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Restless Night
By Outsidethebx


Helen Stewart rolled over, checked her alarm clock for the millionth time, and angrily hit her pillow out of frustration. It had become virtually impossible to sleep alone, and even though Sean hadn't worked out as her life-partner, she missed the warmth of his body sleeping close by. Sure, he'd been a snorer. And a bed hog. He even talked in his sleep once in a while.

Something about money market accounts and downing a few pints…

She smiled as she recalled the countless times she'd kicked his leg to stop the loud breathing that had awakened her at 3 in the morning. Yeah, she missed him. Or maybe she missed the routine.


At this hour, there was no use pretending. It wasn't that she missed Sean. She missed the constant companionship that they shared. She missed being held in the mornings, and being the recipient of the late night sloppy kisses. She missed someone listening to her, hearing her, believing in her. She didn't miss Sean. She missed what a steady relationship provided.

She bunched Sean's old pillows together and snuggled up close. It simply didn't do the trick, though she damn well tried to pretend.

Short brown hair tickling the back of my neck as we sleep, her warm breath against my ear…I wonder if she snores? I'd love to hear her snore…

Ever since their first kiss, Nikki Wade had been a continuous actor in Helen's nightly dreams. They'd sneaked out of Larkhall, to grab a cone of Nikki's favorite flavor, organized a women's golf tournament, made passionate love on the counter of Helen's kitchen, and even downed a few shots of Stoli after a hard day's work.

Helen wondered if it could become reality. After all, dreams did come true (sometimes), but they were beginning to take over her life. Every morning, she took an extra glance in the mirror, to make sure she looked just right. She re-applied her lipstick directly after pulling up at Larkhall's front gate, and threw in a breath mint before walking through the garden. She timed it perfectly in the mornings, for she knew Nikki would be checking on her beloved plants.

… wonder if she'd teach me to garden?

She glanced at the clock again, and grimaced. Fifteen minutes since I last checked the bloody clock…

This was going to be a long night.

Nikki didn't have an alarm clock. Her morning alarm was Sylvia Hollamby's voice announcing her entry as she briskly opened the cell door. That was always a lovely start to the day. She liked waking to a woman's voice, but adding 'ole Bodybag to the picture was simply ridiculous.

She knew by the decreasing cat calls, laughter, and cries that the early morning hours were arriving, yet she was having difficulty sleeping…again.

It wasn't that she missed Trish. She'd barely thought of her in weeks. She never had troubled adjusting to sleeping alone, either. It's that she always wondered what she was doing.


She'd never thought Helen would give her the time of day. Then she did…and then they kissed. Nikki was a goner right after hearing that sexy Scottish accent, but after having the privilege of knowing the controlled and educated attributes that made up Helen Stewart…Nikki was crushing hard on the wing governor.

When she'd first entered Larkhall, her dreams contained her subconscious desire to escape, to reaffirm her commitment to Trish, and to continue their lives together. When Trish dumped her, her dreams consisted of anger and survival, like a lion hunting in the darkness, only having its senses to go by.

Back to that kiss.

Nikki didn't expect to find love inside the prison. It was a bit too cliché for her anyway, but Helen had quickly changed all that. It was like all signs were screaming no, but every inch of Nikki wanted (needed) to touch Helen. So she did. And Helen kissed back.

From that point on, Nikki's dreams were of Helen. She smiled as she thought of the more x-rated dreams of the bunch, and grinned when she realized that pretty much described every.single.one.

But she wanted Helen for more than just sex. She'd stayed with Trish out of companionship and comfort. But with Helen, she wanted a life.

Two hours later, Helen was still unable to conquer her sleep demon. She finally gave up on the thought altogether, got up, showered, and put on a pot of coffee.

It's going to take a bit of magic to be presentable today…

Dark circles had gathered underneath her eyes, and lines of stress were evident on her brow.

She logged online to check her email, and rolled her eyes at the contents in her inbox.

Having trouble sleeping…this pill will do the trick. (delete)

Feeling lonely, can't find a date… (delete)

Having trouble pleasing your… (delete)

Even her bloody emails were a reminder of her current circumstances.

Nikki tossed and turned, and was unable to fall asleep. No matter how she positioned her pillow, she never could get comfortable.

Helen's probably fast asleep at this hour.

Nikki smiled at the thought of the wing governor snuggled up with her blankets and resting her head on the inmate's shoulder.

One of these days…

She finally got out of bed and began pacing back and forth. There really wasn't any point in trying to sleep. By the look of the light beginning to shine through the cell window, Sylvia would be coming in soon enough to send Nikki to breakfast.

She quietly began brushing her teeth, and attempted to put on makeup.

Fancy trying to do my mascara by this light…

Helen took her time getting ready, jumped in her car, and drove to Larkhall. Once she parked her vehicle, she re-applied her lipstick (like always), and ran a brush through her hair.

Not as dashing I'd like, but it'll have to do…

She got out, popped a mint into her mouth, and began walking toward the garden.

"All right then, let's go." Sylvia Hollamby unlocked the cell door, and ushered Nikki toward the breakfast line. She quickly finished her meal, then headed out toward the garden for some fresh air.

The roses were looking like shit yesterday…

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of Helen walking toward her, carrying her briefcase and morning coffee.

Nikki adjusted her shirt, and excitedly walked toward the wing governor.

"Heya, Nikki."

"'Morning, Helen." Nikki looked down into Helen's eyes. "Have a good night, then?"

"Had some trouble sleeping, you?"

"Same here." Nikki paused. "What kept you up?"

"Same ole thing, you know the drill."

"Missing the former fiancé, thinking about work, excited to see my smiling face?"

"Something like that." Helen grinned. "So what kept you up?"

Nikki grabbed Helen's hand and pulled her into potting shed. "Here, let me show you."

The End

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