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By Sparx

B'Elanna Torres found her temper strained to it's absolute limit. She had been in a bad mood all day and the smug look the ex-drone was directing at her only made her more angry. Since the Larotian attack over a week ago, she had been working double shifts. The damage was light, but had affected almost every system on the ship. Most of the crew was working overtime. She was tired and more than a little irritable.

So it was, that while the disagreement was a minor one, it soon escalated. It was a fight of epic proportions for which the two had, in the past, become famous, or rather infamous, aboard the ship. Though it had been a long time since they had, had any serious disagreements and the two had never come to blows, the area quickly cleared as crew members found safer places to be. No one wanted to be caught in the crossfire of a Borg/Klingon cat fight.

A moment later, B'Elanna emitted a sound that sounded like a cross between a shout and a growl, then turned and stomped out of engineering. With an imperious glare, Seven turned back to the panel she had been working on and resumed her task. The minute shaking of her hands and slight scowl being the only sign that she was just as angry, but masking it well.

An innocent inquiry from the captain and subsequent questions, had the ever honest Seven, relaying the events leading to B'Elanna's storming out of engineering. The fact that both had ended their shifts beforehand had mattered little. They had been in a public, and also vital, part of the ship and their behavior was not acceptable.

"Seven, we're all stressed to our limits, Lieutenant Torres in particular, since she's the one who's responsible for all the repairs. I think you owe it to her to try and find a compromise here, for everyone's sake." Janeway had said gently, but not until after delivering a blistering lecture on protocol and letting personal feelings affect HER ship. So, with orders to find B'Elanna and resolve their differences, Seven found herself outside holodeck one.

Overriding the locks was an easy matter. Entering the holodeck was not. At the moment, Seven was more inclined to kill the volatile woman than to talk to her. Taking a deep breath and steeling her resolve to NOT kill the irritating Klingon, Seven entered the holodeck.

The first thing that greeted her was a huge Klingon warrior, running towards her, waving a Batlh'leth with obvious skill. "P'taq," he screamed, as he raised the lethal blade. Seven immediately dropped into a crouch and threw the holographic warrior over her shoulder. A quick thrust to the throat and the character disappeared.

Rising smoothly to her feet, Seven scanned the area. The ground was mostly coarse sand, with a few tufts of low dense vegetation and large rocks strewn about. Twin suns hung overhead and the place had the look of a desert. A howl in the distance caught her attention and she saw four more Klingon warriors coming from around one of the larger rocks ahead. As they approached her, Seven decided to end the program. This might be B'Elanna Torres idea of fun, but it definitely wasn't hers. Just as she was about the give the command, the compact form of the Lieutenant, dressed in black pants and t-shirt and brandishing a Met'letH, came hurling from the side to crash into the nearest warrior.

With a growl, she quickly thrust her Met'letH into the chest of the first, before moving to face the remaining three who were moving to surround her. Surprised by the smaller woman's sudden appearance, Seven did nothing as B'Elanna quickly dispatched the remaining warriors.

B'Elanna rose and approached Seven with a fierce scowl. "Computer, pause program Torres, Paraxi One. What are you doing here, Seven?" she demanded gruffly.

"The captain has ordered us to 'resolve our diff...'." Seven began, without any hint of emotion.

Before she could complete the sentence, B'Elanna had reached her and shoved her backwards against a large, waist high, flat topped stone. Following the motion, B'Elanna kept her hand firmly on the taller woman's chest and pushed until the ex-drone was arched back across the hard rock.

With the suddenness of the move and the position she now found herself in, Seven felt a moment of fear knowing the smaller woman now had her at a disadvantage and was still holding the Met'letH she had used so effectively against the holographic Klingons. Her anger forgotten, Seven now concerned herself with evening the odds.

"Computer, delete Met'letH." she called quickly. Her eyes opened wide, as B'Elanna moved the weapon into Seven's line of sight.

"Sorry, drone, but this is real. I picked it up on my way here." B'Elanna sneered, as she moved the sharp blade close to Sevens face. From her position standing beside the waist high stone, B'Elanna could easily see the tension in the long body laid out before her.

Seven paled and swallowed audibly, as B'Elanna leaned forward. "You seem nervous." B'Elanna observed with a feral grin, as she allowed the flat of the blade to rest against Seven's cheek.

"There is no need for you to behave in this manner, Lieutenant" Seven stated, "I am sure that if we discuss ...."

"There's nothing to discuss," B'Elanna interrupted, as she moved the hand holding the blade away. Quickly, before Seven could react, she claimed the full lips in a demanding kiss.

At first, Seven was too shocked to move. After a moment, she found herself responding to the fierce woman leaning over her. When B'Elanna finally broke the kiss, Seven whimpered at the loss. She was unable to form words, as she stared into eyes gone black with arousal.

"Take this off!" B'Elanna demanded roughly, as she pulled at the smooth fabric of Seven's biosuit with her free hand.

Confused and still a little shocked at the situation, Seven tried to bring her enhanced hand up to push the smaller woman away. But, Torres was faster and the flat of the blade was again against Seven's cheek, daring her to protest. With her Borg strength being no match for the Klingon's speed, Seven moved her hand back to her side while glaring defiantly the engineer.

"I will not comply." she ground out, through gritted teeth.

Eyes flashing at the challenge, B'Elanna said nothing. Instead she moved the blade over Seven's body. Enjoying the brief look of panic on the regal features, she calmly began slicing the slick material away from the ex-drones body.

Seven hardly dared to breathe, as the biosuit was slowly cut away. She knew that the blade could cut her skin more easily than it was already cutting the tough material. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on remaining absolutely still, as her body was slowly exposed to the cool air.

Once the pale breasts were fully exposed, B'Elanna paused to taste what she had revealed. Seven, eyes still closed, cried out at the sudden touch of mouth and tongue on one breast and fingers, lightly pinching, the other. Within seconds, she was panting lightly and arching up for more contact. Her arousal was sudden and exquisite in it's intensity. Every touch of the strong fingers, every nip from the sharp teeth, sent a jolt straight from her nipples to her groin.

After a seeming eternity, the smaller woman finally moved back up and close to a delicate ear. "I can smell your arousal. I can almost taste it on the air, it's so strong." B'Elanna whispered.

Seven kept her eyes closed tight and turned her head, lest she admit the truth of the Klingon's words. Her whole body shuddered in reaction, as lips fastened on the now exposed neck. Writhing under the onslaught, Seven moaned softly, as her skin was marked by sucking lips and nipping teeth. When B'Elanna moved up to claim her mouth, Seven groaned in pleasure. Her hands which had until then, been gripping the stone she lay on, now moved up to tangle in dark hair.

The moment Seven felt the silken tresses against her fingers, B'Elanna stopped. The motion was firm, but surprisingly gentle, as she used her free hand to move Seven's hands over her head.

"Oh no you don't." she said with a growl. "No touching, unless I say so."

Seven's eyes snapped open, but she said nothing, as the long blade was once again hovering over her skin. With a warning glare, B'Elanna let go of her wrists. Seven did not move them.

With a triumphant growl, B'Elanna levered herself onto the smooth stone to straddle the shapely hips. Locking eyes with the tall ex-drone, B'Elanna could see the desire flaming in eyes that had turned almost violet. A low constant growl began, as she recognized the level of arousal the blond was experiencing. As the moment stretched, Seven was the first to look away. B'Elanna would have none of that. She ordered, "No! Don't look away. Watch me. I want you to see everything I'm going to do to you."

Seven couldn't resist the command. Her arousal was beyond her control. She was powerless against the fierce woman over her.

Seven watched, as the dark head lowered once again to her body. The Met'letH B'Elanna held slightly away from Seven's left shoulder and the intense expression of the woman herself, kept her still as she felt lips and teeth once again grazing her sensitive flesh. This time however, B'Elanna avoided her breasts entirely. Starting at the edge of one large breast, the small Klingon moved her exploration to the firm abdomen, stopping at the shredded material that barely covered Seven's sex. She then moved leisurely up the long torso to the sensitive neck. By the time she had made the journey from throat to abdomen and back, for the second time, Seven was again writhing on the smooth stone and moaning constantly. When the talented mouth finally latched onto her diamond hard nipples, Seven's back arched like a taut bow as she let out a howl of pleasure.

B'Elanna matched the sound with a loud growl of her own, as the tall woman responded to her touch. An instant later, she stopped and abruptly pulled away. Seven moaned at the loss as the woman who, seconds before, had been making such fierce love to her, now sat astride her hips staring at her left shoulder.

B'Elanna's sensitive nose had told her what Seven had yet to realize. At some point in the blonds thrashing, she had been nicked by the blade that B'Elanna had been holding so close to her. Seven finally followed the Klingon's line of sight to see what she saw. The wound was small, barely a scratch. Even now, after the long moment both spent looking at the wound, it had just finally seeped enough to allow a single drop of blood to run down the pale skin. Seven brought her hands from their ordered imprisonment and cupped B'Elanna's cheek, as she turned the dark head to look at her. Her ocular implant rose in question, as she waited for what B'Elanna would do next.

B'Elanna for her part, was trapped between shame and bloodlust. Shame that she had allowed herself to lose control of her weapon, regardless of how minor the wound was and the bloodlust that was common among all Klingons when they smelled blood while aroused. She wanted to beg forgiveness for allowing Seven to be hurt. She also wanted to lap up the blood and take the woman until she passed out. Finally her human side won out. She quickly flung the Met'letH to the side and began to lift herself off the prone woman.

Seven saw the guilt win and felt a sense of panic. She ached with arousal and only this woman could ease that ache. As the smaller woman tried to ease away, she grabbed the front of B'Elanna's t-shirt and held her in place.

"Do not stop." Seven begged.

B'Elanna growled low in her chest, but didn't respond, as she took Seven's wrists and began to remove them from her shirt.

Seven could see the lust hiding behind the remorse and used her Borg strength to quickly shred the front of B'Elanna's shirt. "I said, do not stop." she repeated, as she began to massage the firm breasts.

"Seven," B'Elanna breathed, as lust finally began to win the fight.

"No, had this been intentional, you would not be feeling this way. It was a momentary lapse of attention, on both our parts, nothing more. Now, finish what you started!" Seven demanded, as her attention to B'Elanna's breasts became more insistent.

B'Elanna relaxed into the touch and let want have it's way. She could have taken charge again, but she didn't. She did not stop Seven and rough seduction turned to mutual passion. A sharing of wants and desires, as each strove to satisfy the other.

When they finally climaxed, it was together, each with fingers buried deep in the other. Though intense, they both continued to stroke and tease each other to peak again and again. Finally, hoarse with screaming their passion, they collapsed, with B'Elanna sprawled bonelessly on the taller woman. It was a long time before either had the energy to move, but it was B'Elanna who recovered first.

Leaning up, she kissed and nuzzled the pale cheek. When her lips found the small scar at Seven's jaw, she purred contentedly. The purr turned into a low growl as a Borg enhanced hand cupped her cheek and ran a thumb over her own matching scar. Leaning back so she could look into the vivid blue eyes, B'Elanna said, "I love you. I don't know why you put up with me."

In her best Borg tone, Seven replied, "I put up with you, B'Elanna Torres, because I love you. I would not have married you otherwise."

"I'm sorry I've been acting like a rampaging Keelgarn." Glancing at the shredded clothing laying nearby, she stuttered in a very becoming un-Klingon way, "It's just that well...ahh...that is, um.."

She was spared further embarrassment, when Seven gently put a long finger across her lips. "It has been exactly nine days and thirteen hours since we have made love." Stopping to gently kiss the full lips she continued with a smile, "Had you not decided to act like a rampaging Keelgarn, I would have been forced to take steps of my own."

"Steps? Like what?" B'Elanna asked with a grin.

"Let's go back to our quarters and I will show you." Seven answered as B'Elanna stood and helped her to her feet. "I believe a site to site transport will be necessary though." she said with a grin, as she got a good look at the condition of what was left of their uniforms.

"I think you're right." B'Elanna replied, laughing as she picked up her combadge.

After sharing a kiss, they picked up their clothes and B'Elanna's Met'letH. A moment later the holodeck was empty.

The End

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