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By Kate


Helen nervously tucked her hair behind her ear and took a deep breath as she waited for Nikki to get home.

She wanted to do this more than anything. The law now made it permissible, but they had never discussed it. She knew their relationship didn't rely on or didn't need conventional acceptance. But Helen knew this was her way of showing Nikki just how she felt.

She paced in the dinning room, overwhelmed at how nervous she was. It seemed ridiculous to be feeling this way, and her heart beat a little faster.

Helen finished laying the table and lit the candles. She dimmed the lighting and took another look, feeling happy that she had set a romantic atmosphere for the occasion. She wanted everything to be just right. She then headed to the kitchen to check on the meal in the oven.

Hearing the front door close, announcing Nikki was home, Helen's heart began racing even more. She took the dish out and took it to the table, placing it in the centre

She didn't hear Nikki sneak up behind her and jumped as she felt Nikki's arms circle her waist from behind.

"This looks very romantic." Nikki said and kissed her neck.

Helen wondered if Nikki had any clue.

"That's the idea." Helen turned to face her and kissed her.

They languished in the warmth of their kiss.

"What's going on?" Nikki narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"Nothing," Helen nervously laughed. "Why d'you say that?"

"Something's been on your mind. I can tell." Nikki said.

"Rubbish." Helen laughed again and turned away from her, taking another deep breath. Nikki had the uncanny ability to sense when Helen was up to something.

"Let's eat." Helen said hurriedly.

Sitting at the table Helen stared at Nikki. She never tired of looking at her, seeing her chocolate brown eyes, the undeniable beauty of her face. Her smile. Helen shook her head slightly, unable to get over the affect that Nikki had on her, just by simply looking at her.

Nikki's eyes met hers and Helen audibly gasped. Deep brown pools gazed back at her, their warmth and softness almost palpable across the space between them. Helen felt herself falling helplessly into those eyes, being drawn towards the heart of a woman she loved beyond comprehension.

Helen felt her heart miss a beat and she closed her eyes.

"Darling?" Nikki said softly

Helen opened her eyes, to see Nikki smiling at her.

"Is everything alight?" Helen saw the little worried crease in Nikki's brow.

"It's now or never!" Helen told herself and she rose slowly from her chair, her hand checking once again, for the item in the front pocket of her trousers.

The distance between them could be measured in inches, but to Helen it felt as though Nikki were a mile away. Her mouth became dry and her stomach now joined her heart in her chest.

Standing at Nikki's side, Helen saw the slight confusion on her face. Taking one more deep breath, Helen lowered herself down on one knee beside her. She reached into the pocket and pulled out the ring, keeping it clasped in her hand.

"Nikki," Helen heard the shakiness in her voice. "I love you more than I can ever say. And I probably don't say it enough. But if ever there was a way to prove it, I think I can by doing this."

Helen reached out and took Nikki's hand. "It probably seems overly dramatic but I want you to know how I feel, how much I want this." Helen slid a simple gold band onto Nikki's left ring finger. "I want us to have a ceremony, with our friends, to legalise what we have together. I want to be married to you. Will you…" Helen didn't get to finish.

"Yes," Nikki said softly and leant towards Helen and kissed her. "Yes, yes." She continued saying it as she smothered Helen's face in kisses.

Helen was pulled up and onto Nikki's lap and her mouth captured in a long deep kiss. She combed her fingers through Nikki's hair, relaxing into the embrace. When she tasted a salty wetness on her lips, she drew back to look at Nikki.

"Sweetheart? Are you ok?" Helen wiped Nikki's face.

"I love you, so much." Nikki said and more tears slid down her cheeks.

Helen felt her own eyes well up and she let her tears fall unashamedly. She rested her forehead against Nikki's and kissed the tip of her nose.

"You do realise, that once we do this, I will legally own half of everything you have." Helen smiled.

"You already have all of me. You own everything I am; my heart is yours, my soul is yours, my love is yours. They always will be." Nikki said softly.

Helen felt her breath being snatched away. "How do you manage to do that?" She said closing her eyes briefly.

"Do what?" Nikki asked as she nuzzled Helen's neck.

"Manage to reach right inside me and make me realise, that just when I didn't think I could love you any more, I discover I can?"

Nikki looked at her and smiled mischievously. "It's because I'm irresistible. I have that effect on women."

"Is that so?" Helen arched her eyebrows.

"Yep, I had them flinging themselves at me in Larkhall."

"Really, just who exactly?" Helen asked, smiling at Nikki's admission.

"Bodybag. She had that look in her eye. I saw it when she put me in strips a couple of times. I reckon she would have been a real goer too, but I was worried she'd wear me out."

Helen tried not to laugh, but Nikki's delivery was so dry, she couldn't help it.

"So, Sylvia would have been serious competition then?"

"Yeah, it was tough there for a while. So many similarities."

"What?" Helen exclaimed. "In what bloody way, were we similar?" Helen looked at her surprised.

"Shoes." Nikki went back to her task of kissing Helen's neck.

"Shoes?" Helen lifted Nikki's head to look at her, a puzzled expression on her face.

"You both wore those lovely clumpy prison issue ones. Drove me wild." Nikki smiled.

"Silly arse." Helen shoved against her.

"Anyway, as much as I think it's only right you finally make an honest woman of me, I think we have another good reason for doing this." Nikki said and let her hands caress Helen's stomach, gently rubbing her swollen belly.

Helen smiled and placed her hands over Nikki's. They both felt the movement.

"Seems someone approves of your proposal. Kicking up a right old storm in there." Nikki smiled.

"Going to take after their mother then." Helen gave Nikki an accusing look.

"Oh? Which one?" Nikki retorted back.

Helen laughed and kissed her.

"Are we having dessert?" Nikki looked at the table, and there was no obvious sign that another course was imminent.

Helen slowly got off Nikki's lap and held out her hand.

"Yes," She said softly. "Come with me."

Nikki smiled as Helen blew out the candles and then proceeded to take her slowly upstairs.

The End

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