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Quid Pro Quo
By Demeter


"I give you this, you give me... you know, whatever! I'm open!"
Cindy in 'Train In Vain'

Cindy had brought it upon herself. Clearly, her words had left a lot - open - to anybody's imagination.

"I was just hoping you could--"

She didn't get to finish the sentence as she was bodily dragged around the corner and pushed against the wall, full body contact. Lindsay took great pleasure in seeing Cindy's eyes widen dramatically before she took her mouth in a crushing kiss.

When she pulled back, both of them were breathing heavily, between them a new kind of suggestion, a possibility. Cindy still seemed to be speechless, so Lindsay took the piece of paper she had been offered earlier, folding it. "It's okay. I'll take it. You said I can give you whatever, so would this work?"

Cindy licked her lips as if to reassure herself that the moment had been real.

Lindsay could sympathize; she didn't quite know what had gotten into her, though... Maybe, she knew.

Maybe it had been there all along, and Cindy's somewhat careless offer was the answer to questions being raised in many sleepless nights lately. Maybe she was hoping for too much.

Cindy moved close again, raising on her toetips to return the kiss. Against Lindsay's lips, she whispered, "Deal."

The End

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