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By sinjenkai


Part 9

Waking up in the dark was still disconcerting to Calleigh and the only way she knew it was early morning was by the sounds of the birds outside of their window.

Lying there, wrapped in the arms of her wife, she began to plan her day. She was going to ride to work with Natalia to meet with the State Attorney and Horatio to see what charges to be filed against Stetler, and what was the extent of his prison sentence. Then she would meet with Stetler to tell him what she decided.

Natalia shifted in her sleep, pulling Calleigh closer instinctively, and making her smile in response. Gingerly Calleigh slid out of Natalia's embrace and made her way into the bathroom. After finishing there, she headed towards the kitchen as quietly as possible to try to fix some breakfast.

Opening the refrigerator, she reached in, opened the fruit drawer and felt for the grapes and strawberries. Taking them out, she placed them beside the sink before locating the fruit bowl that they kept on the counter. She took a couple of bananas, apples and peaches, placing them next to the others. Opening the knife drawer, she carefully reached in, found a paring knife, and pulled it out. Then after putting the cutting board on the other side of the fruit, she carefully washed the

apples, grapes, strawberries and peaches, then shaking them gently to get rid of the excess water.

She carefully quartered the apples, sliced off the edges and then cut them into chunks. Next, she pitted and sliced the peaches, then topped the strawberries. After peeling and slicing the bananas, Calleigh put all the fruit including the grapes in a large bowl, and mixed in some vanilla yogurt.

Opening a cabinet, she took out a couple of bowls, filling them with the fruit mixture, and then placing along with spoons on a tray with some napkins. Carefully making her way back to the bedroom, Calleigh placed the tray on the nightstand before kneeling on the bed and sliding her hands around until she found her wife.

"I know that you're awake, Talia. You're breathing is different. Were you watching from the doorway, darlin'?"

Natalia wrapped her arms around Calleigh's waist.

"Only for a moment, but as soon as I saw that you were doing fine, I came back to bed."

"Thank you."

Nuzzling Calleigh's throat, Natalia murmured. "Babe, there's no reason for you to thank me. I'm in love with you and it's just that simple."

"Just that simple huh?"

Calleigh found Natalia's lips with her own.

"Yeah, just that simple."

"I like the sound of that. Are you ready for some breakfast?"

Nibbling on the luscious lips that were tantalizing her own, Natalia murmured.

"Oh, I could most definitely eat something. And as much as I really want to continue what I'm doing right now, my stomach is growling."

"Is that what I heard? I actually felt it rumble."

Laughing, Calleigh scooted back a bit, gingerly feeling around until she found the nightstand with the tray and took a bowl and spoon, handing it to her wife. Reaching back, she found her own and began to eat.

They made short work of the fruit and were soon getting up to get ready to go into work.

Calleigh had Natalia get her out a long sleeve black shirt, her pin stripe vest and her black jeans. She asked Natalia to split the seam on one leg so that she could wear the jeans with her cast. After that was finished, Calleigh pulled on her clothes, adding her favorite black leather blazer and boot.

Unconsciously, Natalia went with a contrast in wearing an all cream ensemble.

Soon they were on the way to work, once again with the windows down, enjoying the morning breeze. As they pulled into the parking lot and found a spot, Natalia handed Calleigh a different pair of sunglasses that weren't as dark to wear.

They made their way inside slowly through a side door and Natalia escorted Calleigh to one of the interview rooms. After they had sat down, Horatio walked in with the State Attorney - Rebecca Nevins.

"Good Morning ladies, I'm sure that you both remember Ms. Nevins. She's here to go over the charges and possible sentencing for Rick Stetler."

"Do you both mind if I talk with Ms. Nevins alone?" Calleigh asked.

"Not at all." Horatio said as he held a chair out for the Attorney to sit in.

Reaching out to find Natalia's arm, Calleigh was about to ask her to stay close by when Natalia spoke.

"I'll be right outside."

Holding the door open for Natalia, Horatio escorted her out and they walk a ways from the room.

"Do you have any idea of what Calleigh has decided to do?"

Shaking her head, Natalia responded. "No, she just asked me to trust her."

The next half hour seemed to drag by until the door finally opened and Ms. Nevins beckoned them in.

"We have reached an agreement. I'll let Ms. Duquesne fill you in on it. I've just been informed that Stetler will be arriving in about forty-five minutes so I'll be back then." With a few parting words, the woman stepped out of the room, leaving the three CSI's.

Natalia kneeled next to Calleigh's chair, concern flashing in her eyes.

"Are you doing alright babe? Is there something that I can get for you?"

Placing her hand on top of Natalia's, Calleigh replied.

"I'm doing ok. I wouldn't mind some juice though."

"I'll be right back."

"Horatio, if you wouldn't mind, would you set it so that we can show Stetler the videos of what we have on him and then call Alexx, Ryan and Eric to meet me here so I can talk with all of you before Stetler gets here."

Opening his phone, Horatio quickly arranged everything as Natalia walked in with a bottle of orange juice.

"Here you go Calleigh."

Calleigh was sipping the juice when the door opened and Alexx walked in, heading for the blonde right away to give her a big hug.

"How are you doing baby girl? You're looking good. I hear that you've had a couple of exciting days."

Smiling, Calleigh replied. "Yeah, you could say that, but I'm doing ok."

Natalia took a few steps back to give the two friends room to talk and had just leaned against a wall when Eric and Ryan walked through the door. Eric immediately walked over and gently pulled Calleigh up to hug her. Natalia had to restrain herself going over and telling him to be careful, so she briefly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, Ryan was leaning against the wall next to her.

"Must be hard to keep quiet. I know it is impossible for me not to let you know that I know about you two."

Turning to stare at him, Natalia had a questioning look on her face.

"How did you...?"

"The other day, I went to walk back in to the backyard after taking Stetler to the patrol car and saw you kissing. H knows that I know, but no one else does and they won't hear it from me. I'm honestly glad that you're both happy, and I can tell how much you love each other. I'm here if you guys need someone."

Reaching out to squeeze his hand, Natalia whispered. "Thanks, we really appreciate it."

Calling out, Calleigh asked. "Natalia, is Ryan here yet?"

"I'm right here, helping Natalia hold up the wall."

"Ok then, since everyone is here. I'll go ahead and start. If you haven't heard, Stetler finally stepped over the line one time too many, and got caught - on tape even. He has offered to take a deal of twenty years with a possibility of parole after fifteen years, but he doesn't want a trial. He wants to keep his reputation."

Holding up her hand, Calleigh stopped Eric before he could say anything.

"Eric, I know that you have something to say, but here me out first."

"How did you do that?"

"I heard you take a deep breath, and I know you. Anyways, I've talked with State Attorney Nevins, and she's agreed to allow me to make a deal with Stetler. Please don't ask me what kind of deal because I don't know yet. I'm going to respond to whatever he comes up with, but he's not going to get what he really wants."

Natalia came and stood beside Calleigh, gently brushing her hand along the small of her back.

"Are you going to be in here alone?"

Shaking her head, Calleigh replied. "Not at the beginning. Ms. Nevins and Stetler's attorney will be here, but I do plan to ask them to leave at some point so that I can talk with him alone. Now I want all of you to be in the observation room. And if I know Stetler as I think I do, he's going to try to bring all of you into this. What I'm asking of you is this; if you agree with the plea that I have given him, I want you to come in and stand behind me. If you don't, I will not hold anything against you, but I am ending Stetler's reign of intimidation and terror today."

Eric turned to Horatio, clearly upset.

"H, you can't let her do this. It's too dangerous."

Tilting his head to get a better look at the worried young man. Horatio stated a simple fact: "No one tells Calleigh that she can't do something and I'm not about to start now."

Calleigh laid her hand against Eris's arm.

"This is something that I have to do, Eric. And I trust you to cover me like every other day out in the field."

Turning back to everyone else in the room, Calleigh sighed.

"Ok, he should be here soon. Horatio, were you able to get hold of someone to set up a monitor in here?"

"Yes, they should be here momentarily."

"Good, that gives be enough time to catch my breath. Natalia, could you and Alexx help me to the restroom. My eyes are itching and I'd like Alexx to check them out."

The three women made their way towards the rest room, pausing a few times as people stopped them to tell Calleigh that they hoped she would be back soon.

As the door closed behind them, Natalia led Calleigh to a nearby seat and gently caressed her face.

"Are you alright babe? I can call Dr. Tatum and have her ready to meet us."

"I'm ok. I just needed to spend a little time alone and this is the first thing that I thought of."

Turning her head in the direction of Alexx.

"I hope that you don't mind me using you like this."

"Baby girl, I figured it out the moment you said it. I think that I'll step outside and give you two a bit of privacy."

Natalia looked quickly through the rest of the room as Alexx walked outside, then came back to kneel in front of her wife.

"Are you sure that you want to do this?"

"Darlin', I want this finished. He won't try anything here. He cares too much for his reputation."

Reaching out to gingerly take off the sunglasses, Natalia took Calleigh's face between her hands, kissed her eyes, then her lips. She tried not to let her fear of what might take place seep into the kiss, but she didn't think that she pulled it off. She was sure of it when Calleigh pulled away.

"My love, this is nothing. We've already gone through the hard part and this is just going to end it. However, I need you to do me a favor. When this is over, I want you to get me out of here as soon as possible. I want to go to the beach and just listen to the surf."

"I'll take you anywhere you want to go. You want to go to the beach; we'll go to the beach."

Leaning forward, Natalia once again captured her wife's lips in a kiss, but this time she poured her love into the kiss. Wrapping her arms around Natalia, Calleigh pulled her even closer and when they had to take a breath, she leaned back and simply stated.

"Without you, all of this doesn't matter. Before you, all I cared about was the job, but now I have a life and I will do everything in my power to protect that and you."

"I know that Cal and I feel the same. Let's get this over with. We've got a date at the beach."

Standing, Natalia helped Calleigh stand and then put on the sunglasses back on. After make sure that they were both presentable, Natalia opened the door and helped Calleigh through.

Alexx turned as they came out.

"I got the call that the van with Stetler just drove up so if you want to be in the room when he gets there, you better hurry."

The two women quickly made their way back to the room to find that the monitor and equipment had indeed been set up and were ready to go. Ms. Nevins was standing outside talking to Horatio, so Natalia escorted Calleigh in and helped her take a seat.

"I know that you have everything under control, but please be careful. I'll be watching."

"I will, when I put my hand in my pocket that will be the signal for whoever agrees with me to come on in, ok?"


Ms. Nevins walked in as Natalia walked out, taking the seat next to Calleigh. A few minutes later, Stetler and his attorney, Kevin Stroh walked in and took the seats across the table. Natalia smiled behind the glass as Stetler walked in, his nose swollen from her punch and his hands bandaged from the broken pottery.

After a few moments of silence, Mr. Stroh coughed and started.

"Let's get this started. You asked for this meeting, so what do you want?"

"Actually Counselor, your client asked for this meeting by trying to make a deal. We're here in response to that."

Mr. Stroh looked at Stetler, who merely shrugged.

"I was trying to save time, but if they don't want to take it, I can most certainly go to trial. They don't have anything on me other than the assault charge and disobeying a direct order. And if they try to make something up, I'm sure that I can match them."

Calleigh spoke up.

"Once again Stetler, your lack of intelligence and reasoning is blatantly obvious. Did you not notice that there is a monitor set up in here? Let's press the play button and show what I've known all along."

Ms. Nevins keyed the remote and they were instantly watching images of Stetler removing evidence from a crime scene, disobeying a direct order by leaving the path at the hideout and causing the following explosion and then trying to bribe his way out and later attempting to kill Calleigh when she refused.

When the screen finally went dark, Mr. Stroh looked over at his client for a brief second before turning back to Ms. Nevins.

"What are you offering?"

"It's not up to me. It's up to Ms. Duquesne. I've agreed to whatever she decides, but she wants a conversation with just her and Mr. Stetler to be the determining factor. I have also agreed that whatever said in the room after we leave, will not be used in court. Shall we, Mr. Stroh?"

She left the room and was followed very shortly by Stetler's lawyer.

"So you get to decide what's going to happen to me. I bet that makes your day."

"Actually Stetler, it would make my day to never have to deal with you in the first place, but that's not going to happen. Just like you keeping your reputation, is not going to happen. You took an oath to protect and serve the people of this state and you did everything, but that. You will be treated just like you treated the people of this state and of this department."

"And just how did I treat the people in the department badly? All I ever did was my job."

Calleigh slammed her hand down on the table.

"Damn it Stetler. It's a part of your job to do a complete investigation, not a witch hurt. It's part of your job to find the entire truth, not just the part that you think fits. There wasn't a day that you actually did your job correctly. You've had an agenda of your own the whole time, to discredit Horatio and our team any way possible. You're a small man Stetler, never meant to be anything else, except in your dreams. And even though you wanted people to be afraid of you, they weren't. You were a joke actually, all anyone had to do was to investigate, to do your job and the truth would come out. You have always been afraid of being found out, that's why you pointed your finger at everyone else."

"I should have never been assigned to Internal Affairs. I should have been promoted to Lieutenant, but no, your precious Horatio bribed or charmed his way into the position."

Shaking her head, Calleigh gave a short laugh and handed him one of the files that was in front of her.

"You really are that dense, aren't you? Well here, look at this. This is your personnel file and you'll see that you've never been as good as you've believed yourself to be."

He opened the file and began reading as Calleigh continued.

"Twenty years isn't enough. You are going away for life with a possibility of parole after sixty years. You have lost everything. Your life as you know it has now ended. Your so called reputation is in shreds."

He slammed the file closed and tossed it her direction.

"This doesn't mean anything. You had this made up. There is no way that this is my actual file. And if you think that I am going to agree to life, you've got another thing coming. I know more on you and your team and can bring you down with me. Hell, I've got more on other people and I know that they won't let anything happen to me."

"Do you mean all of this? You really were quite stupid to put all of this on one place. But at least you won't be alone in prison. All your friends listed here will be joining you."

Handing him another file, Calleigh waited as he realized that he had lost his advantage.

It was a few moments before Calleigh heard him close the file and take a deep breath.

"There has to be something that I can do to appease you. You can have anything that you want. Just name it."

Standing up abruptly, Calleigh yanked off the sunglasses.

"I want my eyesight back, Stetler. Can you give me that? Can you give me my job back? You said it yourself the other day: odds are that I'm never going to see again so I want my eyesight back. Are you going to donate your eyes? I think not. So you have nothing that I want. All of your money is going to the Policeman's Widow Association and your lawyer will probably get the proceeds of the sale of your house and belongings. You will agree to the life sentence and maybe, just maybe, you'll get out in one piece. If not, I'm sure that your friends will love having their reputations dragged through the mud at your trial. This isn't a threat and you know it. All pertinent information must come out during your trial for a fair and just trial. And if it stains you, me, the team or anyone else, that's the way the justice works. Blindly, seeing neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong, but always searching for the truth. And you know that I believe in the truth, first and foremost. So the ball is in your court. What do you want to do?"

Stetler sat there, clinching and unclenching his fists, and then he dragged his hands through his hair.

"To hell with you Duquesne. You don't speak for the entire team. I'm sure that there is at least one person that doesn't want to go along with this railroad."

Calleigh stood quietly and put her hand in her pocket.

Moments later, the door opened and in walked Natalia to stand next to her wife, followed by Horatio, Ryan, Alexx and Eric, as Ms. Nevins and Mr. Stroh stood in the doorway, watching.

Calleigh spoke quietly.

"I don't know how many people are in here, but I would say that by what I heard; majority rules."

Horatio's whiskey smooth voice drifted over.

"We're all here Calleigh. And she's right Stetler; you have nothing that she wants."

Stetler stared at each person in the room, trying to intimidate them one last time, with no success. He stared the longest at Natalia and unconsciously touched his nose.

"It figures that Boa Vista would side with you. She can't even make up her own mind."

Calleigh shot back before Natalia could word a response.

"Just remember Stetler, she's the one that decided that you could live and from what I've been lead to believe, she improved upon your looks, which wasn't hard to do."

Stetler took a final shot at Natalia.

"I believe that you should pick your friends better, Boa Vista. Duquesne always seems to get someone hurt or worse."

Natalia took a deep breath before responding.

"You're a fine one to be talking, Stetler. I don't see anyone standing up on your side of the room."

After a brief stare-off, he lowered his head in defeat.

"Fine, life then. But I don't want to be put in general population."

Ms. Nevins chimed in. "I'll agree to that, but you will not get any other special privileges. And will be treated like any other criminal."

Natalia brushed her hand against Calleigh's back.

"Are you ready to get out of here?"

Only one word was whispered.


Calleigh put back on the sunglasses and Natalia led her out of the room, towards the outside and her car.

Eric went to try to catch them, but Horatio waylaid him.

"I think that Calleigh needs some time to process everything Eric."

"I just don't want her to be alone at a time like this."

Horatio ducked his head.

"She won't be alone, Natalia is with her. She'll make sure that nothing happens to Calleigh. Trust me on that."

"Ok H, if you say so."

His eyes crinkled as he watched the car drive away and then turned to watch the young man walk back into the building.

As Natalia drove away from the department, Calleigh reached over to find her hand, lacing their fingers together and squeezed gently.

Looking over, Natalia saw that Calleigh had learned her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes. Her other hand was opening and closing, as if she was trying to remain in control of her emotions.

Luckily, traffic was light this time of the morning so they made good time to a quiet beach that Natalia knew. As she pulled off the paved road onto a graveled one, Natalia was glad to see that they were the only ones there. Pulling the car underneath a cypress tree, she turned the car off and they sat in silence for a long while, before either one said anything.

"I can't believe that he still tried to buy his way out. Like he actually has something to offer me that would replace this." As Calleigh gestured to her eyes.

"He took away my livelihood and he wants to give me money. He can just kiss my ass."

Natalia sat there for a moment before she released the hand that she was holding onto and got out of the car, going around to the passenger side. She opened the door, reached across Calleigh to unbuckle her seat belt and gently turned Calleigh in her seat. Kneeling down in front of her,

she removed Calleigh's boot and then stood while pulling Calleigh to a standing position. After removing Calleigh's leather jacket, Natalia unbuttoned and removed the vest, then the shirt underneath, before she put the vest back on her wife, buttoning up.

After exchanging the sunglasses for a darker pair, she moved Calleigh to the front of the car, then quickly locked the car and pocketed the keys. Walking back to her wife, she reached down, put her arm behind Calleigh's knees, picked her up, and carried out onto the sand.

When she got about ten feet from the surf, she slowly lowered Calleigh until her feet touched the sand.

Coming around to stand in front of her wife, Natalia took both of her hands in hers and simply spoke.

"You were right. This ends now. We no longer have to deal with Stetler. He is out of our lives for good. What also stops today is your stating that you might remain blind. If it happens, it happens, but I don't want to hear it coming from you again. We need to stay positive and believe that you will get your sight back. Now, there is no one in sight on either side of you for at least a mile, so if you want to yell, cry and scream all of your frustrations out, knock yourself silly. This is the time to do it."

Taking a deep breath, Calleigh answered.

"I really don't want to believe that I'm going to stay this way, but I am very scared that I will. And you are right, saying that we need to stay positive. Now as for the yelling, I don't know if I can."

Releasing one of Calleigh's hands so that she could stand alongside her, Natalia laughed.

"Well, you don't have to yell; you can just rant and rave. Sort of like this."

Clearing her throat, Natalia started.

"Where in the hell does Stetler get off saying that I can't make up my own mind? He needs an instruction manual to find an original idea. He's so dense that he gives concrete a bad name."

Calleigh turned her head in the direction of her wife with a bemused look on her face.

"I can't believe that you said that. But what's so funny is it's so true."

"Yeah, I know. Go ahead and try it. You'll feel better."

Calleigh faced forward, then lowered her head and began.

"I hate Rick Stetler because of what he abused. I hate that he's affected so many people in so many ways, but I hate that he's cost me my sight."

Her head rose so that she was facing the ocean.

"I hate that I can't do my job, that I have to depend on others to get around or to even fix my meals. That I can't see what is directly in front of me or who is standing beside me."

Turning to Natalia, she reached out to find her face so that she could caress it.

"I hate him for taking your beauty from my eyes. I can't see you as you gaze up when we are making love or when you are laughing at one of my awful one-liners. God, I miss your smile. You have the most beautiful smile. I hate him for taking the ability for me to show my emotions through my eyes."

Tears began to roll down her face so Natalia gently swept them away.

"But you are right, as long as I can see you in my heart, I can see you clearly."

Leaning forward to capture Calleigh's lips with a gentle kiss, Natalia whispered.

"Stetler is a total waste of humanity and I'm not about to let him get the better of us. We've already proven that we can get through anything, so like I said, this stops today."

Taking a step back, Natalia took a deep breath.

"Do you want to stay here for a little while or is there somewhere else you would like to go?"

"If you don't mind, I would like to just sit here for a bit and just listen?"

Natalia helped her sit down and kissed her quickly on the head.

"I'm going to the car real quick and get my phone… I'll be right back."

Jogging quickly to the car, Natalia unlocked the door and grabbed her phone. Locking the door, she turned and while walking back to Calleigh, made a quick call.

"May I speak to Dominic please?... Dominic, this is Natalia Boa Vista...Yes, it has been a long time...I was wondering if my usual room is available. I feel like I need a steam...Yes, for the night please...Could you arrange for a quiet table at Nobu for two please around eight o'clock?…Yes, the usual drink...Yes, we will be there in about a half hour. In addition, I would like to come in from the side entrance; my friend doesn't like crowds... Thank you."

By the time that she made it back to Calleigh, Natalia found her leaning back on her elbows, enjoying the sun.

Plopping down on the sand next to her, Natalia nudged Calleigh shoulder.

"How you doing babe?"

"I'm good. You were right, it felt good to let all that loose. I had kept it all bottled in and it was just festering. You are so good for me."

Running a hand through Calleigh's sun colored hair, Natalia replied.

"Well babe, we are so good for each other and to prove that point, I think that we deserve some pampering. I have arranged for a room with a sauna, a dinner at a quiet restaurant and a very cushy bed for our pleasure."

"Well darlin', I do believe that you have covered all the bases and will definitely hit a home run with me."

Laughing Natalia retorted.

"Oh lord, you're starting with the sports analogies. I'm afraid to find out what you will say when I tell you that there's a pitcher of mojito's waiting on us."

Calleigh sits straight up and throws her arms over her head.

"She scores! And the crowd goes wild."

She began to mimic whistles and crowd noises.

Leaning over, Natalia began to tickle the laughing blonde, making her fall back, laughing harder and trying to squirm away.

"Make fun of me, will you? Wrong thing to do babe, because I know every one of your ticklish spots."

"Nooo, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please, please quit. I'll do anything, please stop."

Natalia stopped, trapping Calleigh's hands on either side of her head and straddling her body.

"Anything huh? Well, what can I come up with? Hmmm. No, not that... Did that one already too... That one was fun... Nope, too bad. There isn't anything that I can think of."

As she went like she was going to start again, Calleigh pulled a hand free, reached up and pulled Natalia down for a kiss. The kiss started teasingly, but soon turned hard and full of emotion.

Sliding her body down so that she was laying full against Calleigh's, Natalia fisted her hands in golden hair and proceeded to ravish her lips.

Throwing her good leg over Natalia's body, Calleigh rolled them until she was on top. Continuing to kiss her wife, she rose up just enough to slip her hands between their bodies and slide underneath Natalia's shirt. Slowly one hand moved up until she was able to caress a silk covered breast. Cupping it gently, Calleigh teased the nipple that was slowly hardening until Natalia was moaning and moving against her.

Moving her lips up Natalia's jaw line, Calleigh murmured.

"Didn't you say something about a big, cushy bed?"

Mimicking her wife, Natalia drawled.

"Well darlin, as much as I love the position that we're in right now, we can't go anywhere until you get up."

Once again, Calleigh rolled their bodies, this time placing Natalia on top.

"I do believe that I have solved that problem and once again the ball is in your court."

Hanging her head, Natalia groaned.

"There she goes again. Well, if you can't beat 'em, you gotta join 'em."

Looking down at her wife, Natalia gave her a quick kiss on her nose.

"I'm going for the grand slam, a hole in one, the seventh inning stretch and the final three point shot.

"Aw babe, now you've issued a challenge. I'm gonna have to try to think of new analogies. And they're going to come out at the weirdest times."

Laughing Natalia stood, pulling Calleigh up with her, and then leaning down, she once again picked Calleigh up and started walking across the sand.

She was almost at the car when she stopped suddenly.

"I just realized that you distracted me from tickling you."

Laughing Calleigh admitted.

"Yes I certainly did and what a sweet distraction it was."

Shaking her head, Natalia continued. Soon they were back in the car and headed towards Natalia's surprise. The traffic was still light so they were there in about twenty minutes.

Pulling around to the side of the Shore Club, they were met by a valet and the concierge Dominic.

As the valet opened Natalia's door, helping her out, Dominic greeted them.

"Ms. Boa Vista, it's a pleasure to see you again."

Opening the passenger, Dominic reached in, taking Calleigh's hand and helping her out.

"And Ms. Duquesne, it's been quite a long time since you've stayed with us."

Calleigh hesitated when he first took her hand, tilting her head slightly to try to recognize the voice.

Dominic continued.

"We of course, still have the change of clothes that you left here the last time and I will have them delivered to the bungalow."

Smiling, Calleigh replied.

"Thank you Dominic. It has been awhile."

Coming around the car to stand next to her wife, Natalia pulled out Calleigh's cane and handed it to her.

Taking it in one hand, Calleigh placed the other hand in the crook of Natalia's waiting arm and they followed the concierge.

Dominic opened the door to the bungalow and allowed the two women to precede him.

Natalia led Calleigh to stand beside the sofa before turning to Dominic.

"Thanks for setting everything up. We really appreciate it."

"It is our pleasure Ms. Boa Vista. You and Ms. Duquesne are two of our favorite guests and we enjoy taking care of you. Please do not hesitate to call if you need anything further. Enjoy the rest of your day ladies."

He left, closing the door quietly.

Natalia turned to Calleigh to find her unbuttoning the vest.

"Well, I was going to ask you what you wanted to do first, but I can already tell."

Giving Natalia a sly smile.

"Oh, you can tell that I am ready for a shower just by me unbuttoning my vest. Wow, you are good."

Stepping up to her wife, brushing her hands out of the way to finish the task, Natalia purred.

"Yes I am and you know it. Now if you have any doubts on that, I will be more than happy to prove it."

Leaning against the sofa, Calleigh reached out to grab Natalia about the waist and pulled her to stand between her legs. She slid her hands up the linen covered back before laying her arms around Natalia's shoulders. Leaning her head forward, Calleigh began to nibble on the exposed throat and whispered.

"Prove it."

Pushing the unbuttoned vest from the peaches and cream shoulders, Natalia indulged herself by caressing the pair of perfect breasts through their silk covering before sliding her hands to undo the

fastening of Calleigh's pants. Deftly unbuttoning and unzipping the black pants, Natalia knelt to

remove both them and Calleigh's boot.

As she stood, Natalia slowly trailed her nails up Calleigh's thighs, creating goose bumps in their wake. Standing once again between her wife's legs, Natalia reached around and pulled Calleigh even closer, causing her to wrap her legs around her waist. Taking a step back, Natalia smiled as Calleigh's arms automatically went around her neck and she walked towards the big cushy bed.

Gently laying Calleigh on the bed, Natalia gazed down at her lying there in black French cut panties and a matching bra.

"My God Calleigh, you're beautiful."

Stretching out beside her wife, Natalia propped her head up with one hand while letting her other hand glide over Calleigh's body, stopping to explore sensitive dips and hollows. Natalia grinned as Calleigh twisted and turned against her fingers as she was teased and tempted.

When Natalia finally slid her fingers past the damp silk into warm slickness, Calleigh surged up as she fisted the sheets and moaned out her wife's name. Slowly Natalia withdrew her fingers, quickly removed Calleigh's damp panties and then settled herself between her wife's legs. Laying an arm across Calleigh's hips, Natalia slowly teased her fingers back into the warmness of Calleigh. Time and time again, she withdrew only to return faster and deeper.

Reaching down, Calleigh tried to pull Natalia's head closer to what she wanted touched, but she couldn't reach. Therefore, she opted for begging.

"Please quit teasing... Talia.... Aw damn.... Fuck me now... I'll do anything you want... Please darlin."


Tossing her head back and forth, Calleigh arched against Natalia's fingers, trying to make them hit the spot that she was craving.

"Anything.... Shit babe.... You name it... Please"

Leaning forward to suckle on the tiny little nub, Natalia was hard pressed to maintain pressure as Calleigh bucked up. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on keeping a steady pressure and started humming, causing Calleigh to start keening.

Natalia added another finger into the action, which caused Calleigh's nerve endings to shatter and orgasmic waves surged through her body. Calleigh could have sworn that she saw shooting stars and fireworks as Natalia continued to weave  her spell of love.

Finally after one final flick on the tight bundle of nerves with her tongue, Natalia slowly rose up to kiss her wife.

Growling deep in her throat, as she tasted herself in Natalia's kiss, Calleigh clasped her wife close to her as her body was still thrumming with aftershocks.

Looking down at Calleigh, Natalia gently moved the damp hair away from her face and then placed another soft kiss upon her lips.

"Well, did I prove it?"

"Yes ma'am, you certainly did. Multiple times. However, I do have one question for you?"


Holding up Natalia's shirt collar, Calleigh asked.

"How is it that you almost always stay dressed?"

Natalia responded. "You're just not fast enough to get me out of my clothes, I guess. At least, this time you weren't completely naked." She gently tugged on Calleigh's bra.

"Well, there is that."

Nibbling on Calleigh's throat, Natalia asked. "Would you care to share a steam shower with me and afterwards have a tall, ice cold Mojito?"

Using her Southern accent to its fullest, Calleigh drawled. "Darlin', I would be honored to share a shower with you. Now for the Mojito, I would like to have one now, if you wouldn't mind as I have worked up a powerful thirst."

Laughing full out, Natalia quickly gave her wife another kiss before getting up to pour them a couple of glasses of the requested drink. When she walked back into the bedroom, Natalia found Calleigh's bra on the floor and caught a glimpse of her walking into the bathroom.

Letting loose a wolf whistle, Natalia sauntered in behind her and without thinking said. "El caminar caliente del momma."

"Hot momma walking huh? So you like the way that I move?"

"Babe, you've got more moves than a Swiss watch."

Grinning, Calleigh shot back. "And you wind me up so well and in such a timely manner."

"Yeah, you can take a licking and keep on.."

"Don't you even think about saying it."

Natalia chuckled as she handed Calleigh her frosty glass.

"Here babe, sip on this while I arrange for our clothes to be cleaned and to have your stored clothes delivered. Would you like to have dinner at Nobu or out on the patio?"

Taking a sip of her drink, Calleigh thought for a moment before saying.

"How about out on the patio that's off Nobu. I want to eat out, I just don't want to be in a crowd."

"That sounds like a plan. I'll set it up. Shall I go ahead and start the shower?"

Taking another swallow of her drink, Calleigh answered. "Please."

Natalia reached in, got the water started and directed Calleigh to the bench that was inside.

Walking back into the bedroom, she looked inside of the closets and found the change of clothes that she had left the last time she had visited. Smiling as she realized that she and Calleigh had once again had the same idea about leaving clothes. Changing into one of the hotel robes, she grabbed a phone and called up Dominic. He informed her that he would have Calleigh's extra clothes delivered within minutes and they would be more than happy to have their other clothes cleaned. After thanking him, Natalia arranged for dinner on the private patio adjacent to the restaurant and arranged for sandwiches to be delivered to hold them over until then.

After hanging up, Natalia went back into the bathroom to find Calleigh lying on the bench with a towel covering her cast. Quickly removing the robe, she quietly opened the shower door and went inside. Closing the door, she leaned against the door jam, Natalia hungrily watched as beads of sweat slid from her wife's body.

"Darlin', there's no need for you to stare. It all belongs to you and I'm not going anywhere."

"Oh babe, I know that you're mine. I'm just enjoying the view, but you are right about one thing."


Taking a step forward, then leaning down to capture a nipple with her lips while sliding her fingers into even hotter slickness, Natalia groaned as Calleigh arched up against her.

"Why stare when I can touch."

Dropping to her knees, Natalia  moved her lips up to Calleigh's throat and licked the saltiness before sucking on the pulse point.

"Kiss me Talia." Calleigh demanded.

Rising slightly, Natalia complied, kissing her hard. Tongues slid against each other and Natalia swallowed Calleigh's moan as she added another finger. Only when they had to breathe did they tear their mouths away from each other.

"Damn it Calleigh, you're addictive. I can't seem to get enough."

Surging up, Calleigh gasped as Natalia gently rubbed the tiny little nub and then again as she began to thrust harder. Natalia was about to add another finger when the door buzzer interrupted.

"Damn, I had to call room service. I'll be right back."

Getting to her feet, Natalia got out of the shower, quickly dried off and put the terrycloth robe back on. She opened the door and let in the waiter with the sandwiches and Calleigh's clothes. Directing him to set the sandwiches down on the table, Natalia took the clothes and hung them in a nearby closet. After tipping the waiter, she turned to make her way back into the bathroom when Calleigh coming out of the bedroom, also wrapped in a robe, met her.

"Thought that I said I would be right back."

"You did, but I thought that maybe we should cool off for a bit. Not that I wasn't enjoying myself very much, but it was getting rather steamy in there. Well, we were in a steam room, but… just forget it."

Natalia couldn't help but laugh, not just by Calleigh's words, but also by the bemused look on her face.

"It's ok babe. I know what you're trying to say. It was getting a bit too hot in there and we need to watch that. Are you hungry? Would you like a sandwich?"

"Yes please and another Mojito if I could?"

Natalia lead Calleigh out to the covered patio, making sure that she had a seat before she went back in for the sandwiches and drinks.

They spent the rest of the afternoon sitting out on the patio, enjoying just sitting there nibbling on the sandwiches and finishing off the pitcher of Mojitos while talking about everything that didn't have to do with work.

It was close to six-thirty when they finally got up to get ready for dinner. Natalia brought Calleigh her clothes and couldn't help but grin. The pants and jacket were standard Calleigh; basic black, but the shirt was emerald green. Luckily the pant leg was wide enough to get around the cast so they didn't have split the seam.

While Calleigh dressed, Natalia went into the other room to check out her own clothes. A pair of white linen pants, a silk white camisole and a sheer white pullover with faux French cuffs completed the outfit. Fortunately, the shoes that she had worn to the lab that day would go perfectly.

Dressing quickly, Natalia met her wife in the living area and for umpteenth time, was blown away by her beauty. Giving silent thanks for them being together, she went to stand next to Calleigh.

"Are you ready to go?"

Grabbing her nearby cane, Calleigh replied.

"Most definitely."

Leaving the room, they slowly made their way to the restaurant and gave their names to the maître de.

"Ah, Ms. Duquesne and Ms. Boa Vista. We have your usual table set up and waiting for you."

Calleigh had a puzzled look on her face, but decided to wait until they were seated before she asked the question.

It was after they were seated and the waiter had taken their drink order that Calleigh finally voiced her puzzlement.

"Just how many times have you been to this hotel?"

Natalia was quiet for a moment as she counted.

"Three times. The first time was when the desktop shattered with the case of the cursed coffin. The second was after it came out that I was the mole and the last time was when my sister was taken by that photographer."

"Have you always had this table?"

Natalia smiled as she figured out where the line of questioning was going.

"Two out of the three times I did, but I've always had the same bungalow. Number four."

Shaking her head, Calleigh smiled.

"This brain cell that we share is getting really spooky. I was in bungalow three for two of those times and had this table for one of them."

Leaning over to give her wife a quick kiss, Natalia murmured.

"I guess that proves that we belong together."

"I guess so."

The rest of the evening passed in quiet conversation about how many other things they had in common, until they paid the bill and went back to the room. There they got undressed, Natalia put the drops in Calleigh's eyes and they crawled into bed, nude but very content to just hold each other until they fell asleep.

The shadowy figure grinned as he listened to the woman's whimpers coming from the next room.

"Isn't that sweet." He thought to himself.

This place was perfect for his plan, as it was close enough to work that he could sneak out from time to time without anyone on the team ever being the wiser and when he was finished with this one, he could easily move her.

Picking up the nearby tube, he walked back in and smiled as the whimpers began anew. Slowly he walked over to the tied woman until he stood directly in front of her.

"She should have seen who was directly in front of her instead of going with that harlot. We've always gotten along well… she should have chosen me."

Twisting the top of the tube off, he swiftly reached up and applied the contents to each eye before replacing the top.

Tiny screams and whimpers made their way out of the gag as the woman realized finally that this was her last night on earth. Then he took the first brand out of the fire and held it close to her body, he enjoyed as she tried to twist out of his way. He teased her with the heat near different areas before he placed it on her left breast.

As the muffled screams filled the room, the shadowy figure thought to himself. "Music to my ears."

Part 10

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