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Reach v. Speed
By LN James


The music shuffled in the background, playing a soundtrack Ashley would never forget. It told the story of two girls, individually very different, together something brighter, more real than any book she had ever read. No movie plot approached what they had together. She knew this much was true: She loved Spencer Carlin more than anyone or anything and you just can't write that kind of story because it didn't exist outside of this moment. Anything else was a poor imitation, something false and untrue. She only hoped she could live up to her side of the story.

"Hey…" Ashley let her hand run through Spencer's hair, the dim light of her bedroom barely illuminating the blond.

Spencer stirred slightly, her body settling into the bed. "Mmmm".

With a smile, Ashley moved closer, her face nestling against Spencer's arm.

Tonight had been…wonderful. Sweet, intense, unexpectedly hot even. She had no expectations, really. When she had invited Spencer over, she was thinking they would hang out, talk through the night, process, whatever. Sure, she maybe had a little idea of how things could turn out, or at least how her fantasy had outlined the night.

Truth is, she would have waited for Spencer, would have let her dictate the speed, let her feel comfortable and decide how intimate they would be. But then, the kiss. Or kisses really. She couldn't help herself, once they reached her room and Spencer had given her a shy smile just inside the door, Ashley just stopped against her couch, pulled her close and kissed her, once, twice, three times. Soft lips and need, all wrapped up in those kisses.

And that was enough for both of them to realize they had been waiting long months, doing a delicate dance all along, waiting for this very moment. Months of attraction, insecurity, electricity crackling, fighting, always coming back together. One step forward, two steps back. The whole time, from the moment they met, each had been finding her own way to this very place, searching for more of the other. Now that they had finally found each other, that realization had settled on them and stoked the embers to a flame.

After they reached the bed, it was Spencer who kissed, and Spencer whose hands roamed over new terrain, eagerly tracing a map of the new world. Ashley almost died when those hands alternately shook from the newness or held strong and steady, just like the girl herself. Where Spencer faltered, hesitating, Ashley stepped in, touching, teaching, kissing away her nervousness.

They had spent most of the time simply learning the curves of each other's body, lightly touching here, there. Lips exploring where hands had been. Then Spencer whispered hot against Ashley's ear, "Show me how...", and Ashley guided her hands and breathed out, willing herself stay calm when she felt Spencer's tongue and lips on her neck. Ragged breaths on her part and Spencer's own breathing coming fast in her ear, little murmurs and soft words. Steady. Strong. Closing her eyes against the sweet onslaught, Ashley let go, her cries covered by Spencer's mouth.

The look on Spencer's face, afterwards, was a deadly combination of awe and need. Ashley, patience be damned, had to have her hands and mouth and everything on Spencer right now, all at once. And the blond encouraged her the only way she knew how, with words and touch and need. Ashley hesitated only once, slowing down to look into Spencer's eyes, questioning. Pulling her close, Spencer breathed out into her ear, "Please, Ashley…please". The magic word, one Spencer would come to realize held great power over Ashley. At that moment, Spencer got everything she wished for, everything Ashley wished for her too. And it was beautiful. Intense. And as Ashley watched it wash across Spencer's face, it held the brightest star, the hottest heat, the deepest love.

"Hey, Spence.." Ashley whispered again, letting her lips kiss against Spencer's arm, breathing in her scent. It was late, very late. Clearly the girl next to her was content to fall asleep in short order. Ashley heard a little hum.


Smiling again, Ashley moved closer, letting her whispered words drift over the blond, "Don't you want to move up, to the top? With the pillows?"

At the foot of the bed, Spencer rolled slightly, tucking her arms under her body, her face pressed against the sheets. Sleepy voiced, she shook her head, "Mm mnn...no...too comfy. Stay here with me, Ash…sleep."

And Ashley did, happily pulling up the covers around them and tucking herself against Spencer's side, both falling deep and hard, together.

The End

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