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By TexasWatermelon


"You really think Jacobi's sexy?"

Cindy quirked an eyebrow, looking up at Lindsay strangely. Her cheeks were tinged pink from the cold night air, her eyes sparkled with the streetlights, and her hair was tousled from the wind. All in all, it made for a fairly distracting image. But Lindsay still wanted an answer.

"Huh?" Cindy asked.

"Jacobi. Do you really think he's sexy?" Lindsay questioned again. She hated the fact that her voice sounded so vulnerable, and the fact that Cindy grinned at her like she noticed it.

"Well he is a very attractive man," was the redhead's reply.

"He's like, three times your age. He was probably friends with your great great grandfather," Lindsay pointed out. Cindy shrugged.

"That just means he's got some experience."

"Experience with what!?" Lindsay exclaimed. This conversation was quickly entering Disturbia. Cindy chuckled.

"I was merely making an observation, Lindsay. He's attractive. That doesn't mean I would ever be interested, or that I'm hoping to have his babies someday," Cindy assured her. Lindsay gagged.

"That was an image I never needed." Cindy just grinned.

"You know, there's this Christmas party for the paper this Saturday," she said after a few minutes. This time Lindsay raised an eyebrow, looking down expectantly. "Of course, I'm sure Jacobi wouldn't mind taking me if you don't want to go…"

"Jacobi's busy. He's got that ICE agent," Lindsay said quickly, linking arms with the redhead to pull her closer. Cindy smiled smugly and leaned in.

The End

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