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By sinjenkai


Part 34

It was late the following morning when Calleigh finally opened her eyes to a sunny room, wincing at the brightness, she turned to find Natalia, but didn't see her in the room. She did however notice that she was sleeping at the foot of the bed and two empty bottles of champagne were at the head of the bed.

Getting out of bed, Calleigh grimaced as strained muscles protested, but she wouldn't trade the way that she got that way… even if she couldn't remember all of it. Shaking her head, she looked for her bathing suit to put on before she made her way downstairs.

As she came down the stairs, she saw Natalia walking around the dining area wearing a white bikini with an ankle length turquoise wrap around her waist. Standing on the stairs, she must have made a noise because Natalia turned her way and the smile that she sent Calleigh's way was brighter than the sun.

"Morning Mrs. DuVista. Did you sleep well?"

Coming down the last few steps, Calleigh grinned back at her. "Yes, Mrs. DuVista, I did and you?"

Wrapping her arms around the blonde, Natalia nuzzled her neck and ran her hands along Calleigh's back before settling on her ass, pulling her close. Moaning at the contact, she leaned back to look at her bride.

"I did. I can't remember going to sleep exactly, but I woke up sore and very satisfied. I thought that I would order us brunch and see if you wanted to join me in the pool afterwards."

Reaching up to draw Natalia's lips to hers, Calleigh kissed her slowly, taking her time to enjoy the soft lips and the warm tongue that tangled with hers. After a few minutes, she pulled away with a contented sigh.

"Morning kisses… What a great way to start off the day. Hmmm, life can't get any better than this. Brunch sounds good to me and a dip in the pool will be worth it just to see you take off the wrap."

Kissing the tip of Calleigh's nose, Natalia led her over to the table where in the center of the table was a platter of Eggs Benedict, bacon, hash browns and a pitcher of Bloody Mary's.

Pulling Calleigh's chair out for her, Natalia leaned down to give her another quick kiss and murmur. "Cal, we don't have to take a dip in the pool just for me to take off the wrap. I can do it right now." As her hand went to untie the knot, Calleigh's hand stopped her.

"Let me." Tugging the wrap, Calleigh pulled Natalia to her until she was straddling her legs in the chair. Never looking away from the warm chocolate eyes, Calleigh untied the knot and opened the wrap. Splaying out her fingers, she let them trail slowly over the soft skin, enjoying how dark Natalia's eyes became as she moved. Moving them up, she reached behind Natalia's neck and back to release the ties of her bikini top, allowing her breasts to be freed from their confinement.

Leaning forward, Calleigh drew Natalia's nipple between her lips while one hand palmed the other breast, toying with its nipple while her other hand wrapped around Natalia's back to pull her closer.

Arching to press more of herself into Calleigh's mouth, Natalia scored her nails on Calleigh's back, forcing her to hiss and pull back a bit.

Bringing her other hand back around to worry the first breast, Calleigh watched as Natalia's eyes got even darker and hooded. Moving her hands down, Calleigh untied the strings that were holding the bikini bottom together, grasped Natalia under her thighs and lifted her to the table. Removing the scrap of material that was blocking her way, she leaned in and began to suckle on the tiny bundle of nerves while sliding three fingers into the already pooling moisture.

Leaning back on the table, Natalia arched her back and vainly tried to find something to hold onto on the glass top. Spreading her legs wider, she welcomed Calleigh's tongue and fingers with a moan and matching thrusts. Even though she was a little sore from the previous night's activities, there was no way that she was going to slow down or even stop.

Standing, Calleigh used her free hand to run down Natalia's chest, tweaking her nipples a few times, drawing gasps as she added another digit into her throbbing center. As Natalia arched her back, Calleigh reached under and pulled her even closer, pressed even deeper. The juices from Natalia completely covered Calleigh's hand and moved down her wrist.

"Uh… Cal… Leigh… Harder… Aw… Right… There…"

Using her free hand on Natalia's hip to pull her, Calleigh pumped deeper and used her thumb to rub her clit, causing Natalia to shake and keen. Natalia wrapped her legs around Calleigh's body, trying to bring her even closer.

"You like that darlin'?... You want some more?"

Arching her neck, Natalia's eyes rolled back as Calleigh used her other hand to twist her clit, propelling her over the edge, causing her inner muscles to tighten around Calleigh's fingers, screaming out her name.

"Cal… Aww… Fuck me."

Kissing Natalia right above her pubic bone, Calleigh couldn't help but smirk. "Darlin', I think that I just did."

Taking deep breaths as her body continued to spasm, Natalia croaked out. "Baby, that was making love in the nth degree. That was earth shattering."

Slowly Calleigh removed her fingers from Natalia's warmth, only to bring them up to her mouth to lick them clean, before leaning down to kiss her.

Moaning as she tasted herself on her wife's lips, Natalia rose up to wrap her arms around Calleigh's neck. Nuzzling the spot right below Calleigh's ear, Natalia breathed. "Thank you, baby, that was amazing."

Pulling back a bit, Calleigh pushed back the sweaty hair off of her face. "Yeah, you were. Very amazing. Are you alright?"

"Baby, I'm perfect."

"Yes ma'am, you are. You certainly are." Smiling, Calleigh rubbed her hands along Natalia's still sweaty body. "Are you ready for something to eat? Because I know that I worked up an appetite."

Natalia's eyebrow rose and her own smirk graced her face. ""Yeah, I can eat a little something, but I think that I should eat some breakfast first."

Calleigh helped her off the table, laughing. "Ooo, that was cruel baby. Let me warm everything up while you get dressed again and we'll plan the rest of the day."

After getting dressed, Natalia joined her wife back at the table, which had been wiped down, and they ate a leisurely brunch.

"What do you think about getting the horses over here this evening and taking a ride along the beach? I believe that they have an agreement with the stables to bring the horses over."

Natalia thought for a moment before answering. "That sounds like a great idea babe. I'll call up Dominic and have it set up for about six, ok?"

"That's fine by me darlin'. That gives us plenty of time to relax by the pool and work on our tans."

Shaking her head, Natalia's eyes raked Calleigh's body. "Baby, all we gotta do is make sure that you don't burn because I have plans for you later."

Getting out of her chair, Calleigh went to sit in Natalia's lap. "And what kind of plans do you have for me?"

Wrapping her arms around the blonde, Natalia nuzzled her throat. "Hmm, let's see. I think that I'll just let you wonder about that. I'm quite sure that I can come up with something that will blow your mind."

"Darlin', you can blow my mind and anything else you can think of."

Taking Calleigh's face between her hands, Natalia proceeded to give her a kiss that left them both breathless and wanting.

"Darlin', I do believe that being married is something that we are definitely gonna to enjoy."

Looking into fiery green eyes, Natalia couldn't help but smile. "You do know why, don't you?" Calleigh shook her head. "We don't have to hide any more. We have blown off the closet doors and made it into a family room. When we are off the clock, we can do anything that we want, where we want and when we want. We get to live our lives on our terms from now on and

all the weight of us hiding is off our shoulders."

Leaning back a bit, Calleigh smiled as she looked at her wife. "I do believe that you are right. I do feel different." Then a smirk crossed her face. "And also a little sore, I don't know about you, but I can't remember everything that we did last night and early this morning."

"I know that I woke up happy, sore and at the bottom of the bed with you draped across me. How we got there, I can't remember exactly, but I know that there were a couple bottles of champagne, whipped cream and a feather, I think."

Leaning forward, Calleigh nuzzled the spot underneath Natalia's ear. "Well, I'd like to try everything again, but without the champagne because I want to remember every detail."

Purring, Natalia ran her hands up Calleigh's arms. "We can definitely try it again until we remember everything. You know that practice makes perfect."

"And you are most definitely perfect darlin'. Are you ready to do some relaxing by the pool because I would love to spread some oil all over your body?"

"Hmm, would you now? Well, I guess that I need to go out by the pool so you can spread to your heart's desire."

Getting off Natalia's lap, Calleigh held out her hand. "Darlin', you're my heart's desire, I just wanna get my hands on your body."

"Well come on. Let's go."

They walked out onto the patio, holding hands. There, Natalia spread out a towel over one of the lounge chairs and laid down on her stomach, facing the pool.

Calleigh reached down to untie the strings of Natalia's bikini top and picked up the suntan lotion. Pouring some in her hand, she rubbed her hands together quickly before kneeling down to spread it over her wife's back. She luxuriated in the feel of the muscles and skin underneath her hands, the silkiness was almost more than she could bear. She was sorely tempted to lean down and take her again, but she thought better of it. Deciding that sometimes a slow burn can be more fun if savored, Calleigh finished spreading the lotion on Natalia's back, and then her legs.

Wiping her hands on a towel, Calleigh placed a quick kiss atop Natalia's head before she dove into the pool and started doing laps.

The sound of the surf that was over the wall, the gulls cawing and her wife's churning through the pool lulled Natalia into a light slumber. She wasn't quite under as she could still hear everything that was happening around her, it just seemed that she was on the edge of awareness.

After awhile the lack of noise from the pool caught her attention and she raised her head to see Calleigh floating on her back with her eyes closed. Golden hair framed her face and the water gently lapped at her body. As Natalia watched, a cool breeze caressed her body, causing Calleigh's nipples to harden and Natalia's mouth to water. Standing up, she didn't bother putting back on her top as she took the chair cushion and placed it next to the pool. Slowly she got into the pool, careful to not create too many waves as she made her way over to her floating wife.

Barely having enough time to notice the change in water pressure and when Natalia placed her hands underneath her back, Calleigh flailed about a second before she got her bearings.

"It's ok, I've got ya." Natalia's voice was next to her ear. "I'm not gonna let anything happen to ya. I have plans for us for the next fifty to sixty years."

Finally centering herself, Calleigh wrapped her arms around Natalia's neck, groaning as she came in contact with her bare breasts.

"Aw darlin', just the next fifty or sixty? I have plans for the next few lifetimes."

Making her way over to the side of pool, Natalia untied, then slid off Calleigh's bikini before she swiftly picked her up, and placed her on the cushion. Reaching behind her, Natalia pulled her forward until Calleigh's hips were at the edge of the pool.

"And what exactly do you have in mind Mrs. DuVista?"

Letting her fingers lightly graze the tight curls, Natalia leaned forward to flick her tongue at one of Calleigh's breasts. "Well, I did say that I could eat a little something and I've decided that I'm hungry."

Smirking, Calleigh laid back on the cushion, draping her legs over Natalia's shoulders. "Never let it be said that I kept you from something that you wanted to do."

Before the words were completely out of her mouth, Natalia was suckling on her clit, making her arch up against her mouth.

"Ah damn!"

Humming as she moved her thumb to rub the tiny bundle, Natalia started scooping out Calleigh's arousal with her tongue, its sweetness was intoxicating and she would never be able to get enough. As she slid her tongue along the slickness, Natalia felt Calleigh's hand, holding her to that one spot so she slowly brought up two fingers to join her teasing tongue.

Calleigh's legs tighten around Natalia's head as the onslaught intensified and somewhere in the back of her mind, she recognized the tune that Natalia was humming, but she just couldn't focus enough to place it. Then as Natalia curled her fingers to touch her g-spot while drawing her clit between her teeth, Calleigh screamed her release and her body shuddered.

Gently fluttering her fingers, Natalia slowly withdrew from her wife and after placing another kiss to the still throbbing bundle, she got out of the pool and gathered Calleigh into her embrace.

Reaching around, Calleigh found the hand that Natalia had pleasured her with and brought it to her lips to lick it clean. Natalia watched with her mouth open in amazement.

"That is so damn sexy…"

Calleigh didn't say a word, just leaned forward so that Natalia could kiss the remnants from her tongue. Groaning, Natalia pressed Calleigh down against the cushion for a hard, hungry kiss.

Bringing up a thigh between Natalia's legs, Calleigh growled as she encountered a cloth barrier and without a second hesitation, she ripped it off and flung it aside as she brought her thigh back up, this time coming into contact with warm slickness.

Placing her hands on either side of Calleigh's head, Natalia ground herself against hard muscle, sliding up and down, searching for her own release. Almost snarling, she dropped her head to take one of Calleigh's nipples between her lips and began to draw it into her mouth.

Dropping her thigh, Calleigh filled Natalia with three fingers, causing her to bolt upright with the sensation.

"Cal… Harder baby."

With one hand holding onto Natalia's hip, Calleigh increased the force of her thrusts, making sure that her thumb was pressed against her clit, worrying it back and forth.

Undulating her hips in time with her wife's hand, Natalia's head was thrown back with her mouth open, gasping for air, as her hands came up to caress and tug at her own breasts. Looking up from below, Calleigh thought that she had never seen anything more beautiful than Natalia right at that moment.

"Talia… Look at me please… Let me see your eyes."

Dropping down once again to place her hands on either wide of Calleigh's head, Natalia rocked back and forth, deepening the thrusts.

"I want it all."

Without losing a beat, Calleigh added the last finger and tucked her thumb into her palm. Letting Natalia push back against her, all Calleigh could do was watch her face in awe as her fist was slowly surrounded by pulsating warmth.

Almost black eyes stared down into dark green, never blinking as Natalia brought herself up to the precipice of release, her breath coming in tiny little pants. Then ever so slowly, Calleigh loosened her fist, filling Natalia even more, causing her eyes to widen as she gave the sigh that signaled to Calleigh that she finally surrendered her release.

Dropping down to her elbows, Natalia moaned as her body shuddered and tightened around Calleigh. Still rocking, she reached down to grasp Calleigh's wrist, hissing as it slid from her embrace before collapsing against her wife.

Raining soft kisses upon Natalia's face, Calleigh whispered. "So that is what love looks like."

Looking over at Calleigh, Natalia smiled. "Yeah, that's what love looks like."

They laid there for quite awhile, each trying to catch their breath until Calleigh noticed how low the sun was in the sky.

"What time are the horses going to get here?

Not moving an inch, Natalia answered. "Around six and there's no way that it's close to that time yet.

Running her hands over Natalia's back, Calleigh agreed. "No, but I think that we may want to get out of the sun for a bit."

Looking over to her wife, Natalia noticed that her skin was a bit pink. Slowly pushing herself up, Natalia rose to her feet, and then extended her hand to help Calleigh stand up.

"Let's go inside and clean up a bit. I'll call the front desk and have them clean while we're out riding and dinner delivered around seven-thirty. That sound alright with you?"

Picking up their suits, Calleigh sauntered inside, leaving Natalia open mouthed with the view. "Darlin', that sounds good to me. Everything alright?"

"Uh, yeah. Everything looks perfect to me."

Following Calleigh inside, Natalia almost tripped over a small step.


"Are you all right?"

Nodding her head, Natalia rubbed her sore foot. "Yeah, just wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I had something very interesting I was watching."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Walking upstairs, they went into the bathroom and got into the shower. Taking their time, they washed each other and played around. After getting out and drying off, Natalia called the concierge and made their requests.

Watching Calleigh pull on a pair of well-worn jeans, Natalia couldn't help, but admire her very shapely body as it was slowly covered up. But once she was dressed, Natalia still thought that her wife was the sexiest person that she had ever seen.

"Darlin', you keep starin' at me and you're gonna get bored pretty quickly."

Walking up behind her wife, Natalia wrapped her arms around her and rested her chin, upon her shoulder. "Calleigh, there is no way that I can ever be bored looking at you."

Rubbing the arms that held her so gently, Calleigh leaned her head back to place a kiss upon Natalia's cheek. "Oh darlin', I'm sure that there are going to be times when we can't stand the sight of each other, but that's not going to change how we really feel." Turning so that she was facing her wife. "Now go get dressed and I'll wait for you downstairs."

It only took Natalia a few minutes to pull on a pair of jeans, a sleeveless aqua shirt, and her boots. In no time, she had joined Calleigh on the sofa, watching the sun get lower. They were more than content to sit there with the fingers entwined, just enjoying each other's company.

At a quarter till six, the main desk called to let them know that the horses were on property and would be saddled and outside the beach gate in ten minutes. Walking outside, they met the horses as Tommy led them up.

Both Adonia and Beltran snickered when they caught sight of their owners and nodded their heads. Calleigh reached out to rub Beltran's forehead, while Natalia offered Adonia an apple slice.

"Hello handsome, are you ready for a sunset walk with our ladies?" Calleigh whispered in the black stallion's ear. He turned and looked at her with his dark eyes and she could have sworn that he winked. "Yeah, me too."

"What are you two talking about?" Natalia asked, already atop Adonia.

Getting a leg up from Tommy, Calleigh quipped. "We'll never tell. So darlin', are you ready to start our journey together?"

"Calleigh, as long as we're together, I'll go through anything with you."

Turning, they started down the beach, walking the horses close enough that they could hold hands, heading into the sunset.

The End

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