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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story refers to events that might have taken place after the series three finale-'Coming Out' as Nikki and Helen begin their lives together. This is told from Nikki's POV.
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Real Life Fantasy
By Crispaay500


As I enter the kitchen doorway, my eyes feast on the sight in front of me. I never tire of gazing at your perfect body, whether it be involved in the most mundane of tasks or stretched out naked in my bed, my heart and body instantly respond to you.

I watch as you stand at the stove stirring this evening's meal, your face flushed from the heat, your hand unconsciously pushing a strand of hair behind your ear and my heart leaps, my body aches to be near you, to hold you, feel your skin on mine.

As I approach behind you silently, I know that you are aware of my presence, I feel your love radiating out to me, calling me closer. Unable to fight it anymore I move in behind you, taking your waist into my arms and pulling you close to me. A sigh escapes your throat as you lean into me, rolling your head to one side, inviting my kisses on your warm, soft skin. I readily accept your invitation; placing delicate kisses along your neck and onto your supple shoulders.

You stop your task and start to turn around but I hold you tightly, not wanting you to break the spell, my need to satisfy you without reciprocation rising within me, this is my dance and I intend to lead you.

Your shoulders loosen as you lean into me further, begging me to continue my ministrations; I obey gladly, moving my hands upwards towards your breasts. Your white, cotton vest slides upwards easily under my fingers as I push it up and over your head, revealing your silky black bra underneath. I feel my breath hitch in my chest as my arousal begins to pool between my legs, my hands travelling down capturing your breasts in my palms, teasing your nipples firmly between my fingertips, feeling them pucker with excitement at my touch. Your reaction to my attention never fails to make me wet as my body responds to your desire, your need for me excites me beyond words.

Moving my hands around to your back, I unclasp your bra unable to hold in my own lustful moan as your breasts heave forward under their newfound freedom, begging for my caress once more and knowing that they will not be denied. My hands search out your hardened nipples again as I slide my eager palms over your soft breasts cupping them and gently flicking my thumb over each aroused peak. Your contented gasp shows me your desire, spurring me on, needing to increase your pleasure, your need for me. My body starts to ache for you, screaming out as I see your heavy lidded eyes searching out mine, your lips desperate to feel mine upon them. I push my lips onto yours firmly, my tongue dips inside your willing mouth and is met with your own, caressing the tip and my tongue erotically causing the muscles around my centre to contract in expectant response.

I can sense how aroused you are…I can feel it as you arch your back purposefully pushing your breasts into my hands, moaning gently as your muscles dance under my fingertips as I move down to the waistband of your jeans, your breathing catches once more as you stiffen with excitement, willing my hungry hands to travel further still to where they are most needed.

I skim my thumbs around the waistband, feeling your soft skin ripple under my touch as I make my way to the button of your jeans and release it, teasing gently on the skin that is now accessible. I feel your knees weaken slightly as I slowly pull down the zip, sliding my fingers into the warmth between your legs, tracing them slowly across the moist silk of your panties, I can feel your wetness seeping through the material, inviting me, no…begging me to bring you the release that you so desire.

I run my tongue up your neck, then nibble sensually at your earlobe, sucking it gently into my mouth as my hands push your open jeans slightly down your legs, allowing my eager fingers better access to the swollen sex that is so obvious through your soaked silk panties.

You gasp again as my hand skims over your hardened clit and I hear you mutter just one, desperate word.

"Please…" you breath into my ear, sending tremors through to my very core as you brush my neck with your lips. Pushing the silk to one side, I run my fingertips across your warm, wet folds, sliding my two fingers deep within your velvet centre.

You push into me more and I can feel your need rising desperately as you begin to grind onto my fingers, rubbing further and further into me as my centre comes into contact with the hard material of your jeans, stimulating me with every movement of your body, my muscles contracting as my juices begins to flow mercilessly.

My thumb rubs over your hardened clit, as each time I thrust into you harder and harder, pushing you closer and closer to the edge, grinding into you with all the passion that has built up within my own body, knowing that you are blissfully close to your release.

You search out my lips again, kissing me desperately, breathing hard, trying frantically to hold yourself up on the edge of the stove as your legs become weaker and weaker.

And then I feel it. Your muscles start to tighten around my relentless fingers; your head rolls back to lean on my shoulder as with one last ragged breath your body arches violently and you orgasm hard, shaking aggressively against me as each wave of euphoria wracks your sweat slickened body, pushing it further and further into my aching centre.

Finally I can stand it no more, as the echoes of your ecstatic screams remain in my ears my body stiffens as my muscles contract, pushing me over the edge into an erotic, blissful release.

Several moments later as my composure begins to return to me, I look down into your green eyes, basking in the love that I can see there, so freely offered and so gladly returned. I allow you finally to turn into my arms, pulling you closer, finding your lips with my own. I languish in your slow, satisfied kisses that you lavish upon me, running your fingers through my hair, pulling me closer, deepening the kisses.

I pull reluctantly away gazing once again into your sparkling eyes, leaning down I brush my lips against yours, working my way towards your ear, nibbling every step of my sensual journey. I reach your ear and lean in, feeling your body stiffen with desire once more as I breathe my words into you.

"I love you Helen, I want to make love to you all night long."

I feel your shoulders relax as you sigh lustfully, kissing me with renewed passion, exploring my mouth once more with your tongue before breaking away from me causing me to gasp frustratedly at the loss of intimacy.

You gaze longingly into my eyes, pulling my head down to your lips as you whisper in my ear,

"I love you too Nikki. Let's take this into the bedroom, I want you…I want to be inside you."

My breath refuses to leave my body as my inner muscles tighten with anticipation, unable to think for several seconds as my body fights the urge to come from your words alone.

Suddenly my head clears as my passion takes over. I bend forward, stopping momentarily to turn off the heat under the meal as the heat within me begins to reach intolerable levels, I gaze longingly into your eyes before picking you up into my arms, you squeal playfully wrapping your arms around my neck, pulling me onto your lips, dipping you tongue erotically into my mouth as I make our way to the bedroom. I push the door open forcefully then reverently place you down onto the bed.

Gazing down onto your beauty, my heart starts to pound so loudly it surprises me that you cannot hear it. I reach forward and pull your jeans the rest of the way down your legs, dropping them onto the floor as you lift yourself off the bed allowing me to remove your panties too.

My body aches with desire for you as my greedy eyes travel the length of your petite, naked body. You sit up seductively, grabbing my belt and pulling me closer to you, my body having no other option than to comply. You gaze deep into my eyes, never looking away as your small hands unfasten my belt, button and then zip in one fluid motion.

Pushing my trousers and my panties down, so that they collect at my feet, you push your hands up under my shirt, dragging you nails gently as you run them up the length of my torso, taking it up and over my head, still never breaking eye contact you reach around and release my bra, gasping lustfully as my breasts fall forward towards your mouth.

Reaching up, you kiss my breasts before gently sucking my left nipple into your mouth eliciting an involuntary moan from my throat. Your tiny fingers find my right nipple and begin to work in unison with your mouth, flicking across my painfully aroused nipples.

I suddenly become aware that my arousal is beginning to seep down my thighs as I feel your descent towards my throbbing centre, my body aches for you, desperate to feel your hands on me, inside me, pushing me towards my heavenly release.

Again, your gaze holds me transfixed as you stand up in front of me, pulling me into your naked body, our nipples touching as our bodies mould into each other. Your kisses become hungry, demanding, begging for me to give myself to you. You turn me round and push me down onto the bed, never breaking contact with my lips, bringing yourself up to lie on top of me. I can now feel the extent of your arousal as your wetness begins to coat my thigh as you start to grind up and down my leg, rocking backwards and forwards on my already swollen and extremely sensitive clit.

Knowing that I am just moments away from orgasm if I stay in this position I force myself to move, breaking the contact between our hot, wet, centres. You cannot hide the frustrated moan that escapes your body at the loss of contact but I know that it will be worth it. I manoeuvre myself from under your body, forcing you back down onto the bed.

I kneel above you, moving myself in between your legs, your eyes widening as you start to predict my destination.

"Open up for me", I whisper.

You shudder excitedly as you comply, opening your legs wide in front of me. Again my heart quickens as I lean forward, sewing gentle kisses up the soft skin on the inside of your thighs making you shudder as I reach round each leg, bending your knees and placing both feet flat on the bed.

As I near your velvety opening, I can smell your musky arousal and see your glistening folds, inviting me in to taste your sweet juices. My whole body tingles with excitement as I reach forward with trembling hands and gently part you to reveal your extremely swollen clit begging for my attention.

Slowly I flick my tongue over your clit, revelling in your sweet taste as it invades my senses. Your hands run through my hair, holding me in place as I begin my slow assault on your hardened nub beneath my tongue, licking, nipping and occasionally sucking it into my mouth. Your breathing becomes erratic as you arch your back, pushing your centre further into my mouth, gasping, moaning, pulling at my hair.

My hands move up your thighs as I withdraw my tongue momentarily to blow gently across your wet curls, you shudder violently and I can tell that you are close.

Placing my tongue back onto your clit, I begin massaging it firmly whilst I move two fingers into your opening, pushing them into you forcefully, curling them purposefully and rubbing rhythmically onto your desperate g-spot. This proves to be your undoing as you scream uncontrollably as your body crashes over the edge into an erotic dance of contorting muscles and trembling limbs whilst the waves of pleasure wash over you, granting you the blissful release that you so deserve.

With my fingers still inside you, I move back up to your lips, sucking them lightly into my mouth as I watch with satisfaction as you slowly gain back a modicum of composure. To all the world you appear to be so composed and in command of your life, yet I am the lucky one who gets to witness you completely free with only me to tether you to this existence and as I stare into your eyes my heart fills with so much love and gratitude that fate has allowed me to be in this position with you by my side.

Your eyes open, turning to me, lust evident within your stare, in one fluid motion you push me onto my back, stroking down the full length of my body. Your lips are on mine once more, passionate, desperate forcing the air out of my lungs as I find myself yet again breathless with desire. Your hand slides over my wet, curly hairs, teasing slightly with two fingers across my tingling, wet folds. I gasp involuntarily, as your fingers enter my core, thrusting upwards over my swollen, hard clit, the sensation is too intense, I am struggling to hold on to my sanity as my head swims with every emotion that I have ever felt.

You rub harder and harder, sliding in and out of my opening, making sure to press on my clit with every thrust. Then finally I can hold it together no longer, my muscles tighten around your deft fingers as my body begins to tremble. I grasp at the sheets trying to gain some leverage as my body contorts, totally out of my control, my back arching almost off the bed as I become totally lost in the currents of pleasure coursing through my body. Eventually the waves of ecstasy release my body and I fall back onto the bed, totally spent but blissfully happy lost within my perfect moment.

I take you in my arms, pulling your tired, satisfied body into mine, welcoming the connection between our two very souls. Lost in your arms, I feel myself begin to slip comfortably into sleep as I feel your body following mine. As I allow sleep to wash over me, I know that any fantasy that does endeavour to wander through my sleeping mind will never compare with the real life fantasy that shares my life, my bed and my heart forever.

The End

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