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Ribbons and Bows
By Geekgrrllurking


"I am not going." Nora Delaney crossed her arms and set her jaw stubbornly, glaring at the sales lady, who quickly beat a hasty retreat out of the women's dressing room. Christmas muzak played annoyingly cheery songs as she leaned against the wall and waited for the inevitable argument.

"Yes, you are." A soft, amused drawl floated out from one of the closed stalls, infuriatingly happy and humming slightly to the seasonal tune playing. "You promised."

"That was before you told me it was black tie." Nora shook her head. She ran a hand through her hair and tried for the umpteenth time to not dwell on her new and unexpected feelings for her co-worker. Nikki Beaumont would not suck her into anything she didn't want to do, adorable smile and twinkling eyes be damned. "Give me one good reason why I should squeeze myself into some overly priced dress, and too small shoes, so I can stand around talking to political idiots and high society snobs…"

The stall door swung open and Nikki stood before her partner, chestnut hair curled softly around her bare shoulders, with her black sequined strapless dress clinging in all the right places. Nora closed her eyes in defeat. No fair fighting dirty.

"Because, I asked you to." Nikki smiled tenderly and stepped into a delicate pair of heels she had also found on sale that afternoon, and sashayed out of the tiny cubicle to stand in front of the full length mirror.

Their eyes met in the reflection, simply staring at each other for a heat filled moment. Nikki didn't want to push Nora too quickly, but it was getting harder and harder to resist touching her. Turning to face her suddenly quiet partner, Nikki trailed the back of her fingers along the woman's strong jaw, smiling as her partner turned into the caress. She watched Nora's eyes flutter close, before she ran the pad of her thumb across the alluring, full lips that were just begging to be kissed properly. She pulled away before succumbing to the temptation, watching as Nora's dazed eyes blinked open to focus on her once again.

"And, if you are a good girl at my daddy's annual Christmas party, I might," Nikki raised an eyebrow and leveled a teasing look at her not-yet-lover. "Might, let you drive me home." Nikki raised an eyebrow, and turned slowly to go back into the stall. "After all, someone will need to help unwrap me from all these ribbons and bows…"

Nora swallowed hard and whimpered slightly. Maybe there was a Santa Claus after all.

"Now, we just have to find you something to wear, sugah." Nikki smirked and shut the door with a sharp click, the lock falling into place.

Nora glanced up as yet another sales lady arrived, cautiously entering the change room with her arms full of shimmering and glamorous dresses.

"Ms. Beaumont, I have those items you requested." The woman sized up the grumpy detective and grinned. "I think the size you indicated will fit her quite nicely."

Nora sighed and then smiled softly. Ah, the things you do for love.

Wait a minute…

The End

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