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This is a piece of fiction, concerning a implied F/F relationship (PG13). If anyone objects to same sex relationships, you should not be on this sight, and should read the Star Trek Range of Novels from Pocket Books, or find another sight!

This is the beginning of my first piece of Voyager Fiction. As always feedback is always wanted!!

I also apologise for any spelling errors, my computer seams to be stuck on US English on the spell check, and is having difficulty understanding some of my U.K English spellings. I am also dyslexic, so I think can be excused !!

By Michael

I glance at her next to me. My best friend, my saviour, my life. Does she know how much she means to me. I love her in ways that I did not know possible.

It started seven months ago (ironic that, that is her name), when Tom died. He was on a mission with Seven, when the Delta Flyer was attacked, and Tom was critically injured. I learnt from the Flyer's logs, that Seven all that was possible to save her friend's life, but to no avail.

At first I screamed at her, demanding why she survived, and not Tom, she took it all in her Borg way, so I thought, but now know, how hurt she was.

After the funeral, I made my way down to Cargo Bay 2. I do not understand why, perhaps it was to say thank you for what she said at the funeral. Perhaps I already knew that I needed to be with her. As I entered the Cargo Bay, I found her sitting on the floor, crying. I sat next to her, and we stayed there all night. Holding each other, crying.

We became inseparable after that. Each needing each other. We worked together, eat together, socialised together. A bond grew between us. Stronger than friendship, stronger than love.

Then the Doctor discovered I was pregnant, and all my carefully rebuilt life came crashing down around me. How was I going to cope on my own. Bring up a child, who would be a savage reminder of the only person I had deeply cared for.

I was wrong of course. There was someone, who I cared for, even loved more than Tom, and I was just realising it.

"I would be honoured to help you raise your child B'Elanna,"

"I can't let you give up your life for me Seven."

A look of disappointment crossed her face. "I understand Lt."

My heart broke. I had discovered that here was a person, that I could depend on. Not only for my child, but for myself as well. "Seven I would love your help, but not at the expense of your own life, I care about you to much to allow that."

"B'Elanna I made a promise to Tom Paris, that I would protect you and help you, at first it was a promise to a dying friend, but now it is because you are important to me B'Elanna. My life wouldn't be complete without you in it"

I hugged Seven, and dried her tears. "Oh sweetie, I my life wouldn't be the same without you, I will let you help me raise my child, but only if you let me help in your development."

She nodded in reply.

The deal was done, I let Seven become my birthing partner, even dragging her to the anti natal programme, the Doctor so kindly created. In return I helped her with her social development.

And now I regret it. She is dating Chakotay. It is when she told me this, I realised that I loved her. This of course made me feel guilty, as I had not loved Tom. Oh I cared for him a great deal, but I did not love him.

I sat there in the daily briefing, sitting next to the person I love the most, watching her.

She touches my arm gently, looking concerned. "B'Elanna !"

"Hmmm what..." I discover that the briefing has come to the engineering report. "Sorry, Klingon hormones," I lie, trying to cover up my day dreaming.

Seven looks at me and frowns ever so slightly, as I start to give my report, telling me she does not believe me. My beloved knows me to well.

Harry asks a question, about upgrading the sensors, and I see the sly glint in Seven's eye, and she starts to give an explanation to her upgrade designs.

I play along, and start to take a contradictory view, and it is not long before, Seven and I get into a 'mock argument.' Harry Tuvok, and Chakotay cotton on to what we are doing. Chakotay and Harry try not to laugh, and Tuvok simply lifts an eyebrow.

The captain, Kahless bless her, got ready to intercede, when she clues on to the fact, that Seven and I are taking the rise out of her, and fixes us both a mock force ten glare.

As the meeting breaks up, I see Seven and Chakotay start to talk, and I can't take it anymore. I fled the briefing room, and found myself back yet again in Cargo Bay 2.

"BangwI?" A voice said from behind me.

I dry my eyes, as Seven sits down next to me. Then I realise what she said. "Do you really mean that ?" I asked, my voice trembling, in fear that what I heard was a mistake.

"Yes Lanna, I love you, and she held me tight."

"I love you to."

"I know BangwI. I know."

The End

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