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By angharad governal


The sun moves out into the horizon.
I look out, east to west, and see the waters --
Flat, calm, bright with reds and yellows.
I remember a once upon a time
When you sat, mouth drawn in a hard, tight line,
Your eyes the color of lead,
And told me not to follow where you go.
I think I knew I loved you then,
That moment when our eyes met,
When your mouth laid out that warning like a curse.

The sun sinks into the sea and the waters
Turn dark. Waves ripple against the surface of the sea, foaming white
Along the hull of the ship like new wine poured in a cup.
I look out and all I see are once upon a times.
Once upon a time when we would lie amidst the trees and fields,
And stare out into the night sky.
Your eyes were bright, shining with the light of the stars overhead.
Your mouth upturned in laughter and joy,
As I said, "bear" when you said "drinking cup".

The sun has gone. The sea and sky are one.
The stars seem colder, distant. Darkness surrounds me.
The ship takes me to lands beyond, to seas of sand and wind.
Memories flood my eyes. Tears will come in time.

The End

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