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By sinjenkai


Part 1

The dark sky was rapidly lightening to gray with streaks of gold and red as the sun came up. The sounds of Miami increased slowly as its inhabitants awoke to start another work week. Natalia Boa Vista slapped the snooze button at five-thirty and then turned back into the embrace of Calleigh Duquesne, her wife.

"Cal, it's five-thirty. You said that you wanted to be at work by seven."

The blonde in her arms didn't move, but did mumble: "Ten more minutes please, then I'll get up. I promise."

Kissing the corn silk covered head that lay on her shoulder, Natalia chuckled. "Ok, I'm gonna get up and start getting ready. When the alarm goes off again, it's all yours. Do you want me to fix some coffee or do you want to get some on the way to work?"

"I'll get some cafe con leche and a couple of breakfast sandwiches on the way for the both of us."

Natalia slid out of bed, made her way into the bathroom and turned on the water for the shower. After brushing her teeth and taking care of other needs, she stepped into the steaming stall and almost purred as the warm water hit her skin. She reached for the liquid soap, but a smaller hand reached the bottle first.

"Thought you might need someone to wash your back."

"Why thank you ma'am. I most certainly do, and I'll be glad to return the favor."

Laughing, Calleigh lathered up a body sponge and began scrubbing Natalia's back. Starting from Natalia's shoulders, Calleigh slowly made her way down the trim back, pausing briefly at the curve of Natalia's butt before kneeling down to wash each leg. Rising up, Calleigh turned Natalia to face her, letting the warm water wash away the soap suds from her back. Once again she started at Natalia's shoulders, but moved at a much slower pace as she paid special attention to a pair of beautiful breasts before moving down a taut stomach, then down lower still until Natalia stopped her hand.

Clearing her throat, Natalia whispered. "As much as I really want this to go further, and I really do, I don't think that we should because once I start, I'm not gonna stop and we won't get to work at all today. But tonight all bets will be off."

Calleigh looked up her wife and saw the need in Natalia's eyes, knowing that it mirrored her own. Calleigh also knew that Natalia was telling the truth as once they started that they would be hard pressed to stop.

"Damn it, and I hate cold showers."

"Do you still want me to wash you?"

Shaking her head, Calleigh replied. "No, you better not. I may still grab you and take you against the wall."

Giving her a quick kiss, Natalia got out of the shower. "Keep that thought for tonight my love. That one can keep me going all day."

Muttering to herself, Calleigh started scrubbing herself. "You've got that right."

Toweling off, Natalia dressed and finished getting ready for work while Calleigh finished bathing. It wasn't long before Calleigh finished, got out, and was also soon ready for work.

Natalia was waiting for her near the kitchen door that led to the garage and when Calleigh walked up, Natalia opened a small drawer in a cabinet next to the door. Inside was a small ceramic dish, she took off her sapphire solitaire ring and placed it in the dish.

"This is where I'm going to place my ring every morning that I have to go to work and when I get home, I'll put it back on."

Calleigh also removed her emerald solitaire ring, placing it in the dish. "Great idea darlin'." Giving Natalia a sweet smile, Calleigh continued. "Now, I guess, we have to go to work."

Stepping so that she was only a whisper away from her wife, Calleigh reached up to thread her fingers in Natalia's caramel hair and pulled her down so that she could capture her coral colored lips. "I hope that you have a good day, my love and I'll see you tonight so we continue what we started earlier. I'm gonna be thinking about you all day."

This kiss started off slow and gentle, but just as it was about to intensify, Calleigh pulled away, taking a shaky breath. "It's gonna be a long day. I love you, Natalia DuVista." And turned to walk out to her car.

Drawing her hands through her hair, Natalia called after her, "I love you, Calleigh DuVista." And then to herself, she muttered. 'It's gonna be a damn long day.'

Even though Natalia left after Calleigh, she arrived at work before her as Calleigh stopped to get breakfast for the two them. As she walked into lab, Natalia looked around and that it actually appeared as though everything had been kept current. Walking over to her computer, she entered her password and brought up her inter-office email. She was reading her mail when Calleigh walked in with Cafe con Leche and a breakfast sandwich.

"Here you go. How do things look so far?"

"Thanks. Looks like Valera kept everything running smooth. There are a few things that I need to catch up on, but other than that, I think that I'm ok. Have you been to ballistics yet?"

Shaking her head, Calleigh replied. "Not yet. I'm on my way right now. Don't forget to take it easy and try not to bend too much. I'll talk with you later." Before she walked out though, Calleigh brushed her hand against Natalia's whispering. "I love you darlin'."

"I love you too, babe."

Natalia watched Calleigh walk towards ballistics, enjoying the view and right before she turned the corner, Calleigh looked over her shoulder and winked.

'She knew that I was watching. Well, I do like the way that she moves. Back to work Talia.'

And that's what she did.

Calleigh entered the ballistic lab and smiled. She loved the way that this section smelled. Placing her breakfast items down on the desk, Calleigh walked over to the gun vault, unlocked the door and walked in. Stepping inside and shutting the door, Calleigh looked around and then said. "Hello my pretties. Mama's home."

Walking around the room, she noticed that a few guns were out of place and a few others that needed cleaning. Making some mental notes, she walked out to the firing range, and noticed more than a few shell casings on the floor. On further inspection, it looked like the place hadn't been cleaned in awhile. Shaking her head, she headed back to her desk and booted up her computer. As she waited for it to come on, Calleigh took a sip of her coffee and looked over the paperwork that was on her desk.

When her inter-office mail came up, Calleigh immediately noticed an email from Horatio. Opening it she found an article on 'Investigating Armor Defects'. When she saw that, Calleigh swore underneath her breath. This was the code that she and Horatio had come up a couple of years ago when Internal Affairs were looking at the lab. If either one heard something about the other, they would send this article as a heads up. Calleigh knew that if Internal Affairs was now looking at her it was because of what had happened with Jake. She also knew Horatio would have her back if need it be. All she could do now, was wait and see what happened. So she finished her breakfast as she went through the rest of her mail and then started cleaning the guns that had been neglected.

It was four hours later, just as Calleigh was just about to finish with the last gun, when Rick Stetler's voice came in from behind her.

"Must be nice to be able to take time off whenever you need it, Detective Duquesne. What did you have to do to earn that kind of privilege?"

Calleigh took a deep breath before turning around and coolly answering. "I worked for that privilege. I had accrued those days off, and thought that I would take them to help out a friend. What's it to you Rick?"

"Well, I'm investigating the shooting of Jake Berkley and the kidnapping and assault of C.S.I. Boa Vista."

"Don't you mean attempted murder? I've already handed in my report on the shooting and so has Natalia."

Rick walked over to the table next to where Calleigh was standing. "Well, I've decided to do a deeper inquiry. I believe that there was something more going on than either of you have let on." He rested against Calleigh's desk. "And how come you weren't able to find out who Detective Berkley was selling the weapons to? You're supposed to be this great C.S.I. and you can't deliver on something that simple."

Before Calleigh could form a response, a whiskey smooth voice came from the doorway. "I believe that Detective Duquesne has already answered all of the questions that I.A. had for her and I've voiced my objections to your supervisor."

Turning to face Horatio, Stetler responded. "Well, until I'm told to close this inquiry, I will be observing Duquesne and going through all of her notes on the Berkley matter. I will also need to talk to C.S.I. Boa Vista before this is finished. Her report wasn't as detailed as I would like, and I will need her to expound on a few items."

Turning back to Calleigh, he said. "You're not to go out on a call unless I am with you. When you get a call, you'll need to find me and I will be here within minutes."

Horatio interrupted him. "You are not going to disrupt my team with your investigation, Stetler. If you want to ride out with us, you need to be here when the call comes in. We're not going to take the time to call you. Evidence doesn't wait until you arrive."

"Fine, I'll be close by. But she is not to go out without me." With that Stetler walked off.

Horatio turned to Calleigh. "Sorry about this. I had hoped that we had stopped this the other day."

"You knew that this was coming down?"

"Yes, that is the reason that we couldn't stay after the ceremony. Both Alexx and I were trying to make sure that everything was completed before both of you came back."

Shaking her head, Calleigh replied. "He has it out for this team Horatio. Every time something comes up, he's the first one to point a finger. There has to be something that we can do about him. Someone needs to investigate him for a change."

"Good point Calleigh. I believe that his sulking about not getting promoted to Lieutenant has gone on long enough, and I also believe that I can do something about that. Just carry on here and let me see what I can come up with."

Horatio ducked his head and left, leaving Calleigh to her thoughts. She went over to her desk, logged on and pulled up her copy of Jake's shooting. Reading it over, she couldn't find anything that she had left out, or forgot. Closing the file, she looked at her watch and saw that it was close to lunch time and decided to go grab a quick sandwich and maybe walk by the D.N.A. lab to see how things were going there.

After Calleigh had left earlier that morning, Natalia finished going through her mail, looking over the reports that had been done in her absence, and got up to see what was waiting to be done that day. She was just pulling out a request when Eric walked through the door.

"Hey Natalia! Welcome back. How are you feeling?" He walked over to give her a hug.

Hugging him back, Natalia then took a step back. "I'm feeling really good. I still have to be a bit careful, but I can do whatever I want. How have things been here?"

Leaning against a table, Eric gave a small laugh. "It's been quite interesting with both you and Calleigh out. The guy in ballistics, Camden, was slower than molasses in getting results and she's gonna freak when she sees the firing range. He didn't like to clean up after himself, but at least H made sure that all of the reports were accurate. Valera did a good job in here so at least you don't have to clean up after her. Has Cal come in yet?"

"Yeah, she came in a little bit after me. And it does look like everything here is up to date. I'm just glad to get back to work."

"Well, welcome back. I'll talk with you later."

Eric left and Natalia started on the request and was soon engrossed in her work. She stopped a few times to talk to people that came in to say that it was good to see her back. But as she was about to walk out to deliver a report, Rick Stetler blocked her way.

"I need to talk to you about Jake Berkley and what happened."

Taking a step back, Natalia was just barely able to keep the disgust out of her voice. "I've already made my report. Everything that happened in is there."

He took a step towards her, forcing her to take another step back. "Well, I want you to go into more detail."

"How can you want me to go into more detail? I gave a word for word report on everything that happened. What do you want? Pictures?"

"I want to know exactly everything that happened from the time that you were contacted by Homeland Security to the time that you were injured up on the roof."

Natalia threw up her hands. "Like I said Rick: I have already given a full report and there's nothing more that I can add to it. Nothing has been left out. If you don't like it, tough."

Rick took another step towards her. "Don't give me attitude, Boa Vista. You don't want to get on my bad side or I'll...."

"You'll what, Rick?" Calleigh came to stand beside Natalia. "Threatening people now to get what you want? You just made a mistake because I can be a witness."

This time Rick took a step back as his face paled slightly. "I wasn't threatening her. I was just trying to explain that she needs to co-operate with Internal Affairs."

Natalia spat out. "And I've already done that. Like I said, everything is in the report. And I do believe that you were threatening me, so if you understand the law at all Rick, you would know that it is my perception of what you were trying to do that most people would believe, even if I didn't have a witness."

Stetler started walking out of the room. "Just remember what I said, Boa Vista."

They watched him walk away for a few seconds before Natalia muttered. "What an ass."

"Yeah, but he's the ass that is going to make my life hell for awhile."

Giving Calleigh a worried look, Natalia asked. "Why do you say that?"

"He wants to shadow me around and read all of the reports again on Jake. I think that he just has it out for the team. He wants to get something on one of us so badly that he's willing to take chances. Anyways, that's enough about him. How are you feeling? Any pain?"

Natalia shook her head. "No, I'm feeling pretty good. Things here were kept up pretty well. How about ballistics? Eric told me that Camden was a slob."

"Don't get me started on him right now. Have you eaten lunch?"

"Not yet. You want to go grab a sandwich or something?"

Before she could answer, Eric walked up. "Cal, we're up. We've got a double homicide at the docks."

Taking a deep breath, Calleigh responded. "Okay, let me go find my new shadow and we'll meet you at the Hummer." Turning back to Natalia, Calleigh winked at her. "I'll let you know when I get back. Talk with you later."

Natalia winked back and watched her walk away, barely able to keep a worried look off her face.

Calleigh and Eric walked out outside to their vehicles to find Stetler leaning against Calleigh's Hummer.

"I'll drive."

"The hell you will Rick. This vehicle is checked out to me and is my responsibility."

Horatio walked up and stopped whatever reply Rick was going to make.

"Let's get some ground rules right now Rick. You are here to observe, nothing else. You don't drive, offer any suggestions, or get involved whatsoever in any of the investigations that you may go out on. And if I or any other member of my team tells you to freeze, that's what I want you to do: freeze. Because if you contaminate a piece of evidence, it's going to be on my shoulders, not yours."

"I know how to handle myself at a crime scene." Rick sneered.

Horatio took a step closer to Stetler, pinning him with a steely gaze. "That may be, but you're in my world now and I've cleared it with your superiors in regards to the rules. Break them and you will answer to your own department. Now let's go. Calleigh… Eric…, I'll meet you there."

The ride to the docks was much too short for Calleigh. Too soon she was getting out her kit and walking towards the crime scene. For the next few hours, she was able to block out the distraction that was Rick Stetler and just deal with the crime scene. As she photographed, mapped out and gathered evidence, Calleigh mentally categorized each piece until she had a mental picture of what had been in the warehouse and what had happened.

Walking over to Eric, Calleigh looked at his notes while letting him look at hers. They had come to the same conclusion. They went over to where Horatio was standing with Frank Tripp. Rick was standing a few feet behind them.

"Horatio, there is something big going on here. We found pieces of timing devices, drug residue and traces of explosives. We also found some burnt papers that we're going to have to get to the lab and try to reconstruct. The two victims had no I.D., but we did find some trace on their shoes, clothing and on the bodies. Alexx has already taken them to the morgue so I'll get an update from her and D.N.A. as soon as I get back."

"So you're making up a scenario to fit whatever evidence you find." Rick's voice drifted over.

Before Calleigh could form a reply, Horatio turned to confront him. "Thank you for you two cents worth, but it's not needed, nor was it asked for."

Turning back to Calleigh and Eric. "If you have both finished, head on back to the lab and begin testing. Eric, take the tape, paper and electronics while Calleigh goes to see what Alexx came up with, and then head over to trace. I would like an update by the end of the day."

With that, everyone turned and headed to their vehicles with the exception of Rick. Glancing around, he leaned down to pick up a spent shell that was next to his shoe, pocketing it. He then hurried to catch up with Horatio.

No one noticed as a lone figure crept along the shadows of the building before finally getting into a black hummer and driving off.

Getting back to the lab, Calleigh went directly to the morgue to see Alexx Woods.

"Welcome back. How was your... time off?" Alexx amended what she was going to say as Stetler followed Calleigh into the room.

"It was alright considering everything, but I'm glad to be back at work…. For the most part anyway. What have you got for me?"

Motioning to the body on her left, Alexx replied. "Well, this gentleman died by a bullet to the right temple. And it was done rather close. Found GSR and stippling so I guessing about one to two feet away."

"Really? We didn't find any casings in the area. I'll double check with Eric to see if he found any. What about the second victim?"

"He died by blunt force trauma to the back of his head. It looks like it was done by the butt of a handgun. So I would venture to guess it would probably be the same gun that killed his friend. I've already sent their clothes to trace, and whatever else I had to DNA so they should be almost ready for you. Here's the bullet from the first victim. Hope that you can find something to help you."

Taking the bullet from Alexx, Calleigh thanked her and walked out of the morgue, headed towards trace. Her footsteps echoed down the hallway with Rick's coming a beat later.

Calleigh stopped abruptly and turned to face Stetler. "What exactly are you looking for? If you tell me, maybe I can tell you."

Walking up to enter Calleigh's personal space, Rick slowly explained. "You and everyone else on this team thinks that you can get away with anything because of you have Horatio Caine as your Lieutenant. That you are better than anyone else."

"No Rick, we're not better than everyone else. We just do our jobs to the best of our abilities and we follow the evidence where it leads us. The evidence is the story; we're just the story tellers."

"Well, I don't believe the story that you're telling about Jake Berkley. I believe that there was something more going on. And I'm going to find out what it is."

Calleigh shook her head. "There was nothing else to tell. I gave a complete report of everything that happened whenever I was with him and when I didn't, I called your boss and told her what had gone on. So what do you want?"

"I want to know why Jake was shot three times. He had already lost his gun as you got a lucky shot off and shot it out of his hand. Then he had thrown the knife so he was unarmed."

Leaning forward so the she mere inches away from Stetler's face, Calleigh snarled out. "It was not a lucky shot and you forget that Internal Affairs came to me, Rick. Your department knew that I had an old relationship with Jake, and I knew he carried a back-up gun in an ankle holster so I shot him before he had the chance to use it. He had already wounded Natalia and I wasn't going to give him the chance to do something worse."

"Well, he wasn't wearing the back-up so no one else was in danger."

"Damn it Rick. I didn't know that and we were still in danger. He was cornered and I didn't know what he was going to do. It was a judgment call and I would make it again."

Horatio came up behind Calleigh. "From now Rick, if you want to question anyone on my team, you will do it in the conference room, not in some back hallway."

Turning to Calleigh, Horatio added. "Go on to trace."

He waited until Calleigh had walked away before he turning back to Stetler. "I see that you've forgotten rule number one: Never mess with Calleigh Duquesne. And that Rick, is going to cost you. Going to cost you dearly." And with that, Horatio walked off, leaving Rick in the hallway.

Natalia was looking through her microscope when Calleigh walked in so that gave her a brief moment to get her emotions in check before it became too obvious how mad she really was.

"Hey Talia. How are things going?"

Natalia looked up with a flash of relief showing in her eyes.

"It's going ok. I'm a bit tired and am about ready to head home, but other than that, I'm good. How's your day been?"

"I've had better. Do you have the results back from my two victims clothes?"

Walking over to another table, Natalia pointed to two pairs of shoes. "Both pairs showed traces of soil that is common out in the glades. They also had traces of diesel fuel. Also both sets of clothes had traces of meth and cocaine. These boys were definitely flying high. I'm still trying to identify the explosive that you found, but I might not get those results until tomorrow. Eric is trying to reconstruct the burnt paper and has already finished with the tape."

"That's good. I need to get to ballistics and check out this bullet. I should be done with everything in a couple of hours so I can give a report to Horatio."

"Well, I should be leaving here in about an hour." 'Looking around, Natalia continued in a lower voice. "Dinner will be about an hour and a half after that. I was thinking about roasted chicken with potatoes. Is that ok with you?"

"Darlin', anything that you fix will be fine. I'll be home as soon as I can." Calleigh turned to walk out, but turned abruptly. "Hey! Have you seen Ryan today?"

Natalia thought for a moment before she replied. "Come to think of it, I haven't. I wonder where he is. Ok then, I'll see you when you get home. Drive carefully."

"You too. I'll see you as soon as I can."

And with that, Calleigh headed towards ballistics where she spent the next few hours. She had known as soon as she saw the bullet that it was a 9 millimeter, so she spent the next couple of hours trying to find out if it was in the system. She finally found that it had been used in a hijacking of a propane gas truck where the driver had been shot and left for dead.

After finishing up, Calleigh wrote up her report and went to find Horatio. Walking towards the lab that Eric was in, she met Horatio as he was coming out, talking on the phone. Holding up a finger, he motioned for her to wait.

"Ok, what I want is for you to do stay on it. Record everything that you can, but stay in the background…. Yes….thank you."

Closing the phone, Horatio took the report that Calleigh was holding out..

"Here's everything that I have so far. Nothing much to go on and Natalia was still trying to find out what type of explosive when I saw her last."

Horatio read the report before answering. "Yes, she got back to me before she left. It's RDX, so we've got to find out where it is. Eric is attempting to get some impressions off of the paper now. Hopefully we'll have something soon."

Taking Calleigh farther down the hall to make sure that they were alone, Horatio spoke softly.

"I would like for you to please do me a favor. Don't confront Stetler any more. Just let him follow you around and observe. The only time that you need to talk to him is if he's about to contaminate something. Other than that, the man is nothing that you should be concerned about."

"Ok, I trust you Horatio. Is there anything else that you need?"

Shaking his head, Horatio answered. "No, go on home. We'll see what we have in the morning. You have a good night."

Before she turned away, Calleigh touched Horatio on the sleeve. "I want to thank you again for everything that you've done for Natalia and me. We were so glad that you and Alexx were able to join us for our ceremony."

"It was our pleasure. We're both are just happy that you've found each other. You both deserve the best, and you found it. Go home and I'll see you both in the morning."

"Have a good night Horatio."

And with that, Calleigh headed home to Natalia. In the minutes that it took her to drive home, Calleigh completely cleared her mind of the day and was looking forward to giving her wife all of the attention that she needed. It still blew Calleigh's mind to think that she was lucky enough to be married to Natalia.

Parking the car in the garage and closing the door, Calleigh opened the kitchen door and walked inside. The first thing that she did was to open the drawer, took out her ring and put it on. The kitchen was empty, but the aroma gave her the impression that if dinner wasn't ready, it soon would be. Listening carefully, Calleigh heard the shower running. Smiling, she started unbuttoning her shirt as she walked towards the noise, dropping clothes as she went.

Walking into the bathroom, Calleigh was greeted to the sight of her wife standing under the spray of water with her eyes closed. Slipping off the final piece of silk, Calleigh quietly opened the shower door and went inside, pulling to door closed behind her. Reaching for the liquid soap, she quickly worked up a lather and reached out to bathe the bronze body standing before her.

At the first touch, Natalia gave a slight start, but quickly leaned into the sensation. Strong hands moved across her shoulders, then down her back, and Natalia moaned as tightened muscles slowly relaxed and came pliant.

Turning around, Natalia gazed down into emerald green eyes darkened with passion. Leaning down to kiss the pair of tempting lips only inches away from hers, Natalia went to pull Calleigh closer to her.

Without taking her lips from Natalia's, Calleigh backed her up until she was pressed against the wall of the shower. She gently took Natalia's hands and placed them against the wall.

Calleigh quickly growled out. "Leave 'em there." before going back to plunder the soft lips in front of her. She slid one hand down past the toned bronze stomach down through tight curls before getting to Natalia's slick center. Flicking the tight nub before sliding two fingers inside the warm, throbbing opening, Calleigh swallowed the moan that seemed to come from deep inside of Natalia.

Moving her mouth down along the jaw line and down the elegant throat, Calleigh came upon a thundering  pulse point that seemed to beg to be suckled, so that's what she did.

Natalia widened her stance which caused Calleigh's fingers to slide in deeper. Jerking her hips, Natalia urged Calleigh to increase the speed of her thrusts.

Dropping to her knees, Calleigh leaned forward to join her fingers with her tongue, laving the throbbing little nub. Humming as she continued to thrust, Calleigh glanced up to see Natalia looking down at her with her eyes almost black with emotion. Locking her gaze to Natalia's, Calleigh increased the force and speed of her thrusts. She felt Natalia's inner muscles begin to tighten and her legs shake. Twisting her hand just so, Calleigh watched Natalia break free as the waves of her orgasm rolled through.

Slowing and finally withdrawing, Calleigh caught Natalia as she slid down the wall and cradled her in her arms.

"I had been thinking about doing that all day." Calleigh whispered. "And I would love to continue this, but I think that we should get out before we run out of hot water."

"You weren't the only one thinking about this. Every time that I saw you today, I had to restrain myself from grabbing you and taking you on the table."

Laughing Calleigh replied. "Lucky for me, there a dining room table nearby and you can make your fantasy come true."

Natalia nuzzled Calleigh's neck. "Yes, but would it be your fantasy?"

"Darlin', anything that you want to do is my fantasy. I get excited just when you touch me in passing. Part of me still can't believe that you love me."

Natalia looked over at her in amazement. "Calleigh DuVista, I have loved you in some sort of fashion since the day that we met, and I fell deeper in love with you each day that passed. I tried to kid myself by dating Eric, but deep inside I knew that you were the one for me. And there's not one thing that you or anyone else can do that will change my mind, or how I feel about you." Giving Calleigh a quick kiss, Natalia shivered a little. "But I do agree with you on one thing, we need to get out of here because the water is getting a bit cool."

Standing up, Natalia reached down to help Calleigh to rise. On her way up, Calleigh turned off the water while Natalia opened the shower door and grabbed a couple of bath sheets. She quickly wrapped one about herself before going over to Calleigh and began to gently dry her off.

"So you get excited when I touch you in passing? What about when I touch you like this?"

Natalia lightly skimmed the underside of Calleigh' breasts, causing her nipples to harden.

"Or like this?"

Lightly dragging her nails down Calleigh's taut stomach, Natalia slowly, (too slowly to suit Calleigh) tangled with golden curls. Watching Calleigh's eyes change from light jade green to a darker emerald green, Natalia licked her lips and noticed that Calleigh's eyes followed the movement of her tongue. Leaning forward, Natalia ran her tongue over Calleigh's bottom lip before sliding into her mouth to spar with Calleigh's.

Calleigh moaned as Natalia's deft fingers slid into her slick center and began to thrust. Wrapping her arms around Natalia, Calleigh tried to pull her closer, but she wasn't having any of that. With a quick movement, Natalia took them both to the floor, making sure that she ended atop of Calleigh and never losing contact with her slick warmth. Leaning over her wife, caramel hair formed a curtain about their faces as Natalia once again captured Calleigh's lips in a hungry kiss that soon turned hard.

Thrusting her fingers faster, Natalia brought up her head to watch Calleigh's face. Her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was open as she gasped for air. Calleigh's hands were grasping for something to hold, something to anchor herself down as she started to soar. Opening her eyes, Calleigh found warm chocolate eyes gazing at her with the most loving expression that she had ever seen. Locking their gaze, Calleigh allowed the sensations she was feeling to show on her face, to show through her eyes.

As waves of orgasms rolled through, Calleigh fought to maintain the gaze, but as Natalia slid another finger inside, she lost all thought and her eyes rolled back into her head as her body arched towards the sky where her soul was soaring with the stars. Screaming Natalia's name as another orgasm pulsed through her, Calleigh tossed her head back and forth as her senses were overloaded by all the sensations that Natalia was gifting her.

Slowing and then withdrawing from Calleigh's warmth, Natalia lay down next to her and pulled her close. Brushing damp hair away from Calleigh's face, Natalia placed a gentle kiss on her forehead while murmuring, "I do so love the way that you move as I'm loving you. I love watching your face and listening to you as I help you fly. I am so in love with you Calleigh. And I give thanks each day that we are together."

It took a moment or two before Calleigh could respond. "Darlin', I have no words right now. All I can say is that I just love you."

"You don't have to say anything else. That is all I ever want to hear for the rest of my life."

Looking over to her wife, Calleigh whispered. "And I will tell you everyday for the rest of your life. You will never have a reason to doubt how I feel about you."

Before Natalia could say anything, her stomach growled. They both looked down at the noise, then at each other before they started laughing. Natalia stood up first, reaching down to help Calleigh to her feet. They quickly dressed in their nightclothes and went into the kitchen to see how well done the roast chicken was. Luckily since Natalia had set the timer, it wasn't too dry and it only took a few minutes for Natalia to fix the side dishes. Soon they were sitting at the kitchen bar, eating and sharing a bottle of wine.

After finishing dinner and cleaning up, they went into their bedroom, pulled back the bedding and crawled inside. Calleigh opened her arms and Natalia laid her head over Calleigh's heart, smiling as the steady beat fell in time with hers. Soon gentle snores filled the air as the night grew darker and the city became quieter.

Part 2

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