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By Katrina


Sometimes theme songs run through one's head. In B'Elanna's case, for the last three days - ever since Tom demonstrated to her how a radio worked and played several songs he thought might... inspire her - she'd been hearing one of those songs play over and over in her head. But not just at any time. Oh no. There were periods of blissful silence. For instance, right after the demonstration. Tom had been a bit disappointed when she'd said, "Well, why would I want to do that? When I can say: Computer. Play "Rhapsody of Blood" by Katagh."

The pounding beat had sent Tom scurrying to his own quarters.

No, what caused her consternation was that the song started playing in her head the next day. The first day she hadn't quite realized what was going on. She figured it was just one of those times when a catchy tune stuck with a person. And, to help get rid of it, she'd simply gone to her quarters and looked up the list of tunes Tom had played, then had the computer play it. She listened to the song one time through so it would finally end. Which it did, that night.

The next day it started up again.

By the third day, B'Elanna knew she had a problem.

Especially when the song started before B'Elanna even saw.... her. It was when she realized that she hadn't actually noticed Seven of Nine's arrival in Engineering, until the song started in her head. It was as if there had been some sort of subconscious cue.

Then B'Elanna experienced a very particular epiphany. Right after that stunning moment, she'd turned to Lieutenant Carey and told him she was going off duty. Which was actually something she should have done an hour ago. Then, she'd fled - while trying not to appear as if she were doing so.

She'd squashed the tune in her head with a vengeance and by the time she'd made it to turbolift portal to wait she'd mostly succeeded. By the time the doors opened she had calculations of incredible complexity and usefulness running through her head instead. And as she'd entered the turbolift she thought she had herself completely under control.

Until she turned around to see Seven of Nine striding towards the lift. The tune in B'Elanna's head turned on full tilt. And it seemed, for a moment, as if the incredibly gorgeous ex-drone had slowed down. Every glorious womanly curve and bounce was accentuated with every step. The song was eventually drowned out by the throbbing of B'Elanna's pulse.

What she should have done was order the turbolift doors shut right that moment.

But the only sound that came out of her mouth was a kind of helpless burring noise that B'Elanna didn't recognize at all. Of course, she also didn't know it was her making that noise.

It wasn't until Seven of Nine had actually stepped into the lift and the doors had swished shut that B'Elanna managed to pull herself together.

"You need to step out of this lift, Seven of Nine. Right now."

"I have as much right to be here as you, Lieutenant Torres. I am on an errand."

B'Elanna couldn't help the growl. "Oh. Your right to be here is not the problem." The Klingon's gaze scraped up and down the curvaceous figure of the woman before her.

"Have I done something wrong, Lieutenant? I did inform you before making the changes to couplings on deck 12."

"Seven." The Klingon closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. Then she realized that might be a mistake. "Oh Kahless. You smell... so very good."

"Lieutenant Torres?"

"Are you wearing perfume Seven?" B'Elanna's eyes were still closed. Now her fists were clenched tightly. She shook a little.

"No," Seven of Nine realized that something unusual was happening with the Chief Engineering. "Lieutenant Torres, would you like to go to Sick Bay?"

"There's.... nothing wrong with me, Seven. I'm just... feeling a bit of a compulsion at the moment."

"Please explain."

"Seven, why do we fight so much?"

"I believe you told me once that I made you crazy."

B'Elanna's laugh was raw. "Oh yes. That would be true." She opened her eyes finally and looked fully at the woman who caused her so much torment. "Seven, you still haven't told the turbolift where you want to go."

"I was distracted."

"Yes, well, given how much you distract me, I'd say it is only fair."

"I distract you."


"I am..." Seven of Nine was now looking very closely at the Klingon. "Lieutenant Torres, you are aroused."

Again the Klingon laughed, a little helplessly. "It would seem so."

Seven of Nine was silent for a moment, then turned away from B'Elanna. She spoke to the computer and ordered the turbolift to the deck where the officers' quarters were. "I will assist you."

B'Elanna snarled. "I don't want your assistance, Seven of Nine."

The ex-drone gave her a startled look.

Suddenly the half Klingon was right there, pressing up against the blonde, forcing her back against the wall. "Now before you get all hurt, you better hear me out. I won't explain this again." B'Elanna planted her arms to Seven's sides, blocking her in. "I want more than your assistance. I want you. The reason I am aroused, is that I am so turned on by the thought of you I can't think straight any more. I used to be able to fool myself. But not today. Today it all broke. And the truth is, if you can't handle me, you'd better not start. Because I am..." she stood on her toes and sniffed Seven's pulse and that noise was there in her again, "... Klingon. And I think... I think you may be the one."

"The one," whispered the blonde. Her azure gaze pinned the Klingon, forced the pause. "You are... sure."

"Oh...." B'Elanna couldn't stop the shiver that ran through her. She licked her teeth. "Oh... Yes."

"But... you hate me."

"You made me burn. And you were...I thought... my enemy. I couldn't have you."

Those blue eyes blinked and B'Elanna saw the wetness brim. She raised a fingertip and brushed the tears away before they could start.

"Why did you fight with me Seven of Nine?" she whispered.

"I ... couldn't have you."

B'Elanna's serious expression twisted into a wry smile. "We are a pair."

"We are?"

"We are. We will be. Do you desire me, Seven of Nine?" B'Elanna suddenly realized what that scent was that had been driving her crazy for so very long.


"Am I for you?"

"You would be a suitable mate."

B'Elanna chuckled. "My cranky, bitchy self? Are you sure?"

"I have... have known it since I... tasted your blood."

"Ah. I didn't know Borg were Klingon."

"I... it was... we're not. But we are. We are.... made up of many species. I analyzed your blood, while it was in my mouth. I knew... I knew your need, after I bit you."

B'Elanna placed her fingertips over Seven of Nine's lips. "And you never said anything. Just bore with me, until... " Then she traced those lips gently. "... now."


"So have you arrived at your decision yet? Can you live with this Klingon?"

"I made the decision then and yes, if you will have me."

"Ah. It's why you visited me every day afterwards. Whether I wanted it or not." B'Elanna's caress drifted along Seven's jawline. "Kiss me."

Seven scooped her arms around B'Elanna and bent down a little. She was tentative at first, but the long wait put pressure behind the soft touch. Their kiss deepened.

The door of the turbolift swooshed open. B'Elanna backed away and took Seven's hand in hers. She turned and there was a bemused Tom Paris in the doorway. "Oh. Hey Tom," she said as she led Seven of Nine past him and out of the lift. "Seven will be staying with me from now on, so no more dating for us. It wouldn't be right. Not now that I've found her. Thanks for introducing me to the Radio though. It really helped."

"Buh..." Tom managed a befuddled response, but his mind was still on the vision from earlier.

B'Elanna shrugged. Then she and Seven went back to her quarters to spend quality time with one another and start their incredibly happy life together.

The End

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