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By sinjenkai


Part 7

The sky was still dark when the phone started ringing and woke Natalia. She picked it up and groggily answered it. Listening for a moment and then replied. "Ok, we'll see you in about an

hour then."

Hanging up the phone, Natalia rubbed Calleigh's back in an attempt to wake her up.

"Babe, that was Horatio and he said that he'll be here in an hour to finish setting up the audio."

A muffled voice came through the dark. "He has to get here this early? Well, I guess that we had better get up and make some coffee at least. But just give me five more minutes."

Natalia pulled the soft body closer to hers and enjoyed the way that their soft curves fit together. They fit like pieces in a puzzle in all the right places. Placing a quick kiss on the golden haired head on her shoulder, Natalia nudged her again.

"Come on. Let's get up and I'll fix breakfast. I'll even fix pancakes if you really want."

"What I would really like is some cheese grits. Do we have grits?"

Sitting up and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Natalia thought a moment before answering. "I think so or at least I think that we have some instant grits. Will that be ok?"

"Yeah, that'll be fine. If I can find my boot, I'll come with you."

Natalia got up, brought Calleigh her walking boot and helped her put it on. They then walked into the kitchen and found the grits. Natalia set water to boil, but again turned to Calleigh.

"Are you sure that I can't fix you something else?"

Feeling along the counter until she found her wife's hand, Calleigh grasped it.

"Actually I figured that grits would be easier for me to eat. Pancakes with syrup would be a bit messy."

"Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't even think about that. God, I'm so stupid sometimes."

"You are not stupid, and I never want to hear that again. We've both got to learn new things right now. And besides, it's been awhile since I've had some cheese grits, but if you want to fix some bacon, that would be ok too."

Pulling Calleigh in for a kiss, Natalia took her time before releasing her. "I can fix you bacon and some eggs for myself."

Within five minutes, the smell of sizzling bacon and scrambled eggs filled the air. Natalia fixed a bowl of cheese grits and a side of bacon, placing them in front of Calleigh.

"The bowl is directly in front of you and the spoon is next to your right hand. The bacon is at one o'clock and your juice is at eleven. Did you want some toast too?"

"No, thanks. This is perfect."

They enjoyed their breakfast and were just finishing up when Horatio arrived. Natalia offered to fix him some, but he declined.

"Thank you, but no. I want to get this set up and be in position before you leave for work."

He quickly set to work as Natalia went back into the bedroom to get ready. By the time that Natalia was ready, Horatio was just giving Calleigh an earpiece.

"With this, I'll be able to tell you where he is in the room. I've got the room wired for sound and it also should pick up if you should go out on the patio, but if possible, stay in the living room, as that is the only room that we have a camera. I'll be across the street and three houses up in a van."

Turning to Natalia, Horatio explained. "I need you to go to work and make sure that Stetler sees you. I talked with Lt. Hale yesterday and we agreed to let word get out that he is investigated for the explosion. And that one of the suspects told us that he saw Stetler trip the wire that caused it. Therefore, he'll have to do something today or tomorrow. I know right now that he's at headquarters."

Natalia was standing behind Calleigh, rubbing her shoulders.

"How long will it take you and Ryan to get in here if Calleigh needs you?"

Horatio looked serious as he answered. "It shouldn't take us more than thirty seconds. Speaking of which, I would like to have a safe word in case you just want us to get in here should you feel uncomfortable. Will Christmas be a good word for you?"

"Horatio, Christmas will be a very good word if we can get rid of Stetler. It will even be a better Happy New Year."

Smiling, Horatio had to agree. "Ok, I'm done here. I'm going to leave out your back gate and make my way to the van. Natalia, please let me know once Stetler has seen you at work and then Ryan will update me when he leaves. I'll turn on the recording equipment as soon as hear from him. Ladies."

He inclined his head and left.

Calleigh turned to wrap her arms around Natalia's waist and pulled her close. Nuzzling the bronze throat, she murmured.

"I am so glad that this is almost over and we will no longer have Stetler to worry about. I'm also glad that Horatio left so that I can get my good morning kiss."

Natalia smoothed Calleigh's hair away from her face.

"Babe, I'll kiss you any time, any place and in front of anyone that you ask me to."

"I know darlin', so kiss me already."

Taking Calleigh face gently between her hands, Natalia leaned down to softly kiss the waiting lips while sliding a thigh between Calleigh's legs, making her moan.

Calleigh opened her mouth and welcomed Natalia's teasing tongue to spar with her own. She threaded her fingers in caramel colored hair as she hardened the kiss while thrusting against Natalia's thigh.

As breathing became necessary, Natalia moved her mouth down Calleigh's creamy throat to suckle against the point where her shoulder met her neck, making her wife purr.

"My god woman! I love it when you do that."

Natalia nipped at the spot a little bit and then softly kissed it as she moved up Calleigh's throat to gently tug on her earlobe.

"What I really want to do is to take you back to bed and ravish you for the rest of the day."

"Well darlin', you keep that in mind for later because I'm having the same thoughts right now."

Kissing the blonde once more before pulling away and settling her clothes, Natalia took off her rings and placed them in the drawer.

"I'll give you a heads up when I see Stetler leave so at least you can start preparing. Please promise that you'll be careful with him in the house. He's capable of doing anything, and I trust him about as far as I can spit. Hell, I don't even trust him that much."

Wrapping her arms around her wife, Calleigh rested her head against Natalia's back.

"Darlin', you don't have to worry. I've got Horatio and Ryan right outside so he's not going to have a chance to do anything. But I'll be careful, I promise."

Natalia turned and gave Calleigh one a last kiss before she headed off to work.

Running her hand along the counter, Calleigh made her way back into the living room to open the sliding doors, then to find her cane before sitting on the sofa. She didn't want to let Natalia know, but she was a bit fearful of what Stetler might do. She knew that he would now feel like a cornered animal and that made him very dangerous. Sitting on the sofa, Calleigh waited for the drama to begin.

Driving straight to work, Natalia parked her car and headed inside, making sure that she took the long route to her lab, making sure as many people as possible saw her. When she finally made it to her lab, Natalia took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Waiting was not her favorite thing to do, especially when Calleigh was involved. Natalia understood that with their jobs, there were going to be times when one of them were going to be anxiously waiting on the other to come back into base or to check in, but it didn't make it any easier.

An hour later, Natalia looked up to see Stetler walking down the hall towards her. He was reading from a folder in his hand so to make sure that he saw her, Natalia knocked over her coffee cup onto the floor, shattering it.

"Damn it! I'm such a klutz these days…"

Sticking his head into her lab, Stetler commented. "Looks like Duquesne's ability to trip things up is rubbing off on you. Maybe you should find a new friend."

Bending her head while literally biting her tongue to refrain from making a comment, Natalia silently cleaned up the mess.

Stetler stood in the entrance for a few moments like he was expecting her to make a reply and when nothing came, a disappointed look flashed across his face and he stalked off.

Watching from the corner of her eye, Natalia saw him walk into the elevator, punch a button and then the doors closed. A few minutes later, she watched him as he walked out towards his car and a minute or so later, watched him drive away as she was reaching for her phone to call first Horatio and then Calleigh.

"He just left babe... Yeah... This will all be over soon... I love you too."

Trying to concentrate on her work as hard as she could, Natalia entered in a test samples three times before she gave up and asked Valera to cover for her, and headed towards home.

After getting the phone call from her wife, Calleigh laid down on the sofa trying to appear that she was just taking it easy. Her cane was nearby and she touched it reassuringly as Horatio's voice came through the earpiece informing her that Stetler was driving up the street. Taking deep breaths to calm her nerves, Calleigh pictured the living room in her mind and oriented herself to the closest exits if need be.

It was ten minutes later when Horatio's voice finally came through to say that Stetler was walking towards the house. As she strained to hear any noise that would let her know when he unlocked a door, Calleigh was startled when Horatio let her know that he was in the kitchen, as she hadn't heard a thing.

After barely hearing objects being moved around, Calleigh abruptly sat up, then stood up with her hands on her hips and faced in the direction of the last noise.

"Stetler, you think that you're so damn smart, but you're not. You need to change your cheap ass aftershave. It lingered around for hours after you left, making people sick to their stomach. Now what the hell do you want?"

"I want you to tell the investigating board that you're the one that went off the path and pulled the trip wire."

"Why in hell would I do that Stetler? If you think that I'm covering your sorry ass, you have got another thing coming."

Stetler took a step closer to Calleigh. "Listen, I'm sure that we can come to some sort of arrangement that will suit the both of us. I've been in the force longer and I have more tenure to lose than you."

On hearing how close Stetler was to her, Calleigh tried to move away nonchalantly.

"Your tenure doesn't mean anything to me, but my reputation means more to me than you will ever be able to pay. So think again, because it's not going to happen."

"Come on Calleigh, listen to reason. Odds are that you'll never regain your sight and this way you'll at least have some extra money on top of your disability check."

With her voice, dropping a tone in anger and her fist balled up at her sides, Calleigh retorted. "Stetler, I don't care if I'm blind, deaf and dumb for the rest of my life, I wouldn't lie to save you from a paper cut."

Taking another step in Calleigh's direction, Stetler tried another tactic.

"Calleigh, if you do this, I'll get off Horatio's case. I can make sure that when and if anything else should ever come up, about either Horatio or the team that all the evidence will disappear. And you know that I can make that happen."

"Oh, I know that you can make that happen. You've spent enough years trying to find anything that you could to bring Horatio and my team down. You've ignored simple investigative rules to meet your own needs."

Stepping away from the intruder and heading towards the open sliding doors, Calleigh paused.

"Don't you have someplace that you need to be Stetler? From what I understand, you need to finally answer for your actions and you are going to be judged."

With that, Calleigh made her way outside while Stetler stood there and fumed. He took a step to follow her out, but then he stopped abruptly and grabbed the cane that was leaning against the sofa. Hefting it in his hand, Stetler smiled as he followed Calleigh out onto the patio, swinging it like a bat.

Horatio, Ryan and Natalia watched the tiny screen in the van up the street, and when they saw Stetler pick up the cane, all three bolted from the vehicle with Natalia shouting out Calleigh's name.

Ryan made it through the patio door a split second before Horatio and ran out to find Stetler using the pool net to hold Calleigh underwater.

As soon as Stetler saw Ryan, he dropped the net and said. "I'm trying to help her."

"Yeah right." Was Ryan's reply as he tackled him.

Horatio didn't even break his stride as he cleared the patio doorway to dive into the pool to get to Calleigh. She was thrashing around, trying to keep her head above was as her cast kept dragging her down.

As soon as Calleigh felt someone touch her, she started slapping at him until Horatio's voice broke through the horror of the attempted drowning. Reaching out as she started to go under again, Calleigh swallowed more water until Horatio was able to grab a hold of her.

Natalia ran through the house, seeing Ryan and Stetler wrestling on the flagstone of the patio with Stetler gaining the upper hand. Natalia quickly darted to the sofa, reaching under it, searching and finding the leather case that her wife had placed there the day before. Swiftly unzipping the bag, she took out the gun and continued outside. Thumbing off the safety, she coolly sighted the gun on a clay planter a few feet away from Stetler and pulled the trigger. The explosion effectively freezing all movement.

Stetler looked around and quickly scooted backwards as Ryan rolled away from him and went over to help Horatio. The words Stetler was about to say died on his lips when he saw the cold fury in Natalia's eyes. Her voice matched the look and his blood slowed.

"You worthless coward. How dare you? You think that you can just break into my home, attempt to kill Calleigh and get away with it? I knew that you were an arrogant fool, Stetler, but I honestly didn't think that you were that stupid. I guess I was wrong."

Out of the corner of her eye, Natalia saw Ryan and Horatio pull Calleigh from the pool. She was sputtering, but alive so Natalia refocused at the cowering man.

"I told you to stay away from Calleigh. I said it in very simple words so that even you could understand. But you choose to ignore them. So give me one good reason why I shouldn't just go ahead and shoot you now."

Natalia advanced until she was mere feet away from the silent man, pointing the gun directly between his eyes.

"What's the matter Stetler? Have nothing to say? You have plenty to say when you're accusing someone wrongly. You have more than enough to say when you try to intimidate people. But when you're on the receiving end, you can't put two words together. Were you stupid enough to think that Calleigh was just going to back you up? You arrogant, insignificant, scrap of a human being, where in the hell do you get off thinking that? And then you go and think that you could come here, into my home and try to drown Calleigh, and that everyone would think that it was an accident? The rest of the human race isn't as dense or as deceitful as you."

Stetler crawled backwards, away from the advancing woman, cutting his hands against the broken shards of the planter. His mouth kept opening, but nothing came out.

Natalia took the final step and placed the muzzle against Stetler's forehead and as he looked into her eyes, he saw death. The normally warm brown eyes were cold, flat and narrowed, and as black as the muzzle of the gun pointed at him. Natalia's lip curled as she sneered.

"Nothing to say? Good, I'm glad, because I really want to save the taxpayers money of your trial and end this right now. I know I can get away with this. I know that Horatio and Ryan will back me up when my report says that this shooting was in self-defense. I have people that will back me up, Stetler and it's a good feeling. Oh yeah, that's right! You don't know that feeling. So say good-bye."

As she pulled the hammer back on the handgun, Natalia heard a soft voice coming from behind her.

"Talia, don't do this. You're giving him what he wants - an easy way out of this mess. Let him be judged for what he's done. It will hurt him far worse when he loses his reputation. Make him live with the shame. And please don't ask Horatio to lie for you. He's done so much to help us. Besides, do you really want to do the paperwork for killing this guy?"

Turning slightly so that she could see her wife, Natalia saw that Calleigh was leaning against Horatio and that the eye patches had fallen off in the pool. She also saw that there was blood dripping from the back of her head onto the flagstone.

Turning back to Stetler, Natalia growled out.

"He tried to kill you Calleigh, and you're asking me to just let him walk away? I don't know if I can do that."

With Horatio's help, Calleigh made her way to stand next to her wife, placing her hand on Natalia's forearm.

"Please don't let him bring you down to his level. He's going to suffer more than enough in prison than if you put a bullet in him. And I don't want you losing sleep over him, Natalia. Not him."

Staring at the trembling man for what it seemed to him, forever, Natalia finally lowered the gun and thumbed the safety back on.

"Consider yourself lucky, Stetler. The woman that you were trying to kill just saved your sorry ass."

She turned to Calleigh and they started to walk away. Stetler slowly got to his feet as he blurted out a parting shot.

"I knew that you didn't have it in you, Boa Vista."

Natalia stopped, spun around and threw a right jab that knocked him back down to the ground and broke his nose.

"Yeah, you were so sure, were you? Then why did you piss in your pants? There is one thing I want to do however, before Horatio and Ryan take you away, though."

Horatio and Ryan had made their way over to the prone man, pulling him roughly to his feet and handcuffing him.

Walking over to him, Natalia smirked."Rick Stetler, you are under arrest for hampering an investigation, disobeying a direct order, filing false reports, breaking and entering, assault and battery on a peace officer, two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and two counts of attempted murder of Calleigh Duquesne. You have the right to remain silent. Anything that you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?"

He glowered at her.

Horatio inclined his head in her direction as he and Ryan dragged Stetler off the patio and out the side gate.

"There's a new rule Stetler. Never mess with Natalia Boa Vista. And this is what you get for breaking the rules."

As soon as the trio was out of sight, Natalia pulled Calleigh into her arms and tenderly hugged her. She pulled away to look at her wife, after a few moments of just enjoying the feel of each other. With loving fingers, she gently examined at the wound on the back of Calleigh's head and found that it had stopped bleeding.

"How do you feel babe? Do you have a headache?"

Calleigh ran her hands over Natalia's body. "No, I don't have a headache and I'm feeling you just fine darlin'."

Chuckling, Natalia replied. "That's not what I meant. We need to take you to the hospital to get checked out. I want Dr. Tatum to look at your eyes in case you got some chlorine in them."

Taking Calleigh's face gently between her hands, Natalia gently placed a tender kiss on her lips. "I love you Calleigh DuVista."

"I love you too, Natalia DuVista and I'm never gonna get you mad at me. You do need to however, work on your aim."

Natalia snorted and then leaned down for another kiss, this one not quite as tender, but just as loving.

Neither woman was aware of the young man that was slowly backing out of the garden gate. Ryan had a shocked look on his face as he turned and promptly ran into Horatio.

"Uh… You may not want to go in there H."

Tilting his head, Horatio looked at Ryan with concern. "You saw something, didn't you? Its ok, I've known a long time, but they don't need to know that you do. Not yet. This will be our secret for a while, ok? Why don't you follow the patrol car to the station and book Stetler while I get Calleigh to the hospital to get checked out?"

Ryan walked off to his car while Horatio went through the garden gate just as the two women were heading inside.

"I need to go ahead and get the audio/video equipment from the living room. It shouldn't take me too long."

Bending down, Horatio picked up the cane that Stetler had used against Calleigh and handed it to Natalia. The cane was cracked near the handle and had split down the middle.

"You might want to get a new cane while you're at the hospital. From the look of that one, your wife's head is a lot harder."

"Calleigh, I knew that you were hard headed, but I guess that I just didn't realize how much."

As she continued to hobble towards the bedroom to change, Calleigh mumbled. "Everyone's a comedian. Just remember Talia, you married me for better and for worse. And you hate my one liner jokes."

"I'm sorry babe. I know where this is headed, but it so hard to stop."

"I had to say one liner. I opened the door and she just waltzed right in."

Horatio smiled as he unhooked the equipment. "Natalia, I was going to say that Calleigh may have suffered some brain damage, but I forgot that she often talks to herself."

"Ha, ha. We'll just be a couple of minutes Horatio."

Natalia followed Calleigh into their bedroom to help her remove and change her clothes.

Soon all three of them were on their way to the hospital where Dr. Tatum checked Calleigh's eyes and her head wound. They were all relieved when she said that she didn't see that the chlorine in the pool water had done any additional damage to Calleigh's eyes and that she didn't have to wear the patches any longer. Natalia would still have to administer the drops and Calleigh would have to wear the sunglasses while she was awake, but other than that, everything was looking good. She did however, replace Calleigh's cast for one that was a waterproof walking cast, checked her wound and then sent them home.

After Horatio dropped them back off at their home, Natalia and Calleigh went inside and collapsed on the sofa. Natalia lay down, gathered her wife in her embrace and just took the pleasure of holding her, of feeling Calleigh's body against hers. Once again, they came close to losing what they had so recently found and made Natalia realize how lucky they actually were. Kissing the top of the golden haired head, Natalia soon discovered that Calleigh was sound asleep. The adrenaline rush had worn off and she had crashed. She tightened her arms slightly and Calleigh snuggled closer, making a contented sound.

Natalia ran her hands lightly up and down her wife's back, thinking back on what had happened earlier. She was somewhat surprised at her actions, not that she had done what she had done, but at the intense feelings that she had while doing it. She would have had no qualms in shooting Stetler, but was glad that she hadn't taken a life, even his. Taking a deep breath, Natalia closed her eyes and joined Calleigh in the land of dreams.

The sound of sizzling oil and the aroma of beef woke Calleigh from her nap. Stretching her arms over her head, she twisted until she heard a resounding pop from her back and then slowly sat up.

"Hey babe. How do you feel?"

Slowly getting off the sofa, Calleigh went around so that she could lean against the counter out of Natalia's way.

"I feel pretty good actually. I've got a bit of a headache, but that could be because I've haven't eaten since breakfast."

"Well, I can take care of the food issue in about five minutes. I hope that stir-fry sounds good to you. Do you want to get us something to drink?"

Making her way to the refrigerator, Calleigh opened the door and stepped a bit to the side.

"Tell me what you want and which shelf the cokes are on."

Glancing over real quick, Natalia turned back to the wok saying. "Coke sounds good to me and they are on the bottom shelf, all the way to the right. And would you also hand me the bean sprouts that in the bottom left crisper drawer?"

Calleigh reached in, found the needed items, closed the door and made her way back to the far side of the counter.

"Here you go. Do you want to eat up here or at the table?"

The sounds of the sprouts hitting the hot oil quickly filled the air.

"I've already set the table so all we need to do is fill our plates and start eating. Why don't you go ahead and have a seat and I'll bring everything over?"

Taking the sodas over to the table, Calleigh then went back to get glasses and ice. By the time that she got back to the table, Natalia was bringing over bowls full of steaming sliced beef, vegetables and rice.

"The bowl is directly in front of you and I brought you a big spoon. I thought that it would be easier to use than chopsticks or a fork. Do you want extra soy sauce or anything?"

"No, whatever soy you've put on there is fine, but do we have extra ginger sauce that you made from last time?"

"Yup, it's at your eleven o'clock along with some wasabi if you want some heat."

Calleigh reached for Natalia's hand and when she found it, she pulled the brunette to her for a soft kiss.

"You take such good care of me darlin'. I don't know I would do without you."

Natalia leaned back over and guided her wife's lips back to hers for another kiss.

"And you're never gonna have to find out cause I'm not going anywhere."

"Hmm, you know what? I think that this headache is because I've been dreaming about finishing what we started this morning and actually I was about to ask if dinner would be just as good if we eat it later because I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going into the bedroom."

All Calleigh heard was a chair scooting back before her hand was taken and she was led into the bedroom. Gentle hands caressed her face before soft lips pressed against hers. Talented, loving fingers traced down her creamy throat to start unbuttoning her shirt and caressing the soft skin as it was exposed.

Moaning, Calleigh slid her hand down Natalia's stomach, under the waistband of her slacks, past the panties until she found the slickness she was craving. Sliding in, she curled her fingers against the tiny ridges she found there, making Natalia shudder.

"Too many clothes." Was all that Calleigh heard before her shirt was torn off, her pants pushed down and found herself flat on her back on the bed. Seconds later, she felt a very hot, bronzed body covering hers, hands already finding and exploring every sensitive spot on Calleigh's body, making her writhe on the bed.

Calleigh gasped as Natalia slid in three fingers into her slick center and began to suckle on one of her breasts. The different sensations coursing through her body arched Calleigh high off the bed.

Natalia was relentless in bringing Calleigh to climax, time after time by changing pressure, speed or just twisting something just so.

Looking down at her wife, Natalia watched as Calleigh's eyes rolled back into her head and Natalia felt such intense hatred for Stetler right at that moment, she would've gladly killed him. Nothing or no one would have been able to stop her. He took away much more that Calleigh's sight, he took away the looks of love, of laughter, of happiness and of need. Looks that Natalia may never see again coming from her wife.

"You're mine."


Natalia insisted. "Say it."

"I'm yours. Heart, soul and body."

Leaning down to suckle a spot on Calleigh's neck where it met her shoulder, Natalia marked her as she brought her another orgasm.

When Calleigh finally caught her breath, she flipped them so that she was leaning over Natalia. Lowering her head, she traced her tongue along Natalia's jaw line, down her damp throat until she came to a throbbing pulse point. As she gently bit on that point, her hands were moving down the silken body, tormenting and tantalizing Natalia to the point where she was begging for release.

"Cal…. Please baby…. Yes…. Right there…. Comeonbabe…. Let me…"

The movement of her wife's skilled fingers almost sent Natalia over the edge as they were buried and moving deep inside of her. Then Calleigh trapped a straining nipple between her teeth, rocketing Natalia into a climax. Repeatedly Calleigh found all the pleasure spots that sent waves upon waves cascading through Natalia's body. With one final hard, searing kiss with a matching hard press of her clit, Calleigh sent Natalia over the edge one last time, with her muscles tightening about her wife's fingers and screaming out Calleigh's name.

Slowly she fluttered and then stilled her fingers, drawing out the final tremors from Natalia's body before withdrawing and pulling the spent woman into her embrace.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have talented hands?"

Calleigh snorted before she replied. "Darlin', the same can be said about you. The way that you touch me blows my mind…. Among other things."

"Right back at ya babe. So I don't know about you, but I worked up an appetite, so why don't

you stay here and I'll go get a big bowl and we'll eat here."

"Ok. Are you sure that you don't need any help?"

Natalia declined and headed towards the kitchen where she quickly reheated dinner and put it and their drinks on a tray before carrying it back to the bedroom to Calleigh.

Walking into the room, Natalia found Calleigh sitting up nude in the bed with the sheet covering her lap.

"I could eat in bed every night if I get to look at you just like that."

"Well, darlin', I think that I can arrange for that to happen anytime that you want. But right now, I think that you need to feed me because my stomach just made a very strange noise."

Placing the tray on the bed and then carefully crawling over to her wife, Natalia settled in front of Calleigh, handed her a spoon and showed her where the bowl was.

They made quick work of the food with Calleigh having a few spills, but she didn't seem to mind as Natalia licked up whatever she dropped. If she were ever asked, Calleigh would admit that she dropped some on purpose, but she was never asked.

After they finished, Natalia returned the dishes to the kitchen and then met Calleigh in the shower where they bathed each other and then crawled back in bed to go to sleep.

Part 8

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