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In answer to RalSt challenge to do POV from the Captain's perpective. It took me 47 minutes. I have a nasty habit of mis- spelling words like Janeway needs her Coffee. So any mistakes are mine, as well as plot holes.

By Hayseven

I see them and smile at the image, a contrast of cool ice and hot fire. Calmness in a storm and a raging fire fovever burning at the slightest ignition. Tall and proud, her agrogant nordic features a beautiful compliment to the other's compact and passionate mixed heritage.

In my own way I gave them life and death. A rebirth as such. Never before had I been given the honour of finding two lost souls long thought unsalvagable a second chance. A challenge to redeem them and ultimately a chance to redeem myself.

The moment I encountered the strong passionate one I saw such pain, and such a lust for life it was almost overwhelming. We had rocky times, but over the years she became a model officer and a woman secure in her life. Always striving to achive a balance in her life. I would often wander into her domian and watch as she would commune with her engines. The look of tranquility that would sit upon her face was breathtaking. It was in those times I saw who she really was. Someone gifted, strong and capable of doing extreme things for the ones she loves. B'Elanna was my first daughter, and her verve for life never fails to inspire me and pull me towards a better future for us all.

The other one brought me close to death and oblivion all on her own. But I would have gladly died a thousand times over if it meant she would remain safe. In an implusive decision I severed her from her sheltered existance into this alien life. We fought, shouted, and begged each other for understanding. It was while standing on a borg cube that I started to get a clearer picture of her. Strong, composed and agrogant, she was for all intensive purposes a Borg. But underneath those layers laid a shy woman dying to embrace all that was good in this universe. She was alone, and together we finally came to accept each other. I guided her and in turn she bacame lesss adverserial. It was not long before she came to me for wisdom and compassion. Seven in time turned into my second daughter.

Oh the fights those two had with each other. It was often agruements on a titan scale. Never budging, and both believing they were correct. I don't know how many times I needed extra strong cups of coffee just to make it through yet another disagreement. I held each one as they would come to me pleading for it all to stop. Neither knew that they both sought me out and that both said the same things while nestled in my arms. In those times I too cried with them. Mourning over their lost youths and the injustice of being stranded alone in a hostile enviroment without family. Little did I know they would form their own.

Their deaths were their acceptance of their previous lives and harsh upbringing. In order for them to live both had to bury the past and forgive. The rebirth was what they became. A proud Chief Engineer who was no longer ashamed of her blood or who she loved. Seven threw away the shackles and recriminations of the Borg and learned to see beauty and relevence in life. In turn she florished being in charge of Astrometrics, it wasn't long before a spot in her department was hotly sought after.

One fateful night their paths crossed in my quarters in an effort to seek me out. It was while waiting for me they found gifts waiting for them. I had given B'Elanna a book on social graces and Seven a book on Klingon Fighting styles. I had informed them they both could learn something the next time that felt the need to attack each other. It appeared that they saw my little joke and could see the funny side of it. It was not long after that the two souls joined as one. B'Elanna found a anchor against a raging storm while Seven found untold passion with B'Elanna.

Holding their child and my granddaughter in my arms I feel a sense of pride and joy. Though their beginning had been tempestous and they had fought for any leverage they could gain they eventually found each other. It was in each others eyes they saw their true selves. They found happiness and love by seeing past the outer layers.

I gained two daughters and being a Captain all alone on a ship became something I could cherish again. I know now that anything is possible and we will find our way back. In the meantine I no longer feel the bite of keeping up appearances as I am free to be the woman I am when I have my family by my side.

The End

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