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By sinjenkai


Part 25

The next morning, as soon as the sun was beginning to creep in the window, Natalia and Calleigh were up and busy packing the Hummer and washing the sheets. After finishing with everything, they walked around the cabin one last time to make sure that they hadn't missed anything and then stood out on the deck to look out over the water.

With Calleigh standing in front of her, Natalia rested her chin on the smaller woman's shoulder. "I'm going to miss this place. I still can't believe that Horatio lent it to us."

Leaning back into the embrace, Calleigh rubbed the arms that surrounded her waist. "Yeah, I'm going to miss it too."

Turning so that she could drape her arms over Natalia's shoulders, Calleigh pressed her lips against her wife's. "I do however; have to say that I am ready to get back home to our own bed, not to mention that we need to break in our hot tub."

Nibbling on Calleigh's lips, Natalia took a moment before she replied: "Well then, let's get this show on the road."

Within minutes, they had locked up the cabin and headed towards home. A little over six hours later, they finally pulled into their driveway and shut off the vehicle.

After unloading everything and putting the food away, they opened the sliding doors to the back yard and collapsed on the sofa.

"I am so glad to be home. There are just so many things that we need to do before the wedding on Saturday, and that just gives us eight days. When do your brothers get here?"

"They're flying in on Tuesday, and your parents get here Wednesday, right?"

Natalia laid her head in Calleigh's lap and sighed. "Yeah, in the afternoon, speaking of which, don't forget that we're to have dinner with them and my sisters that night."

Threading her fingers through Natalia's hair, Calleigh replied. "Yeah, and with my brothers the night before. I took care of the dj and the pavilion at the park for the picnic on Thursday, as well as the music for the reception. I hope that you don't mind."

Reaching up to caress Calleigh's face, Natalia smiled. "Babe, you can take care of anything that you want. Umm... I guess that I should tell you that you are getting a few gifts from me, not just one. I couldn't decide which one to get you, so I decided to get them all."

Laughing, Calleigh took a minute to answer. "Well, the same goes for me. I couldn't either. I would like to give you one a day starting on Wednesday, if that's ok with you.

"That's fine with me, but right now, all I want to do is relax. I keep forgetting how much driving takes out of you."

Running her fingers through Natalia's hair, Calleigh murmured. "Well, you did have to do all the driving since my eyes aren't quite up to par yet."

Gazing up at her wife, Natalia smiled as she watched Calleigh lean her head against the back of the sofa and sigh. Yes, they were both glad to be back home and even though the upcoming week was going to be very hectic, it was great to being surrounded by things that they loved.

"Cal, what do you think about us having dinner with Cristine and her family tomorrow night? That way you can get to know some of the family before my parents gets here?"

Without moving her head, Calleigh answered. "I think that sounds like a plan because the more people I can get on my side, the easier it will be meeting your father."

"Babe," Natalia waited until Calleigh looked down at her before she continuing. "You don't have to worry about my parents not liking you. I told you already that all that they care about is that I have found someone who loves me and treats me right. They know what I went through with Nick, and they don't want that to happen again. You have nothing to worry about."

"I know that they want the best for you, it's just that I've never had to meet someone else's parent before, and to be honest, I'm a bit scared."

Rising so that she could sit in Calleigh's lap, Natalia draped her arms over her shoulders and nuzzled a certain sensitive spot underneath Calleigh's ear. "You don't have anything to worry about, Cal. They're going to fall in love with you almost as fast as I did."

Moving swiftly, Calleigh twisted so that Natalia was flat on her back on the sofa with Calleigh above her. Holding Natalia's hands above her head, Calleigh playfully nipped at her collarbone and moved lower slowly.

"Well, they can fall in love with me all that they want, but you're the only Boa Vista that gets to put their hands on me." She paused for a moment. "However, you're not going to be able to put your hands on me for a while because if you move them, I'm gonna stop what I'm doing."

"You're not doing anything."

One blonde eyebrow rose slightly as Calleigh started unbuttoning the shirt that was in the way of her goal.

"I'll just keep my hands right where they are."

As she finished unbuttoning the shirt, Calleigh deftly unclasped the front bra hook with one hand.

"Ooo, what talented hands you have!"

Bending down to draw an already hardening nipple between her lips, Calleigh murmured. "Better to tease you with my dear."

Surging up as sensations began to build, Natalia groaned out. "You better do more than tease... Aww shit."

Sliding her hands underneath the waistband of Natalia's shorts, Calleigh removed them quickly to delve into slick warmness and moaned.

"I'm gonna do more than tease... You feel so damn good."

She slowly increased the speed of the thrusts, but never touched the one spot that Natalia craved. Then suddenly Calleigh went completely still. It took Natalia a moment to realize what wasn't happening before she opened her eyes to question why.

"What... why did you stop?"

Looking down at the slightly sweaty, panting woman underneath her, Calleigh couldn't believe that this amazing woman loved her. Leaning down, she gave her a hard, hungry kiss as she flicked her thumb over the pulsating bundle of nerves and slid in another finger.

Natalia surged up and groaned her release in Calleigh's mouth, matching her thrust for thrust, but the whole while, keeping her hands above her head.

Pushing herself up with her free arm, Calleigh watched Natalia's face as she raced towards release. With her eyes closed and mouth slightly open, panting for a breath, Calleigh swore that she had never seen a more beautiful creature. Running her free hand down the straining body, she marveled at the flexing muscles moving beneath the skin. This woman was so soft and pliant, but still underneath, she had the strength of steel. Moving lower still, Calleigh brought her head down and breathed in the aroma that was uniquely Natalia and closed her eyes. Leaning forward, she slid her tongue through slick folds to graze her clit.

The sound that erupted from above was low, throaty, and the sexiest noise Calleigh had ever heard. It made her wetter than she already was, but there was nothing more that she wanted right then than to bring her love complete satisfaction.

Drawing the tiny bundle against her teeth, Calleigh began to hum and had to use her free arm to hold down the suddenly bucking hips. Time after time, she felt Natalia tighten around her fingers and shudder her release.

Finally, after slowly withdrawing, Calleigh crawled up the still trembling body to pull Natalia into her arms. They lay for a long while with Calleigh rubbing her back and whispering endearments in the air. Soon Natalia's gentle snores filled the air and Calleigh smiled.

After half hour or so, she carefully disengaged herself from the slumbering woman, grabbed her cell phone, and went out to sit beside the pool. She made a couple of phone calls, insuring delivery of a couple of Natalia's gifts and checked in on a couple of her favorite stores. Then she called Cindy Mortenson, the friend that she sang with down at Key West, and invited her to the wedding. Cindy informed her that Jen, another friend of theirs, had come back to Florida so Calleigh invited her also. She also informed Cindy of her plans for the reception, and she agreed to help out.

After finishing her calls, Calleigh leaned back and looked up at the sky. Everything was falling into place, as all of the gifts should be in town by Tuesday night. She was going to have to talk to Natalia's sister to help her out with the delivery of the biggest one, but the rest would be one on one. Before she went inside, she called Horatio and asked how things were going at work and about one last gift. He informed her that he should know something by the end of the next week. He also told her that Alexx had planned a small wedding shower for them on Sunday night and had invited Natalia's sisters.

Standing, Calleigh went inside to kneel next to the sofa, gazing at her wife who was still asleep. Natalia was curled up on her side and looked so tempting that Calleigh had a hard time not waking her. Instead, she rose to place a gentle kiss on her forehead and then covered her with the throw that they had on the sofa.

Going into the kitchen, she decided to start dinner. Soon Italian Baked Chicken, rice pilaf, and steamed broccoli were in the works.

Sounds of silverware being placed on the table and pans being put in the sink slowly made their way into Natalia's consciousness. Opening her eyes, she stretched and moaned at the feeling of being well loved. God was she well loved.

Arching her back and extending her arms over her head, Natalia looked so damn sensual that Calleigh was white knuckling the kitchen counter. "Fuck! I want to be in her again."

Unaware of the thoughts that were running rampant through her wife's head, Natalia stood up, and grabbed her discarded clothes while asking. "How long until dinner is ready, babe?"

Not taking her eyes off her wife, Calleigh was barely able to stutter out. "Umm… about thirty minutes or so."

"Ok, let me shower real quick and I'll be back to help." Turning, she quickly made her way to the bathroom.

Having just opened a bottle of white wine, Calleigh poured herself a glass and drank it just as quickly. Coming to a decision, she turned to lower the heat on all the food, then followed her wife.

Walking into the bathroom, she barely took time to notice Natalia standing under the shower with her eyes closed before she was in there with her, clothes and all.

"I need to touch you... right now. Hold onto the wall."

Barely giving her enough time to respond, Calleigh knelt in front of her, placed one of her legs over her shoulder, and leaned in to suckle her clit. Humming, she drew in the tiny nub between her teeth and ran her tongue over it, causing Natalia to jerk her hips.

Bracing her hands against the corner wall, Natalia growled out her pleasure. "Damn babe... aw shit... right there."

Sliding in two fingers to curl up against her slick spot, Calleigh fought to keep steady pressure on her clit as Natalia began to tremble in earnest.

"Babe... Cal... Aw shit... you gotta let me lie down... fuck... please."

Carefully removing herself from Natalia's grasp and backing away, Calleigh smiled as Natalia slid to the floor. She loved it when Natalia is reduced to swearing, as she was always so proper.

As soon as Natalia was situated, Calleigh slid her fingers back into the pulsating warmth, but this time she took a hardened nipple between her teeth and lightly bit down. The combination of pleasure and pain was enough to send Natalia over the edge, screaming. Swirling her tongue around the nipple, Calleigh soothed any remaining pain with her own warmth.

Natalia weakly reached down and removed Calleigh's hand from her, then pulled her close. That was when she noticed that Calleigh still had her clothes on.

Tugging at Calleigh's shirt, Natalia asked. "Were you in a hurry to get to me or what, babe?"

Rising up so that she could look her love in the eyes, Calleigh chuckled. "Yeah, I couldn't stop myself. I had to touch you, to feel you around me. I can't explain it. Darlin, I have a confession. I'm a Nataliaholic. I can't seem to get enough of you."

Looking up the blonde with laughter in her eyes, Natalia tried to keep a serious face, but failed miserably.

"I don't know what to say to that. That sounds like that could be terminal."

Leaning down to capture the most inviting pair of lips with her own, Calleigh growled out. "Oh, it is. I'm gonna have to live with this for the rest of my life."

Twisting them around so that she was astride Calleigh, Natalia gasped as the shorts rubbed against her swollen clit. Hanging her head, she whispered hoarsely in Calleigh's ear. "And umm… what is the treatment for this… affliction?"

"Daily doses of Natalia DuVista, sometimes it might need to be hourly."

Leaning back so that she could see Calleigh's face, Natalia swallowed at the lustful look. "And what are the symptoms if you don't get treatment?"

"Umm… irritability, insomnia, unable to concentrate… you know... general bitchiness."

"And if you get your treatments, how are you then?

Reaching up to hold Natalia's breasts in her hands, rolling the nipples with her thumbs, Calleigh breathed out. "Very happy, will have many enjoyable sleepless nights, able to concentrate on tasks on hand, and a willingness to do anything to get treatment."

Pressing herself more fully into Calleigh's hands, Natalia moaned as Calleigh rose up to suckle on her nipples. "Oh baby… that feels so good… umm… gonna have to make sure you get your treatments."

Groaning, Calleigh lavished attention on her breasts, making the already hard nipples extend even further. She was about to move down when the water started growing colder. Reluctantly, they both stood up, got out of the shower, and while Natalia dried herself off, Calleigh removed her soaked clothes. After wringing them out, she dried herself off while watching Natalia brush out her hair.

Noticing Calleigh's look on her face, Natalia put down the brush to walk over and take her face between her hands. "I want to thank you for today. You made me feel loved and so very special." Leaning forward, she captured Calleigh's lips with a gentle kiss.

Placing her hands on Natalia's waist, Calleigh rubbed the silky skin and answered breathlessly. "Darlin', you are loved and are so very special to me. Today was only one day in the rest of our lives together and it is only going to get better. There will be bad days, we know that and have lived through some already, but I promise…. No, I swear to you that the goods days will outnumber the bad."

"Calleigh, I know that. I have no doubts that we are going to have a long, interesting life together, but right now, I think that we need to eat something. You've worn me out today and I think that I'm gonna need all the strength that I can get."

Laughing they went to get dressed and when they went into the kitchen, they found that the chicken was a bit overdone and the rice was way too mushy, so while Calleigh threw out the rice, Natalia rescued the chicken and steamed the broccoli. Soon they were sitting down enjoying dinner while sharing a bottle of wine.

After dinner while, Calleigh cleaned up, Natalia called her sister Cristine, and arranged for them to get together the next afternoon at her house so they could all meet. Closing the phone, she took Calleigh by the hand and led her into their bedroom and into their bed. Lying down, she opened her arms and welcomed Calleigh into her embrace. Soon they were both fast asleep.

Part 26

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