before, but instead she felt that sweet muscle slowly sliding in to her. "Oh gods yes," B'Elanna moaned while she angled her hips a little more, trying to get as much of Seven into her as she could. Finally Seven was as deep as she could go and slowly started to move in and out of B'Elanna, fucking her in a steady pace.

Seven loved the way B'Elanna tasted. She pulled back out and licked B'Elanna's sex from bottom to top before looking into B'Elanna's eyes and slowly swallowing the essence that she had collected.

B'Elanna moaned while she let herself drop back onto the bed. Seeing Seven so deliberately swallow what she just had collected made B'Elanna's clit twitch in pure reaction. "Baby, do you have any idea what you do to me?"

"From what I can see, I excite you," Seven stated the obvious. She started to slowly move her tongue all over B'Elanna's sex, but soon she was concentrating on that hard nub of nerves. She took her time swirling her tongue around it before finally moving the tip rapidly back and forth over the hard clit.

"Oh, baby. Suck me," B'Elanna moaned and immediately Seven obliged.

Seven sucked B'Elanna's clit into her mouth and closed her lips around it. She tried to suck the clit further into her mouth while rapidly moving her tongue across it.

She let B'Elanna's clit go, only to suck it back into her mouth. Seven loved the feel of B'Elanna's warm flesh in her mouth. She let go once more and this time closed her mouth around as much of B'Elanna as she could; simply sucking on the Klingon's sex. She smiled when she heard B'Elanna's moaning increase. Apparently the Klingon liked very much what Seven was doing.

Finally she decided that she wanted something else. So instead of sucking B'Elanna's clit into her mouth, she sucked one of the inner lips into her mouth; treating it in the very same way, moving her tongue over and around it.

Seven let go to treat the other lip in the same way before taking a moment to lick B'Elanna's entire sex. Only to then move back to attack that wonderful clit some more.

By now B'Elanna was moaning loudly and breathing in shallow small breaths. Seven knew that the Klingon was about to come, so she suddenly let go of the clit and moved back to B'Elanna's opening.

B'Elanna felt Seven let go and she lifted her head to look at the blond. She had been sooo close. A twinkle in those blue eyes told her that Seven knew how close she had been. "Bitch."

"True, but I am your bitch," Seven countered with a smile.

Before B'Elanna could say more, Seven slowly pushed her tongue into the tight opening of B'Elanna's sex.

"Oh, gods yes, Seven," B'Elanna moaned while dropping her head back onto the bed. "Fuck me."

Seven started to move her tongue in and out of her lover at a steady pace. After a moment she brought her hand to B'Elanna's clit and started to rub it in a steady rhythm. Up and down, up and down, at the same pace as her tongue was going in and out, in and out.

B'Elanna put her hand on Seven's head and caressed those blonde hairs for a moment. She wanted Seven to know how much she felt for her, but with the magic that Seven was working on her the only sounds she could produce were moans and 'oh yea's'.

Wanting to touch B'Elanna as much as possible, Seven used her second hand to simple caress the Klingon's leg, but then she decided that her hand could be put to better use. She moved up B'Elanna's leg once more, this time until she reached B'Elanna's behind and softly started to knead that.

"Touch my ass baby," B'Elanna moaned when she felt Seven start to knead her cheek.

For a moment, Seven was confused. Making sure to keep up her pace sliding her tongue in and out and her hand up and down, she wondered what B'Elanna could mean. She was already touching her ass. Then an idea came to her. Maybe B'Elanna wanted to be touched in a different way.

She brought her hand up and softly caressed the flesh between B'Elanna's two openings, making sure to not move her mouth away from the Klingon's entrance; she knew that B'Elanna wanted her tongue as deep as possible. Hell, Seven wanted her tongue as deep as possible.

When she felt Seven's second hand on her, B'Elanna's mind almost exploded. Seven was overloading her with sensations. She had the wonderful feeling of being fucked by that long tongue, having her clit rubbed in the same rhythm, and having the sensitive flesh between her openings caressed as well. B'Elanna knew that she couldn't last much longer.

Suddenly she felt Seven move her face away and felt herself being entered by one of the blonde's fingers, surprised by the small size. But before she could wonder about it, that wonderful tongue was back and moving once more deep inside her.

Seven brought her wet pinky to B'Elanna's puckered opening and slowly moved only the tip inside, wanting to see how B'Elanna would react.

B'Elanna was close, so damn close. She knew that she could only last for a few moments longer. Then suddenly she felt a new sensation. Slowly she felt Seven move the tip of her pinky inside her ass. "Oh, fuck yes baby. Fill me."

Hearing B'Elanna's approval, Seven didn't hesitate and moved her pinky in as far as it would go. After leaving it for a moment to let B'Elanna get used to the feeling, she started to pump it in and out in the same rhythm as her tongue and thumb were moving in and out of B'Elanna and moving over her clit.

B'Elanna could only bear that wonderful onslaught for a few seconds before she came harder than she could ever remember. This time she didn't, couldn't, hold back and howled out her release so loud that Seven actually winced slightly. After a moment B'Elanna became aware that Seven had removed her pinky from her ass, and her tongue from inside, but now she was licking her sex from bottom to top time and time again.

Finally, once she was sure she had cleaned up all traces of B'Elanna's orgasm, Seven leaned back and smiled at the Klingon. "So much for being quiet tonight."

Despite the reminder that she would probably have to face some more needling again the next day, B'Elanna didn't mind. "Fuck it. The Zamonan get a kick out of teasing us, and Janeway just has to go sulking to Chakotay to make her scream like you make me scream."

"I doubt that that would ever happen," Seven noted. "She would not scream; it is not captain like behavior."

B'Elanna chuckled. "Probably true. Sometimes I wonder... Wait, I'm not even going to finish that sentence. I sooo don't want to even guess about them. Brrrr."

"They deserve each other."

Now B'Elanna laughed. "Baby, if anyone but you had said that, it would have sounded like a really big insult. But, yeah, I do think that they are good for each other." A spasm went through B'Elanna when Seven leaned forward again to remove the wetness that had formed in the few moments that they were talking.

"Told you that I was going to make you come right in to my mouth," Seven noted. "From now on, B'Elanna Torres, you better not ask me in public what my favorite food is. You would be embarrassed when I tell them that 'my most favorite food is B'Elanna when she comes.'"

"Gods baby, you are really too much. But let me tell you something; damn you're good."

"Of course. I am Borg. We never do something without putting our best effort in," Seven joked.

"Oh, you put your best effort in alright," B'Elanna agreed as she moved back up the bad and invited Seven to join her by extending her hand to the blonde. "In fact, I really liked to feel your best effort in, inside me that is."

As Seven joined B'Elanna on the bed, the Klingon pulled her over a little until Seven was lying on her stomach. "B'Elanna?"

"Well, since you don't need to use the toilet," B'Elanna started before placing a kiss on Seven's behind. "I think I'd really like to kiss your ass baby. You up for that?"

"I have a feeling that you want to do more than just kiss my ass," Seven noted amused. "Lucky for you, and me, I am very much up for it, as you say."

"Good," B'Elanna said happily as she moved back up to start placing kisses all over the blonde's back, exchanging the kisses with tender caresses. She took her time with moving lower and lower over that wonderful back, until finally she reached the swell of Seven's cheeks.

"Enjoying that?" B'Elanna wondered.

"Very much," Seven assured. "You can do that more often, even if sex is not part of the goal of doing this. It feels very relaxing."

"Good, but I don't want you too relaxed," B'Elanna noted as she started to place kisses and licks all over Seven's shapely behind. Slowly but surely moving further between the cheeks until finally she was swirling her tongue around Seven's puckered opening. "You like that?" B'Elanna asked, hearing Seven hum in approval.

"Yes, very much," Seven agreed, moving her legs a little in an effort to give B'Elanna more room.

"Good. Cause, I really like the fact that I can do this." B'Elanna swirled her tongue around some more before slowly pushing the tip inside.

"Oh, B'Elanna, that feels sooo good."

"Do you want more?" B'Elanna asked as she moved a hand between Seven's legs to pay homage to the blonde's clit.

"Yes," Seven said in a pleading tone.

B'Elanna quickly put one of her fingers in her mouth to make it wet before pushing it into the blonde's anus.

"Yes!" Seven showed her agreement loudly.

"Want me to fuck your ass, baby, or just stay inside while I concentrate on your pussy?" B'Elanna asked.

"Fuck me, please fuck my ass," Seven pleaded, eager to feel B'Elanna move inside her.

"Gladly," B'Elanna said while starting to move her finger in and out at a slow pace. She was glad to finally have found someone who also appreciated this aspect of love making. She started making love to Seven's clit again with her other hand while moving her finger in and out in a steadily increasing pace.

"More," Seven pleaded.

Unlike the day before, B'Elanna didn't ask if Seven was sure. She removed her finger, only to slide back in with two fingers. Once more she started out slow, only to increase her pace. Finally she was moving in and out of Seven at such a pace that it was too difficult to continue rubbing Seven's clit at the same time. Reluctantly she stopped stimulating Seven's center and used that hand to stabilize herself so that she had had better leverage to enter Seven's rectum at a steady pace.

"Oh gods yes," Seven said as she felt herself getting closer to her peak.

"Gods Seven, you feel so wonderful on my fingers. I love to fuck you, you are so eager to take whatever I can give you. I love to be inside you, to feel you around me. I love how your react to what I do. Tell me, are you close?"

"Bitch, you know I am," Seven growled.

B'Elanna laughed. "Then come for me, baby. Come from me fucking that beautiful ass of yours."

Seven's body reacted strongly to the call of B'Elanna's words. An orgasm washed over her so powerfully that her body shook as the spasms shot through her body.

"Are you okay, baby?" B'Elanna asked concerned, removing her fingers from inside Seven and laying down beside her lover so that she could look her in the eyes.

"I'm wonderful," Seven said breathlessly. "You were wonderful."

She tried to role onto her side, only to sigh happily. "B'Elanna Torres. You have damaged me. I can no longer move."

B'Elanna grinned before stating evilly, "Let's test that." Suddenly she started to tickle Seven who just as suddenly found the energy to fend the Klingon off.

"I knew it!" B'Elanna exclaimed triumphantly. "The reason why those Borg drones wear all that body armor is because they're ticklish!"

Seven merely squirmed under the relentless attack while giggling helplessly.

"Now she even giggles! Whatever happened to 'resistance is futile?' I... oh ho." The last was said when Seven suddenly stopped moving and looked at her lover with a triumphant gleam in her eyes. "Um, let me guess, you can switch tactile senses off as well?"

"Indeed. And now it is payback time." Before B'Elanna could react, Seven's hands shot out and captured the Klingon's wrists. Seven turned them around until Seven was sitting on top of her lover, still holding her hands in a secure grip.

B'Elanna struggled against the hold, only to struggle some more when she saw how Seven smirked at her when she couldn't break the hold.

"Now my wonderful hotheaded Klingon, did nobody ever tell you that it is severely unwise to piss off a Borg drone?"

"I didn't even know that you could piss off a Borg Drone," B'Elanna shot back.

Seven took a breath to reply but before she could their eyes locked and they broke into a fit of giggles.

"I think I like that combo," B'Elanna finally said.

"What combination?" Seven wondered.

"The combination of you being ticklish and also stronger than me. It means that I can tease you for as long as you will let me get away with, and then I'll be at your complete mercy while you punish me for bugging you like that."

"Punish?" Seven asked. "Like me capturing your hands and then fucking you until you promise that you will never do it again?"

"Right... until the next time of course," B'Elanna happily agreed.

"I believe that we have to experiment with those punishments," Seven noted while her fingers were already capturing a sensitive nipple.

"Ooh, experimenting is good. I'm your willing subject babe. Experiment away."

Part 11

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