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By sinjenkai


Part 4

The next morning, Calleigh awakened before her wife, so she spent a little time just enjoying the sense of being loved and protected. Then as gently as she could, she slid out of bed and stood on her good leg for a few moments getting her bearings.

She remembered the room lay out that Natalia had when she was in the hospital and then recalled the day before, grabbed a crutch and headed in the direction of the bathroom with her left hand out in front of her. Calleigh smiled to herself when she arrived without incident.

Lying quietly, Natalia was ready to jump from the bed if Calleigh needed her, but knew that Calleigh would want to start doing things on her own. When the bathroom door closed, she closed her eyes and gave a silent prayer of thanks.

After a few moments, the door opened and Calleigh appeared, looking a bit fresher, having brushed both her hair and teeth. Standing in the doorway, she cocked her head slightly and listened.

Grinning, she said, "Morning darlin'. Did you sleep ok?"

Natalia walked over to her while replying. "Anytime I sleep with you babe, it's a good nights' sleep. How did you know I was awake?"

"Your breathing was different. It's amazing how my other senses are already compensating for my eyes. I had always heard of it happening, but I didn't realize how much difference there'd be. Would you mind if we try an experiment?"

"Nope, what do you want to do?"

Calleigh gestured. "Go stand somewhere else in the room and when you get there, I want you to say something simple and let's see if I can find you."

Natalia agreed and walked as quietly as she could to a different spot and when she was ready, all she said was, "I love you."

Calleigh gave a slight smile and then her expression turned serious. It sounded like Natalia had gone across the room to a spot where the bed was between them. Trust her wife to make it challenging, which is what she had wanted. Taking a few steps forward, she felt a presence to her right and upon reaching out, found a chair. Maneuvering around it, she then came to the end of the bed and walked past that. As Calleigh headed for where she knew the window would be, she heard a slight intake of breath. She angled a little to her left and stopped directly in front of her love. Slowly reaching up, Calleigh caressed Natalia's cheek before threading her fingers in her caramel colored hair.

Pulling Natalia's head slowly down so that she could give her a kiss, Calleigh murmured, "I love you too." They only broke apart when they heard a polite cough from the doorway.

Looking over Calleigh's head, Natalia saw Dr. Tatum leaning against the door.

"Hi, thought that I would come by so we can check Calleigh's eyes and maybe send you home today."

Turning around, Calleigh took a step forward while keeping a hand on Natalia's arm. "Then let's get this show on the road because I want some real food."

Dr. Tatum had a wheel chair brought in and then all three of them went down to the ophthalmology lab. Once there, Dr. Tatum dimmed the lights and had Calleigh sit in front an odd-looking scope. Quickly removing the patches, Dr. Tatum asked that Calleigh keep her eyes closed until she asked her to open them.

While the doctor was positioning Calleigh's head on the scope, she explained that the scope would allow her to check out how the eyes were healing and if any infection was in evidence. She had Calleigh open her eyes and for the next few minutes, the only noise heard was an occasional 'hmmm.

After a few minutes, she leaned back, turning off the scope and then went over to a poster-sized picture of the eye. Dr. Tatum told them both while showing Natalia where she had found the debris and what she had done during the surgery. She then explained that Calleigh's eyes were still very swollen and that it would take a couple of weeks for that to go down.

The doctor then took the time to show Natalia how and when to administer the eyes drops and how to replace the patches. She told Calleigh that she would have to wear the patches continuously for least two weeks and they would see how things were going after that.

Dr. Tatum then brought out a walking boot that reminded Natalia of a boot that Darth Vader would wear and placed it around Calleigh's cast. She then asked if Calleigh preferred crutches or a cane. Calleigh chose a cane.

After giving Calleigh a pair of oversized sunglasses that would cover the patches, Dr. Tatum then said that she could go home. The doctor had already arranged for their personal items to be brought down so she walked them out to the exit and stayed with Calleigh while Natalia went to find her car and drove it to meet them. Dr. Tatum got Calleigh into the car and after some parting words; they headed towards home.

The ride home was one of the longest rides Calleigh had ever experienced, as noise seemed to bombard her from every direction. Natalia turned on the radio, hoping that the music would distract her, but Calleigh quickly asked her to turn it off. Reaching over, Natalia was able to touch Calleigh's thigh and that seemed to calm her nerves. Still by the time that they got home, Calleigh had a death grip on the door handle and was more than ready to get inside to the peace and quiet.

Natalia quickly jumped from the car to come around to the passenger side where Calleigh was already getting out. She had Calleigh place her hand near Natalia's elbow and they walked towards the front door with Natalia quietly telling her of possible obstacles in her way. As soon as they were inside, Calleigh asked Natalia to lead her over to the sofa where she could sit down.

"Darlin', I have to tell you that was the scariest ride that I've ever taken. The noises were coming from all different angles and it was so disorienting that I couldn't concentrate on just one thing. I've got to learn to block certain sounds out or I'm gonna go crazy."

Kneeling down in front of her wife where she could place her hands against Calleigh's thighs, Natalia gazed up at the face of the strongest woman that she knew. Taking a steadying breath to keep her voice from shaking, Natalia asked.

"So what's the first thing that you want to do? Do you want to shower and change clothes or do you want to want to start learning the house?"

Sliding her right hand over Natalia's, she followed the curve of her arm, then shoulder and past the silky softness of her throat until she was caressing Natalia's face with feather light touches. As she threaded her fingers through Natalia's hair, Calleigh tilted her head as if she was listening to something important, but she was in fact feeling the texture. It was so smooth and velvety that she smiled to herself; it actually reminded her of a piece of caramel candy. Bringing her fingers slowly down, Calleigh traced the graceful eyebrows and laughed softly when Natalia's eyelashes ticked her palm. Running a single finger down her nose, Calleigh discovered a slight bump that she hadn't noticed before and filed that information away. Finally, she brushed her thumb over Natalia's silky soft lips that parted at her touch and Calleigh leaned forward to capture those lips with her own.

Whispering against Natalia's lips, Calleigh said. "I've always known that you were a beautiful woman, but until right at this moment, I didn't understand how breathtaking you truly are. You were right, I can see you in my heart and we can get through anything together."

Natalia parted Calleigh's thighs, situating herself carefully between them as she reached behind Calleigh to pull her even closer. Calleigh wrapped her good leg around Natalia's waist even as she was leaning in for another kiss.

"So can you guess what I would like to do first?"

Moving her own lips down Calleigh's luscious throat, Natalia murmured. "Are you sure that you're up to it babe?"

Calleigh gave a throaty laugh. "Darlin', I'm hurt, not dead. Are you sure that you're up to it?"

"Well, to paraphrase you from a little while back, 'you just got out and I think that we should take it easy, at least for tonight'. "

"Damn, I did say that, didn't I? How come it's always my words that come back to bite me?"

Calleigh dropped her leg and leaned back against the sofa as Natalia put her hands back on Calleigh's thighs.

"Babe, I'm just asking that we take it easy tonight. I want you so much that I ache, but we need to take it slow. You gotta remember that you just had major surgery and it may have been on your eyes, but your body went through a lot and our desires need to take back seat for a least a day."

Leaning forward to graze her lips to Calleigh's, Natalia whispered. "But you just wait until tomorrow."

"Darlin', I'll wait until tomorrow, but not much longer than that. You're not the only one that's achin' here. So…. I guess that I'm gonna learn the house. Might as well start here in the living room."

So the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon was spent with Calleigh trying to remember where everything was located. It was to her advantage that she had such great attention to detail so that she could remember about ninety-five percent of everything the first time around, but she wanted perfection and it took all of Natalia's talent for persuasion to

get her to be content with that.

Lunch however was an entirely different matter as Calleigh insisted on helping prepare it while Natalia was worried about her hurting herself. They came to a peaceful compromise when Calleigh agreed to use a table knife to make the sandwiches. At least that's what Natalia thought. When she went into the bedroom to get out of the clothes and into a pair of shorts and a tank top, Calleigh got a kitchen knife, washed off a tomato and proceeded to slice it for their sandwiches.

Quietly walking up to and standing at the end of the kitchen counter, Natalia watched as Calleigh carefully sliced the tomato in even slices and when she was finished, she pointed the knife towards the floor so that she wouldn't stab anything and placed it in the sink.

As she turned backed to the counter, she was startled by the nearness of Natalia's voice,

"So I don't have to worry about you cutting you fingers off, do I?"

Turning in the direction of her voice, Calleigh weakly smiled. "I know that you didn't care for me using that knife, but I can't be afraid of everything. I need to know that things will be as normal as they possibly can be. And if I hurt myself, I'll learn not to do that again."

Natalia walked up and wrapped her arms around her very stubborn wife. "I understand why you do the things that you do, truly I do. But you need to understand that this is affecting me in an entirely different way. I will be worrying about you while I'm at work and I need to remember not to move things around too much or at least remember to show you where it is. So bear with me babe, when I get too cautious."

Leaning her head against Natalia's chest, Calleigh could hear the gentle beat of Natalia's heart. With Natalia's arms wrapped around her, Calleigh felt loved, protected and needed. She berated herself once again for her actions of the day before. She had been just thinking of herself and not how this was affecting Natalia. She tightened her own arms around her wife and gave her a hug.

Kissing the top of Calleigh's golden head, Natalia took a step back. "So are you ready to eat some lunch? Let's get these sandwiches together and we can sit at the bar. What would you like to drink babe?"

After lunch and cleaning up, they went into the bedroom to organize Calleigh's clothes so that Natalia wouldn't have to lay out her outfits each day. For the next couple of weeks, it was going to be quite simple to dress herself since she wasn't planning to go out.

When they finished organizing, they decided that since they were in the bedroom, they might as well take a nap. Calleigh lay with her head on Natalia's shoulder and her arm thrown across the other woman's waist and was soon asleep. Natalia on the other hand couldn't seem to settle down and felt quite restless. After making sure her wife was in a deep sleep, Natalia slid from underneath Calleigh and got out of bed, going outside on the back patio.

She sat in the sun, just staring off in the distance, not really thinking of anything. Natalia felt so frustrated and helpless and she hated feeling this way. She wanted to be able to help Calleigh more, but Calleigh was so independent and hated to ask for help, Natalia also knew that she was going to worry a hell of a lot while she was at work and Calleigh was at home. She was going to have to restrain herself from calling home constantly to check on her.

Natalia soon bolted from the chair, dove into the pool and started doing laps. As the laps added up, Natalia had a better understanding to what Calleigh went through when she was in the hospital. She was afraid to sleep because something else might happen to Calleigh and afraid of staying too close by and smothering her. Natalia felt damned either way as she came to the pools edge, performing a perfect turn and swam the entire length of the pool underwater.

As soon as Calleigh awoke, she knew she was alone in the bed and in the room. Stretching until she felt her back pop, she cautiously got out of bed and headed into the bathroom to take care of her needs. Afterwards she made her way out to the living room, standing quietly at the entrance for few moments to decide that this room was also empty.

It was just as she was walking towards the kitchen when she heard the sound of splashing in the pool. She carefully made her way past the sliding doors and out on the patio. In her mind's eye, Calleigh knew the distance from the doors to the pool and approximately, how big her stride was, so she took seven steps and then gingerly felt for the pools edge with her foot. Finding it, she followed it around until she was on the side, and then carefully sat down with her good leg dangling in the water. She enjoyed the feeling of the sun and the whisper of a breeze against her skin, but her heart and mind was on the woman who was relentlessly racking up the laps and churning up waves in the pool.

Finally, after what seemed like almost forever, silence prevailed as Natalia quit. Calleigh stood up and carefully made her way over to where her wife was catching her breath. Once again, she carefully sat down and dangled her leg in the water. After a few minutes, Calleigh quietly said.

"I know that your first instincts are to hover around and protect me. Then I also know that you understand that I'm a stubborn Southern woman that wants to do everything on my own and that can make you feel helpless or worthless. But you're not. Without you, I wouldn't try as hard to be 'normal'. I would probably let it go. But I have something that I can and will fight to for. And we know better than most that in our line of work, things can change on a dime and whatever we have can be gone in an instant. So I know that this is as hard for you as it is for me. And putting yesterday aside, I'm not willing to give up on what we can be or us. While we each may have our doubts, I know that with the support of each other we can get through anything."

Natalia easily pulled herself out of the pool and sat next to her wife. Reaching over, she took Calleigh's hand in hers, lacing their fingers together. Softly she responded. "You're right. All I want to do is protect you and I can't. Just like, you couldn't protect me from Jake. We each have to do what we feel is right even while the other may not always agree, but we do have to support each other. And there are going to be times when I know that we're going to have knockdown, drag out fights and we might say things that we really don't mean, but it won't change the way that we feel about each other. We are in love and nothing or no one is going to change that. So if one of us gets bent out of shape because we feel that we aren't doing enough for the other, we have to just take a step back and remember that we are both very independent women and that's one of the reasons that we love each other so much."

Calleigh untangled her fingers so that she could pull Natalia within kissing range.

Whispering Calleigh asked. "When did you become so strong, so wise?"

Closing the gap, Natalia brushed her lips against Calleigh's.

"The day that I realized that I was in love with you."

"Will you let me do something for you?"

"Of course babe. Anything that you want."

Carefully Calleigh stood up, placed her hand on Natalia's arm and they made their way inside. Directing Natalia to the bathroom, Calleigh asked her to go ahead and take a shower to wash off the chlorine from the pool while she got everything ready. Natalia agreed and while she was busy bathing, Calleigh gathered up a bath sheet, a regular towel and some baby oil.

Making her way into the bedroom, Calleigh pulled down the sheets on the bed and laid out the bath sheet. She limped back into the bathroom as Natalia was getting out and drying off. She asked her to wrap her towel around her and then they walked over to the bed where Calleigh directed her to lay down sideways on the bed on her stomach.

Calleigh lightly dragged her nails along the lithe body until she reached Natalia's feet. Sitting at her wife's feet, she poured some oil in her hands and began to massage one of the feet. Starting at the heel, she slowly worked up to the toes, making sure that she gave each one attention they richly deserved. After she finished with that foot, she moved to the other, taking the same care.

Finishing with the feet, Calleigh moved on to Natalia's strong calves and then farther up to the very toned and supple thighs. Bypassing the spot that she really wanted to massage, Calleigh instead started massaging a very toned butt and slowly moved up. As she found a knot, she gently worked through until it became pliant. It was difficult move up Natalia's body with her leg, but the sighs and moans coming from her wife made it all worthwhile. By the time Calleigh had worked up to her shoulders, Natalia was almost asleep and even though Calleigh was loath to disturb her, she softly asked her to roll over.

After she did so, Calleigh balanced herself at Natalia's head, placed her hands underneath her shoulders, pressed up and drew her hands along the back of her neck towards the top of Natalia's head. She repeated the process repeatedly until she could no longer feel any stress in the muscles.

Sitting cautiously next to Natalia, Calleigh listened carefully, hearing deep, even breaths and smiled, knowing that her plan had worked. Her wife was relaxed and sound asleep. Quietly she stood and gently covered Natalia with a sheet before she set off to the bathroom to draw some water into the tub.

Calleigh knew that she shouldn't remove the patches, but she wanted to wash her face so she carefully removed the patches from her eyes, but did not open then. Instead, she got undressed, slowly lowered herself into the tub, propping her leg on the side of the tub and began to bathe. Deciding not to wash her hair until Natalia could help, she got out, dried off and got into her nightclothes.

Quietly she made her way back to the bed to bring a pillow and lay down next to Natalia. Reaching out so that she could touch her arm, Calleigh drifted off to sleep.

'Natalia squinted her eyes against the afternoon sun as she looked up at the sky. Clouds were slowly floating by as a warm breeze caressed her skin. Something tickled her nose and she absentmindedly brushed it away and as she walked out into the surf, the sand was warm beneath her feet.

Looking around, Natalia couldn't see Calleigh anywhere so she decided just to float around until she decided to show up. Natalia hope that it wouldn't be too long because if felt like forever since she had seen her.

She swam out a little ways until she was in water that was just up to her shoulders and then leaned her head back and started to float.

Natalia watched as seagulls floated by on the breeze and time seemed to drift by when the waves began to slowly build. She wasn't too worried as she was a good swimmer and she wasn't that far out, but she did go a bit closer just so Calleigh would be able to see her from the shore.

After a wave crested over her, leaving her breathless, Natalia became aware of different feelings coursing through her. It was like all of her nerves were super sensitive and she could feel every grain of salt and sand in the ocean.

As the waves began to roll in faster, carrying her along, Natalia's body seemed like it was vibrating, almost humming and the feeling was amazing. She had never felt so alive, so in touch with things around her.

The sensations began to build and roll through her like the waves that she was riding and Natalia was becoming breathless with anticipation.

Then suddenly Calleigh was standing on the beach, waiting on her with her golden hair floating on the breeze. She had a come-hither look on her face and as she crooked her finger to beckon Natalia, Calleigh's jade eyes sparkled.

As Natalia made it to the shore, Calleigh sauntered up to her wife, pressing up against her, while drawing her nails up along Natalia's thighs.

Leaning close to Natalia's ear, Calleigh drawled. "Come with me darlin', I've got something else I want you to ride."'

Surging up, Natalia growled out Calleigh's name as she came fully awake to find her wife suckling on a tiny nub as a trio of fingers slid in and out of her slick folds. The room was dark and the air was heavy with the mixed scents of musky sex and the sweet bougainvillea's from the yard.

Reaching down to tangle her fingers in damp hair, tugging gently so that Calleigh brought up her head.

"Get up here Cal, now."

Calleigh laved the tiny nub a few more moments and then started to pull out of the still pulsating opening.

"Don't stop fucking me. Just get your body up here now."

As soon as Calleigh was chest high, Natalia flipped them over so that she was atop Calleigh. She then positioned herself she could ride Calleigh's fingers, controlling the depth and speed. Bracing her hands on either side of Calleigh's head, Natalia began to rock back and forth against Calleigh's hand. Throwing her head back, she drew in air and let out a moan the seemed to come from the core of her being. The faster that she rocked, the wetter her center became so when Calleigh slid in finger number four, and all Natalia did was push back harder.

Sweat dripped off both of their bodies as Natalia worked herself up to a peak, but wouldn't let herself tumble over. Looking down at her wife, Natalia couldn't even make out her features.

Hanging her head so that she was close to Calleigh's ear, Natalia growled out.

"I want all of you in me. Give it to me right now."

Hesitating a moment, Calleigh's voice came up at her.

"Are you sure darlin'?"

For her answer, Natalia reached down, tucked Calleigh's thumb into her palm and with a couple of hard thrusts, had her wife's fist deep within her and was coming like she had never done before. The feelings that she having was nothing like she had ever experienced. For the first time in her life, Natalia DuVista had gladly given her entire being, her soul to another person and it felt perfect. Rocking harder and faster, Natalia finally allowed herself to tumble off the edge and fall over into oblivion. Spasm after spasm crested again and again until Natalia could barely move. She slowly took a hold of Calleigh's wrist to hold it steady as she released it from her body. The loss was immediately felt, but it wasn't an unwelcome one as another orgasm ripped through her.

Weakly Natalia collapsed next to her wife, who gently found and stroked her face with her other hand.

Softly Calleigh's voice came through the darkness. "Are you alright darlin'?"

It was all that Natalia could do just to nod her head.

The next sound that Natalia heard sounded like something was being sucked. Her eyes went wide and then closed with delight as she realized what Calleigh was doing. But before she had the time to get a good mental picture, Natalia felt Calleigh move between her legs and began licking away. Natalia had to quickly grab hold of the sheets to anchor herself down even as her body arched off the bed. Screaming out Calleigh's name, Natalia couldn't keep her body from thrashing about as orgasms began anew. Time and time again, wave after wave of mind-blowing orgasms rolled through her body until Natalia reached down and begged Calleigh to stop.

Calleigh made her way back up her wife's body, stopping here and there to nibble and lightly kiss. When she was finally next to Natalia, she gently pulled her into to her embrace, holding her close to her heart.

After a few minutes, Calleigh's voice drifted down to caress Natalia's ears. "How are you doing, my love? Are you ok? Did I hurt you?"

Natalia reached up to stroke the face above her. "No, babe. You didn't hurt me. I have never felt so loved before."

"I'm sorry for asking, but why...?"

The silence hung in the air for a beat or two before Natalia answered.

"Because I needed to give you the one thing that I was holding back. Something that I had never given to any person before. You know that you have my heart and my soul, but now you've had my body. I totally belong to you in every way that is important to me. I love you Calleigh DuVista, now and forever."

Natalia raised up to gently brush her lips against her wife's. Drawing in a quiet breath as she could feel the after effects of their lovemaking, Natalia tenderly nibbled on Calleigh's bottom lip, requesting permission to enter. Soft lips parted, accepting a warm tongue to spar with her own.

Pulling away to catch her breath, Calleigh whispered more to herself, but Natalia overheard.

"I just wish that I had been able to see you."

Natalia didn't know what to say to that so she instead she placed her hand over Calleigh's heart and Calleigh nodded her head in understanding.

"I need to get up and shower, love. Would you care to join me?"

"Yeah, you might need someone to wash your back."

Natalia got off the bed, wincing as she moved and they made their way into the bathroom. Turning on the lights, but adjusting them so that they were barely on, Natalia turned to look at her wife.

Calleigh was standing there in a pair of shorts and a tank top, holding onto the counter top with her head bowed. Walking over to her, Natalia placed a finger underneath her chin, pulling her head up.

"Open your eyes baby. Let me see how they look."

Calleigh shook her head just a bit.

"Yes, Calleigh. I'm gonna have to look at them to put the drops in them after the shower anyways so let me see them now."

Taking a deep breath, Calleigh fluttered her eyelids and finally opened her eyes.

Cupping her hands to either side of Calleigh's face, Natalia peered closely and saw that the redness had gone down as she could see a little bit of green.

"They look better baby. Some of the red has gone away and that's a good sign so as soon as we get out of the shower, I'll put the drops in."

After wrapping Calleigh's cast in a plastic bag, they got into the shower and Natalia washed Calleigh's hair. After finishing that, Natalia began to wash herself, but she couldn't keep from gasping when she grazed some tender areas.

"Are you sore darlin'?"

"Yeah, just a little."

Calleigh found her arm and rubbed it gently.

"You probably will be for a couple of days."

Natalia leaned over to give her a quick kiss.

"It was worth it. Come on. Let's get out."

After getting out and drying off, Natalia had Calleigh sit down and she brushed out her hair. While she was doing that, Calleigh murmured, "I can get used to this really quick. I love it when you brush out my hair."

Leaning in to kiss right next to her ear, Natalia answered. "That's good because I love doing it. Are you ready for the drops now?"

Calleigh answered yes so Natalia put the drops in, put fresh pieces of gauze over each eye and then put on the plastic patches, kissing each one. Afterwards, they then went back into the bedroom, got into their pajamas and started to get into the bed. Natalia decided to change the sheets and with Calleigh's help, they were soon in bed and sound asleep.

Part 5

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