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Queen High
By Elizabeth Carter

"Stupid, stupid, stupid…. bitch!" B'Elanna growled. "Today of all days she had to go and do something like that. Stupid jealous bitch. Kah'less, I should have known better. Every micron of happiness I find, that woman can somehow leach from me."

With another growl the Bat' lath struck upward in a repast slicing open the Cardassian warrior in front of her. The male toppled over to the hard packed earth with a resounding thud before he blinked out of existence.

"Stupid bitch is almost as bad as that fucking Helm-rat." B'Elanna shivered in her rage as she swung the deadly Klingon sword in a masterful roundhouse arch taking the head off of a Kazan pirate.

"She had to go and assign my BangwI for an away team…she knew what day it was today. That Napoleonic power-monger is a jealous petaQ." With a perfect figure eight, the petite Engineer not only blocked the Klingon warrior's deadly strike of his own Bat'lath but she drove straight up rending him from crotch to collarbone.

"Impressive display of barbarity." Came a cold detached voice from the shadows of the cavern.

B'Elanna stepped back a moment trying to access her new opponent. Her beloved Annika had designed this program and B'Elanna was still upon the first level. It was more difficult then the young Klingon had anticipated. She was impressed with the Annika / Sevens ruthless efficiency when it came to creating Klingon training holoprograms. This particular program had been an early birthday gift, with promises of more once Seven had returned from the away mission that Captain Janeway had insisted the young ex-Borg accompany.

The Borg Queen stepped out of the shadows. Lithely approaching B'Elanna was a cobra stalks a mouse.

The engineer chucked to herself. Of course Seven would place a figure of her greatest nemesis.

"I'll enjoy killing you Borg-bitch." B'Elanna smiled predatorily.

"Even if I was here in a tactile condition, you would be unable to carry our your intentions." The cybernetic female said with certain smugness.

"Kah'less, Annika even got the Borg superiority complex down."

"Seven of Nine did not create this image of me." The Borg Queen said in deadpan coolness.

For a moment B'Elanna stood absolutely still. "Computer delete Borg Queen."

The computer chirped, "Unable to comply the holomatrix of the Borg Queen is not in the databanks."

"As I said small one Seven of Nine did not create this image of me. The Holodeck however has proven a convenient means to communicate with you."

"Yeah…" B'Elanna said slowly never taking her dark eyes off of the pale image of the other female. Her hand slowly trailed to her chest, slightly touching her combadge. "So the Borg Queen just popped in Holodeck Two just to taunt me, is that it?"

The Queen moved around her prey, her lifeless shark's eyes studied B'Elanna with an unsaid hunger. "You are small and insignificant."

"So you keep saying." B'Elanna had to keep stalling the Borg long enough for security to arrive. She had left her combadge open hoping that Tuvok on the bridge would pick up the transmission. "So why are you really here?"

"Seven of Nine is unique. And she will be mine." The Borg Queen purred. "Perhaps you have forgotten that resistance is futile. Even if she is a very difficult pupil, Seven of Nine will rejoin the collective as my protégé. We allowed her to be taken before by Janeway to better assimilate the ideals of Humanity. But now it is time for her to return home…to return to me. I always thought it was Janeway who had such sway over my Seven of Nine. But I admit my data was in error. It was you B'Elanna Torres who had taken Seven."

"Annika is her own person." B'Elanna snapped. "She belongs to herself."

"Not according to the Oath that has been taken between the two of you. You bit her upon her cheek as she did you, calming each other as mates."

The young Klingon paled realizing just how much the Borg Queen knew.

"She belonged to you even during our first attempt to reclaim that which is ours. I assimilated Seven of Nine: tertiary adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One. You didn't know that did you? The Raven was following one of my cubes; Magnus Hansen had 'tagged' one of my Drones…so I ordered a drone to 'tag' Annika Hansen. At the moment it was amenable to my need. She was so small…a child. I made her mine. She will be so again."

B'Elanna felt sick. She knew in her twin hearts that the cold being before her would use this knowledge as a weapon against her Be'nal. All the Queen would have to do was offer a hint of a threat against B'Elanna, and Seven would comply with the Borg Queen's demand. The tall blonde would surrender herself over, yet again if it meant to save the life of her beloved. After all she had done so to save the ship when the majority of the crewmembers still looked upon her with scorn and mistrust. Now that Seven and B'Elanna were lifemates, what more would the blonde goddess do for the woman she loved?

"Yes she is my wife. And you can't have her you Borg-bitch." B'Elanna knew that the figure before her was a mere holographic projection, but that did not stay her hand. The Bat'lath came crashing down upon the bald cranium of the woman before her. The blade sliced right trough the projection, there wasn't even a satisfactory sound of crushing bone and torn muscle. Then there wouldn't be. The Queen was not directly using the holomatrix of Voyager. "You practically 'raped' that little girl!" B'Elanna roared. "Now you are threatening to take my Annika back…What to 'rape' her again?" White sharp teeth gnashed together. "You tell me what you intend to do…Kah'less you have to be the dumbest QI'yaH taHqeq lo'Be Vos bIHnuch in existence!"

The Queen raised an eyebrow or would have had she any hair follicles. It occurred to her that she was very glad to be a holographic projection at the moment. It had been a shame that this little engineer had not been fully assimilated, and more of a shame that she had escaped the Collective and returned to Janeway. However that could be remedied. Once more if she had the small Klingon, Seven of Nine would theoretical be more compliant to the Queen's wishes. There was a human expression when playing a game of stakes. The Borg smiled at the irony that she had Queens high. The odds were defiantly in her favor.

The Borg do not bluff, but they did gamble when the stakes were high enough. The Queen wanted her Seven of Nine back. To achieve this she had to take as a hostage B'Elanna Torres Chief Engineer Starship Voyager: tertiary adjunct Be'nal of Annika Hansen.

"Resistance is futile B'Elanna Torres, being married to Seven of Nine I would think you would come to appreciate this."

"Go assimilate yourself." The young Klingon spat using one of Seven's own colorful metaphors. The ex-Borg had said the exact same thing to Tom Paris only a few days ago. Lanna thought it Borg-speak for 'Go fuck yourself.' "And get a clue baldy…Seven of Nine…isn't Borg anymore and she sure as hell isn't a drone."

"No. Nor will she be a drone once she is restored to her rightful home. Haven't you figured it out little Klingon? Seven will be a queen that was why I assimilated her and not a drone. She is unique. She like myself is a form of perfection."

"And she is mine." B'Elanna growled. "And you wont be getting your hands anywhere near her perfect form. Get a clue Borg Bitch, you lost Seven the day you allowed her to be a liaison with Voyager. I'd rather be her advisory again before I allow Annika to be taken back to you. It isn't going to happen."

"The only way you can prevent that from occurring little Half-breed is if you terminate her life. Seven of Nine will be put into a position that will trigger her human response and return to me. You are carrying her child, do you think she will allow you to be assimilated or Voyager knowing that her return will stop us from doing so?"

B'Elanna snarled.

After her post-mission exam by the doctor and a quick shower to clean off the dirt and figurative sweat (since she didn't sweat) from the planet she felt restored. Once Seven reached the Torres / Hansen quarters she keyed in the lock to the door and stepped into an unsuspecting heat of the room. Since her pregnancy, B'Elanna became easily chilled and so she kept the quarters 20 degrees warmer then the normal heat of the ship. Seven had not complained of the heat, in fact it was almost the same temperature of a Borg cube. The cybernetic beings required a more humid environment then what was typical of Federation vessels. Even if Seven had found it uncomfortable, she would not have complained for she selflessly wanted her beloved, her BangwI to be as content as possible. Especially since her fiery wife was three months pregnant with their daughter.

Seven of Nine entered the quarters she shared with her beloved wife, and became Annika Hansen. She was Annika and sometimes Nic with B'Elanna and only in private. Within the company of friends when off duty, her wife called her Sev. She was still Seven to everyone else on or off duty. Just as B'Elanna would always be Lieutenant to Seven when on duty, and B'Elanna or Bella off duty. Seven refused to call her beloved by Lana since it was the Helm-rat who called her that more then anything else. It was bad enough Seven felt that she had blue eyes like him and was the same height as well as blonde. She would not share a pet name with a being she thought a waste of carbon matter. B'Elanna had convinced her Tom's blue eyes were not at all similar to the electric cerulean of Seven's. The helm-rat's blonde hair was considered dishwater blonde and Seven's was golden wheat. They actually had nothing similar at all. Still seven would not comply with the using of Lanna and said Belle or Bella was more suitable and more efficient. After all, the first syllable was the word for beauty in many Earth linguistics. The Efficiency came in not having to explain to all that B'Elanna was indeed the most beautiful life form Seven had ever encountered. The name Bella was self-explanatory.

Annika had been on the away mission for nearly a week and she was beyond tired. She only wanted to crawl into the bed she shared with B'Elanna and simply sleep for the next eight hours. Yet all thoughts of snuggling up to her wife disappeared when she heard the low growls coming from their bedroom.

"Fucking Borg-Bitch!"

Annika froze in her step. It had been thee years, ten months five days and twenty-one hours and thirty-three seconds since B'Elanna had used that particular designation for her.

"Bella?" The tall Nordic blonde uttered as she stepped into the room. She was unaware what she had done that prompted such heated words to user out of her lover's mouth. Whatever it was Annika would do whatever she could to rectify the situation. Of course, the words could be due to mood swings the Doctor had said would occur. Still Annika was not content with speculation.

"I send all three of us to Stov-o-Kor before I allow that to happen!"

"BangwI!" Annika padded softly to the bedside. She noted that her wife was locked deep into REM sleep. It had not occurred to the young ex-Borg to monitor B'Elanna's heartrate as she stepped into the room. Had she done so she would have realized her beloved was a sleep and in a nightmare.

Annika stretched out her Borg enhanced hand, (the hand B'Elanna had told her was sexy as hell) and softly touched her wife's sweating brow. "My love, waken you are having a nightmare."

Annika expected many reactions, save one. B'Elanna lunched herself from the bed and pounced, slamming the tall blonde into the floor. A whoosh of air wafted out of her lungs before Annika was able to regain a since of what happened. The young former drone had superior strength yes but B'Elanna would always be the superior fighter. The young Klingon was born to Warrior ways, taught to fight since she was six. Seven of Nine was a skilled combatant but she could still be defeated by the petite engineer.

Annika was easily defeated now, more out of the fact that B'Elanna was pregnant then any skills of a warrior.

"Bella!" The blonde managed. "Wake now!"

B'Elanna opened her dark brown eyes and was astonished not only to find she was laying upon her wife but pinning her to the floor. She was even more shocked to find that Annika not the Borg Queen was with her.

"Nic?" B'Elanna uttered, thought she had yet to move.

"It is I BangwI." Annika answered softly. "You were having a nightmare."

"I am not so sure about that."

"You called me a Borg-Bitch." It was not the softer tones of Annika but the cool monotone of Seven. "Then you proceeded to inform me that you will send 'the three of us to…"

B'Elanna blanched. She moved enough for Annika to sit but the passionate Klingon nuzzled into her wife's warm embrace. "You're not a Borg-bitch…I said that to the Borg Queen."

Now it was Seven who turned a dozen different shades of pale. "She…she was here?"

"I don't think so." B'Elanna slowly breathed rubbing her ridges. "Maybe it was a nightmare."

"I thought this too when the Queen first contacted me to rejoin the Collective." Annika held her lover tightly. "Please BangwI do not worry. I will not allow her to touch you or our daughter. I would rejoin…"

"NO!" B'Elanna roared.

'Apparently I have said the wrong thing.' Annika thought privately. ' To have such a volatile reaction come from her. How can my BangwI think I would allow her to be hurt by the Borg…or our unborn daughter? Does she not know my life means nothing to me if she were to be assimilated?'

"No way in hell Annika I will let that happen. I told that Borg-Bitch that and now I am telling you BangwI…No Be'nal I forbid you from even conceiving of going back to the Collective to save me our Wa'Hom."

"I gather you informed the nightmare image of the Queen of this decision when you said you would send the three of us to Stov-o-Kor?"


"Agreeable." Annika said gently, stroking her wife's dark locks from her face. "But you will not enact such an action now." She then kissed her beloved's brow ridges (which Annika had told her were sexy as hell) " It was a nightmare. The Doctor said you might experience them from time to time." The lanky blonde shifted from her seated position on the floor and took B'Elanna into her arms. To the young ex-Borg, B'Elanna's denser physiology was slight and easily manageable. She would place her love upon the center of the bed before letting go her hold.

B'Elanna was still amazed at the pure gentle nature of her wife of three years. She was even more surprised to find that she at times loved the intense care Annika poured over her. It felt good to have someone to hold her, care for her and not be the overly strong warrior everyone always expected her to be. Sometimes, just sometimes she could let her guard down and simply be held.

"qubang Bella Hoch'wI."

"You're my everything too, Nic." B'Elanna reached up to take the soft satin full lips of her wife in a hungry kiss conveying all of her love. "I love you." She mouthed as her red-wine lips devoured Annika in her passion. "More than I can ever tell you, I love you."

"I know." Annika smiled her breathtaking full smiles. She moved slightly from her wife of only to disrobe her silver biosuit so that she could crawl into the bed with her lover.

She gathered B'Elanna so that the smaller woman was laying half upon her body. "B'Elanna we will be not be assimilated nor will we go to Stov-o-Kor. Well we will not go to the latter yet." Annika mussed softly kissing the dark locks. "Will you tell me of your dream?"

"My dream is you Nic. The nightmare was that bald Borg-Bitch trying to take you back."

"She can not take what is not her's. And since you have decided to ritual take the lives of all three of us before assimilation her threat is irrelevant."

"How the in the name of Kah'less can you do that?"

"Do what BangwI?" Pure innocence was in the voice.

"Make everything better."

"It is in my nature to improve things is it not?" Annika chuckled.

Lanna felt herself giggling at her lover's dry wit.

"Bella I must ask this of you." Annika softly said as she stroked the muscled back of the woman who held her heart.

B'Elanna propped herself up upon her elbows losing herself in blue orbs. "What Be'nal?"

"Before you would enact such dire measures as to send your wife and daughter to Stov-o-Kor that you would allow me the chance to use my Kut'luch on that 'Borg-Bitch'"

It would forever come as a coldwater shock to hear her Annika, to hear Seven of Nine curse. But when she did, it was almost poetic. "Are you so eager to see blood?"

"Her throat begs to be cut." A cold tone.

"She said you were to be a Queen that was why she assimilated you personally."

"It is irrelevant." Seven's borgish voice crept up in defensiveness. "Shje threatened me as a child and assimilated me after the tactical drones stole aboard the Raven. The Hansens were close to Unimatrix One at the time of my assimilation. What the Queen wants is irrelevant because it will not happen BangwI. For what she did…I will take vengeance. The Drones…" Annika sighed heavily and did not finish her statement.

"They aren't to blame anymore then you were as a drone, beloved. You were controlled and manipulated. That bitch raped you from your life…" B'Elanna snarled protectively. "And I don't want you to go hunting for vengeance Annika. Besides I thought vengeance was irrelevant."

"I married a Klingon warrior BangwI Gladly taking The Oath. I submitted myself to the Rite of Ascension to be closer to you. I drank blood-wine when I cannot tolerate even the mildest alcohol and immersed myself in a strong heritage. And yes the memory of you will forever sing in my blood. And I threw things at you when you courted me. Neither by birthright nor by DNA am I a Klingon. But I am Klingon. DabuQlu'Di yISuv. And when I am threatened I will fight, B'Elanna." Annika trailed her silver-meshed hand over the caramel ridges of her lover's forehead. "Suvlu'taHvIS yapbe' HoS neh."

"Brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight." B'Elanna translated into Standard, or hoped she did. It was almost embracing that Seven of Nine / Annika Hanesn-Toress was fluent in Klingon when Lanna was only learning or relearning her mother's tongue.

"Yes my love. LoghDaq Suvrupbogh Suvwl'pu chaH Hoch SuvwI'Pu''e'. The Queen threatens my family she will discover just how cold this warrior can be. Perhaps the title Ice Queen was not inappropriate after all." Annika whispered as she placed a very heated yet chaste kiss upon the brow ridges she had been tracing with her fingers. "In my new adopted heritage I have the right to enact vengeance."

"Yes you do." B'Elanna whispered not trusting her voice to do more then that. She recalled all that Annika had said. It was upon the anniversary of Sevens liberation from the Collective, the day the tall Borg said she became alive, that she took the Rite of Ascension. Her motivation was to become closer to B'Elanna by understanding her culture. Both the human-Spanish and the Klingon Seven had studied in depth. The great lengths that Annika had went though just so she could understand B'Elanna touched her more then she could have ever tell. The Helm-rat had never done anything close to it. Why B'Elanna allowed herself to be in a relationship with that egotistic PetaQ, she would never know. "But you wont do something stupid?"

"I am not a fool, Bella." Annika smiled. "I won't go 'looking for trouble.'"

"No trouble manages to find you easily enough as it is without you looking for it."

"BangwI you may be correct. I after all married you did I not?"

"Ahhhhh!" B'Elanna yelped in mock anger as she promptly tossed Annika in the face with a pillow. "Just for that I should tickle you."

Seven paled.

"No! I surrender!"

"Already? And you call yourself a Klingon Warrior! Jeghbe' tlhInganpu'!"

B'Elanna loved to tease her lovely wife. Her fingers started to work like spiders against Annika's naked flesh gaining a very satisfactory squeal out of her. "cheqotIhehugh maHaghbe''a'?" B'Elanna purred the question.

"Yes...tic…tic…tickle us we do laugh!" Annika managed in a fit of giggles. "St…stop!"

"Resistance is futile lover." B'Elanna sounded triumphant. And for the moment all dread thoughts of assimilation, haunting figments of Borg Queens were vanquished.

"St…st…stop or I'll make you…make...make you eat gagh!" Annika was squirming as best she could, holding her strength in check for the unborn child.

The tickling ended abruptly. "You don't play fair Nic." B'Elanna muttered. Annika, who was still mastering art of tact, still would not utter a falsehood or an exaggeration. If the tall blonde meant to threaten B'Elanna with the Klingon delicacy, then Annika would make good on it. The young Klingon hated the delicacy with a passion. Fortunately the traditional dish could never be successful replicated. Gagh was meant to be served live and thus impossible to replicate in such a condition and dead Gagh was even more repugnant then live. B'Elanna had no desire to consume such a thing, she rather eat her lover's nutritional supplements.

"Who ever said life was fair?" Annika asked. Her voce was stoic but B'Elanna knew her wife was playing. "Besides I mean to press the advantage of surprise."

B'Elanna almost looked worried. In her best Seven of Nine impersonation she said a single word. "Explain."

"vay DaneHbogh Yichargh." Annika growled huskily causing shivers to rundown B'Elanna's spine. "And I do intend to conquer what I desire."

"You already have BangwI." B'Elanna felt herself once more drowning in the deep blue of her lover's eyes. "You conquered my heart a long time ago."

To B'Elanna's horror she yawned. "Not exactly romantic is it?"

Annika smiled. "You're information is flawed Be'nal. Holding you is always s romantic. You must sleep now. And I will hold you to keep at bay the night terrors and hold you in love we will express once you are fully wakeful. Sleep now my Bella. And have only sweet dreams."

"You're holding me, how can I not?" B'Elanna yawned once more. She was loath to admit just how tired she truly was. The long shift today, the nightmare, the tickle-fest and the fact she was three months pregnant had taken its toll on her. With a contented sigh, B'Elanna Torres allowed herself to be lulled back to sleep by the sweet dove-set tones of her wife singing her to sleep. The last words upon her dark lips were, "I love you Annika Hansen. My Seven…my wife."

The End

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