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A Quiet Afternoon
By ralst


The offices of Townsend Investigations were unusually quiet. The chatter of female voices, interspersed with male confusion, was absent; and all that remained was the slow ticking of the clock. It was the kind of peace that would drive Jill to distraction, convince Bosley to take a nap and prompt Sabrina to investigate but, for Kelly, it was a welcome haven.

Having spent five days masquerading as a disco diva, Kelly greeted the peace and quiet with open arms and an open book. She wasn't usually attracted to thick tomes on the politics of communism in Poland, but Sabrina had forced the book on her months before, after they'd foiled the plot to substitute a doppelganger for the book's writer, Peter Wycinski, and she was determined to finish even if it was just so she could contribute the next time Bree went on a tirade about the communist block.

She turned a page, the words slightly blurred as her concentration waned, before forcing her eyes open and her back straight. Two hundred and forty-eight pages down and only - Kelly checked - three hundred and seventy-three to go. She sighed and reached for her drink.

"Whatcha doing?"

Kelly spilled her drink and turned an accusatory look on Sabrina.

"You scared the life out of me." She looked behind Sabrina to the empty hallway. "Where are Jill and Bos?"

Turning her back to Kelly, Sabrina quickly made herself a drink. "Jill's spending the afternoon with her tennis coach and Bosley said something about speaking to the accountants about extra deductions." She handed Kelly a refill. "So we have the afternoon to ourselves."

"That's nice."

Kelly turned another page in her book.

"Nice?" Leaning against the back of the sofa, Sabrina began reading over Kelly's shoulder. "It's the first free afternoon we've had since forever and you're spending it curled up with a book?"

"Your book," said Kelly.

Her face practically buried in the pages, Sabrina began to quote from the text, her overly exaggerated Polish accent and deep baritone bringing a smile to Kelly's lips. "Vhich is vhy young vomen should not spend zheir free time readink zee books."

"It does not say that."

"So, I paraphrased." Sabrina forced the book closed. "It's too beautiful a day to spend it cooped up inside, reading."

Kelly didn't bother to mention the countless times Sabrina had spent her days doing just that; she merely reopened her book and began reading. After a few pages, she realised that the quiet that had seemed so peaceful moments before, was starting to unnerve her.


The soft tinkling of ice cubes prompted Kelly to turn around and look toward bar, where Sabrina was painstakingly building a pyramid out of ice-cubes. The look of concentration on Bree's face brought a smile to Kelly's lips and she unconsciously closed her book to peer more closely.

"What are you doing?"

An ice-cube escaped Sabrina's clasp and careened off the base of the pyramid.

"Wasting my afternoon," she said.

Kelly abandoned the sofa, and her book, and leaned across the bar to pry the ice-tongs from Sabrina's grasp. "Now what kind of girlfriend would I be if I let you waste your afternoon off by making ice-castles?"

Sabrina didn't bother to point out that it was a pyramid, and not a castle; she simply leant across the bar and planted a kiss on Kelly's waiting lips. She had far more exciting plans for their time off.

"What kind of girlfriend indeed."

The End

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