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Revolving Door
By zennie


"It's about this!"

The breast beneath her hand is warm and the heart beneath it beats erratically. Helen can hear her sharp intake of breath as Nikki takes her hand and places it there, holding it there. She tries to pull away, to back away, but Nikki has her hand and moves with her. And underneath, Helen can feel the blood pumping away. She had pretended ignorance, a few moments earlier, and Nikki, well, Nikki wasn't the type to let her get away with that. Nikki is one for grand gestures, after all. And in those few scorching moments, Helen feels her, sex and soul.

"Jesus Christ." It is the worst curse from her childhood, blasphemous rather than crude. Helen feels the wood door behind her back as she stares at Nikki for a long moment before she flees. She only gets a few steps, however, before she turns around.

Nikki is still standing in the middle of the shed, looking slightly shocked herself at the turn of events. The slap of Helen's palm across her cheek breaks the silence with an awful crack. They stare at each for a second, Nikki's fingers covering the spot where Helen had slapped her, before Helen turns to make her escape.

She's at the door when she hears Nikki chuckle behind her. "I guess I deserved that."

Helen swings to face her. "You guess?!?"

Nikki's shoulders are slumped, but that mischievous twinkle is back in her dark eyes and her mouth is twisted into a half-grin. "I would apologize..."

"Well, why dontcha, then?"

Nikki takes a step closer, and Helen finds herself backed up against the door once more. "Oh, I will… if you tell me you didn't feel anything just now."

"Other than nausea, you mean?" Nikki chuckles at that, but still watches her expectantly. "I, I'm sorry, Nikki, but I didn't."

Helen watches the words register and Nikki's face fall, those dark beautiful eyes suddenly bright with tears.

This time, Helen makes it halfway to the gate before she turns around. Nikki is back to potting plants, but she is spilling more than half of the soil onto the workbench.

"Go away, Helen." She wipes the back of her hand carelessly under her eyes.

"Nikki, I…"

"I said, Piss off." Nikki's facing Helen now, glaring at her. "Unless you decided to come back and have another go, get the other cheek for good measure."

Helen steps closer and reaches out her hand; Nikki flinches but stands her ground. But Helen's fingers caress her cheek and slide down to cup her chin as she explains, "I lied."

The End

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