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By Outsidethebx


"Nikki?" Helen put down the telephone and looked around the kitchen. "Sweet'art where are you?" Walking into the living room, she mumbled under her breath as she continued her search. "Probably mucking about in the garden…"

Tap tap

Helen turned and saw the tall brunette, wearing green gardening gloves and a straw hat, grinning as she knocked on the open window. "Oh for goodness sake…" Beads of sweat were trickling down her rounded face and splotches of mud covered her blue t-shirt.

"Fancy a snog?" Nikki's brown eyes twinkled as she reached in toward Helen.

"Not until you've cleaned up a bit."

"You've gone off me then?"

"At least temporarily." Helen grinned as she avoided Nikki's playful slap. "Come inside for a minute? I've got something to tell you."

"Everything all right?" Nikki grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table. She leaned over and planted a sweaty kiss on Helen's cheek. "You going to tell me we're expecting?

"Not unless there's something you've never told me…God, you know I hate your sweat." Helen wiped her cheek and continued. "I just got a call from…" She looked down at her hastily written note. "Maureen Chadwick."


"I'm not exactly sure, to be honest. She's a TV producer and…"

"What does she want with us? Film a documentary on old boring dykes?"

Helen laughed. "Not exactly. Apparently she heard about Jim Fenner's murder and she did a bit of detective work on Larkhall."

Nikki's eyes narrowed. "Oh did she?"

"She mentioned Zandra's tumor, Shell and Denny's escape, Yvonne Adkins' murder, even Shaz Wiley's death."

"My god, she really opened the can of worms, didn't she?"

Helen grabbed Nikki's hand. "Well that's the thing. She also heard about us." She paused for Nikki to process the news.

"Helen, you didn't do anything wrong, you needn't be worried about…"

Helen put her finger on Nikki's lips to silence her suddenly worried partner. "I know. Calm down for a moment while I explain." She moved her chair closer to Nikki, grabbed her notes, and continued. "She works with this company called Shed Productions. They've been trying to piece together a women's drama for a while, and finally decided on doing a show about a prison."

Nikki shifted in her chair. "Enough went on to be a bloody soap opera."

"That's what I told her. She asked about our story…" Helen's green eyes darkened and her lips moved slowly. "…and wants to make a TV show, based on Larkhall that includes us."

"Includes what, exactly?"


Nikki stood up, swore, and then silently paced throughout the kitchen.

Helen stood up, walked over to Nikki and gently touched the brunette's lips with her own. "It wouldn't bother you too much? Even though it was five years ago?"

"Darling, if by remembering, you mean talking about the shit you put me through, the torture you loved to hand out, and the men you invited over, I'm game."

"I wasn't that cruel."

Nikki nodded. "Yes, yes you were. But you've proven you're worth. I've since forgiven you."

"Good, we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow."

"Welcome, ladies, I'm so glad you decided to come." Maureen shook Nikki and Helen's hands, and pointed to the office chairs. "Mind having a seat? Can I get you anything? Coffee? Water?"

"I think we're good, don't you, Helen?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks."

Maureen took out a tape recorder and a memo pad, wrote a few notes, and looked up at the women. "Shall we get started then?"

Helen and Nikki shifted in the chairs, looked at one another, and nodded in agreement.

"First of all, I want to say that I'm really looking forward to producing the show. I've spoken with several people—some you've met in the past—and they've also agreed to put their story on record."

"Mind telling us who?"

"Sure, Nikki, let me find the paperwork." Maureen shifted through a large black file, and took out a folder piece of paper. "Let's see…Sylvia Hollamby…"

Nikki snorted. "Yeah, that's a shocker. Always mouthing off about something. I'm sure she'll mention her "Bobby" about fifteen times too."

Maureen smiled. "Now, you know I can't discuss what they've actually said until legal has approved everything."

"Sylvia had a special place in Nikki's heart, Maureen." Helen winked then turned away to avoid Nikki's glare.

"All right, let's see…Monica Lindsey, Dominic McAllister, Julie Johnston, Julie Saunders…"

"The two Julies…yeah know, Helen, I sorta miss them. Always had my back, those two."

Maureen continued: "Barbara Hunt and Shell Dockley."

Helen's head jerked up. "Shell? Shell Dockley? How on earth did you arrange that?"

"It took a while, but I finally got it approved. She's a slick one, that Shell." Maureen smiled as she put away the file. "So, I'd really like to hear the story of your relationship. As I was telling Helen on the phone, I want to capture all the important moments, understand each emotion, and most importantly describe everything in accurate fashion." Maureen paused to look at her notes. "So I understand you, Helen, were in charge of the prison, where Nikki was an inmate."

"That's right, yeah."

"And I understand that you two began your relationship while both of you were inside."

Nikki's jaw clenched and she glared at Maureen. "Helen was always strict about maintaining her ethics. I don't want you to paint her as some tart." The pulse point in Nikki's neck was beginning to show and her knuckles were white from gripping the chair so tightly.

"Calm down, sweet'art." Helen brushed the side of Nikki's face. "We do have a good story, and Maureen's promised to make it real, honest, and raw--with characters the audience can relate to." She kissed Nikki's forehead. "You never know, it might even help someone."

"Why are you always right?" Nikki crossed her arms and glanced over at Helen.

"It's a gift, really. A burden even."

"Fine. You win."

Maureen smiled. "You ready to tell me what happened?"

"We'll start at the beginning." Maureen turned on the tape recorder and picked up her pen. "What are your first memories?"

"Nikki was a stubborn brat, too spoiled for her own good, always doing a bit of whining…and quite the martyr."

"I was not!"

Helen gave Nikki a knowing look.

"Well, you were too caught up in your upcoming marriage to see that it wasn't going to work."

"It's not like I actually thought I'd end up with a woman."

"I knew you would. You were mine from the first moment we kissed."

Maureen looked up. "When did you kiss?"

Nikki smiled, looked over at Helen and touched her arm. "Helen was having a shit day, and decided the resident lesbian would be the perfect one to kiss, I mean comfort her."

"That's totally untrue."

"Is it?" Nikki's eyes danced and her face broke into a grin. "You had to know that something was up. At that point, we'd had so much tension built up—come on Helen—you weren't hoping to complete a crossword puzzle together." The mischievous grin grew wider as Helen fought for the right response.

"I just thought…I dunno. You seemed like the only person, at that moment, who could possibly understand me."

"So then you kissed?"

Helen and Nikki looked over at Maureen, and then back at each other.

"Yes." they simultaneously replied.

"She was thinking about quitting…"

"…and she said she believed in me."

Helen glanced up at Maureen. "Basically, she took advantage of my venerable state…"

"But you later said," Nikki interrupted "…that you'd never been kissed that way before."

"Yeah, that's true."

"But you were scared?" Maureen looked intently as Helen attempted to explain.

"Yes. Very. I realized I couldn't marry Sean."

"And I also understand you realized you could no longer be the wing governor…"

"Oh that." Nikki grimaced and countered Maureen's remark. "That was a terrible day."

"Do you need a break?" Maureen turned off the tape recorder. "Why don't we start in fifteen?"

"All right, so you were saying it was a bad day?"

Nikki nodded and turned toward Helen. "I felt like she was giving up. The strongest, most controlled woman I knew was quitting."

"But I wasn't giving up on you, sweet'art."

"I couldn't view it any other way at the time."

"I'm sorry, girls, could you explain a little further?"

Helen nodded. "I'm sorry, Maureen. Sometimes I forget others don't know what happened."

Maureen picked up her pen. "Ready when you are."

"I went into Nikki's cell to break the news of my resignation. I was too afraid Sylvia or Jim would tell her, so I rushed over directly after I quit."

Tears threatened to pour from Nikki's eyes as she picked up the conversation. "She came in, told me she wasn't looking after my case anymore." Nikki sniffled. "I thought maybe she'd given it to someone else. Then she said she'd resigned."

"…and then?" Maureen looked up.

"She said one of the most seductive lines ever, gave me the hottest kiss, and left."

Helen leaned over and gently turned Nikki's face to look at her. "I'm so sorry I hurt you." She lightly touched her lips to Nikki's.

"I know." Nikki layed her head on Helen's shoulder. "God, this is harder than I thought it'd be."

"You girls need to quit for today?"

Nikki closed her eyes and snuggled closer to Helen. "No, I think we're good. It's just a lot of memories.

"All right then." Maureen flipped through her notes. "So, I understand, Nikki, that Helen encouraged your appeal."

Nikki opened her eyes, but remained close to her partner. "Yeah, she did. Actually, if it wouldn't 'ave been for her, I'd probably still be locked up."

"So then you got another job at the prison?"

"Lifer's Liaison Officer." Helen paused to shift her weight. "I got the job to continue my career, keep my pension, and stay close to Nikki. I thought if I worked hard enough, I'd find some way to get her out."

"And you did, right?"

"Well, Maureen, it wasn't entirely my doing…"

Nikki sat up, straightened her shirt, and lowered her tone. "Yes it was. Darling, you saved my life. You found me a good lawyer, told me to never give up, made me promise to behave."

Helen grabbed Nikki's hand and smiled. "You kept your nose clean, and your mouth shut—most of the time."

"Did you two have any personal moments during this period?"

Nikki grinned. "Oh yes. Helen would come by in the mornings to wake me, would show up at my cell unannounced, and we'd cuddle on my bed during rare occasions."

"…we shared a few kisses, if that's what you're asking."

"Well, when did Nikki end up at your flat?"

"She showed up, after we'd had a fight."

"After you'd ended it, you mean." Nikki stared into Helen's eyes. "I didn't want anyone else. You could have had anyone-man or woman. I thought you'd get tired of sleeping alone every night."

"I'm sure she was fearful of similar things in regard to you."

"What?" Nikki looked over at Maureen with a slightly annoyed expression. "This isn't a therapy session, so let's move on." Nikki sighed, mumbled something about "needing a pint or two," and stared at the floor. "This story does have a happy ending after all."

Maureen stopped to change tapes, pushed play and asked them to continue.

"I thought I had lost her. I really did." The color drained from Nikki's face as she began to recall. "She was my only reason for staying sane, the only hope I had. Then she was gone." Nikki's hands began to shake, and her lip quivered. "I had this opportunity, and I knew if I didn't take it, we'd never recover."

"Helen, what was your reaction when you opened the door?"

"Honestly, I wanted to slam it…"

"…you did…" Nikki looked over at Helen. "…and I thought I'd never get in."

"I wanted to slam the door," Helen continued, "and pretend like everything was fine."

"Until?" Maureen urged them on.

"Until I bloody started waking the neighbors, making a ruckus, and embarrassing the shit out of her!'

"Yeah, that about covers it."

"So Helen finally let you inside, and you guys made love?" Maureen continued taking notes.

"Eventually, yeah. I had to talk her into it, but it wasn't that difficult." Nikki smiled and looked over at Helen. "It was a night of many firsts. The first time we made love, the first time she called me "Nicola," and the first time she told me she loved me."

Maureen stopped writing and turned off the recorder. "On that note, I want to bring up something." The women turned to face the producer. "Even though I fully support showing sex on television, we'll only be able to show a minimal amount of intimacy."

"Oh. But it was such a hot night. Will you film an entire scene?"

"Yes, Nikki. In all honesty, however, it will probably end up on the DVD extras' section, or Youtube."

Helen shook her head. "Censorship…" she muttered.

After a brief lunch, the women returned to Maureen's office to finish the interview.

"Just a bit more and I think we'll be done." Maureen checked her watch. "I have a 2PM appointment anyway."

"You want me to finish telling it?" Helen looked over at Nikki. After getting her approval, she paused to collect her thoughts. "After that night, all hell broke lose. Jim was attacked, the prison was in chaos, and we had too many things to deal with."

"So you broke up?"

"Yes, Maureen, we did. I began seeing Thomas, and tried my best to forget my feelings for Nikki."

"But you still encourage her appeal?"

"Yes, definitely. I was ecstatic when the court decided to hear her case."

Maureen turned to face Nikki. "And how were you feeling?"


Helen smiled and patted Nikki's arm. "But it all worked out, didn't it?"

"Darling, you never could stay away, no matter how hard you tried."

Maureen shifted in her seat and closed her file folder. "So that's about it then? The charges were reduced, you got out, and you girls got back together?"

Nikki grinned. "Yeah, that's right. She came up to the club, and we went home together."

"…haven't spent a night apart since." Helen leaned over and kissed Nikki. Whispering in her ear she said: "You about ready to go? All this talk about you getting released makes me want to recreate that night."

Nikki stood up and reached out to shake Maureen's hand. "That about covers it, I think. If you need anything, be sure to give us a ring."

As the women turned to leave the office, they heard Maureen mutter: "Now we have to figure out what actresses to use."

The End

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