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Regrets, I've Had A Few
By Geekgrrllurking


It's been quite a day. One I don't think I'll ever forget.

The image of Nora Delaney on her knees in that filthy alley, rifle aimed at her head by a crazy junkie will stick with me for awhile, of that I'm sure. As he cocked the rifle mid rant to the negotiator from the New Orleans PD SWAT, Nora glanced over to me. Her eyes spoke volumes, clearly saying her goodbyes to me. The energy flowing between us was palpable and fear grabbed at my guts. This was it and we both knew it.

Nora smiled a little sadly then and it shattered something deep inside of me to see it. Turning back to stare directly into the barrel, she calmly waited for everything to play out.

The acid burn of regret washed over me. Suddenly my self imposed rules seemed so stupid. I always said I'd never cross the line with a co-worker. Never. It hadn't really ever been a big deal before. Men hit on me constantly on the job, and a few women too, but I've never been tempted.

Not until Nora Delaney that is.

I honestly don't know how I get any work done sitting across from her. I casually peer over the rim of my coffee mug or the report I'm not truly reading to watch Nora when she pulls out her reading glasses, sliding them self consciously up her nose. She thinks it's a sign she's getting old, I just think she looks hot. She drives me to distraction the way she pours over information in various files, her tongue peeking out between those oh so full lips. And I can barely disguise my desire to trace her tattoo when I see it swirling innocently on her lower back.

God, the woman tempts me in ways I haven't even begun to dwell on.

I heard the crack of a shot going off behind our position and watch in horror as both Nora and the perp drop. A second louder blast followed as the man's rifle clattered to the hot pavement. Time seemed to stop and I couldn't tell you now how I got to Nora's side so quickly, I only knew I had to get to her.

There was blood and gore everywhere. Half of the man's head was gone and Nora was covered in blood. I turned her over and started looking for a wound, terrified it was too late. It wasn't until she sat up and pulled me into her arms did it really sink in that she wasn't hurt.

"Nikki…it's ok…I'm ok…" She murmured softly, over and over into my ear.

I wanted to scream that it's not ok. None of this was ok. I knew in that moment I had to find a way to show her how I feel about her or regret it forever. Having her safe in my arms, connected to her in a whole new way, it seemed as if my world had just slid into place. I reluctantly leaned back and wonder if she feels any of this too. A reassuring smile graces her lips and I can breathe again.

Before I knew it we were surrounded by fellow cops. I helped Nora gingerly to her feet and moved her away from the crime scene to the waiting medics. I almost lost her today; I wanted to make damn sure she wasn't just putting on a brave show. As they poked and prodded her, Nora's eyes kept finding mine, as if needing me to be with her, almost as much as I needed to be there.

I never left her side.

I was a little surprised at how easily the Captain talked her into letting me drive her home. I was a little concerned how quiet she was on the ride to her place, but then I guess I would be too if I'd just about had my head blown off.

I was quiet myself trying to decide the best way to let Nora know what I had realized this afternoon. Time was too short and I didn't ever want to go down that road of regret again. I knew I had to tell her how I felt, even if it freaked her out. I would deal with the consequences if she didn't feel the same way.

Standing in her hallway as she fumbles for her keys is so achingly adorable and normal, you'd never have guessed Nora had just been put through a ringer. Slipping inside she sighs like the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders and then she turns and looks at me. Our eyes lock and I see so much unsaid swirling in her green eyes that I can't go another second without telling her how I feel.

"Nora, I…" I'm not sure what to say really, a little concerned I'm about to royally screw our friendship up, but I take a step towards her, and then another. I just need to touch her, feel her strength and simply soak up the scent of her. Before I realize what I've done I have spun her back against the door, my mouth slowly descending, touching soft lips as I hear her inhale in surprise and then I'm kissing her.

My heart nearly explodes with joy when she starts kissing me back. Her long fingers slip into my hair, to hold me steady as she deepens the kiss, our tongues playfully sliding together. I melt against her, soft and warm and too soon we part for air.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again, do you hear!" I gasp against her lips as we reluctantly move apart. Nora's soft green eyes flutter shut and she nods mutely. I take comfort in the warmth of her body, safe in my arms at long last and try not to contemplate how badly this day could have ended.

Her mouth is so close, offering me a shy smile. Her full lips call to me, begging to be traced with the tip of my tongue, slowly outlining them. Her eyes are black and full now, locked with my own, connected, joined. My hand has found its way into her hair, threading through the long blonde strands, moving to caress her cheek, before the pad of my thumb finds its way to her bottom lip, rubbing across it gently, tenderly.

The need is too much, as I lean forward, ever so slowly closing the distance between us, needing to taste her again. It might be my last chance before she realizes what we are doing, before her walls go up locking me out again. I claim her sweet lips, our tongues tangling , slick and wet. Moaning, Nora soon starts a path of kisses along my jaw before nipping and sucking at my earlobe. I gasp at the sudden flush of desire rushing through me.

"I -- I want you. This. Us…" Nora confesses softly. My heart melts at her words, so hard for either of us to admit yet here she is bravely saying them. I see her desire for me in the depths of her eyes and I want her. Badly. Tears are welling as she cups my cheek, obviously important to her that I understand. "I have for a long time, and just didn't know how..."

The words spur me to action. I can't resist her any longer; she needs to know I feel the same way.

"God, Nora. Me too…" I capture her full lips again and make her mine.

Somehow we have found our way to her bed and I'm mesmerized now by the look in Nora's soft green eyes, the passion storming through them as she rocks against me, the needy whimpers and gasps of pleasure urging me on. For her first time with a woman, let alone with me, she seems to be enjoying herself. I focus my concentration on her, wanting her to hear her come for me.

My heart clenches listening to her low raspy tones, my name ripped from her throat as she shudders hard against me, her body clutching around my fingers trying to draw me still deeper. I hold her close as she comes in my arms for the first time. I know will do anything to see it again, and again.

"Just let go. I've got you now…" I murmur to her, wanting to pull as much delight from her luscious body as I can. I slow my hand, waiting for her to gather herself, all pleased with myself as I feel the grip of her body still pulsing along my hand, aftershocks flowing through her as she jumps and twitches against me. She starts to calm and we pull apart slowly before she starts to nuzzle at my neck. I hear her sigh, content. I hold her, safe and sound, alive and all mine.

Mine. I really like the sound of that. Nora tries to move weakly and I squeeze her to me tighter.

"Shh, now rest. I'm not going anywhere," A bubble of happiness is growing inside me as I run my fingers through her long blonde hair. She relaxes into me again, her breathing slowing and I think she's almost asleep.

The comforter is just beside me in a heap, so I tug it over us both. Our bodies are outlined underneath, tangling together. I never thought I'd have the privilege of seeing Nora so open and unguarded with me. Lying naked together, heart to heart, I close my eyes to thank whoever is listening up there. No regrets for either of us after this. We will figure it out together.

Soft lips smile against my collarbone as strong fingers cup my breast and find an aching nipple, rolling it slowly. I can't stop the moan or my hips rolling into Nora's body. A muffled naughty chuckle drifts up and I see that someone has regained her energy.

"I think we have some unfinished business..." A hot murmur against my body. Burrowing lower under the blanket, Nora squeezes and pulls slightly, and I press wantonly into her palm. The moist heat of her breath soon tickles against my stiff nipple, licking and kissing before sucking me into her mouth. My clit starts to throb in time with her persistent attention to my breast.

"Oh, God…" I need her so much it's almost overwhelming.

I arch up into her touch, the embers of my arousal flaring back to life with a vengeance. The comforter is pushed away to one side and I squirm under her attention, appreciating the view of her toned form as Nora is finally able to let herself explore and enjoy my body, unafraid and eager.

"Oh, baby, I know…" Nora whispers, easing herself back from my breasts and moving on top of me to quickly to claim my mouth again. Slowly she starts to rock against me, her tight abs sliding like velvet against my stomach, lightly brushing her own nipples against mine.

Breaking our kiss, Nora blazes a trail south, moving to snuggle down between my legs, spreading them easily. Her long fingers trail along my inner thighs, tickling through the damp curls at my crotch and across the swollen lips of my pussy. A trail of moisture clings to her fingers, evidence of what she does to me, of my obvious arousal.

Nora smiles up at me, over the gentle swell of my belly, and my heart stops beating she's so beautiful. With a naughty lopsided grin, she dips her head closer to my center.

"Nora…" I gasp. I desperately want to feel her mouth on me, but I don't want to rush her into anything she's not ready for. "You don't have to do that if you don't—"

"I want to taste you Nikki. I want to know all of you…" A puff of warm air brushes against my wet curls, and then her tongue drags slowly across my stiff clit begging for her attention. Her moan of pleasure vibrates along my tense body before she takes me into her mouth, holding my hips down as I thrust into her intimate touch.

"Fuck!" Well, she clearly has her own plans. Who am I to disagree? I writhe beneath her still needing more, so much more from the exploring woman.

Nora hums with satisfaction gently sucking as she sinks her long fingers in, finding me wet and ready. Slow and deep, stretching and filling, she claims me as her own. I enjoy the weight of her inside me but desperately want more. Finally she pulls back, before filling me again, and again, slowly building an irresistible rhythm.

I struggle to match her pace, meeting her thrust for thrust, straining to draw her in deeper. She curls her fingers and easily finds the spot I can't resist. My body tenses, arching, dancing along a razors edge of desire, and then with one final hard flick with the tip of her tongue, my body shatters…

I barely recognize the breathy cries coming from my own mouth, so willingly exposed and open to my new lover, my body throbbing against Nora's loving touch. My racing heart slowing, Nora pulls away and crawls up to tuck up beside me, pulling the sheets over our cooling bodies and burrowing a warm nose against my neck

I know I'll never forget this day, a day of so many firsts. My only regret is that it took something like this to make me finally act. No more regrets for either of us from now on. We can work the rest of it all out together.

I pull Nora close, my arms still weak around her waist and simply hold her still trying to catch my breath. I let my fingers dangle across her smooth back, lazily tracing across the tattoo pattern on her skin, watching as her body reacts to my slow touch.

"Y'know, I think I'm gonna need more practice…" Nora rasps into my ear. The woman is going to be the death of me, but what a way to go. I laugh softly and enjoy the shiver that runs through Nora's body.

"I think that can be arranged…"

The End

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