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By allie


She knew that laughing at the blonde wasn't the safest thing in the world to do, she was after all the strongest person on the ship and could easily overwhelm her in a physical altercation, but for Kahless sake... this was hilarious.

They'd just completed the most vigorous, romantic, hedonistic bout of love making either had ever encountered in their lives. For B'Elanna that meant she'd never experienced anything like the bliss of making love to Seven; nothing compared to that satin soft skin trembling beneath her fingertips and cussing up an unexpected storm as she probed virginal flesh with Klingon passion combined with human tenderness for her first time.

For Seven it was the ultimate experience in overwhelming humanity, the experience very firmly lodged in her eidetic mind playing on a constant loop when suddenly the ex-Borg decided that she couldn't function without having an ice-cold cup of mint choc chip ice cream.

B'Elanna run her hands across her ridges desperately trying to keep her expression neutral while gasping out loud: "you want what?"

"I doubt that your audio acuity has malfunctioned in the last 57.362 minutes B'Elanna. I requested mint choc chip ice cream. I find myself in dire need of nutritional supplements and want something sweet. I want ice cream." She pouted in her best imitation of Naomi Wildman when she wanted something from her mother.

"But Seven, not only do I have the major problem of not being able to move at the moment... I also have the problem of not having enough replicator rations to get you what you want. I lost most of my rations to Tom with that frigging bet last week."

"Indeed? Well, we will remedy that at a later date." Seven lifted herself from B'Elanna's embrace and climbed out of bed; striding for the replicator she ordered two portions of mint choc chip ice-cream in her best Borg monotone.

B'Elanna was beside herself, laughing hysterically until she fell off the bed, she could only think of one thing; "I am rolling on the floor laughing my ass off."

The End

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