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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Missing Scene for both 'Maybe Baby' and 'The Past Comes Back To Haunt You'. Claire's thoughts on Lindsay's one-night-stand with Tom. Dialogue taken from 'Maybe Baby'; the musings are mine.
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By Demeter


"God, I'm so glad I'm not married to you anymore!" Lindsay shouts.

"You and me both." Tom crosses his arms over his chest.

Uh-oh, this is going to get ugly.

I try to find a spot on the floor where to look, anywhere but at the two opponents in the room, one of them my best friend, the other one our boss.

Part of me is inwardly cheering for what Lindsay did - every woman should react like this upon hearing that smart-ass remark by the suspect 'You want a baby, honey, I'll give you one', although I know, this can cause her, not to mention the department, quite some trouble.

Tom and I both know why Lindsay just lost it in there, and as clueless as her ex can be a lot of the time, I'm grateful he's smart enough not to mention it now.

I close the door behind Lindsay, possibly just as relieved about the result of the pregnancy test as she will be when she starts to see clearly again. Oh, sure, it was a dumb idea, something she shouldn't have done under any circumstances, but people, even the ones we love, do dumb things when they're vulnerable.

And if Tom was here right now, I'd love to give him a piece of my mind.

He's the one who moved on after the Kiss-Me-Not killer. He's the one who's in a new relationship, not Lindsay, and for Christ's sake, he's going to get married.

It's not like I trivialize Lindsay's part in this. She's an adult. She should have known better, no two ways about it.

But... he showed up on her doorstep. He made the first move. And he knew what kind of memories this case would bring up, which has to be hard on both of them, but harder on her, since Tom surely plans to have kids with his new wife.

Not saying people can't be happy without them - as long as they're making choices. Losing a baby is not a choice.

It's probably a good thing he isn't here, so when he's back, I'll have calmed down enough not to say things I'd regret later.

I know Lindsay is strong. She will survive this, too, and move on someday.

I just wish it was in my power to make it sooner.

The End

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