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By sinjenkai


Part 31

Calleigh awoke to an empty bed, and some strange noises coming from the patio, but after listening carefully for a few minutes, she realized what they were. Getting up, she went to the bathroom and then changed into a pair of well, worn jeans and a mint green polo shirt. Walking out of the bedroom, she headed towards the patio to find her wife shooting her bow.

Leaning against the open door, she enjoyed the sight of her wife. "Morning darlin', are you having fun?"

Concentrating on the target, Natalia released the string and was pleased as the arrow hit the bull's eye. Relaxing her stance, she turned to smile at the blonde, leaning so casually against the door.

"Morning sunshine. I didn't want to wake you, but I just had to get up and shoot."

Pushing away from the door, Calleigh strolled over to her love to wrap her arms about her waist. Placing a quick kiss against Natalia's lips, she replied. "It's ok babe, as soon as I heard the noise I knew what you were doing. I just don't like waking up to an empty bed so you can wake me before you leave next time."

Leaning back down for a longer kiss, Natalia took her time, running her tongue along Calleigh's bottom lip. Moaning, she deepened the kiss and they spent the next few moments just enjoying each other.

"Mmm, I do love morning kisses." Calleigh sighed.

"Just morning kisses? And what about the rest of them?"

Playfully placing kisses along Natalia's jaw line, Calleigh murmured. "Aww baby, you know I love all of your kisses. I don't care what time of the day, where you kiss me, anything at all, I just love your kisses."

Kissing the blonde again, Natalia replied. "Well, that's good to know because I love your kisses too. So you ready to spend the morning with kids and horses?"

Running her fingers through her own hair, Calleigh took a step back laughing. "Yeah, it will be fun watching Eva ride for the first time. The boys have been riding for a while so they're old hands. Will Isabel be riding also?"

Laughing, Natalia put away the bow and they both went to the target to retrieve the arrows. "There is no way that Isabel will let Eva do anything by herself. Did you want to go out for breakfast or fix something here?"

"I'm just in the mood for cereal this morning."

Natalia looked at her wife. "Are you feeling ok babe?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You don't want bacon?"

Chuckling, the blonde responded. "Hun, I don't have to have bacon everyday... I just like to, but today I just feel like cereal."

They walked back to put the arrows in the quiver. "That sounds good to me. Would you pour me a bowl while I get changed?"

Calleigh went into the kitchen and fixed their bowls and glasses of juice while Natalia went into their bedroom and put on jeans, a black tank top with a men's white dress shirt over it. Rolling up the sleeves, she tied it around her waist and walked out to eat breakfast.

They leaned against the kitchen counters to eat the breakfast and made sure that everything was covered for the day.

Calleigh mentally ticked off her list. "The caterer will arrive at the park at noon and start setting up. The dj will get there around twelve-thirty. We've got horseshoes, Frisbee and the volleyball net so if anyone wants to play something, we've got it covered."

Swallowing a spoonful, Natalia asked. "What time will Horatio and the rest of the team get there do you think?"

"I would think around one or so. He said that everyone had requested a half day off."

Going over to stand next to Calleigh, Natalia was hesitant to ask. "Uh, what are you going to do about Eric?"

Taking her bowl over to the sink and rinsing it out, Calleigh delayed her answer. "I'm just going to tell him that he needs to stay away from my family. It's not his responsibility to take care of my father and that we will just have a professional relationship from now on."

Finishing her own bowl, Natalia put it in the sink. "I hope that he gets the hint."

Trapping Natalia between the counter and her body, Calleigh draped her arms over her shoulders. "Darlin', even he can't be that dense... ok, we are talking about Eric, yes he can. Don't worry though; I'll get through to him."

Pulling Calleigh close, Natalia gazed down into green eyes. "Well, I hope so. If not, he's gonna see a side of me that few people have."

Kissing the mouth only inches away from her own, Calleigh murmured. "My hero."

"You better believe it." Natalia took an even longer kiss, thoroughly exploring the warm mouth.

"Mmm, we unless we want to miss the horseback riding, I guess we had better get a move on."

Sighing, Calleigh looked up and smiled. "Well, as much as I would love to stay here with you, I don't want to face Eva if we miss her ride."

Reluctantly, they broke apart and each grabbed a change of shoes as they were wearing boots for the horseback riding and needed sneakers for the afternoon. Going out into the garage, they climbed into Natalia's vehicle and headed to the stables.

As they drove up, they could see Cristine and the girls standing beside a fence watching one of the trainers work a horse. Getting out of the SUV, they were met by Calleigh's family that arrived right behind them.

Helping getting the boys unbuckled from their children's seat, Natalia laughed as the boys held out their hands to her so that they could walk over together.

Smiling over the boys, Calleigh quipped. "Looks like I've got competition for your heart."

Winking, Natalia looked down at the little boys who looked so much like her wife that it made her once more wish for a child.

"Hey guys!" Calleigh called out to Cristine and the girls.

"Tia!" Both girls turned and ran over to grasp her hands.

Eva tugs on Calleigh's arm. "Can I ride a horse with you?" Looking up at her with gleaming innocent eyes.

Calleigh looked down at her with a mega watt smile. "Absolutely!"

Feeling Isabella tug on other her hand lightly, the child whispered. "Can I ride with you too?"

"Most certainly Miss Izzy B."

Andre walked out with a trainer leading a Quarter horse heading in the girls direction. Once Calleigh was on, Eva slid on after having explained she didn't want to ride without the blonde.

Slowly they made their way around the arena a few times at a slow walk before Calleigh asked Eva if she wanted the horse to trot. She shook her head no and said that she wanted to get down so Calleigh headed them over to the side and let her father get her off and then he helped Isabel up.

Once again Calleigh and the horse made a couple of circuits of the arena, but this time when Calleigh asked Isabel if she wanted the horse to trot, for some reason she wasn't surprised when the little girl said yes. Smiling, she told Isabel to hang on, that they would be doing a little bit of bouncing and then she clicked her tongue and the horse began to move at a faster pace.

Leaning against the rail, Natalia watched as her wife and niece trotted by and once again, she couldn't believe how carefree Calleigh looked with the child. She also decided that she loved the way that Calleigh looked atop of a horse and how effortlessly they moved together. This was a sight that she rarely got to see of her wife, it was wildness in some sense, but Natalia decided that she liked it.

Laughing, Calleigh reined the horse back over to the side and helped Isabel down into her father's arms, before getting off the horse herself. Still chuckling, she made her way to stand next to Natalia who was watching Lee getting settled on the horse that Calleigh just got off of. Court climbed up behind him and off they went.

Nudging her love with her shoulder, Calleigh asked if she wanted to go find a horse that she could ride and Natalia readily agreed, so they headed up towards the stalls. They stopped by a couple of stalls so that Natalia could check out the horses and then they came to a stall that had a beautiful dapple-grey mare with flowing mane and tail.

"Ooo, she is beautiful. She's an Andalusian, isn't she?"

A groom was nearby, answered her. "Yes ma'am. She just arrived a couple of days ago and let me tell you, she's a sweet heart. Very good temperament and graceful movement. The owner was lucky to get her."

"May I?" Natalia held out a hand to the mare, getting the groom's permission. Nodding his head, he stepped aside to allow her to rub her head. "Oh, you're a beautiful girl. I bet that you are fun to ride."

Carefully stepping beside her, Calleigh asked. "Would you like to ride her? I'll call the owner to see if it's ok if you want."

Shaking her head as she continued to pet the horse, Natalia answered. "I'd love to, but I doubt the owner would just let anyone ride her. She's too special."

"Well, all they can do is say no." Turning to the groom, Calleigh asked for the phone number and he pulled out his phone, looked through his phonebook, and then handed her the phone. She stepped away a few feet and made the call.

Natalia's phone vibrated so she reached down and answered it, not recognizing the number. "Hello?"

"Hi, my name is Calleigh DuVista and my wife would really like to ride your horse and I was wondering if that would be alright with you?"

Turning, Natalia looked at the blonde in disbelief. "Uh, what?" She said into the phone and then closed it.

Handing the groom back his phone, Calleigh grinned and sauntered over. "Talia, I'd like to introduce you to Adonia. She's six years old and she's all yours."

"She's all mine? What do you mean?"

Reaching to comb her fingers through silky hair, Calleigh murmured. "Babe, I know that you've missed riding and I thought that you might like to start again. I wanted to give you something that would help you relax."

Natalia framed Calleigh's lovely face with her hands and leaned down to capture her lips with the softest of kisses.

"Will you ride with me?" Her eyes were sparkling as if she was a young girl getting her first pony.

Smiling up into the warm chocolate eyes, Calleigh whispered. "I would love to." Kissing her wife again, she took a deep breath before she turned to the groom. "Tommy, could you bring out both Adonia and Beltran in bridles only?"

Puzzled, Natalia asked. "Who's Beltran?"

Taking Natalia's hand, Calleigh led her to the next stall to show her a black Andalusian stallion that nickered as Calleigh came into view.

"Talia, meet Beltran. I made a deal with the people that I bought Adonia from that we might want to buy him also, so they are boarding him here and letting us get to know him."

Reaching out to let the magnificent horse sniff her hand before she touched his head, Natalia noticed that he had a white spot underneath his forelock. "Cal…. He is beautiful."

"Yeah, I think that I'll end up keeping him, but I wanted to let you check him out before I made the final decision."

Tommy brought out Adonia and Natalia got her first good look at her. Raising her hand to her mouth, she gasped and slowly moved forward to take the bridle from the groom. "Hello gorgeous." The groom handed her a carrot and she offered it to her horse.

The 16.5 hand mare towered Natalia, but Adonia dropped her head, pressing it to Natalia's side, nudging her. Natalia ran her hand down the horse's neck, and along her shoulder, tracing the dark fur along the horses back, patting her hindquarters, smiling at all the dappling. "Oh my god Calleigh... She's... she's just stunning." Walking back to the horse's head, she slid her hand down the horse's Roman nose, then up, scratching lightly between her ears. Feeling her inner child, she hugged the horse's neck. Sniffing the silky silver fur, tangling her fingers into the horse's mane, she smiled bigger, remembering all the horses she's ridden in her life in a flash. She stepped back, looking over the horse again when Adonia took a step forward following Natalia. Stepping to the horse's neck, then horse nudged her again, and then pawed the ground lightly with her massive hooves.

The horse "bowed" kneeling enough for Natalia to get on her back. When she looked at Calleigh, the horse stood up and patiently awaited instruction, both ears pointed forward listening to Calleigh, then one ear pointed back, listening for Natalia. Natalia leaned down, hugging the massive horse below her, smiling uncontrollably. "Calleigh.... she's perfect. God and perfectly trained...." Adonia quietly produced a tiny nay, causing Calleigh to chuckle. "Well, yes Ma'am." She ran her hand down Adonia's jaw before looking up at Natalia. "I think I'm competing for your heart again."

Smirking, Calleigh walked over to Beltran. He was 16.7 hands tall, if ever a black stallion, he was true to the name, large and muscular only slightly larger than Adonia. He pranced in place, waiting for Calleigh, his ears following her movement. He stopped when she got close, stepping forward to meet the blonde, he pressed the length of his head along her stomach. He did the same as Adonia when Calleigh patted his shoulder twice, allowing Calleigh instantly on his back. "Looks like you already stole his. I think I might be a little jealous now." Natalia smirked, lifting an eyebrow as she spoke.

Easing the horses into the arena, the trainer closed the gate. Walking in line, Calleigh watched Natalia's body, and she bit back a moan. Natalia waved her up next to her as she kissed Adonia into a canter. They moved together like silk over skin, so fluid. The horses moved at the same pace, alongside each other, the girls themselves hardly moving a top the beasts. Natalia and Calleigh looked at each other and both kissed, pushing the horses into a dead run around the arena, neither missing a step, perfectly aligned. One by one, each member of the two families lined along the rail, soon joined by Horatio and Alexx who just arrived, looking at each other with a wide smile before watching. Eva and Isabella watched wide-eyed, squealing with excitement.

Looking over to her wife, Calleigh grinned at the look of utter delight on Natalia's face. This is what she wanted to see, what she knew that Natalia needed. Freedom! The ability to let loose and just let something else run free. Calleigh dropped back a bit so that she could watch as the melding of rider and beast was as seamless as the way that she and Natalia worked together. How they never even bump into each other around the house, they read each other's minds when it comes to random thoughts, or even when they come together at work, saying. "Hey, I was just looking for you." This is what Calleigh saw when she looked at Natalia a top the grey mare, perfect synchronization.

Noticing that Calleigh wasn't beside her anymore, Natalia slowed until they were abreast once again. The look in Calleigh's eyes made her catch her breath and quickened her pulse even faster. Holding out her hand, she smiled as Calleigh took hold and they slowed to a stop. Leaning over carefully, they met in the middle for a kiss.

"Thank you so very much for this, I can't begin to put into words what this means to me."

Calleigh's eyes searched her face, smiling the whole time. "You don't have to darlin', I can see everything on your face and there is nothing more than I want other than your happiness. Let's go over and let the everyone see the newest members of our family."

Glancing across the arena, Natalia couldn't help, but smile. "Yeah, I think that we better or we'll have a small revolt."

Slowly they walked the horses to the other side until they were next to the rail. Beltran lowered his head to sniff at Eva and Isabel, who giggled, reaching out to pet him. Adonia did the same to Cal and Lee, who filled the air with more giggles. Both women slid off their horses, and caressed the length of their necks. Beltran pawed at the ground playfully while Adonia snorted once. They both watched each person who was talking, as the kids popped into the arena and started chasing each other. Suddenly Natalia realized Beltran stopped pawing the ground and held his hoof in the air. "Hey Cal..." She nodded to Beltran whose hoof was still off ground. Isabel popped out from under him, and once she was in his line of sight, he slowly lowered his hoof, not moving again. The rest of the group looked at Calleigh, who immediately proclaimed, "We are keeping him. Calmest stallion I've seen in a long time." Isabel squealed from under his neck and he lowered his head, she grabbed on, hugging his face.

Kneeling down by the young girl, Calleigh asked her. "So do you like Beltran? You want to ride him?"

Nodding her head, she refused to let go of Beltran's head. Calleigh watched her a minute, then offered her hand to the little girl, who hesitantly let go, then once up on the horse, gripped the mane and smiled a mini mega watt smile.

Eva tugged at Calleigh's jeans, "Me too?"

"You too, kiddo." Eva was placed up behind her sister, then Calleigh grabbed the bridle and calmly led the horse around the arena.

Natalia and Court got both of the boys a top of Adonia and followed the stallion. The children giggled and shouted to their parents to look at them. After a couple of circuits of the arena, the kids were back with their parents while Calleigh and Natalia lead the horses back to their stalls.

After cooling down the horses and getting them in their stalls, Natalia pulled Calleigh inside of a tack room and pushed her against the wall. Leaning against the blonde, she kissed her hard, grinding their pelvises together. Breaking apart only to breathe, she growled out. "Grab a blanket. We're gonna find an empty stall at the end and I'm gonna thank you proper."

All Calleigh could do was swallow hard, grab a blanket and lead the way to the end of the barn to the last stall. Opening the door, she held it open until Natalia was inside and then she closed it and spread open the blanket before reaching for the tie of Natalia's shirt. Nimble fingers soon had it untied and pushed off of bronze shoulders and was reaching for the hem of Natalia's tank top. Pulling it over her head, Calleigh leaned down to lav her tongue against the already hardening nipple.

Groaning, Natalia arched against her, forcing more of her breast into the warmth of her mouth. Reaching down, she found the bottom of Calleigh's polo shirt and pushed it up, pulling away enough to get it over Calleigh's head. She didn't waste any time, as she reached down to unbuttoned Calleigh's jeans, slide her hand past the waistband and past the little triangle of silk to tangle her fingers in damp curls.

"Babe, before you go too far, we need to take off my boots. Please, we gotta take off my boots."

Carefully, Natalia removed her hand, and kneeled down to remove Calleigh's boots, then jeans with one swift move before she pulled off her own boots and jeans. Kneeling back down on the blanket, she drew Calleigh down to her. In front of each other, Natalia threaded her fingers in golden hair and kissed her hungrily. Pushing her backwards, Natalia barely waited until Calleigh was prone before she lowered herself between her legs and began to lav the tiny little bundle of nerves, causing Calleigh to arch against her mouth.

The blanket was rough against her back, unlike the softness of Natalia's skin, the straw she grabbed was hard against her hand, unlike the silkiness of Natalia's hair, reminding her where she was and the feeling of the hot moist tongue reminded her just what they were doing causing her slip over the edge. Her other hand reached down to pull Natalia's head harder against her, holding her in one spot as tiny tremors began to shudder through her.

Natalia couldn't believe how good Calleigh tasted, or how aroused she was. Humming, she trapped Calleigh's clitoris between her teeth, flicking her tongue against it and slowly slid two fingers inside the slick warmth to curl up and stroke against the tiny ridges. Raising her head slightly, Natalia looked up to see the blonde, rolling her head back and forth, babbling incoherently.

Shifting up to scissor her legs with Calleigh's, Natalia began to rub their clitorises together, and the moan that escaped from Calleigh's mouth, lured Natalia to use her height advantage to kiss her bride, causing Calleigh moan as she tasted herself against Natalia's tongue.

Their arousal crested at the same time and their moans and sighs filled the room, leaving them in a tangled, but very satisfied heap. Kissing the damp brow that was resting on her shoulder, Calleigh let her hand trail over the sweaty body that was draped across hers.

"Darlin', you are more than welcome and I thank you. I wish that we could stay right here for the rest of the day."

Raising her head to look at her love, Natalia smiled wistfully and agreed. "Yeah, but we have a bunch of people waiting for us to arrive at the park right now and we need to go home to change clothes, there's no way that we're going to the picnic in these."

"Yeah, we smell of horses and of each other and while I love the way you smell on me, I don't intend to advertise."

Leaning her head against her fist, Natalia laughed. "Cal, we're gonna be so late that everyone is gonna know what we were doing."

Swiftly, Calleigh pushed Natalia onto her back and straddled her legs, gasping as theirs clits came into contact again. Releasing a sigh, she leaned down to run her lips across a conveniently placed collarbone and murmured. "Yeah, but it's one thing to be late while another thing to smell like great sex."

Sitting up, Natalia wrapped her arms around her wife, drawing her in for a kiss. When they finally broke apart, they rested their foreheads against each other's and sighed. Reluctantly, Calleigh got up and held out her hand to help Natalia up. Quickly, they redressed, folded up the blanket, and headed out to their vehicle.

They drove home in a hurry, took a shower, and changed clothes. Deciding to bring along Mallory for the kids, everyone piled into the Avalanche and headed to the park. When they pulled up, they saw that almost everyone was there and that the picnic was in full swing. Opening the door, Mallory bounded out and headed towards Cal and Lee, setting off yells of joy.

Getting out, they locked the vehicle and walked towards the party, hand in hand. As they walked up, they pulled apart happily, hugging family and friends. They visited for a bit with each person before all the men proclaimed they were going to start the horseshoe competition. That's when everyone settled into their own conversation and Calleigh decided to go snag a drink.

Eric was standing off to the side with a group of people and as soon as he caught sight of Calleigh, he hurried over to her.

"Hey Cal! Are you ok? I was getting worried when you weren't here."

After shooting Natalia a reassuring look, Calleigh walked over to the young man. "Eric, there is no reason for you to worry about me. I am fine, but we do need to talk." Taking a step closer to him, she crossed her arms across her chest and demanded. "Where in the hell do you get off having a relationship with my father? And what kind of lies did you put into his head?"

Backing up defensively and holding up his hands, Eric whined. "Hey, I went into a bar one night and he was in there and I made sure that he got home safely. We just got to talking and found that we had a lot in common, so I started helping him out every once in a while. And I didn't fill his head with any lies. He was always plastered when we were together so he probably got confused on what I said. I was trying to get the two of you back together."

Taking a deep breath so that she wouldn't lose her temper, Calleigh replied. "Well, thank you for making sure that he got home, but there is no need for you to trouble yourself any longer with him. If he needs anything, it will be either myself or my brothers to take care of him. Not you. Eric, there is a reason why we are estranged. None of which is your business! You don't know anything about me and my family and I will ask that you stay out of it."

Turning to walk away, she was stopped when he reached out and grabbed her arm. Before he had a chance to say anything, Natalia was pushing him back away from her wife.

"Don't you touch her? Don't you dare? You have no right to touch her, you never did. And since you started this, I'm gonna finish it." Pushing him in the chest with her finger. "Where in the hell do you get off saying that I'm unstable? I'm not the one that demanded that we keep our relationship a secret and I'm not the one that decided to cheat while we were together. Remember the earring that you thought was mine and it wasn't. You should really keep a date book of the women who sleep in your bed, that way you can keep track of who wore what. I just can't believe that I was ever involved with you, because I can't figure out what in the hell I saw that attracted me. I must have been desperate."

Pushing her hand away, Eric growled out. "Desperate! The only reason I was with you was because I couldn't get Calleigh interested. You were a poor substitute for her. I was being generous with my time and my money going out with you and I just couldn't let Calleigh know about us. I was nice enough when we broke up to lend Ryan the money to take you out later that week. I was just biding my time until she realized that we would be perfect together. And then she had to get back with Jake and I thought that it was over when she kissed him in front of God and everyone. Then you butt in and everything goes to hell in a hand basket, but I'm gonna be around for her when you decide to flake off again and I'll pick up the pieces."

Calleigh started forward, but stopped when Natalia continued. "So you lent Ryan money to take me out. That was awfully good of you; at least he took me out in public, while you were too scared. You are always too scared to do what you want. That's what you are, a scared little boy who doesn't know what he wants, who can only take direction from his boss. Who always changes his mind, then gets mad when he doesn't get what he wants. Well, let's make something perfectly clear so there's not any misunderstanding. You and I are no longer friends. I'll work with you professionally, but that's it. If Calleigh wants to remain friends with you, that is her business, but I doubt that she will. And I'm not going to 'flake off' as you say, so there's no reason for you to hold your breath."

Stepping right up to him, she snarled out. "Off the job, you stay away from my wife and my family. Calleigh is not your concern, she's mine. You will never be in her life other than at work." She turned and walked away as he asked a question.

"What do you mean your wife? The wedding isn't until two days."

Calleigh reached out and pulled Natalia to her. Caressing her face, Calleigh turned to the sullen man. "We've been married for a month now. This ceremony is just for our family and friends."

He took a step forward. "You let me believe that I had a chance! You're just a fucking tease."

"I never led you on. Hell, in the past month, I've only seen you twice. Where in the fuck were you when I was in the hospital? If you cared so much, why didn't you come by?"

"I didn't come by because Natalia was always there and I could never see you alone."

Taking a step towards him, Calleigh said in a disdainful tone. "Well then, that should have given you some idea then that you didn't stand a chance. Oh yeah, that's right. You too damn dense to see what's in front of your face."

Narrowing the space between then, Eric promised. "You're gonna regret this. I know that you will and I'll be nearby to pick up the pieces."

Suddenly they were surrounded by Calleigh and Natalia's family along with Ryan who held out a calming hand to the man. "Eric, you don't know what you're saying. You need to be quiet now and accept this relationship."

Calleigh and Natalia walked over to stand next to their families. Turning back to the young man, Calleigh shook her head and quietly said. "You're welcome to stay Eric, but if you try anything, you will be asked to leave. We're not going to let anything to ruin this for our families."

Everyone turned and walked away, save Court and Chance. They stared at Eric until he got fidgety and asked them what they were looking at.

Chance shook his head. "Horatio told us once that the first rule was to never mess with Calleigh Duquesne. I guess that you never learned that one, did ya? And now that she's DuVista... I'll bet you are learning that you don't mess with either one of them."

Turning away, Chance clapped Court on the back and they rejoined the party, leaving Eric standing alone.

Eric watched the party going on without him, deciding that he would do exactly like he stated. He would bide his time and be there at the end. He was going to be a constant reminder of what Calleigh could have. Taking a deep breath, he joined the party.

A half hour later, Natalia caught Court's eye, and watched as he walked over to the group that they were standing in.

"Hey! We're running low on ice. You wanna go get some with me?"

Turning to Calleigh, she gave her a quick kiss. "I'll be right back babe. Is there anything you want while I'm out?"

"Nope, just come back soon."

The two went off and Calleigh didn't think anything more of it until an hour or so later, she saw Court standing near the dj.

Walking over, she asked him. "Where's Natalia? I haven't seen her in awhile."

"I'm sure that she's around here somewhere. We've been back for a little bit."

The rumble of motorcycles interrupted Calleigh's response and they turned towards the noise. Around ten bikes rode into the park, drove through the parking lot, and pulled up onto the grass near the dj. Most of the bike had couples on them, though some only had one rider.

They all lined up in a perfect row, before shutting off their bikes at the same time. One bike rumbled deeper and throatier than the others, and it pulled around front, showing off the side of the bike.

A big burly man wearing tattered jeans, a wife beater shirt and a bandana covering his head, swung his leg across his bike and headed in their direction.

Court stepped forward. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, I'm looking for Bullet Girl and heard that she was here. Where is she?"

Stepping up beside her brother, Calleigh answered. "I'm Bullet Girl, Calleigh DuVista. What can I help you with?"

Turning back to the other bikers, he shouted. "Hey Snake! Is this the one that you were telling me about?"

Looking over to the bikes, Calleigh watched as the rider on the front bike turned in her direction and slowly dismounted. Calleigh wondered what this was all about, if suddenly a bike gang was crashing their party when she recognized the skin tone, the long arms, and those long gorgeous legs. "Natalia??" Open mouthed, Calleigh saw that she was dressed in leather chaps and a vest with dark glasses and a bandana covering her hair.

She walked forward as Natalia crooked her finger towards her. "I've got something for you." Reaching out, she pulled Calleigh between her legs as she leaned back against the bike. "I wanted to give you something that I knew that you would never buy for yourself, but I knew that it had to be an original, something that no one else had. So I bought this bike and had it customized just for you."

Pushing away from the bike, Natalia stepped away so that Calleigh could get her first good look at her bike. Looking down, her eyes went wide when she saw that the seat was tooled with the words, "Bullet Girl' and a bullet, but when she looked at the gas tank, her jaw dropped. Looking up at her wife, she stammered out. "Is that what I think it is?"

Smiling, Natalia nodded her head. "Yeah, I had it researched. That's our family crest. It's the combination of Duquesne and Bautisia; which is where my family name is from. We are our own family now and should have our own crest."

Wrapping her arms around Natalia, Calleigh looked up into warm chocolate eyes that were filled with such love that she just had to kiss her. The kiss started slow and tender, but quickly turned passionate and hot. Finally pulling away, Calleigh breathed. "Baby, it's perfect."

"I also got you something else. When I was getting your gun, I saw something that I thought that you might like." Turning to one of the bikers. "Hey Antonio! Can I get that package from you?"

A tall lanky man, reached into one of the saddlebags on the side of his bike and pulled out something wrapped in plain brown paper and tossed it to Natalia.

Catching it, she said. "Thanks." And turned back to her wife and handed it to her. "Here babe."

Looking puzzled, Calleigh tore off the brown paper to find a Smith and Wesson leather jacket.

Before Calleigh had a chance to say anything, Natalia leaned in and whispered into her ear. "So you wanna ride?"

Grinning, Calleigh replied. "I'd love to, but I'm not comfortable enough to have you on the back as I don't have the experience yet."

"It's ok, babe." Nodding her head at the bike on the end of the row. "That one is mine."

Reaching over to the other side of the bike, she unhook a black helmet that also had their family crest on the back. "There's a microphone and a speaker built in so we can talk to each other while we ride. So why don't you braid you hair real quick and we'll take a ride."

Turning to her friends, Natalia invited them to stay and enjoy themselves. By the time that she turned back, Calleigh had her hair braided and was pulling on her new jacket.

After explaining the gears, each of the women got on their bike and started them up. Calleigh was shocked by the noise, but quickly got used to it by revving the throttle a few times. She could feel the power underneath her and it gave her a huge rush, but she knew that she had to be careful until she got more experience on the bike. Putting on the helmet, she was startled by Natalia's voice in her ear.

"How does it feel baby?"

Even though Natalia couldn't see her face, she knew that Calleigh had a mega-watt smile on her face.

"It feels amazing. Like I'm strapped onto a rocket."

Turning to Court, Natalia told him that they would be back in about a half hour or so, then turning back to her wife, she suggested that they head out to a almost deserted road that they both knew of as it would be the best place for her to get used to the bike. Calleigh agreed and slowly started out with Natalia following.

Natalia let Calleigh lead the way, explaining that she didn't want to make her nervous riding beside her until she got more experience. Calleigh understood and agreed. It took them about five minutes to get the almost deserted road and while Natalia pulled off to watch, Calleigh started practicing making turns, then starting and stopping.

Natalia turned off the bike, took off her helmet, and leaned back, watching her wife. Crossing her arms across her chest, she watched as Calleigh did the same maneuver again and again, until she felt she had it down.

Calleigh looked at the woman she married with a smirk, seeing her straddle the powerful machine gave her a chill. Riding over next to her, she took off her helmet, and nodded down the road. "Come on. I wanna ride along side you."

"You sure that you feel comfortable enough to do that?"

"Darlin', next to Beltran, I've never felt more comfortable in a saddle." She wiggled playfully on the motorcycle seat.

Natalia's eyebrow rose as she asked. "Oh really! Should I feel jealous?"

Groaning seductively. "Should I saddle you up and take you for a ride?" That special Calleigh smirk formed across her lips as she revved the engine.

"Baby, if you want a ride, I'll give you one that you'll never forget." Leaning forward, Natalia gave her a view, straight down her vest.

"That there sounds like a challenge I'm up for when we get home tonight."

"Well, I do hope that you will be up to it, because I'm not sure that you can handle me."

"Really Mrs. DuVista? Because I love challenges!!"

The elegant eyebrow rose again. "Is that a fact, Mrs. DuVista? You think that you can handle me as well as you handle that machine between your legs?"

Calleigh turned off her bike, got off, and slid onto Natalia's bike in front of her, facing her. "I certainly hope I can... because I wouldn't want that ride to end..." Daring eyes looked up into deep chocolate, pulling her in for a hard, deep kiss.

Groaning, Natalia opened her mouth to welcome in Calleigh's tongue while pulling her about her waist until she was hard up against her.

Slipping her arms around Natalia's neck, she managed to grind her body into her while kissing her hard

Sliding her hands underneath the back of Calleigh's shirt, Natalia moaned and angled her lips across Calleigh's jaw line and down her throat, licking the sweaty skin.

Gasping, tilting her head back, her fingers pressed into Natalia's skin, Calleigh pressed her body as tight as possible, about to take her right then and there.

Natalia reluctantly pulled back, breathing hard and fighting the urge to take her wife. Looking at the expanse of creamy skin, she swallowed hard, resisting her desire. There was nothing more that she wanted to do other than grabbing her wife and going in the tall grass pasture across the road and making love for the rest of the afternoon.

"Umm… Cal… unless you want to have grass burns and give your brothers so much ammunition to tease you with, we need to cool down. If not, I'm gonna basically, throw you over my shoulder, take you into that pasture over there and make love to you for the rest of the afternoon."

Calleigh merely whimpered, seriously....seriously weighting the pros and cons.

Natalia took a deep breath, watching Calleigh actually think about the idea. Part of her really wanted Calleigh to lean forward and kiss her like there was no tomorrow, but she knew that they had to go back to the picnic.

Swallowing hard, Calleigh cleared her throat and forced out. "There is nothing more than I want to do other than have you take me in that field and spend the rest of the day with you, but you're right. We need to go back to the picnic, but tonight…. All bets are off."

Sighing, Natalia leaned her head on Calleigh's shoulder for a long while, still trying to get her desires under control. She felt Calleigh's fingers tracing small circles against her lower back and she just concentrated on that for a time until she could lean back and look at her wife.

"Thank you."

Calleigh looked truly puzzled. "For what?"

Natalia brushed her lips gently against hers. "For being stronger than me. I was ready to say the hell with the picnic. And… for proving to me that it could be done on a bike."

"Darlin', I think that we could figure out how to do it almost anywhere if we put our heads together." Calleigh smirked.

"I don't think that putting our heads together will actually work, but I'm willing to give it a try."

Scooting back, whimpering at the loss of contact, Calleigh carefully got off of Natalia's bike and shook her head. "You do realize that if anyone else heard our conversations, that they would think that we are quite insane."

Grinning, Natalia had to agree. "I know, but it's a part of our relationship that makes it unique and I wouldn't want to change it for anything. Are you ready to head back?"

"If we must." Calleigh leaned in again to kiss her wife. "Thank you again for the bike. I never expected that I would own something like this."

"And I never thought that I would own a horse so we're even."

They put back on their helmets, started up their bikes and turned back toward the picnic. Soon they pulled into the parking lot and stopped beside the Avalanche. Dismounting, they decided to put the helmets inside the SUV for safekeeping and then walked hand in hand back towards the party, which was in full swing. As they got closer, they saw that Court and Chance were playing a game of horseshoes with a couple of Natalia's biker friends while Ryan was discussing the finer aspects of deep-sea fishing with Natalia's father.

Going over to the food table, they each fixed themselves a plate, grabbed a drink, and sat down at the table with Cristine, Anna, Alexx, and Eileen, who were discussing the differences in raising girls from boys.

Looking at each other, Calleigh and Natalia just listened and learned while they ate. Soon the party was winding down and people were getting ready to leave. Everyone pitched in to help clean up and in no time, the area was cleaned.

Natalia and Calleigh went around to each person and thanked them for coming; handshakes, and hugs all around. Calleigh talked quietly for a moment to Alexx before she left smiling, while Natalia asked Cristine if they wouldn't mind taking Mallory for a while.

Ryan was standing next to Eric when Calleigh walked up.

"Thank you both for coming. We'll see you tomorrow night at the wedding rehearsal and then the dinner afterwards. Hope that you guys had a good day."

Ryan reached out and hugged Calleigh. "I had a great time, thank you. I really enjoyed talking to Mr. Boa Vista, he's an interesting character."

"Yes, he is. Well, good night guys."

Calleigh started to walk away when Eric grabbed her by the arm. She stopped short and just looked down at his hand on her arm. He quickly pulled it off and took a step back.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know that all I have ever wanted is for you to be happy. I still think you would be happier with me, but it's your choice."

All Calleigh did was to stare at him for a moment before she shook her head and walked off, while Ryan just looked at him in disbelief, then walked in the opposite direction. Natalia watched everything from a distance with a look of disgust on her face.

After asking Chance if he would drive the Avalanche back to their house, Calleigh and Natalia got on their bikes and headed home and were soon pulling into their driveway and turning off the bikes. Chance pulled up soon after with Court following behind. After thanking everyone once more, the DuVista's got all of their vehicles inside their garage, and went inside their home to collapse on the sofa.

Tugging off her boots and socks, Natalia wiggled her toes and leaned back, closing her eyes.

Sliding her hands up Natalia's shins, Calleigh wrapped her fingers around massaging from the top of her calves to the tip of her toes, even popping each one.

"Oh babe, I'll give you a couple of hours to stop that. It feels so good." Natalia purred.

Smirking, Calleigh kept going, watching the look on her wife's face, taking a long slow relaxing breath. "Darlin', you know I'll do it till my hands can't function."

Turning her head so that she could look at the blonde, Natalia teased. "Cal, I need you hands to function for other things so you just pace yourself."

Shivering visibly was only part of what she could catch Natalia's attention with, but the even bigger smirk and slightly angled tilt of her head she just provided the brunette, could make even the gayest man get chills.

"Shall I demonstrate all the different ideas I have for your hands? Or would you prefer to use your imagination?"

Her eyes rolled back as she looked up with a smile. "Oh Lord. Please... please demonstrate because my brain just went to mush after the first idea I had." She looked back at Natalia whispering "But if it means you taking off those thigh hugging chaps, then we might need to wait a few minutes because I am enjoying the view."

"So, you like me in leather huh? Does it bring anything to mind?"

"Those chaps... Less clothing underneath and..." Calleigh paused, going mentally off into her own world again. "And a bikini… Yeah. A bikini, leave just enough to my imagination"

"Hmm, any preference on the color of this bikini?" Natalia leaned forward to breathe in Calleigh's ear.

Fingers wrap around Natalia's hips, groaning. "....Black...?"

Drawing her tongue lightly up Calleigh's ear, Natalia sighed. "Can you give me five minutes?"

Calleigh froze. Dragging her nails across the small of Natalia's back. "Darlin'... you can have whatever you want..."

Arching against her wife, she kissed her lightly and got up off the sofa, slowly unlacing the leather vest until it was hanging open loosely, exposing her breasts, then turning away to walk into their bedroom.

Calleigh groaned and muttered "Should've just said take off the vest." Grinning at her wife's exhibition, getting icy chills up her spine.

Once she was in the bedroom, Natalia quickly took off the vest, got out of the chaps and jeans and took a super quick shower, as she was still sweaty from the picnic. After drying off thoroughly, she pulled on a black string bikini that she hadn't put on in years and started to put the chaps back on, when she got a wicked gleam in her eyes. Going to the very back of her closet, she found some thigh high, four-inch heel boots that she had wore once to a costume party and pulled them on instead. Then looking in her accessory drawer, she pulled out a black silk scarf and tied it around her head in pirate fashion. Looking at herself in the mirror, she was amazed at how good she looked and how relaxed she felt doing this.

Taking a deep breath, she opened their bedroom door and strolled out, standing with legs slightly apart and waited.

It took a minute for Calleigh to stop grinning at the thoughts flashing through her head when she looked over, seeing Natalia, her mouth about dropped to the ground. She had imagined what it'd look like, but she never knew it'd look so incredibly sexy in person. Her heart started racing a mile a minute, the look in her eye had never been so amazingly lustful while knowing she was so in love. She forgot how to move.

Walking forward slowly, Natalia's hips swayed and she raised her arms to caress her breasts lightly with fingers.

Calleigh continued to look at her completely dumbfounded. Managing to find her voice; low and husky, she manages to groan out, "Darlin'.... you just made one of my fantasies come true."

Stopping in front of her wife with her legs slightly apart, Natalia leaned over, placing a hand on either side of Calleigh's shoulders. "So, I made one of your fantasies come true… tell me more about it."

Calleigh's heart about jumped out of her chest. She couldn't take it anymore. She leaned up kissing Natalia hard, running her hands down her wife's chest, cupping her breasts gently, then dragging her fingertips down her stomach.

Moaning, Natalia jerked as Calleigh's nails skimmed the top of her bikini bottom.

Groaning, sliding her nails over the sensitive skin, covered only by the thinnest cloth possible. Calleigh shifted the bikini bottoms over just enough to slip two fingers into her.

"Aw, baby…. You feel so good…. I wanted you so badly today…. Yeah, right there." Natalia arched against the hand that was slowly filling her.

Arching her body up, grazing her fingers against that spot in continuous long strokes, she smirked. "You have no idea. I almost regret stopping. But feeling you now... it was well worth the wait." Slowly she slipped in a third finger, not letting Natalia get on the couch beside her hands.

Looking down, Natalia licked her lips and tried to concentrate on the way that Calleigh looked up at her. She loved how dark her eyes got and how her tongue peaked out to lick her lips. She wished that she could watch Calleigh as they made love, but she always ended up closing her eyes.

Calleigh watched Natalia closely, the way she bit her lip when she was getting close, how she gasped when she was about to break, and this time, she looked down her body, almost breaking herself already. Pressing her own body up against Natalia's, unable to help it, she needed the body contact. She sunk her fingers to the last knuckle and caressed Natalia's favorite spot, hoping to make her stand there and shake helplessly.

Natalia thought that she was going to shatter apart, Calleigh felt so deep and so good. Breathing deeply, she tried to maintain control, but she knew that it was rapidly slipping away. Her heart was beating wildly and sweat was beginning to break out along her upper lip.

"Cal… leigh…. You gotta let me… aw please…. Let me lay down."

She leaned up, letting the heat of her breath roll over Natalia's ear. "I don't think so Darlin'..."

Her arms were beginning to shake and her breath was coming out in gulps. Moaning, she closed her eyes and swore that there were fireworks behind her eyelids.

"No, I want to see your eyes..." Her free hand reached up, caressing her jaw. Her eyes were the darkest deepest jade, sparkling brighter than the sun. Slowly smiling bigger and bigger as Natalia's eyes opened. She moaned out "Perfect." Twisting her fingers just right, wanting her to collapse.

Suddenly Natalia dropped against the sofa as her knees buckled and she fell, screaming Calleigh's name. Her inner muscles tightened against Calleigh's fingers and her essence dripped down her wrist. Arching her back, Natalia growled her release and stared into green eyes, her own eyes was like warm pools of chocolate.

Leaning forward, Calleigh breathed. "Do you know how hot you looked today when you were riding Adonia? The way that your body moved with the horse, I almost came just watching you and then, this afternoon when you were astride the bike, all I could imagine was being in you, surround by you, making you tremble with my touch. And now, you made a fantasy come true in more ways than one." She continued to slowly fill the still throbbing warmth, sliding her thumb ever so often across her clit.

Grinding her jaw, Natalia focused on Calleigh's eyes and jerked her hips in time with the thrusts. Breathing hard, she leaned down and kissed Calleigh hungrily, running her tongue along her lips before delving inside her mouth. Threading her fingers in golden hair, she pulled back Calleigh's head as she dragged her lips along her jaw line, down her neck to suck on the thundering pulse point.

Calleigh arched her body, closing her eyes, leaning her head away, giving Natalia all the room she wanted. Almost begging for full body contact, but not daring take such a perfect position away for their equally cruel onslaught of affection toward each other.

Suddenly, Natalia pushed herself away from Calleigh's throat, reached around, untied the strings of her bikini top, and threw it across the room along with the scarf. Then she placed her hands once again on either side of Calleigh's shoulders, taunting her.

"Come on babe… You said that you would do it until your hands wouldn't function…Comeon… have they quit?"

Looking up at her wife, Calleigh caught the need, flashing in her eyes and answered it in her own. She would never get enough of this woman, not in this lifetime or any other. Reaching up with her free hand, she went to caress Natalia's face, but gasped as instead, Natalia turned and took her fingers in her mouth and began to suck. With her other fingers still surrounded by warm slickness, she began to mimic the sucking motions of her wife.

Repeatedly, they pushed each other over the edge and back again; each time their orgasm hits them harder and harder until Natalia finally collapsed against Calleigh's body.

Calleigh came again as soon as she felt her wife's body pressed against her. It had been such sweet torture not being able to feel her body, just to be surrounded by her. Her own orgasms had been the result of sheer sight of Natalia's movements and her responses.

Natalia looked over at Calleigh and saw that she was breathing and sweating just as hard as she was. Making a decision, she reached down and gingerly took hold of Calleigh's wrist and released it from her body, gasping at the movement. Taking a few moments to catch her breath, she then unzipped the boots, took them off and stood up on shaky legs. After making sure that she was ok, she leaned down, putting one arm under Calleigh's knees and the other under her shoulders, picking her up. Turning to the sliding doors, she quietly asked her wife to open it and then she walked out onto the patio and into the pool.

As soon as the water hit her, Calleigh shivered and then sighed, and even though she was still dressed, her body was so turned on that the water felt like silk. Diving underwater, she swam the remaining length of the pool to surface at the deep end. Looking back, she watched as Natalia reached down and pulled off her bikini bottom and threw it to the side of the pool, then dove underwater to surface directly in front of her to tread water.

Natalia stared at Calleigh for a few moments before she quietly said. "Thank you for today. To be able to wake up and shoot my bow for a while is amazing in itself, but then to go and receive the most amazing gift that anyone has ever gotten me, just blew my mind. We spend the day with our family and friends, then I give you your gift and we enjoy that for a while. And the perfect ending to our day is making love and it's… not the act of making love that is so mind blowing. It's that we are in love."

She shook her head and continued. "I know that some people may think that we're too sappy or we gush over each other too much and maybe we do, but this is our lives. We are in love and in lust with each other and yes, that may dim in time, but it's never going to end. So what I'm trying to say is that I love you Calleigh DuVista and thank you for everything today."

Reaching out, Calleigh drew Natalia over to the side of the pool and trapped her between herself and the wall.

"Darlin', I don't care what other people think about our relationship. This is our lives, our life together and it doesn't concern anyone else. They may have a jaded view on life, but I don't.

And as for thanking me, I'm the one that should be thanking you. The bike and everything that went with it is so fantastic. I never thought that I would own a bike, much less than a Harley, and I can't believe that we have our own family crest now. That is so cool."

Placing her arms over Calleigh's shoulders, Natalia kissed her gently, letting her tongue slid along her bottom lip.

"I thought that we should have one. Hey, we can get the crest embroidered on the horse blankets! Do you realize that we are getting married in two days in front of our family and friends? This week has gone by so quickly and I can't believe that we've got everything ready in time."

"Mmm, I love the way that you kiss, in case I've never told you."

Smiling, Natalia leaned back in for another kiss. "No, you haven't, but I got the general idea because you always kiss me back."

Calleigh couldn't resist smirking. "Oh I do, do I? Ah well, you got me. It's just because you're so damn addictive and I can't resist you."

"That's good because I can't resist you either."

Calleigh pushed away from the side of the pool, they floated freely for a while, giving each other tiny kisses until the sun went completely down, and the stars were beginning to come out.

"Would you care to join me in the shower love? And afterwards we can cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie."

With her feet finally touching bottom, Natalia pulled Calleigh close and gave her another kiss. "Babe, that sounds like a plan to me."

Pulling on Calleigh's hand, Natalia led the way out of the pool. Turning to Calleigh, she reached down to help tug off Calleigh's sodden clothes, then after wringing them out, they went inside and took a warm shower, changed into their night clothes and snuggled up on the sofa to watch 'Under the Tuscan Sun'. They loved the story and fell in love with the countryside. When the movie was finally over, it was close to midnight so they turned off the lights, the television and crawled into bed. Giving each other one last kiss for the day, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Part 32

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